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OBJECTIVE 11896 harbor town pk 4444, Ga 88815

SKILLS & I have great people skills, leadership skills and I am apart of skillsUSA. I
ABILITIEShave made many achievement’s, like winning a awarded for traveling. I
have done volunteer work. Im great with kids, I work in the nursery for
my church. What makes me qualified for this job is I know what it is like
to be in front of the camera and I could relate to the audience a little

EDUCATION 12/12/2017– Present
I attended Mount Zion High School, I always liked being evolved in school,
also one of my pathways were Video and technology. I was apart of the
soccer team, swim team, tennis, dive team and I was caption of the soccer
team. I also got accepted to George Mason University for film. I also
represent the student body for the PTSA. I also had lots of hands on
COMMUNICATION expedients I volunteered at Fox news.

Mount Zion High School,2345 Mount
High school diploma
I attended the leadership conference for skillsUSA, I also kept a 3.2 for the
most part of high school.

Some of my references are, Fox news, The tonight show, and Ms.Ruff.