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Integers and Absolute Value
What is an Integer?
All whole numbers and their opposites from negative infinity to positive infinity
except zero.

Postive Negative
Distance Forward Backwards
Temperature Above Zero Below Zero
Elevation Above Sea Level Below Sea Level
Profit Gain Loss (Deficit)
Vertical Direction Up Down
Horizontal Direction Right Left
Bank Account Deposit Withdrawal
Acceleration Accelerate Decelerate

Practice: Write an integer to represent each situation:
A) A football team lost 5 yards on the last play. -5
B) A football team gained 12 yards on this play. 12
C) I deposited $400 into my bank account. 400
D) I withdrew $298 from my account. -298
E) It is 17° below zero. -17

F) The mountain is 12,450 feet above sea level. 12,450
What is Absolute Value?

Absolute value is a number’s distance from 0 on the number line.

This is why absolute value is never negative.
Absolute value only asks "how far?", not "in which direction?"

=2 =4