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The High Achievers Program

Future Internships

Policies and Procedures
Table of Contents:
I- Attendance sheets
II- MAX Reports
III- Weekly Schedule (Afterschool
IV- Lesson Plans (Wednesday’s)
V- The MAX responsibilities
VI- The Youth Summit
VII - Copying, Scanning, Shredding
VIII- Label making and filing
IX- Emailing and Contact information
X- Observation Hours
I: Attendance Sheets
- Each day at the after school program the group
leaders will take the attendance of the students, and
give the paper to you.
- Double check with the students to make sure
everyone has signed their name.
- There will be an Excel file with all of the past
attendance months on it, Sequena or Deaje will email
you the file.
- When creating a new month, you will copy and paste
all of the information from the last month into a new
tab on Excel.
- When pasting information, remember to hit Paste,
Paste Special, and then All.
- You will need to copy and paste the word “Yes” into
each day you have the program, because it is a
- You will put the number 1 by the people’s names
who were there on that specific day
- If the attendance sheets are signed, but say “no”
because of a sporting event (track, basketball, etc),
then still give them a 1, and highlight the box yellow.
- The Highest attendance rate should always be 100%,
and the lowest attendance rate should be 0%.
II: MAX Reports
- The MAX reports have 8 parts to them
1. The End of the Month checklist
2. Add/Delete
3. Monthly Record of Operating Cost
4. Roster
5. Meals Served
6. Menu Record
7. Menu + Food Service Record
8. Invoices
*There will also be check requests you need
to fill out/complete, I have the details listed
and an example attached of the check
*I have also attached the details for each
part of the report, and a copy of each paper
you will put in the report.
- For the End of the Month checklist you will
write the Month, Phone number (478-445-
5613), and the Center Name: Georgia
College High Achievers
- The number of children enrolled (usually
30) and you will fill in the # of cartons line
with the number of students that came that
month and you will fill in the Supper square
with the same number
- You will put will a check by each line,
except Roster changes, which you will circle
- For monthly attendance circle Sign In
- For number of new children added and
exited put a 0 with a line through it.
- For the Add/Delete section write the Center
Name: Georgia College High Achievers, the
Month, and Year
- You will never write in the “Participants
exiting program” section
- If any new students are added to the
participants list, you will add them here
- Get Sequena to sign the bottom of the page
- The monthly record of operating cost is on
Excel file that Sequena can send to you.
- On this you will just enter the new
information, so the date, and correct amount
for each date.
- The amounts for each day will be written on
the orders.
- The orders will be on the SODEXO website:
- To sign in you will put Last name: Moon,
password: Spring2018, go to My Account,
My Orders, Order # (it is at the bottom of
the page)
- Then print this page when all dates are
entered for the month
- For the Roster it is a page called Bright from
the Start
- For this page just enter the dates for the
month, and the number of people who were
there on each day, you will put this on the
Supper line.
- And you will write the Month/Year at the
- For Meals Served, you will fill out the
Supper box, and write out what was served
that day
- Again you can find this information on the
orders, on the SODEXO website.
- You will have to fill one of these out for
each day at the program
- The Menu Record is the actual order, which
you will print out from the SODEXO
website, go to Order #, Print Order, Settings,
Scale 60 print
- The Menu+ Food Service Record will be a
horizontal sheet, in which you will fill out
the Supper boxes for each date, and write
out the food they ate that day at the MAX.
- The dates will go underneath the Mon-
- Lastly is the invoices, which either Sequena
will give to you or email for you to print out.
- There will be one that states “COPY” on it,
which you can keep in a folder for later.
- The invoices are all put at the end in order of
the report, placed by date
- Then the attendance sheets are put in at the
end for each month (remember to save the
attendance sheets in a folder, and make
copies of them), put these in order by date.

Check Requests
- Beside the invoice number on the check request, you
will write the invoice number from the copies of the
- Beside day of service you will write the date for that
specific day of the invoice.
- Under total price and total at the bottom write the
amount for the invoice that was on that day.
- For the date at the top write the date you fill out the
check, do not fill out the bottom part of the check
- Under the department numbers (36 633 18) which is
from the DHS portion and (36 633 A18) which is
under the CACFP portion. You will write the
amounts from the CACFP roster, an example is
attached of the roster.
- Each check request will be made out for the different
days at the MAX, from the invoices.
III: Weekly Schedule, After-School

Monday: STEAM (Mr. Thacker)
Tuesday: GA Shape (In Centenial)
Wednesday: Interns, Violence and Injury
lesson plan
Thursday: Academic Outreach (Ruth)
*No Friday’s
- During each afterschool program
remember to take pictures, get the
attendance sheet, and you will need to
make a copy to give to the MAX.
- Whenever the afterschool session is
over you will walk the students to the
* An Example of a Weekly schedule is
The High Achievers Program
Dates February 5th-8th
Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
 Youth meet group  Youth meet group  Youth meet group  Youth meet group 

leaders on BHS ramp leaders on BHS ramp leaders on BHS ramp leaders on BHS ramp
outside the cafeteria, outside the cafeteria, outside the cafeteria,

outside the cafeteria,
sign in, and ride the sign in, and ride the sign in, and ride the sign in, and ride the
bus with group leaders bus with group leaders bus with group leaders bus with group leaders
 3-4 youth will be  3-4 youth will be  3-4 youth will be  3-4 youth will be 

dropped off at dropped off at Lakeview dropped off at Lakeview dropped off at Lakeview

3:30-3:45 Lakeview Academy, Academy, remaining Academy, remaining Academy, remaining
remaining youth youth brought to youth brought to GCSU youth brought to
brought to GCSU Centennial GCSU
 Fellowship, vending,  Fellowship, vending,  Fellowship, vending,  Fellowship, vending, 

3:45-4:00 restrooms restrooms restrooms restrooms
 Mr. Thacker  Program Staff  PH Interns  Ruth Eilers 

 Intro Ice Breaker  Game  Dating/Domestic Academic Outreach

4:00-5:00 /Budgeting Locker/Basketball Violence Statistics STEAM
 STEAM  GA SHAPE  Violence & Injury
 Youth recant a high  Youth recant a high  Youth recant a high  Youth recant a high 
Public Speaking

and a low from their and a low from their and a low from their and a low from their
5:05- day/weekend while day/weekend while day/weekend while day/weekend while

until engaging in public engaging in public engaging in public engaging in public
speaking using HAP speaking using HAP speaking using HAP speaking using HAP
format format format format
 Max for Dinner  Max for Dinner  Max for Dinner  Max for Dinner 

 Pick up at GCSU or  Pick up at GCSU or  Pick up at GCSU or  Pick up at GCSU or

IV: Lesson Plans
- Every Wednesday Interns will do a lesson
over the topic for the month.
- The topics are over violence and injury, or
some sort of health related matter.
- The first Wednesday of the month we create
an interactive power point with statistics and
- The next Wednesday we will have a speaker
come in.
- The last Wednesday we play a trivia game,
which you can create one using the free
Jeopardy program online.
V: MAX Responsibilities
- Every day after the program (around 5) we
walk the students to the MAX, and bring the
copy of the attendance sheet to the person
working up front.
- We must monitor the students and make
sure they have a fruit and vegetable, just one
dessert, and no soda
VI: Youth Summit
- Every year the High Achievers go to a
Youth Summit in GA.
- The interns must make an itinerary for the
day including the date, the time the students
must get to the bus, what time the
conference is, what time they will get back,
and what time parents must pick them up.
- A permission slip also must be made,
printed (enough copies) and given to the
students to be signed
- Highlight the times and important dates on
the permission slip
- A copy of past permission slips is in the
Parent Program binder for reference
- The permission slips must be signed by
Deaje and Sequena (Program Manager, and
Assistant Program Manager).
VII: Copying, scanning, and shredding
- To copy, push energy saver, the Log in
number is 5613, and the pin # is the same,
go to Main Menu hit copy (you must put the
paper in face down), then Start.
- To copy two-sided/front and back, you will
put the paper in the tray, log in, hit COPY,
then hit the 2 sided-2 sided option, hit Start.
- For scanning log in the same way, hit Scan
and Send, One Send, options, choose
Sequena’s name, put papers Face up, and
into the top of the copying machine/tray, hit
Start then it will scan through the papers.
- The shredding machine is old, make sure it
is plugged in, hit the Start button, when it is
full it will flash red, then empty the paper.
- You will slide the bin out.
- Periodically check the back of the shredder
to make sure it does not overflow.
- Sometimes it will overheat, so unplug it and
come back later.
VIII: Label Making and Filing
- Labels must be placed onto folders for the
active and inactive students.
- In each folder (with the plastic tabs), two
smaller folders will be inside, one labeled
with the students name, the other with
“Miscellaneous” written on it.
- Labels will be in the storage closet or in the
office desk.
- To print the labels, put the labels into the
printer, Face Up
- Go to a Word document
- Click Mailings, Labels, options (choose to
the type of Label) i.e. Avery US letter.
- In the Word document, write the names you
want printed.
- Then click File, print, page set-up, OK, fix
margins, OK, print
IX: Emailing and Contact Information
Sequena (Program Manager):
Phone number: 478-804-3778
Work phone: 478-445-5613
Fax: 478-445-6271
Deaje (Assistant Program Manager):
Phone number: 706-339-7703
Work phone: 478-804-3779
*All files will go on Google Drive, through
email. For the drive email to
*Remember do Track It Forward hours every
X: Observations
Observations are a very simple task. They are
easy to do and important to keep track of!
As an intern, you are required to:
1. Collect Observations Sheets from group
leaders each and everyday
2. Record Observation Sheet information on a
word document listing which group leader
wrote it and the date. Each day of the week
should be on a separate word document.
3. When recording the observations, be sure
to put all of the Mondays of the month on
one document, all the Tuesdays of the month
on one document, and so on.
4. At the end of every month, you will be
responsible for putting all of the observation
documents you made onto the High
Achievers google doc to share with your
5. Be sure to keep all of the hand written
observations sheets neatly by your desk in
case a supervisor needs it for something.

Georgia College High Achievers Program Date:
Spring 2018
Daily Observation Journal
Directions: Please submit daily


Group Leader

Activity Description
Describe the activity that occurred. Who

Exceptional Leadership
Did you see anyone exemplifying above
and beyond leadership today and why?
Did you see any youth who were not
participating today or being overly
distracting? Where there any behavioral
issues today?

How was the overall behavior of the High
(1-10 with 1 being lowest and 10 being
highest & why?)

Major Outcomes and/or Accomplishments
Describe any major outcomes or
accomplishments of the activity

Did you take any photos today?
(Email to or