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Washburn Department of Education – Lesson Plan

Name: Emma McManigal

Lesson Title: Natural Disasters Grade Level: 3 Date: 4/26/18
Top of Form

Standard(s) Addressed Unit Goal(s)
3-ESS3-1: Make a claim about the merit of a design The student will be able to make a claim about th
solution that reduces the impacts of a weather related Merit of a design solution that reduces the impac
hazard. a weather-related hazard.
Essential Question(s) (Optional) Lesson Objective(s) [measured by assessment(
Why do natural disasters occur? 1. Students should be able to explain why a
specific natural disaster occurs.
2. Students should be able to determine whe
specific natural disaster occurs in the US.

Key Vocabulary and Key Information Where does this lesson fit within the unit?
Hurricane This lesson will build off of the social studies lesso
Wildfire because students will be able to use those natura
Tornado disasters discussed before and find further
Earthquake information. This will also lead them into the next
lesson and prepare them to know more about wh
their natural disaster occurs.
Safety Precautions List of Resources/Materials/Technology
Provide the SAMR level of each technology an
description of why it fits that level.
Teacher Students
N/A Worksheet iPad

Introduction/Anticipatory Set (Engage)

Show the class video about types of natural calamities:

Instructional Procedures –Strategies/Activities, Questions-Checks for Understanding – (Explore and Exp
CFU-tell me one thing your learned from the video
CFU-does everyone have their packet from lesson 2?
Students should research their specific natural disaster that has been given to their group. They will do this
using an iPad or computers and using the Weebly page given to them. Students should use the websites on
Webquest to fill out the packet information on their specific natural disaster.






Packet information to fill in:

What three things are needed to form a

Moisture in the air is called

________, _________, __________, and
__________ all fall from the sky.

What are two other names for hurricanes?

How do hurricanes form? (Write three complet

Where do hurricanes occur?
When do hurricanes occur?


Most wildfires are caused by ___________ and

Can wildfires be a good thing? Explain why o
why not.

Who fights wildfires and how?

When do wildfire most often occur and where?

What two types of air do you need for a

How fast can winds from a tornado reach?

How many tornadoes are there on average each

Name two types of tornadoes:


What is an earthquake?

How many plates does the surface of the eart

What happens to the plates to cause an
What is an underwater earthquake called?

Extensions, Differentiation, Adaptations – (Extend)

If students fill out packets quicker than other groups, have them research good videos that they would use
show to the class about their natural disaster.

Adaptations: If students are struggling finding information, have them write down 5 facts they have learne
about their natural disaster.


Have the groups turn in their packets and have class discussion of what they learned.

Diagnostic Assessment/Pre-test-informal or formal (if applicable)

Students will have some pre-knowledge of the subject based on previous lesson of what kinds of natura
disasters there may be in the US.

Formative Assessment-informal or formal

Summative Assessment-informal or formal (if applicable) (Be sure to include rubrics) – (Evaluate)

Bottom of Form

Lesson Reflection
Possibly note some pre-planning/pre-teach considerations. Definitely note some strengths, successes-- what
worked and possibly why you think it worked. Also note some weaknesses, things or places you struggled with and
some possible changes to make this lesson stronger.