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People’s Physical

Presentation of Vocabulary Hair Body Curly: __________________ Fat: __________________ Wavy: _________________ Skinny: _______________ Blond: _________________ Chubby: ______________ Short: __________________ Slim: _________________ Spiky: __________________ Obese: ___________________ Bald: ___________________ Big: ____________________ Long: ___________________ Thin: _____________________ Straight: ________________ Overweight: __________________ Pony Tail: ________________ Muscular: __________________ Dreadlocks: _______________ In Shape: ________________ Fit: _____________________ Looks Well-Built: __________________ Handsome: ___________________ Athletic: ____________________ Beautiful: ____________________ Pretty: _______________________ Age Good .Looking: ___________________ Young: ____________________ Old: ______________________ Height Middle aged:_______________ Tall: ___________________ Youthful: ___________________ Short: _________________ Elderly:_____________________ Feet:__________________ Meter:_________________ Eyes Brown eyes: _________________ Other Black eyes: _________________ Beard: ________________ Blue eyes: __________________ Mustache: _____________ Green eyes: _________________ Tattoo: ______________ .

a) She is a very good looking woman b) My sister is in shape c) That guy is pretty tall d) He has long hair and Brown eyes e) He is not that Young f) He looks athletic g) The blond girl over there h) She has Green eyes i) She is wearing a black dress . 2. You can do a dictation. just do it with basic sentences that they are capable to write.Questions that you might want to introduce: a) What does she look like? b) What color are her eyes? c) How old is she? d) How Young is she? e) How tall is she? f) What color is his hair? Positive sentences that you might want to introduce a) Her grandpa looks old b) His brother is very Young c) Your girlfriend is very pretty d) His hair is wavy and short Practice 1. Introduce the present form of the verb to have and the verb to be or review it if you have already taught it before.

curly brown hair. I have a dark complexion and black. and I am always optimistic. I am youthful. artist : she is special! I like her spontaneous nature. She is young and slim and active. I have brown hair and blue eyes. Matching Match the adjectives in column A with its definition in Column B Column A Column B Chubby ( ) A person who is good looking Fit ( ) A person with no hair Plain ( ) A person who is very thin Attractive ( ) A person who isn’t very tall Bald ( ) A person with yellow hair Blonde ( ) A person who is a bit overweight Short ( ) A person who does a lot of exercise Skinny ( ) A person who is ordinary looking Tattooed ( ) A word to describe people with tattoos Describing People and Adjectives Read the information and find adjectives which can be classified in the categories below Steve. college student: Well. My friends say I am friendly and nice. and soccer. She often wears colorful clothes. I play different sports: basketball. football. My favorite color is blue. Claudia. journalist: I am small. She wears a green shirt and her favorite jeans! Walter. I am tall and athletic. I have big green eyes and I am a very tall guy Height Color Hair Looks Body Age . but I am an old soul. doctor: I am well built. My mom says I have a pretty smile. She also likes my long. Julie. wavy hair.

meet man for friendship tall and intelligent who handsome and positive. on the contrary. likes to travel. He has an athletic body that makes him look strong. eyes. Mrs. but her problem is her weight. she has an average weight. her hair is black and curly. B) Curly and short. Allen. tall. Mrs. long hair female. She usually has to make dresses for her and pants for Mr. D) No. His height and weight are average.Read the text. The Allen family does not look alike. Select the appropriate alternative to answer the questions. Their son Tom is very handsome. Mr. Allen’s hair? A) Pretty long. C) Extremely short. C) Yes. no children wants to athletic. tall. she is. Mrs. Allen overweight? A) Yes. Allen’s feet are so small that she has to buy shoes in the children’s shoe stores. B) No. D) Straight and blond. Want to meet an European Attractive Tico wants Slim attractive Latina. Allen. Talking about shoes. she is thin. from the previous text. is short and heavy. 45 – 55 old. she is as thin as Tom. Allen wears “petite” sizes. blue 36. to meet a skinny. thin women 2) Karla prefers ________________________. male. 1) Two of the ads want ________________________. friendly. Read the ads. Allen is very tall and he has straight blond hair. A) male with children C) a man with dark eyes and hair B) intelligent and tall traveler D) sincere and positive European . attractive girls B) handsome young men D) beautiful. sincere. 1) How is Mr. A) tall and friendly couples C) athletic. for and marriage. hair. Allen has such thin feet that shoes are always wide for him. Mr. Choose the appropriate alternative to complete the sentences. according to the ads. She looks older because of her weight. 2) Is Mrs. Call David 389-21-14 brown eyes and black Write to Hellen. marriage. Send photo.

a professional young model is in pasarela now. 30.Read the following information Mauren. 53 is a dressmaker. a young soccer player is blond with long straight hair and blue eyes. Sandry. A) curly and long C) curly and short B) blond and long D) long and straight 4) Mauren ____________________________. Her eyes are big and black. according to the previous information 1) The person who wears a hat is ______________. A) is the youngest person C) has small blue eyes B) has brown curly hair D) is the oldest model . He is a tall boy. Peter. His wife Alice works with him. Her eyes are brown and small. Her nose is wide and short. short hair. 20. She is thin with long straight hair. curly. 18. He's bald and wears a hat for protection of the sun. is a middle aged secretary. She has brown. A) Paul C) Sandry B) Peter D) Mauren 2) Peter _________________________________. A) is fifty-three years old C) has long hair and blue eyes B) has a wide and short nose D) is a professional young model 3) Sandry´s hair is _________________. Choose the appropriate alternative to complete each sentence. Paul.

A) twenty C) twenty-one B) twenty-two D) twenty-four 5) The woman is _____________________ than the man. and Jane are very good friends. She is twenty-one. according to the previous reading. They like to practice basketball on weekends. Ethel. A) long legs B) nice curly hair C) very fat long feet D) blond wavy long hair . She is twenty-two years old as her friend Jane. All the girls want to play in the university team. His eyes are green. He is two years older than Carla. He’s a doctor. Her eyes are black and she is very friendly. too. A) shorter B) thinner C) lighter D) taller Ana has _____________________. Her boyfriend is Dick. She has green eyes and big legs. Read the text. Jane is taller than Carla. Carla is tall and blonde. 1) Dick _________________________. A) Carla and Dick C) Jane and Carla B) Ethel and Dick D) Carla and Ethel 3) Dick is __________________ years old. but she plays basketball very well. Ethel is a short girl. A) has black eyes C) plays basketball B) is Ethel’s friend D) is Carla’s boyfriend 2) _____________________ have green eyes. Choose the appropriate alternative to complete the sentences. Ethel’s eyes are brown and her hair is black. Carla.

Britanny is very Young. she has curly hair which is beautiful. She has Brown eyes and black hair. He has black straight hair and brown eyes. she has black and straight hair. she is 15 years old. she is tall and her eyes are black. he is very tall Listen to the description of this four people and fill the chart with the information required. He is good looking. He is slim and he loves running. John is 28. She is fat but she looks pretty. he is very fit because he goes to the gym every day. People Age Eye Hair Height Body look Color Linda Britanny Kelly John . she has green eyes. She is short but she looks athletic and Slim. Kelly is good-looking. She is 13 years old. She is Slim because she exercises every day. Listening Read this to your students so they can complete the chart Linda is 24 years old. She is very beautiful. she is tall.

Listen to the description of these six people and number them from 1 to 6 .

with red _____ She is 1 ________. Emily: Wow. She is very ______________ Emily: How tall? Randy: About 6 __________ 2. 88. What color is her _______________? Randy: She has ____________red hair. He is on his twenties He has brown __________ She is very Tall Emily: I hear you have a new girlfriend. She won’t tell me. that´s tall. I suppose. She is gorgeous She is 6 ________ 2 o Does he wear _________? o How tall is he? Yes. Describing People General Appearance Height o What does she look like? o How _______ is she? She’s tall. and he has a beard He is pretty _________ Age Hair o How old is ___________? o How long is her _______? She is about _______ It’s medium length She is in her thirties o What color is his ________? o How old is ______? It´s dark/light brown. Randy Randy: Yes. and she is gorgeous! Emily: Really? What does she look like? Randy: Well. Emily: And how old is ____________? Randy: I don’t know. Her name’s Ashley. .

she looks ____________.Listen and number the sentences ____ he has a beard and a mustache ____ He’s got spiked hair ____ She wears braids ____ He wears his hair in a pony tail ____ She has pierced ears ____ She’s got freckles on her nose ____ He is very muscular ____ She wears her hair in cornrows ____ She wears braces ____ He has a shaved head. Jason: the one with the _________ hair? Rosa: No. He is bald ____ She wears glasses ____ She has long fingernails Conversation Jason: So. Jason: oh. She is right over there. which one is ____? Rosa: she’s the woman standing by the table. the woman with the pony tail Jason: oh. is your new room mate here? Rosa: Yeah. And who’s that guy talking to her? He looks kind of weird Rosa: You mean the guy on the yellow pants? That’s my brother Jimmy .

I am not lazy! I am very patient. and soccer. she is slim and active. With my friends and family. I play different sports: basketball. She is young. I am very open. I am tall and athletic. and I am always optimistic. I work long hours. college student: Well. Julie. but I am never bored at my job. I am energetic and I want to be successful Age Height Body Hair Skin Eyes Color . I have brown hair and hazel eyes. Do you agree? She also likes my long. wavy hair. curly brown hair. Claudia. artist (Claudia was unavailable. journalist: I am small. exuberant. I have a dark complexion and black. My favorite color is blue. Do you see her picture? She wears a green shirt and her favorite jeans! She has a creative mind: students love her passionate outlook on life. I am very outgoing. I am well built. She often wears colorful clothes. Walter. and lively. I am focused and driven. so I wear glasses.Read the text Steve. but I am an old soul. football. so her friend Vivian talks about her): Claudia? Oh. I am youthful. but I am strong! Sometimes I am shy around people I do not know. I love discussing interesting ideas and meeting new friends. doctor: I am nearsighted. My friends say I am friendly and nice. My mom says I have a pretty smile. It is so interesting! I do not want a boring life. she is special! I like her spontaneous nature.

doesn’t. you. it. it. curly. they. young. nose. wavy. in. strong. he. fit. her. young. have. has. curly. straight. skinny. it. bald. you. freckles. tattoo. am. are. his. skinny. doesn’t. hair. I. am. mustache. eyes. don’t . handsome. wavy. small. have. muscular. straight. you. old. I. is. she. beard. old. my. handsome. dimples. tattoo. earrings. earrings. fit. strong. brown. freckles. slim. don’t . old. tattoo. has. it. small. you. they. tall. nose. earrings. her. don’t . old. nose. are. green. brown. he. very. short. blue. she. long. dimples. she. piercing. curly. bald. handsome. old. has. dimples. . young. old. hair. braces. doesn’t. bald. braces. hair. skinny. my. long. fat. beautiful. dimples. fat. slim. nose. they. ears. skinny. green. very. old. tattoo. tall. ears. beautiful smile. ears. his. short. we. we. in. beard. eyes. freckles. am. young. are. beard. am. his. mustache. you. muscular. braces. tall. small. we. we. fat. in. piercing. freckles. slim. don’t . curly. fat. piercing. brown. hair. her. her. straight. you. Production I. muscular. very. is. he. very. beautiful smile. they. blue. has. doesn’t. in. bald. blue. green. old. you. beard. a bit. small. is. is. green. mustache. have. handsome. beautiful. eyes. are. piercing. beautiful smile. my. slim. he. muscular. braces. long. blue. ears. strong. a bit. my. eyes. wavy. a bit. straight. I. his. she. mustache. fit. short. beautiful. strong. short. earrings. beautiful smile. a bit. beautiful. have. you. brown. tall. fit. wavy. long.

In this section can create a dialogue in which they use vocabulary related to the description of people’s physical appearance A: __________________________________________________________ B: __________________________________________________________ A: __________________________________________________________ B: __________________________________________________________ A: __________________________________________________________ B: __________________________________________________________ A: __________________________________________________________ B: __________________________________________________________ A: __________________________________________________________ B: __________________________________________________________ You can also ask students to do a presentation in which they describe a famous person. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ .

Change these sentences to positive negative or interrogative using the verb to be Positive Negative Interrogative She is beautiful He isn’t pretty Are we black? I am handsome Are they fat? You aren’t young . He _____________ very handsome 4. It____________ black hair 6. I _____________big brown eyes 2. You _________ beautiful 7. It____________ black 6. Practice 1. We ____________ pretty 5. I _____________tall 2. Complete the following sentences using the correct form of the verb to have 1. He _____________ a shaved head 4. She ________ pierced ears 2. Complete the following sentences using the correct form of the verb to be 1. We ____________ blue eyes 5. They ____________a beard 3. You _________ blue eyes 7. She _________ very good looking 3. They ___________ skinny 3.

Change these sentences to positive. 4. ___________________________________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________________________________ . ___________________________________________________________________ 5. ___________________________________________________________________ 4. ___________________________________________________________________ 3. negative and interrogative using the verb to be Positive Negative Interrogative She has blue eyes He doesn’t have a tattoo Do you have a beard? I have a mustache We don’t have blue eyes Do they have brown hair? Complete the following sentence he has a b_____________ He is very m___________ He has a m____________ She wears gl__________ She wears b___________ She has l_______ fingernails She has p___________ ears He’s got sp________ hair Write five sentences describing yourself 1.