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Observation Assignment 3

Mrs. Tina always begins her lesson with a lecture and PowerPoint slide presentation

giving the students enough background knowledge and an introduction to what the new project is

going to be. Her lectures can be very interactive with her sparking some discussion and getting

students to participate with reading or answering simple questions. Students have a lot of seat

work for an art class. She does pre-test and post-test with all her classes a she always has

subliminal activity worksheets included for those students who get done early or are not working

well so they are forced to do the extra work. She has learned over the years of teaching that

students can actually teach you so she allows the students to experiment with assignments and if

they feel they want to go in another direction with good reason she will let them and in future

classes give that as an option to others.

She does create her own examples sometimes but a lot of the time will present the

students with past students work to give them some ideas to lean toward for their assignment.

When she can, she will go around the room and give oral feedback to help them individually.

Some of the ways she gets attention is by using her bell that she has on her desk. This bell lets

students know it is her time to talk and their turn to listen. Sometimes she will even close the

door so students will behave because her classroom is so hot clothing the door is heat torture.

She will also do things like elevate her voice or tell student or stand upset and tell students she

will wait on them. She is a very energetic and animated teacher with her students. She jokes

around and dresses up in costume sometimes to make a lesson more exciting. She brings a lot of

energy and laughter to her class.

Mrs. Tina is big on incentives and rewarding students when they are doing what they are

supposed to do as students and respecting her classroom. Some incentives include giving out
stickers for certain task and those can amount to a free day where students get to make art, play

games, and watch a movie. Another incentive is her prize box where she has candy and small

gifts students can get when they behave, participate, or are on task. She is this way with ass her

students even though she gives out more incentives to the younger ages such as sixth and seventh

graders. She is harder on the higher-level students because they have a higher expectation and

are being taught at a high school level.

Mrs. Tina makes use of different instructional strategies. The main way is in voice

elevation so the students can hear her and pay attention when the students are too loud she makes

use of her desk bell and that noise really gets their attention. Her use of the overhead projector

and PowerPoints are also very helpful. It gives them something shiny to direct their attention to.

She then starts to talk more individually and get the students to tell her where they are and what

help they need from her.

Ethnographic Record (2st Period, 8th Grade)
Time Event Time Event Time Event Time Event
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8:28 Putting 8:42 Check on 8:56 Talk 9:10 Help
supplies away MD about students
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cut shape
8:30 Take 8:44 Shows 8:58 More 9:12 Help get
attendance PowerPoin ways to materials
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cardboar students
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8:32 Speak to 8:46 Talk about 9:00 Opening 9:14 Tell
another Claus new paint students
teacher Oldenburg to clean
8:34 Writing 8:48 Talk about 9:02 Stop 9:16 Getting
announcemen Claus’s students more
t on board reasoning from supplies
doing hw
and do
8:36 Life lesson 8:50 Talk about 9:04 Help
with the class Their students
project map out
8:38 Explain they 8:52 Talk about 9:06 Take
need to work different picture of
not play ideas to students
use work