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Synopsis of the Project
PUTERI, SEREMBAN Project Vision The Smart Lamp is an application system that
is using renewable energy to light up the
To create innovative a system to produce lights. Besides using clean energy, the smart
affordable, reliable and sustainable energy light system will ensure the efficiency of
electricity consumption.
Project Mission
The Smart Lamp generates electricity from the
To design a system that generate electricity process of photosynthesis in the plants and
also reaction from the recycle materials such
Project Objective
as carbon lead from pencil and zinc. The
* To meet the needs of the present Smart Lamp is able to reduce the wastage of
demand of energy without compromising electricity
the ability of future generations to meet The energy source from the electrochemical
their own needs. cells which use zinc and carbon to produce
electricity from the photosynthesis in the
plants. As we know the rate of photosynthesis
more increases in day time rather than night

Vanue : Mydin Mall, Seremban 2
Date : 1st and 2nd April 2018

Why we use recycle material in this


Arrangement of vase by 12 vase in one basket (2 set) 2. Carbon and zinc are used as an electrode in each vase so that electrochemical can be occured 4. Final Result!!!! Concept of Innovation Flow of Ideas 2 . It has contain carbon that it can help to conduct electricity and it also has a very small resistance to electricity. Each basket will be set up in series circuit and these 2 basket will join together in parallel circuit 3.SEKOLAH KEBANGSAAN PUTERI. The brightness of LED depends on Pencil as we know are most common things the types of circuit (parallel or that has been used in our daily life but surely series) not all of us notice that it can be used as one of the materials to conduct the electricity. SEREMBAN PAMERAN MINGGU SAINS NEGAR 1.