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Credentials Evaluation Service

Program Requirements
CGFNS International • 3600 Market Street, Suite 400, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-2651 USA  •  +1 (215) 222 8454  •

CGFNS International Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) reports If validation of your non-U.S. registration/license/certification was
analyze the education and licensure credentials earned outside of the previously mailed to CGFNS for another CGFNS program with an
United States, by nursing professionals who wish to work or study in issue date of three or more years ago, it needs to be validated again.
the United States. In this objective evaluation, CGFNS carefully assesses Validation of U.S. state licensure is not required for CES reports.
the documents we receive from source agencies and compare it to U.S.
standards. Requirements for the Credentials Evaluation Service
1. An online-completed Credentials Evaluation Service order, or a
Choose from two types of reports completed and signed Credentials Evaluation Service Application
CGFNS currently offers two types of CES reports. We suggest you form mailed to CGFNS.
contact the organization (the recipient) you would like to receive your
2. A bank check or international money order – drawn on a U.S. bank
CES report and ask which type of report they require. The two types of
in U.S. funds – for the full fees listed online at http://www.cgfns.
reports are described below:
org/sections/programs/ces/default.shtml in U.S. dollars, made
• Healthcare Profession & Science Report – This report gives payable to CGFNS. Conversely, you can make an online credit card
general information about the education and professional payment (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) or, if sending through the
registration/license/certification that you earned outside the mail, include the completed Credit Card Payment Form. Incomplete
United States. The report identifies each credential and indicates online orders without full payment are deleted after 90 days.
the U.S. comparability. The Healthcare Profession & Science report Please do not send cash.
describes all foreign education and licensure in terms of similar U.S.
3. Documentation of your secondary school education or external
exam certificate (photocopy is acceptable). For documents not in
• Full Education Course-by-Course Report – This report is more English provide literal English translations, including a “Certificate
detailed. It contains the same information as the Healthcare of Accuracy”.
Profession Report, and lists every course from your nursing
4. The completed Request for Academic Records/Transcripts form and
education program and provides comparable grades for each
full academic records/transcripts from each of your professional
course, and, if applicable, comparable U.S. credit hours.
• When we mail your CES report to the requested recipients, we will
5. The completed Request for Validation of Registration/License/
attach a copy of your health care academic records/transcripts.
Certification form from your current and initial licensing authorities
Both types of CES reports contain an analysis of secondary and where you have held a registration/license/certification outside of
professional education, country-specific background information the United States, or if you have a diploma that authorizes you to
about schools attended, complete dates of attendance, validations practice from the institution that issued your diploma.
of registration/license information received directly from source 6. For all documents not in English, certified English translations must
authorities. All information is explained in terms of U.S. standards. come from school or licensing authority.
You can apply for a CES report online through CGFNS Connect at 7. Verification of English language proficiency if required by state By creating an applicant board of nursing for licensure.
account (through specifying a user name and password) with CGFNS,
Note: Some schools and registration/licensing/certification authorities
you can check your application order status, verify receipt of documents
may charge a fee for verifying academic records/transcripts or your
and scores, make changes to your contact information and access
license(s)/registration(s). You are responsible for any outside additional
other services.
fees associated with processing your Credentials Evaluation Service
If you have applied for other CGFNS International services prior to application.
applying for the Credentials Evaluation Service, you are still required
CGFNS will not accept any transcripts or licensure documents sent by
to have all mandatory documentation sent directly from your nursing
email or fax. All official documentation must be in hard copy format
school, as well as any additional schools where you have completed a
with the appropriate seals and sent directly to CGFNS by mail or courier.
specialty or post-basic program. There are different requirements for
each CGFNS International service and the documentation in your file Further information may be required after your documents are reviewed.
that was submitted for another CGFNS International program may not
be sufficient to prepare a CES Report.

Revised April 2010 © Copyright 2010 CGFNS. All rights reserved.

dollars. to the two academic credentials and two non-U. • Duplicate Credentials Evaluation Service report for applicant – This is for applicants who want an unofficial copy of their report mailed Credentials Evaluation Service reprocess orders to • Forwarding academic records/transcripts – This is a request for sections/programs/ces/ in U.S.cgfns. A bank check or international money order – drawn on a U. All rights reserved.S. Colorado.cgfns. VisaScreen® handbook). sections/apply/fees. both your official academic records/transcripts and your official professional registration/license/certification validations or diploma. U. Incomplete online orders • Forwarding academic records/transcripts and registration/licenses/ without full payment are deleted after 90 days. CGFNS to only send copies of your official academic records/ Conversely you can make an online credit card payment (Visa.S. funds – for the full fees listed online at http://www. if sending through the mail. made payable to CGFNS. the completed Credit Card Payment Form.shtml Revised April 2010 © Copyright 2010 CGFNS. transcripts to a licensing board or educational institution (this MasterCard or Discover) or. An online-completed Credentials Evaluation Service reprocess order or a completed and signed reprocess application form mailed Other CGFNS services to CGFNS. bank in required documents translated into English. Responsibility Act of 1996. Virginia and Wisconsin (practical nurse licenses/certifications already included in the CES application sections/apply/fees. . include service does NOT include an evaluation of the documents). to a licensing board or educational institution (this service does NOT include an evaluation of the documents). registrations/ • New Jersey. but the requirements of the application Fees for additional CES services can be found at http://www. another Healthcare Profession & Science Report English language proficiency report containing the passing scores or Full Education Course-by-Course Report can be completed and of the approved English examinations (detailed in the CGFNS issued to one or two designated recipients. The CGFNS CES report must be accompanied by this has been issued. if it gives authorization to practice. The Michigan Board of Nursing also requires proof of English language proficiency for applicants Additional CES services after report is issued who graduated from a nursing school taught in a language other • Credentials Evaluation Service re-evaluation orders – After one report than English.S. A reprocess is for those who want to continue for another 12 months an application that was paid in full. Please do not certification – This is a request for CGFNS to only send copies of send cash.shtml 1.cgfns. • Document translation – This is to request that CGFNS have your 2. only) require proof that the applicant has achieved a passing • Additional CES report recipients – This is for those who want to send score on the English Proficiency examination required by the the Credentials Evaluation Service report to more recipients than Department of Homeland Security for certification of health care the two included in the application (such as other state boards of workers in Section 343 of the Illegal Immigration Reform Immigrant nursing or schools). Fees for other CGFNS services can be found at were not met within the first 12 months.Additional requirements Additional CES services before report is issued • English language proficiency report – This is for state boards of • Evaluation of an additional academic credential or an evaluation of nursing that require an English proficiency report included with an additional registration/license/certification – These are in addition Credentials Evaluation Service report.