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Thursday, April 26, 2018 The Calvert County Times Local News 3

Planners Take
Key Master Plan
Update Votes
Prince Frederick Town Center Shrinks

By Dick Myers Huntingtown and St. Leonard. They

Editor will revert to being called “minor
town centers.”
The Calvert County Planning Com- As for Huntingtown, the planners
mission has made some key decisions reaffirmed what they had talked about
that will be incorporated in the sec- and voted on several times previously.
ond draft of the Comprehensive Plan
update. The decisions were made at
the commission’s April 18 meeting at
The town center boundary of Hunting-
town will expand only to incorporate
the land for Huntingtown H.S. and
Bowen's Grocery
Family Owned & Operated Since 1929
the suggestion of Director of Planning not the rest of the property from the
The Charm and Quality of the Past with the Convenience and Variety of Today
Mark Willis. school to the Cox Road intersection.
Willis reported to the commission The decision to put the high school USDA Choice BeefEASTER!
• Cut to Order!
that he had originally intended to in the town center is out of recognition
present the consultant’s second draft that might help secure state funding “Our
"Our Own" Own” Freshly Ground
Homemade Chuck
U.S.D.A Choice Beef - Steaks
at that meeting, but he wanted to make for any expansion or renovation there. Country -
sure that the commission was on board By being in a town center it would be
“Our Own” Frozen Hamburger
Standing Rib Roast
Boneless Rib Roast
Tenderloins • Boneless Pork Roast
Loose • Links
with several of the issues that have in a priority funding area, making it Steaks • Roasting PigsFreshly Ground Chuck
"Our Own"
been a conversation thread throughout eligible for state monies. "Our Own" Frozen Hamburger Patties
the process that has been going on for
almost two years.
Long-Range Planner Jenny Plum-
mer-Welker told the planners that not
* Hams
Smithfield Smoked
Stuffed Pork HEAD
With our Homemade stuffing
Perhaps the most significant change being in the town center would not From Spiral
Southern Maryland Stuffed Hams
made at the meeting was the shrink- preclude funding but could require a Boars Head Sweet Slice Ham SPECIALTY ITEMS
ing of the proposed size of the Prince waiver. Zook’s Chicken Pot Pies Fully Cooked Boneless
Country Cured
Frederick Town Center. Willis noted
that the town center’s size was one of
The decision to just include the high
school was on a 4-2 vote.
Stolzfus Scrapple LOCAL HONEY
4lb Bags • Halves • By the Pound

the most controversial issues in the In the first draft of the Compre- FreshAmish
Local Oysters
Freshly Baked
Otterbein's Rolls
process. hensive Plan revision, the existing Cakes - Pies
Pints - Breads
• Quarts
The first draft had the town center one-mile radius around minor town Whoopie Pies
White and
Fresh Pumpernickel
Local Oysters
expanding out along Route 231 to the centers (Owings, Huntingtown and St. 10" Homestyle Pies Pints • Quarts
College of Southern Maryland. Wills Leonard) was eliminated. Under the Nut Sticky Buns
Deluxe Cakes Jake & Amos Products
suggested instead that some of that ex- existing plan, less intense develop- Iced Cinnamon Rolls Fresh Salmon
pansion area be designated as a “Phase ment is allowed in that one mile, but "Tastes Pumpkin
Just Like Homemade" Large Selection
2 expansion area” to be considered at a
later date, perhaps with the discussion
more intense than for the land outside
it. From OurProducts
Jake & Amos
of the zoning ordinance update. Only Willis noted that taking away that COLD BEER
to be included in the expanded Prince
Frederick Town Center would be the
ring would take away development Homemade
Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer
rights for land owners there. He said Full Line of Groceries,
Calvert Towne area and a section the issue could be revisited during the Soups • Salads
Fishing • Desserts
Bait and Full Line of Groceries,
Produceand Meatsfor
and Meats for
to the north near the hospital that is zoning ordinance update.
shown as being an employment area. Commission member Maria
YourDaily Needs
Daily Needs
The town center expansion also Buehler, who lives in St. Lenard,
would include a few boundary line made the motion to agree with Willis’
adjustments. recommendation and that motion car- 4300
4300 HuntingCREEK
Rd • Huntingtown,
Another change recommended by ried unanimously.
Willis was the elimination of the new 410-535-1304
410-535-1304 follow US
facebook 410-257-2222
designation of “village” for Owings, MON-FRI
MON. 6 6AM
- FRI. - 9-PM
9 P.M. 7 AM7 -A.M.
• SAT. - SUN. 9 PM- 9 P.M.
4 Local News The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 26, 2018

Sponsored by
Sponsored bythe
Club of
of the
Lexington Park
Commissioners to be
Asked for a Revised
Transportation Plan
By Dick Myers in parallel to
Editor the zoning
The Calvert County Planning Com- update made
mission has voted to request the county more sense.
commissioners provide funding for an Willis sad
updated transportation plan. The decision the zoning
came at the commission’s April 18 meet- ordinance re-
ing after a request from Director of Plan- vision is still
ning and Zoning Mark Willis. 18 months Calvert County Planning
The issue of the lack of a current trans- away. “I want Director Mark Willis
portation plan has been consistently the transportation plan to be done before
Saturday, May 26,2017
May 27, 2018 raised in comments on the revision to the the zoning ordinance,” he said.
8:30 AM
8:30 AM county’s Comprehensive Plan that is now Wills would like to put out a request
Our Lady Star
Star of the
the Sea
School in a first draft and soon-to-be second draft for proposals for a consultant to do the
Solomons Island,
Solomons Island, MD
MD (see separate story). The issue was high- transportation plan update. He said the
lighted by former planning director Greg consultant working on the comprehensive
WIN CASH PRIZES! Bowen at a Nov. 30 meeting of the citizen plan update does have staff who could do
Benefits group called Keep Calvert Country. a transportation plan.
cash Prizes
A briefing handed out at that meeting Willis said a ballpark estimate of
and more! noted: “No traffic studies were conducted how much the plan would cost is about
Benefits: WARFIGHTER ADVANCE’s: in preparation of the new Comp Plan and $100,000 to include contingencies.
ADVANCE 7-Day Program traffic observations in the plan do not The planning director said the trans-
7-Day program match the county commissioners’ own portation plan was last updated in 1997
projections which project that traffic will before some existing technology was even
Register online at go from approximately 45,000 to 83,600 contemplated. He gave as an example
Register online at
Search “Rotary 4 Vets” Solomons Island, MD by 2030.” smart traffic lights that can adjust to ex-
Search “Rotary 4 Vets” Solomons Island, MD Some responders wanted the compre-
Register day of race 7 a.m. - 8 a.m. isting conditions to change their timing.
Register day of race 7am - 8am hensive plan update process to be put on The planners unanimously agreed to
hold until a transportation plan is com- have chairperson Carolyn McHugh sign
pleted. Willis doesn’t think that is neces- a letter to send to the county commission-
sary. He said the master plan is followed ers formalizing Willis’ request.
up with other documents, including a re-
vised zoning ordinance to implement it.
He said updating the transportation plan

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Thursday, April 26, 2018 The Calvert County Times Local News 5

Planners Say Chains Southern MD 25th Annual Spring Festival

Should Follow St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds, Leonardtown, MD

Architectural Review
May 3rd thru May 6th

By Dick Myers

Th Calvert County Planning Commission has decided, on a split vote, to require

chain stores to continue to be subjected to the county’s architectural review process.
The chain stores had been exempted in an original proposal to revise the process in
the town centers.
The commission on a 4-3 vote, with Chair Carolyn McHugh breaking the tie,
decided to take that decision and several others to a joint public hearing with the
county commissioners.
The exemption for chain stores (including local chains) was included in the pro-
posed changes after a Oct. 18, 2017 county commissioner work session. As the result
of that session, the planning staff was directed to take the issue to the planning
The planners discussed the changes at a Feb. 21 meeting at which time several
members of architectural review committees spoke in opposition to the changes.
One of those changes required the committees to meet within five days of receiving
an application and making a decision.
At its April 18 meeting, the planners instead decided to require the committees to
meet twice monthly if necessary so that members can have scheduled meeting dates
and plan accordingly.
Long-Range Planner Jenny Plummer-Welker told the planning commission mem-
bers that the push to revise the architectural review committee (ARC) process came
when the Prince Frederick ARC failed to gather a quorum on several occasions, thus
holding up commercial projects.
The planners decided at the April 18 meeting to have staff review an applica-
tion instead if the ARC failed to achieve a quorum. It gives staff 10 days to make a
But it was the issue of chain stores that drew the most comment from the planners.
McHugh said of exempting them: “This feels like it is giving them carte blanche.”
Plummer-Welker noted that chains often have a variety of store designs and staff
can work with them to achieve the best fit for Calvert. And, member Richard Holler
expressed the fear that requiring the chains to conform would mean a loss of chain
stores in the county.
But, member John Toohey expressed concern about fairness to the local, non-
chain businesses.
Architectural review committees operate in Dunkirk, Huntingtown, Lusby, Ow-
ings, Prince Frederick, St. Leonard and Solomons town centers. Whatever charges
to the process are eventually decided would be incorporated into the plans for each
town center. Bring a non-perishable
The public will now have a chance to log in on the contentious issue at an upcom- canned food item per
ing joint hearing on a yet-to-be-determined date. person and receive $1 off admission

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Che sap eak e Bea ch
Wa ter Par k:
Sti ll Ma kin g A Spl ash
Photo by Frank Marquart


6 Local News The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 26, 2018

Just Listed!
$319 Veterans Clinic Coming
1322 SCHOONER LOOP #1322, SOLOMONS, MD 20688
,90 0! to Lexington Park
By Guy Leonard “I’m just happy…we can start doing
Staff Writer something,” Morgan said.
Calvert County Commissioner Presi-
While the contract for the new main dent Evan Slaughenhoupt Jr., who also
community outpatient clinic (CBOC) for heads the Tri-County Council’s Regional
veterans in Charlotte Hall has yet to be Veteran’s Advisory Committee, said the
awarded, a satellite clinic will soon be group was “pleased” that the new clinic
coming to Great Mills Road. would be coming to Southern Maryland.
The presence of the CBOCs mean that But, he said, complications with the
local veterans will not have to travel to contract negotiations between the U.S.
either Baltimore or Washington D.C. for Veterans Administration (VA) and the
medical care. potential developer have continually de-
$319,900 The new clinic will take over the third layed the project.
floor of the newly built East Run Medi- The main issue, Slaughenhoupt has
## RARE OPPORTUNITY! ## cal Center, owned by Cherry Cove De- said in previous interviews, centered
THESE HOMES GO QUICKLY+ARE A WATER LOVERS DREAM! 3 BED, 2 BATH - velopment, which also hosts a branch of around the too-high cost of rent asked
COMPLETELY REDONE W/WOOD PLANK FLOORING THRUOUT,CUSTOM KITCHEN MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital. for by the builder, as-yet unnamed, of
really nice when it’s done,’
County Commissioner
the project.
The current CBOC at Charlotte Hall
BRIGHT AND OPEN FLOORPLAN! 24 HR SECURITY+GATED! ELEVATORS TO ALL LEVELS, I Todd Morgan, who announced the con- Veterans Home in Charlotte Hall has
INCREDIBLE NBRHD W/EVERYTHING TO DO (SEE PICS!)#### tract award at the April 19 meeting of operated for the past 20 years but has
Sthe Tri-County Council. mostly been inadequate to the task as it
Steve Atkocius I HAVE SOLD
MANY HOMES IN Tthe“It’s very convenient to the base and to
active and retired military,” Morgan
is only surplus space at the facility.
The issue has reached congressional
Broker/Realtor YOUR AREA I continued. “ That’s the key.” levels, as U.S. Rep. Steny Hoyer has
RECENTLY AND IN Morgan said the third floor would publicly chided the VA for not moving
Purple Post Real Estate THE LAST 20 Nhave to be remodeled to accept the quickly enough to get the main CBOC Years! Gnew CBOC’s operations but to have replacement moving.
the contract finally awarded was a real

Sell it - Buy it
I State Okays Chesapeake
atBuy it at
Sell It,
E Beach Traffic Lights
: By Dick Myers
Real Estate │ Business & Inventory │ Personal Property/Estates
│ Farm Equipment & Machinery │ Livestock │ Storage Units │ $

Benefits/Fundraisers │ Certified Personal Property Appraiser

The Town of Chesapeake Beach has
some good news from the Mary-
EXCITINGUpcoming Auctions
FUN ● FAST & Events
● EFFICIENT ● 1 land Department of Transportation. They
EXCITING have agreed that traffic lights are war-
9ranted on both the north- and south-bond
, lanes of Route 260 at Harrison Boulevard/
Limerick Lane. The busy intersection,
9with low sight distance, is the entrance
into the Richfield Station subdivision.
0 The signal was one of Mayor Pat Ma- Chesapeake Beach Mayor Pat “Irish”
honey’s and the town council’s priorities.
0The mayor mentioned the need in a recent Mahoney

interview with The County Times. point of departure for a state analysis. She
The town commissioned their own wrote: “The analysis took into account
study last year that concluded that traffic existing and future traffic volumes along
lights were needed. That study was for- all approaches, vehicular speeds, road-
warded to the state. way geometrics, accident history, existing
Mahoney reported at the April 19 town traffic control devices, and sight distances
“Something for Everyone” council meeting that he had received a along all approaches. As a result of our
Now Accepting SATURDAY, MAY 12 @ 9 am call from a state highway official bear- review, we found that we concur with the
ing the good news. Mahoney announced study’s recommendation to install a traf-
Charles County Fairgrounds – La Plata, MD
a special town public meeting for May fic signal as two signal warrants were
A Southern Maryland professional auction company providing services to 3 at 7 p,m. to inform citizens on what’s met, and the installation of a traffic signal
individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations for a variety of purposes. happening. would be beneficial to the overall traffic
OPTIONS - SOLUTIONS - RESULTS Since the town council meeting, Ma- operations at the intersection.”
honey has received a letter from Assistant Mahoney told The County Times that District Engineer for Traffic and Access the installation of the signals by the stare
Management Kimberly M. Tran, P.E. would probably take about two years.
301.904.3402 confirming that phone conversation.
Tran referred to the town’s study as the
Thursday, April 26, 2018 The Calvert County Times Local News 7

Legislators Tout Bipartisanship at Chamber Breakfast

By Dick Myers also singled out the state’s response to the school shoot- Fisher opposed the bill. “We have a checks and balances
Editor ings in Florida and at Great Mills High School as a ma- system,” he said, and the legislature was that check. He said
jor legislative accomplishment. He also supported a bill he didn’t favor spending the money and moving county of-
The word is “comity.” That’s how Senate President to add ROTC to several of the state’s Historically Black fices away from Main Street would create “a ghost town.”
Thomas V. “Mike” Miller (D: Calvert) described the Colleges and Universities. And, he supported the initia- Jackson, on the other hand, noted the needs of the courts
2018 Maryland General Assembly. Not “comedy,” he tive to improve law enforcement training. and the wishes of the county commissioners.
quickly added. The word is defined as “civility” or “mu- Both Jackson and Fisher noted the legislature’s enact- Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot came under
tual respect.” Or as he told the attendees at the annual ment of a scholarship in honor of Richard Collins, III, sharp criticism for his handling of craft beer legislation.
Calvert County Chamber of Commerce Post Legislative the Bowie State student and Calvert resident who was Fisher said Franchot was disrespectful of the chairman
Session Breakfast April 23 at the Hilton Garden Inn in killed last year. Fisher’s son attended Calverton School of the committee that heard the bill. “I have never seen
Solomons – “people getting along.” with Collins. He said all of Collins’ classmates attended anything like that before,” he said.
Bipartisanship is another word to summarize the ses- his funeral. “It was a remarkable thing to see,” Fisher Waugh said of Maryland’s historic three-tier system in
sion, the four legislators in attendance agreed for the said. which one tier (manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer) can’t
most part. Two Democrats, Miller and Del. Michael While not denying a certain level of bipartisanship in step over into another tier: “It’s nuts.”
Jackson (District 27B) attended along with Republicans the session, Fisher was highly critical of the legislature’s Miller said the bill introduced to revise the craft beer
Sen. Steve Waugh (District 29), and Del. Mark Fisher failure to return the $500 million tax windfall from the regulations looked good to him, but the Senate never had
(District 27C). Del. Jerry Clark (District 29C) was not in federal tax cut to the taxpayers. a crack at it.
attendance. They were arranged alternately by party at Fisher also decried the trend to license every business, Although in his opening statement Miller touted
the table facing the attendees. citing movers as an example. “You shouldn’t have to be the financial incentives to lure Amazon’s headquarters.
Miller said as a gauge of the bipartisanship, “Look licensed in a free society in an unspecialized area,” he Fisher, in response to a question disagreed. “Amazon is
at what we accomplished.” Thar included the budget, opined. intentionally ruining every business that sells,” he said.
health insurance initiatives, and securing a financial in- “We are trying to regulate every aspect of human life,” Jackson reported to the attendees that there’s a ballot
centive package to lure Amazon’s second headquarters. he added. That’s especially true of small businesses, of question in Novembver that will require lottery proceeds
“It was a bipartisan effort.” which he is one (cell tower siting), he said. “I struggle to be dedicated to education.
Miller praised Waugh for coming up with a plan to every day.” In closing statements, Miller touted the “comity.”
address the school security issue, including adding $41 The override of the governor’s veto of the bill requir- Waugh singled out school safety, progress on veter-
million in funding. “This was an issue that we came ing small businesses to provide sick leave did draw parti- an’s issues and the Southern Maryland Higher Education
together on, worked together and passed in a bipartisan san response among the four participants. Miller said the Center as his accomplishments.
vote,” Miller said. compromise was to pass a tax credit for employees who Jackson also noted school safety along with health
Waugh said what the legislature did on school safety provide coverage. care reforms.
put the state in the lead nationally on the issue. “I am But, Fisher insisted not all small businesses are alike. And Fisher posited a negative. He said the biggest fail-
truly proud of the work we have done and that was done He said requiring sick leave would be “helping the big ure was to not extend tax credits to all retirees, instead
in a bipartisan basis,” he exclaimed. guys.” He reported on a Calvert County business, Field- of special segments oi society, such as veterans and first
Waugh also mentioned the saving of the Southern ing Company, that moved to Virginia because of Mary- responders. And the biggest success, he said, was chip-
Maryland Higher Education Center merger into the Uni- land e regulations. ping away at that problem.
versity of Maryland, which will create the state’s fifth Perhaps the most contentious local issue was the $50
institution to hand out PhDs. million bond authority increase for the county that al-
Del. Jackson, former Prince George’s County sheriff, lowed for a new county office building at Armory Square.
8 Local News The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 26, 2018

It’s Spring Time Calvert County Shows

“Let’s Play in the Yard”
Landscape Size
1 Gallon Perennials
Appreciation for Business
13th Annual Week Salutes County’s Major Employers
Save $300Off ea.
When You Buy 3 or More
Mix or Match reg. $12.99 Leyland Cypress
Excludes special hybrid varieties. 3-4 ft. size
Choose from Candytuft, Dianthus,
Bleeding Heart, Salvia, Nepeta & Special $2988
Creeping Phlox

Choose from pink, white and Flowering Cherry
red flowering. Choose from Weeping & Kwanzan
Save 20 %
Any Size or Variety
Save 25%Off
When you buy 2 or more
Each year the Calvert County Board land Small Business Development
of County Commissioners dedicates a Center
Now ScheduliNg For SpriNg iNStallatioN full week to celebrating the contribu- College of Southern Maryland,
tions of local businesses. Calvert Coun- Building B, Conference Room 104, 115
call today to Schedule aN eStimate 800-451-1427 ty’s 13th annual Business Appreciation J.W. Williams Road, Prince Frederick
Week, May 7-10, will salute the coun- Noon-2 p.m.
ty’s major employers. Gwen Schiada, Psy.D., president and
During Business Appreciation Week co-founder of Career Puppy, Inc., pres-
the first full week of May, the Calvert ents this session on creating a business
County Department of Economic De- and life on your own terms by clarify-
velopment presents a series of events ing personal values and vision, and un-
focusing on the vital role major employ- leashing your inner compass to guide
ers have in our local economy. Join fel- the way. Are you moving your life/
Azaleas low business owners, county staff and business in a way that is consistent with
Early Bird Roses
Boston Fern Mix or Match - cutting roses, hybrid tea, and
Traditional and New Encore Varieties the Board of County Commissioners your internal values and vision to make
20% for this week of special events, work- your dreams a reality? How do some
10” size grandifloras, includes Knockout & Drift Roses

Special 2 for 3500

$ Buy 3 Get 4
Lowest priced rose is FREE
Save Off
When you buy 3 or more shops and networking activities. people do it and often make it look so
Schedule of Events easy? Gwen will share anecdotes from
(Please note seating may be limited individuals who have done it and what
and advanced online registration may works from experts interviewed on her
be required.) Life on Your Terms podcast. She will
Monday, May 7: Calvert County also introduce the 7L Framework to
Minority Business Alliance Kick-Off successfully navigate the process. Vis-
Event: Filling Your Entrepreneurial it the event registration page to learn
Colonial Gray Stone Medium Marble Chip Toolbox more and register.
Fruit Tree Collection Pallets Stone Calvert Library, Prince Freder- Thursday, May 10: Calvert County
ick Branch, 850 Costley Way, Prince Chamber of Commerce Business Af-
.5 cu. ft. bag
Many varieties to choose.

Buy 3 Get 4
Full Pallet Only
When you buy 2 or more pallets
10 bags for $5500 Frederick ter Hours Mixer
9:30 a.m.-noon Davis, Upton & Palumbo, LLC, 132
Bayer Season Long Join us for an informative session Main St., Prince Frederick
Grub Control showcasing a variety of business re- 5:30-7 p.m.
5,000 sq. ft.
source partners that can help with the Network with other business owners
development and growth of your small in a casual atmosphere. This free event
reg. $39.99

business, including start-ups. This free is open to Calvert County Chamber of
GreenView Green Smart
Weed & Feed
2688 Shredded Hardwood Mulch event will feature representatives from Commerce members and business own-
federal, state and local government or- ers who are not members. For informa-
5,000 sq. ft. bag Only
1988 3 cu. ft. bag
ganizations who will provide timely in- tion, contact the Calvert County Cham-
15,000 sq. ft. bag Only
4988 10 bags for $3750 formation and assistance. You will also ber of Commerce at 410-535-2577 or
be able to get connected to contracting, visit
procurement and federal resources. For more information on Calvert
This is an open forum and includes op- County’s Business Appreciation Week,
portunities for Q & A. Visit online for including updates on planned activities
Cambridge Edge Stone & more information or to register. and events, or to learn about the many
Curb Stone Edging Tuesday, May 8: Board of County services the county offers the business
Heath B2 Bluebird House
Commissioners Company Site Visits community, visit
1688ea. $ 75
Edge Stone Only 1 ea. Valley View Pro Edging
with Ambassador Teams BAW2018 or contact the Department
Buy 3 or more
14 99
ea. Curb Stone Only 3
$ 50
ea. 20’ long
17 Various locations of Economic Development at 410-
11:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. 535-4583 or 301-855-1880, or email.
Wentworth Nursery
Prices Good Thru May 15th, 2018
Wednesday, May 9: Women’s Busi- Like Calvert County Government on
ness Roundtable and W2W Network- Facebook.
ing Luncheon: Be Emboldened Not
Charlotte Hall Prince Frederick Oakville
30315 Three Notch Rd, 1700 Solomon’s Island Rd, 5 minutes North of Hollywood
Charlotte Hall 20622 Prince Frederick 20678 41170 Oakville Road
Mechanicsville 20659 Beholden Press Relese from
Sponsored by the Calvert County
301-884-5292 410-535-3664
800-558-5292 1-866-535-3664 301-373-9245 • 800-451-1427
Calvert County Government
SPRING Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-7, Sat. 8-6, Sun. 9-6 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30-6, Sat. 7:30-5 Chamber of Commerce Women to
Women (W2W) Group and the Mary-
Thursday, April 26, 2018 The Calvert County Times Cops & Courts 9

Hospital Hosts Solomons House Fire

Active Shooter Drill Ruled Accidental
By Guy Leonard
Staff Writer

A Sedwick Av-
enue house fire in
Solomons that oc-
curred Monday
just before 8:30
a.m. was caused by
an electrical issue,
Maryland State
Fire Marshals
The fire de-
stroyed an in-law
suite attached to
a single-family
CalvertHealth Medical Center on Participants learned a great deal dur- home, investiga-
April 15 hosted an armed intruder/active ing the drill, and the after-action “Ho- tors stated, though
shooter drill. Several weeks of plan- twash,” in which everyone involved there were no
ning culminated into a full scale exer- shared personal experiences and lessons injuries.
cise with nearly 100 participants from learned in a group setting, was just as The owner of the
CalvertHealth, Calvert County Sheriff’s beneficial. First Responders were able to property was away
Office, Maryland State Police, Calvert answer questions and provide additional at work.
Advanced Life Support, and several ci- feedback while the situations were still The loss of the
vilian “actors.” The drill tested the re- fresh for the participants. Sheriff Mike structure was esti-
sponse of all participating agencies in Evans stated, “The police learn as much mated at $70,000 with loss of contents Solomons Volunteer Fire Department
accordance with the protocols and pro- from the public as the public learns from factored in, according to fire marshal and Rescue Squad took 15 minutes to
cedures that are set in place to handle us, we need to continue these drills and estimates. put out the fire.
them. While an active shooter event the natural dialogue that comes with The fire was discovered by a neigh-
is usually a police-driven incident, the them.” bor who saw the fire in the bedroom of
staff of the CalvertHealth Medical Cen- the suite, responding firefighters from
ter gained insight into what a real active Press Release from CCSO
shooter situation would involve.

Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Crime Report

During the week of April 16 – April 22 deputies of moved her mailbox from its post and stole it. The value derly subject. Deputy Callison was on scene with the
the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office responded to 1,477 of the stolen property is approximately $50. subject, later identified as Franky Delph Jr (40). Delph
calls for service throughout the community. was asked to leave the property multiple times, how-
Theft: 18-20922 ever, he refused and continued to yell and
Theft: 18-19679 On April 22, 2018 Deputy Lorenzano responded to curse at the officers. He was placed un-
On April 16, 2018 Y. Bortchevsky responded to Bay the Dunkirk Walmart for the report of a theft. An un- der arrest and transported to the Calvert
Front Park in Chesapeake Beach for the report of a identified subject was seen exiting the store with a cart County Detention Center where he was
theft. The victim stated that sometime between 1:30 full of unpaid items. When approached by an employee, charged with Disorderly Conduct, Failure
PM and 3:15 PM an unknown suspect broke into her the suspect became hostile then fled the scene, leaving to Obey a Lawful Order, Resisting Arrest
vehicle and stole her MD driver’s license. the cart and miscellaneous items behind. The items in and Trespassing.
the cart added up to $368.10.
Theft: 18-20166 On April 21, 2018 Deputy Y. Bortchevsky responded
On April 18, 2018 Deputy Bowlan responded to the Theft: 18-20867 to Brookeview Court, Chesapeake Beach for the re-
Calvert County Sheriff’s Office for the report of a theft. On April 22, 2018 Deputy Ostazeski responded to port of a suspicious vehicle. Deputy Bortchevsky ap-
The victim stated on April 13th between 12:20 PM and Sneade’s Ace Hardware in Lusby for the report of a proached the vehicle and noticed the rear
4:00 PM an unknown suspect stole two pairs of shoes theft. The complainant stated an unknown suspect stole passenger, Bobby Lewis King Jr (33),
that were delivered to his home on Dunleigh Court. The a Dewalt 20 volt drill from the store. The value of the trying to hide a clear baggie under his
total value of stolen property is $665. stolen property is $129.99. shirt. King was removed from the vehicle
and searched. He was not in possession of
Theft: 18-20273 ARRESTS: the baggie, however, a plastic baggie was
On April 19, 2018 Deputy Callison responded to On April 19, 2018 Deputy T. Buckler responded to located in the grass right outside the door
Salisbury Place, Prince Frederick for the report of a Fastop in Chesapeake Beach for the where King sat in the vehicle. King was placed under
theft. The victim stated that sometime between April report of a disorderly subject. Terrell arrest and transported to the Calvert County Detention
18th at 8:00 PM and April 19th at 10:25 AM an unknown Stepney (25) was told multiple times Center. While at the Detention Center, Deputy Bort-
suspect stole the handicap sticker off his vehicle that that he needed to leave the store, but chevsky checked the crease of the seat where King sat
was parked in front of his residence. he refused. Stepney was placed under during transport and found two baggies with a white
arrest and transported to the Calvert powdery substance, one baggie with a grey powdery
Theft: 18-20966 County Detention Center where he was substance, and one baggie with 3 blue pills. King was
On April 22, 2018 Deputy Burggraff responded to charged with Trespassing. charged with CDS: Possession with Intent to Distribute
Thunderbird Drive, Lusby for the report of a theft. The Cocaine, Heroin and Oxycodone.
victim advised sometime between April 21st at 9:00 PM On April 21, 2018 Deputy Bradley responded to
and April 22nd at 6:00 AM and unknown suspect re- Buckets Sports Bar in Lusby for the report of a disor-
10 Cops & Courts The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 26, 2018

Three Arrested in Sheriff’s Office Teams

Lusby Home Invasion with One Love Foundation Yeardley Love’s
Calvert County Sheriff’s Office patrol a timely investigation. During the course family created the
units responded on March 16 at approxi- of the investigation, detectives authored One Love Founda-
mately 3:10am to 959 Golden West Way several search warrants and conducted tion after her ex-
in Lusby for the report of a home inva- many interviews. Additionally, video boyfriend murdered
sion. Det. Mudd of the Calvert County surveillance from several cameras was her. Her friends
Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations reviewed, forensic downloads were per- and family realized
Bureau was notified of the Home Inva- formed, and numerous items of evidence if it could happen
sion and responded promptly to begin were gathered. to Yeardley, it could
the investigation. Three suspects were developed during happen to anyone.
Det. Mudd’s on-scene investigation the investigation. They are identified as Many of them saw
revealed that the victim, Melissa Diane William Gary Edwards (W/M, DOB: red flags but either
Harris, was awoken from her sleep at 11-10-1999) who is incarcerated at the did not realize it or
approximately 3:00am. She stated two Charles County Detention Center. The did not know what to
light skinned males, approximately 20- second suspect was Ijaaz Butler (B/M, do about it. As a result, they produced accessible, relatable, and modern resources
40 years in age, wearing what appeared DOB: 07-04-1992) who is also incar- to assist with starting a conversation about unhealthy relationships in order to spread
to be all black masks covering their faces cerated in the Charles County Deten- awareness, share knowledge, prevent or stop abuse, and potentially save a life.
kicked in the front door to her residence tion Center. The third suspect identified In February the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office coordinated a One Love Escala-
wielding what she recognized to be shot- as Demar Rynell Mason (B/M, DOB: tion Facilitator Training Workshop. Approximately 30 representatives from vari-
guns. The two masked intruders then 06-16-1983) resides in the Chesapeake ous agencies participated and were trained to lead a discussion about the topic. In
went directly to her bedroom and asked Ranch Estates in Lusby. response to the recent incident at Great Mills High School, the Sheriff’s Office held
her “Where’s Timothy or T-Bo”. Ms. Det. Buck submitted Applications for a focus group meeting on April 19th to collaborate on ways to branch out in our
Harris’ believed that they were referring Statement of Charges on William Gary community.
to her ex-husband. Ms. Harris stated Edwards (W/M, DOB: 11-10-1999), Ijaaz If you are interested in learning more about this initiative, please contact the
that she does not live with him and the Butler (B/M, DOB: 07-04-1992) and De- Calvert County Sheriff’s Office and/or visit to review all of the free
intruders left without taking anything mar Rynell Mason (B/M, DOB: 06-16- resources available. Videos and discussion guides can be accessed directly or a guest
from the home. 1983) for the charges of Home Invasion, speaker can be requested to start a discussion about unhealthy relationships. All ages
Harris told police later that she be- Burglary in the First Degree, Conspiracy and genders can benefit from learning more about the One Love Foundation.
lieved the invaders had targeted her to Commit Burglary in the First Degree,
home mistakenly, since she drives the Burglary in the Third Degree, Burglary Press Release from CCSO
same kind of car as the girlfriend of in the Fourth Degree, and any charges
another resident on Golden West Way deemed appropriate through the District

Pets of the Week

who was “flashy with his money on snap Court Commissioners Office.
chat.” Criminal Arrest warrants were issued
The assailants left without taking any for the three suspects in this case. The
items from Harris’ home. warrants for William Edwards and Ijaaz
Crime Scene Technician Veeder ar- Butler were lodged as detainers with the

Meet Baxter!
rived on scene to gather evidence and to Charles County Detention Center. De-
photograph the scene. Det. Buck teamed mar Mason was located and served an
up with Det. Mudd and Det. Jernigan arrest warrant on April 19, 2018.
and worked diligently to solve this case.
Several investigative leads were devel- Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Spring is here! Are you searching for a
oped in this case which led detectives on

School Speed Enforcement

for life? Looking for a new family
member to share some fun
and spice things up? If you’re

Effort Operates Year-Round

longing for an AMAZING
the dog for you! My name
The Calvert County Safety for Students Speed En- is Baxter and I’m always
forcement Program is in effect year round. The speed
cameras will be moved randomly between the school up for an adventure, a long
zones. Currently those cameras are located near Mill walk, or maybe just tossing
Creek Middle, Windy Hill Middle, Calvert Country, and a ball around the back yard.
Northern Middle schools. In the next week the Mill I’m a 1 1/2 year old Hound mix
Creek Middle camera will be moved to a location near who still acts like a BIG LOVE
Cardinal Hickey Academy.
FILLED PUPPY but I also love to
Cameras are active year round, Monday through Fri-
day, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. This does not alter any posted settle down for some special SNUGGLE
speed reduction times. time too. I will be a wonderful addition to
Citations are issued to the registered owner of the ve- any household. I just need a chance. BE MY
hicle, and only if the speed was 12 mph or more over MIRACLE! PLEASE CHOOSE ME!
the posted speed limit. The camera will adjust for the
reduced speed times. And remember, if there is room in the heart,
A school zone speed camera violation is a $40 fine there is room in the house!
with no points. Come meet me and the wonderful gang at Tri-County
If you have any questions or concerns about the Calvert County Safety for Stu- Animal Shelter (6707 Animal Shelter Road, Hughesville)
dents program, please contact Deputy Julia Murphy at 410-535-1600 ext. 2540. or call 301-932-1713 for more information. To see more
of my amazing friends available for adoption, “like” us on
Facebook @ Tri-County Animal Shelter Southern MD.
Press Release from CCSO
Thursday, April 26, 2018 The Calvert County Times In Our Community 11

Poetry, Art Collaboration Brings Arts Together

The reception for Visions of Verses — a than 18 pieces of art that were inspired by to a third genre — like when you hit a tun-
show celebrating both written and physical those poems, including paintings, jewelry, ing fork, two tones sound from the same
art and the inspiration behind them — was ceramic and fused-glass pieces. source. We enjoyed the words of the poets
attended by more than 75 art enthusiasts at “The Visions of Verses reception was a and visions of the artists, which compli-
the calvART Gallery in Prince Frederick great success,” said Carol Wade, one of the mented each other in ways I doubt anyone
on April 14. The show, which runs through participating artists. “Each time we heard in attendance expected.”
May 6, features local artwork that was in- the gong, a new poet was introduced and he Participating poets include former
spired by local poetry. or she recited their poem. Then they passed Maryland Poet Laureate Michael Glaser, The Visions of Verses reception begins as
The inaugural Visions of Verses show the microphone to the artist who created Carol Harvat, Dwyer, Katherine Lass- poet Michael S. Glaser, St. Mary's College
is a collaborative effort of artists from an art piece inspired by the poem. Hearing man, Elisavietta Ritchie, Hiram Larew, of Maryland's Professor Emeritus of English,
calvART Gallery, poets from the Col- the poem out loud was much more mov- Sherbrooke Lea Carson, Rocky Jones, cheers, along with Arts Council Executive
Director Carol Eberly holding the gong
lege of Southern Maryland (CSM) as ing than reading it to yourself. The poets Jeanne Vote, Rachael Heinhorst and Jef- as Eleanor Nelson, Arts Council VP, gives
well as other well-known local poets and seemed to enjoy the surprise of seeing the fery Coleman. opening remarks and gallery president, Pam
the show’s organizer, the Arts Council of art that was created based on their poem. Artists from calvART Gallery partici- Callen, right, looks on.
Calvert County. The Maryland State Arts The art was more varied and forced the art- pating in the collaboration are Wade, Ray together for this special event. The Arts
Council was a sponsor. ists to think outside the box. I hope we can Noble, Phyllis Noble, Pam Callen, Ann Council plans to make this an annual
“The Arts Council was so excited to do this again next year.” Crain. Lonnie Harkins, Suzanne Shelden, event, with help from Calvert County fund-
sponsor this event and include the calvART CSM Professor Neal Dwyer said that the Ray Bogle, Sylvia Hill, Mary Blumberg, ing along with the State of Maryland Arts
Gallery artists and CSM and local poets, to Visions of Verses collaboration achieved “a Denise Breitburg, Marie Estabrook, Aly- Council grants for us to continue support-
create this special night of poetry and art. creative confluence.” Artists are a solitary son Schwartz, Ann Trentman, Mimi Little, ing the arts in Calvert County.”
We felt it brought creative thoughts and breed. They like to work on their own, to Wendy Schneider and Jo Anne Gilhooly. For information on this and other arts
visions together as one for our guests to listen for and feel poems, images come to “Special thanks to CSM for their col- events in Calvert County, visit
experience,” said Arts Council of Calvert them, and sometimes collaboration with laboration, EZ Thai for the beautiful food For information on calvART
County Executive Director Carol Eberly. others can get in the way. But not this time,” buffet, Ruddy Duck for the craft beer and Gallery, visit
The evening reception featured 11 poets Dwyer said. “The combination of artworks patron of the arts Rene Cunningham for all For information about language and lit-
reading their work and the display of more and poetry at the April 14 event lent itself the beverages,” Eberly said. “In addition, erature studies at CSM, visit https://www.
a very special thank you goes to Michael

The Calvert Barn Quilt Trail
Glaser and Carol Harvat for coordinating areas-of-study/languages-literature/.
the poets and to Pam Callen, president of

Comes to North Beach Regional Library Announces

calvART Gallery for bringing the artists Press Release from CSM

Board of Directors
The Arts Council of Calvert County invites all to come and enjoy a delightful
walking tour of the three newest squares on the Calvert Barn Quilt Trail, located in
the lovely town of North Beach, MD.  The squares will be unveiled on Friday, April
20, 2018.  The barn quilt plaque is a replica of one square from a quilt, painted on
plywood and mounted on the side of a barn, building or free standing frame.  For
more information on locations and quilt designs, please visit the website http://www.
1. Maple Leaf, Chesapeake’s Bounty, 9124 Bay Avenue
 The classic Maple Leaf quilt design is a perfect fit for Chesapeake’s Bounty.  Cho-
sen and painted by Veronica Cristo of Chesapeake’s Bounty, the Maple Leaf reminds
us that trees help sustain life as we know it.  Veronica and Will Kreamer, founder of
Chesapeake’s Bounty and a third generation farmer, believe in the health and eco-
nomic benefits of local food, supporting local farmers, watermen, and other produc- Newly elected 2018 board of trustee members for the Southern Maryland Regional Library
ers and paying fair market prices for their products. The new North Beach Market is Association, from left to right:  James Hanley (St. Mary’s); Beth Roth (St. Mary’s); Delores
an ideal complement to their local food system vision in that it brings local food from Brown (Calvert); Martha Grahame (Calvert); Carolyn McHugh (Calvert); Marge Rhoden
throughout the Chesapeake Bay Watershed right to the doorstep of the community. (Charles); Janice Walthour (St. Mary’s); and Sharan Marshall, Chief Executive Officer, Southern
Maryland Regional Library. 
2. Trip Around the World, The Wheel Store, 4109 7th St. The Southern Maryland Regional Library Association welcomed a new member
 The Trip Around the World quilt block hanging on the back fence at The Wheel to its board of trustees during the annual corporation meeting on April 10.   Delores
Store was first designed by Marilou Winkler, age 87, as a quilt to be raffled off at a Brown joined six other board members who are elected annually to serve a three-
fundraiser at The Wheel for the National Parkinson’s Foundation, to honor Marilou’s year term.  The other six who were elected are returning members, including the
school principal who was diagnosed with the disease. The Wheel, established in newly elected board officers: James Hanley, President; Marge Rhoden, Vice Presi-
2011 by Celia Molofsky, is a “Boutique-Gallery-Tavern” whose goal is to support the dent; and Martha Grahame, Treasurer. Two additional board member positions are
community through the Arts. Hosting the fundraiser for Parkinson’s research is one vacant at this time.
of the ways she is doing just that. The Southern Maryland Regional Library Association is a regional resource cen-
  ter for the public libraries in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s counties; providing
3. Sister’s Choice, Sisters’ Corner, 8905 Chesapeake Ave. library services for the staff and customers of public libraries throughout Southern
 With a multitude of quilt block patterns available, the decision to pick this one was Maryland.  The board of trustees is composed of three members from each of the
an easy choice for sisters Kathy Brookes and Carol Koenig, owners of Sisters’ Cor- three Southern Maryland counties.
ner since 2007.  Their research led them to the naming of the Sister’s Choice block The regional library was formed in 1959 to enhance the services provided by the
by the Ladies’ Art Company in St. Louis about 1890, in honor of British novelist county libraries. It is part of a state-wide resource network of three regional resource
Jane Austen and her sister Cassandra. They were devoted sisters and lived as single centers, working in collaboration with the State Library Resource Center, to provide
women in their family home their entire lives. Cassandra lost her fiancée early in efficient, economical and coordinated library services that the county library sys-
her life and never married. Jane died while Cassandra was in her forties.  Kathy and tems cannot adequately provide themselves.
Carol knew that the Sister’s Choice block was an ideal reflection of their lifelong love For more information about the Southern Maryland Regional Library Association,
of reading, needlework and floral design. visit or call 301-884-0436.

Press Release from The Arts Council of Calvert County  Press Release from SMRLA
12 The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 26, 2018

In Our Community

Open 7 days a week Noon - 6 pm | 23790 Newtowne Neck Road

e o n a r d t o w n
n Downtown L
P M - 8 P M
AY 4 • 5
CIRCUIT TRAINING • HIIT Check out the First Friday Specials
22715 WASHINGTON STREET • SUITE #1 • 678-640-2130
22660 Washington St. • 240-309-4061 41625 Park Ave. • 302-438-1629
Join us on First Friday for our very May marks 19 years of service for The
WWepative Uppade first Art Share Series session! Our Good Earth and we are celebrating
CCp ocal to
very special guest Michael Glaser, by featuring a Chocolate Cupcake
of L s & de poet Laureate of Maryland, will be Smoothie for 10% off from 5-8 PM! The
Artisamms presenting from 5:30-6:30 PM to debut
this new monthly event. Our Gallery &
Chocolate Cupcake Smoothie contains
banana, gluten free oats, cashew
Gift Shop will also be open featuring the current exhibit butter, almond milk, cacao powder and nibs, maple
“The Colors of Spring” by the Color & Light Society. syrup, cinnamon, and vanilla! Customers may also add a
Supplies Classes WWkshhs handful of spinach or other greens at no extra charge. As
Stay for the outdoor audience participation Drum Circle
with the SoMar Drummers from 8-9 PM, all ages and skill always, our smoothies are made with vegan and gluten
Handcrafted Gifts, Fuzzy Fibers, & Fabulous Products levels welcome. Bring a lawn chair, limited seating will free ingredients!
22696 Washington St. Leonardtown, MD 301-475-FUZZ (3899) be available at the grassy field adjacent to our office. For
41655A Fenwick St. • 301-475-2859
OPAL GALLERY Susan Simpson will be signing

St. Mary’s 41625 Park Ave. • 302-438-1629

Whether you are a collector of unique
choirs off her new book, The
Promise on Friday, May 4, from
5:00-7:00 PM.
Nursing & Rehabilitation jewelry or looking for the perfect gift,
this show at Opal Fine Art Gallery is not
Center to be missed! Off The Jewelers Bench is NORTH END GALLERY
41652 Fenwick St. • 301-475-3130
an invitational show featuring the work
21585 Peabody Street of carefully selected jewelers dedicated North End Gallery features new work
Leonardtown, MD to original handmade, one of a kind and limited edition from three artists in an exhibition called
301-475-8000 Art Jewelry. “Precious.” Parran Collery produces
• Long-term care colorful tiles using vibrant glazes. Sarah
• Rehabilitation ESCAPE ROOM SOUTHERN MARYLAND Houde uses gold and mother of pearl
22715 Washington Street, Suite 204 • 301-475-2859 lusters to create precious ceramic ware
services for every day use. Kennedi Milan crafts beautiful jewelry
Escape Rooms Southern Maryland will
• Respite care be hosting an Open House on Friday,
using precious materials. Be sure to stop by to see this
show; these three women have created a show teaming
May 4th from 5p-8 PM. Stop by for a
with energy. All are invited for snacks and libations.
Sneak Peek of our rooms; discounts,
giveaways, and more. Come see us and
To schedule a tour or find out what escape room fun is all
speak to admissions, 22760 Washington St. • 240-210-3998
please call 20% OFF of the entire store during First
301-475-8000 Friday!
ext.125 2 Broke

Old Field
e rds Ma
Coming Soon!




Vendor Space
Call 240-753-3332
22725 Duke Street | Leonardtown | LEONARDTOWN, MD 20650
Thursday, April 26, 2018 The Calvert County Times Feature 13

Swing into
Crazy for Ewe

H Lessons for all levels.

Get started today!


Fesnwick Street
Ued Books & Musi c

Susan Simpson will be

signing copies of his book,
“ The Promise”
from 5-7 PM on Friday, May 4!
First Friday Participants 301-475-2859 • 41655A Fenwick Street
Downtown Leonardtown
22725 Washington Street 41675 Park Avenue
41655 Fenwick Street 22760 Washington Street
OPAL FINE ART 22660 Washington Street
41625 Park Avenue
22740 Washington Street 22715 Washington Street
22745 Washington Street
25470 Point Lookout Road 3 01- 475 -1 6 3 0
SHEPHERDS OLD FIELD MARKET 41675 Park Avenue, Leonardtown •
HOME ELEMENTS 22725 Duke Street
22725 Washington Street
NEW VIEW FIBERWORKS, LLC 22715 Washington Street
22696 Washington Street
PORT OF LEONARDTOWN WINERY 22845 Washington Street
23190 Newtowne Neck Road

fine art & gifts

The LBA gratefully acknowledges the generous Make Leonardtown “Your Special

support of our Platinum Sponsors Place To Be” every First Friday!

41652 Fenwick St. Leonardtown MD 20650
Business Association LEONARDTOWN @LEONARDTOWNFF LEONARDTOWN l 301-475-3130


May First Friday
WITH THE SoMar DRUMMERS FROM 7-8PM White Rabbit Children’s Books & Gifts
25470 Point Lookout Road • 301-997-0004
HOURS: Tuesday-Thursday 11AM-6PM • Friday & Saturday 10A-6PM
Learn the final sequence at & join at the end! 22660 WASHINGTON STREET • 1ST FLOOR 4 doors down from Salsa’s & Leonardtown Grille
14 Feature The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Gott Company: 73 Years of Changing with Calvert

current portfolio. not delivery. The hard decision was made to sell the
But it was the heating heating oil and propane business in 2007.
oil business that was the But Johnny didn’t have the heating oil business out
constant for most of the of his system. The wheels were turning for the past de-
company’s history. During cade, He had observed that some heating oil companies
those early years, J. Wilm- had gone out of business, reducing competition and, he
er’s son, John Gott, Sr. was said, causing rising prices.
graduating from Charlotte Johnny had the idea about a year after selling the
Hall Military Academy heating oil business to get back in as a discount oil de-
(now the site of the Char- livery company and letting others do the service. Not
lotte Hall Veteran’s Home). having to build in the costs of service, he would be able
John, along with his broth- to deliver at much lower costs. He also would be differ-
ers Raymond and Monett ent from other discount companies, which he described
began to assume increased as “here today, gone tomorrow.” They had been here
responsibility. since 1945.
Reliable Oil’s growth “I cut my teeth on an oil truck and it’s something we
included expansion from have always done,” Johnny explained about his desire
their initial storage plant in to get back into the business
Prince Frederick to a sec- And, thus was born “the fresh start-up from scratch,”
ond storage plant in Deale, Quality Discount Oil and Gas. They are marketed as
and acquisition of Early Q-Dog, with Super Dog as its symbol They removed
John Gott Sr. and Jr. with a display in the Gott Company corporate office. Oil in Brandywine, Pierce a fuel storage facility in Deale out of moth balls and
Oil in Prince Frederick, are building a second one at their property in Calvert
By Dick Myers Swain Oil in Waldorf, Bin- Industrial Park, where their office is located.,
Editor ger Brothers Oil in Upper Marlboro, McKnney Oil, and “We started out with a blank sheet of paper,”: Johnny
R.S. Leitch Oil of Solomons. It was during the 70’s that said. They bought a fleet of four rucks and can now
Legacy businesses, those which have lasted decades John Gott, Sr. assumed responsibility for running the be seen all over Southern Maryland delivering at deep
or even centuries, have one thing in common. They business. His father passed away in 1978. discounts. “There’s an opportunity in the marketplace,”
have been able to adapt to the changes around them –- J. Wilmer Gott had taken time out from his business he said.
to society and to their customers. Some have evolved. to serve two terms in the 1960’s as county commission- The Fastops were still there. Th Magic Tunnel Car
Some have completely changed as their product has er and his son would follow in his footsteps as commis- Wash in Prince Frederick was still there. They were
become obsolete. Some have started new lines of busi- sioner from 1981-1990. strong, viable businesses. But Got Company was about
ness. Others have purchased existing businesses, some- That Reliable Oil gas station in Prince Frederick, sit- to reimage itself into a new business that at the same
times competitors. One shining example of adapting ting in front of the heating oil distribution headquarters time was deeply imbedded in its foundation roots.
and changing is a 73-year-old, third-generation Calvert was demolished and a state of the art self-service sta- Their first season was a lot of 75-degree days and
County business – The Gott Company. tion was built to replace it. It was eventually replaced by “I was shooting myself for wanting to get back,” John-
In 1921 there wasn’t much work in Calvert County the company’s Magic Tunnel Car Wash. ny said, but this year has been better. “This year the
except farming or being a waterman. Young J. Wilmer In 1990 Reliable Oil and Early Oil were merged and weatherman has worked our way and still is working
Gott left that family farm for Baltimore and a job de- renamed the Gott Company. our way.”
livering Wonder Bread for Continental Baking Com- John Gott Sr.’s son John Jr. stated at the age of 11 at Of the new (old) business, he said, “It’s taken off. It’s
pany. Two years later, according to the official history the Mobil station in Prince Frederick. He worked sum- going well.”
of the company, he would return for one of those rare mers cleaning furnaces, installing tanks and doing ser- John Gott, Sr. is 87 years old and lives with his wife
non-farm jobs. His new employer Standard Oil of New vice station maintenance. Known as Johnny. at the age of 66 years, Elizabeth. John, Jr. is married to Connie
Jersey (predecessor of Esso and Exxon) had a storage of 16 he moved to delivering fuel after school and on and they have two children, who are sixth genera-
plant in Owings. weekends. There was no question he would get into the tion Calvert countians. Both children have started to
J. Wilmer, as he was known, began delivering kero- business, he said. “It’s all I ever wanted to do.” Father work summers in the business, preparing for a fourth
sene with a chain-driven open cab truck. According and son worked side by side until John Sr.’s retirement generation.
to the company history: “Trucks of that time had no in 2000. They still converse regularly. “Environmental regulations and regulations in gener-
pumps, meters or hose reels. Fuel was drawn through Oil companies all over the country were turning to al,” are the biggest changes from the company’s found-
a spigot into five-gallon cans, and then carried by hand a complementary business – convenience stores. “It ing in 1945 to today,” Johnny said. “It was a whole dif-
and pumped into customer’s tanks, regardless of the was the “natural evolution” of the gas station business, ferent world years ago.” Regulations for underground
weather. “ Johnny said. In 1986 they purchased an existing C- storage tanks came into being right when he was taking
In the height of the Depression, 1932, Standard Oil Store in Leonardtown. It was a rocky start for that part over the company, he said.
opened a second Calvert plant, in Solomons, where of the business. “It’s a dead expense that drops in your lap,” he ex-
fuel shipments were delivered by barge. It was located They were losing money. “We knew nothing about plained, and that required tightening the company’s
where the Chesapeake Biological Lab now has its pier. that part of the business,” Johnny said. But, they got belt and perhaps slowing expansion. “It’s something
Having proven himself to the company, J. Wilmer was lucky. “We were just at the point where we were ready that had to be done,” he added.
dispatched to run the plant. to shut it up.” Then they received a resume from a man Gott also is involved in land development, having
In the late 1930s, gun-type oil burners were invented, (Bob Erickson) who had a load of convenience store ex- created the Lusby Town Center and hoping to eventu-
and fuel oil quickly became the preferred home heating perience with the Southland Corp. He took over, turned ally market “The Green at Lusby Town Center” next
fuel. This prompted a new business – fuel oil delivery it around in three months, and helped roll out the Fastop to it. Because of his development business he has es-
companies known as “peddlers.” Standard Oil supplied chain. They now have additional stores in Solomons, chewed involvement in politics as his father and grand-
them. Lusby, St. Leonard, North Beach and Dunkirk. father had.
Gott came to know one of those peddlers, Earl Way- The convenience stores are now an integral part of “Dad always did it and it is something I have always
son. The two men in 1945, with the War over, joined the business They are currently getting ready to tear done,” John Gott, Jr. said about taking profits and plow-
forces to form the Reliable Oil Company. So, at its very down and rebuild the popular North Beach location and ing them back into business expansion. “Every dollar
genesis, the founding of what is now the Gott Company have plans for a new store in Huntingtown. we make I dump back in again.”
was forged out of product and customer change. The In 2003, Gott Company became the first heating oil “If you are sitting still, you are going backwards,” he
business thrived through the hard work of its founders company in the area to expand to propane, to meet cus- said, explaining that business lesson learned by the suc-
and providing “reliable” customer service. tomer demand. cessful businesses that have had staying power.
From its early years, there was a gas station in the But, it was also during the early years of the 21st Cen-
company’s business plan, although the number of cars tury that the heating oil business was changing. The
in the rural county were few and far between. And, that company had been in the service business since its in-
gas station business remains a part of the company’s ception as Reliable Oil Company. But over time, sepa-
rate companies had sprung up that did just service and
Thursday, April 26, 2018 The Calvert County Times Education 15

SMECO Honors Outstanding Math, Science, STEM Teachers

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) worked with the school sys- Marshall Pike, Cal-
tems of Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s counties to select and honor 20 educators vert Career and Tech-
with Outstanding Teacher awards for their leadership in the fields of mathematics, nology Academy
science, technology, and engineering. Karin Stewart, Cal-
Receiving awards this year were nine math teachers, six science teachers, and five vert Middle School
STEM (science, math, engineering, and technology) teachers from schools in the Charles County
three counties. The teachers were chosen for their outstanding performance in the Jennifer Davis,
areas of creativity, rapport with students, enthusiasm for teaching, professionalism, Malcolm Elementary
and innovative teaching methods. Each teacher received a plaque and a cash award School
at a dinner held in their honor. Over the past 27 years, SMECO has recognized more Michael Forrest,
than 370 local math and science teachers. Matthew Henson
“Outstanding school systems and devoted teachers are vital to improving the qual- Middle School
ity of life in our community. And SMECO is committed to supporting education Michael Johnson,
in Southern Maryland. Well-educated students are vital for the continued success William A. Diggs El-
of businesses like SMECO, because they bring valuable skills to the workplace,” ementary School
stated Austin J. Slater, Jr., SMECO president and CEO, when he welcomed the award Christina Laverty,
winners. He added, “Our gifted honorees understand that their jobs are about more Henry E. Lackey
than teaching mathematics, science, and technology. It’s about thinking creatively High School Seated, from left: Wendy Farrell, Huntingtown High School;
and making classroom experiences exciting for students. They teach skills that are Daniel Meltsner, Kim Bracey, Mount Harmony Elementary School; and Laurel
important not only to employers and the economy, but also important to our future.” John Hanson Middle Newcomer, Plum Point Middle School. Standing, from left:
Presenting the keynote address was Lawrence M. Clark, an associate professor of School Marshall Pike, Calvert Career and Technology Academy; Karin
mathematics education at the University of Maryland Center for Mathematics Edu- Monica Morgan, Stewart, Calvert Middle School; and Rolf Arnesen, Huntingtown
High School.
cation. Clark said that good teachers in the STEM disciplines have three qualities: Benjamin Stoddert
a commitment to collaboration with colleagues inside and outside their schools; a Middle School
commitment to sustaining and nurturing their fascination with the world, viewing Megan Parsons, Theodore G. Davis Middle School
the world through a STEM lens; and the ability to see the scientist or mathematician St. Mary’s County
in every child they teach. Alesha Boyd, Dynard Elementary School
A former middle-school mathematics teacher, Clark described how demands and Tara Everly, St. Mary’s Ryken High School
expectations have changed for teachers in STEM. He encouraged them to try to Amanda Kellam, Greenview Knolls Elementary School
understand their communities and environments outside of school and to search for Taren Long, Chesapeake Public Charter School
ways to incorporate the realities of students’ worlds into their classrooms. Tabitha Ringer, Margaret Brent Middle School
“The world of STEM teaching is complex and changing rapidly as technological Kara Sostre, Evergreen Elementary School
innovations emerge and discoveries are made about the world around us,” Clark said. Stephanie Stone, Chopticon High School
“The award winners tonight should be very proud of themselves for taking on such a Enhancing the quality of life in southern Maryland is part of SMECO’s mission.
challenging yet rewarding profession.” The cooperative sponsors events for students to encourage them to excel in math, sci-
SMECO’s Outstanding Mathematics, Science, and STEM Teachers of the Year are ence, and technology. These events include the local MATHCOUNTS competition,
listed below. the annual Southern Maryland Regional Computer Bowl, and the Elementary Math
Calvert County Challenge. So far this year, nearly 1,200 students in SMECO’s service area have
Rolf Arnesen, Huntingtown High School participated in these events.
Kim Bracey, Mount Harmony Elementary School
Wendy Farrell, Huntingtown High School Press Release from SMECO
Laurel Newcomer, Plum Point Middle School

Washington Post Educator Awards Finalists Announced

Calvert County Public Schools (CCPS) proudly announces the district’s finalists for of what we want for students in
the Washington Post Teacher of the Year and Principal of the Year Awards. Kristen Calvert County Public Schools, a
Ratcliff of Calvert High is the CCPS finalist for Teacher of the Year, and James Kurtz vibrant and enthusiastic educator
of Windy Hill Middle is the finalist for Principal of the Year. who teaches students to believe in
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Daniel D. Curry , said, “These fine educators repre- themselves, to push towards their
sent our best. We appreciate the recognition from the Washington Post.” full potential, and to envision a
The Washington Post Teacher of the Year Award, formerly known as the Agnes future in which they are capable
Meyer Outstanding Teacher Award, recognizes teachers who exemplify excellence in of accomplishing anything they
their profession. The Washington Post Principal of the Year Award, formerly called desire.”
the Distinguished Educational Leadership Award, seeks to recognize those principals Kurtz began his career in the
who go beyond the day-to-day demands of their position to create an exceptional edu- science classroom at Calvert
cational environment. School systems in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Vir- Middle and then Calvert High.
ginia, including D.C. public charters and private schools, selected nominees in the two As principal of Windy Hill since
categories. Each winner receives a trophy and $7,500. 2013, Kurtz “puts his students first Kristen Ratcliff of Calvert High is the CCPS finalist for
Teacher of the Year, and James Kurtz of Windy Hill
The winner of the 2018 Teacher of the Year award is Daniel Reichard, fifth-grade in every conversation,” according Middle is the finalist for Principal of the Year.
teacher at Kate Waller Barrett Elementary School in Stafford County, and the Principal to Diane Workman, Assistant Su-
of the Year is Paul Pack, principal of Liberty Elementary School in Loudoun County. perintendent of Instruction. “His commitment to student learning,” she said, “ensures
After graduating from the University of Maryland, Ratcliff began teaching in Prince that every student in his school has access to a rigorous educational program and re-
George’s County in 2003. Four years later, she transferred to Calvert County Public ceives all the support necessary to achieve.”
Schools and currently teaches art and photography at Calvert High School. She serves His colleague Zach Seawell, principal of Calvert Middle, echoes Workman’s senti-
on numerous committees, working on tasks that fulfill the vision and mission of the ments, saying, “Mr. Kurtz makes every decision based on what’s best for students. He
visual and performing arts in Calvert County. always considers the student outcome when faced with a decision.” His dedication to
Jessica Valadie, Supervisor of Fine Arts, stated, “While art is the medium she uses students, however, doesn’t end with the administrative responsibilities of data analy-
to instruct students, the skills and knowledge gained by students reach far beyond a sis, mentoring, and instructional leadership. When his students needed an incentive to
set of skills and knowledge. When leaving her classroom, students take with them an meet a goal, Mr. Kurtz willingly challenged them—and, upon losing, donned a tutu to
expanded world view, heightened compassion for both themselves and others, and a greet staff and students as they arrived for a day of learning.
belief that they are worthy individuals with unique skills and talents to share. Her true
talent as an educator is encouraging students to develop and use their own voice to be Press Release from CCPS
able to serve their future goals and the community at large. Ms. Ratcliff is the epitome
16 Education The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 26, 2018

Math, Engineering, & Science Achievement Winners Announced

3rd Place – Windy Hill
1st Place – St. Leonard
2nd Pace – Beach
3rd Place – Huntingtown
1st Place – St. Leonard
2nd Place – Barstow
3rd Pace – Windy Hill

Middle School – Overall winner: Southern

Hoover Craft
1st Place – Calvert
2nd Place – Southern
3rd Place – Northern
Alice Programming
1st Place – Calvert
2nd Place – Southern
3rd Place – Northern
1st Pace – Southern
Congratulations to St. Leonard Elementary, Southern and National Engineering Design Challenge.
2nd Place -- Northern
Middle, and Calvert High for winning the overall titles The overall winner is granted to the team with the
3rd Place -- Windy Hill
in the 2018 Calvert County Mathematics, Engineering, best combined score of all competitions, excluding the
National Engineering Design Challenge
and Science Achievement (MESA) competition. National Engineering Design Challenge (NEDC). The
1st Place – Calvert
Dr. Daniel D. Curry, Superintendent, said, “This is a NEDC is a stand-alone competition with a 1st, 2nd, and
2nd Place – Southern
great program that our children love. Congratulations 3rd place winner.
High School – Overall winner: Calvert
to all.” The 1st place NEDC winner and the Overall Com-
Battleball Robot
Maryland MESA is a grade 3-12 science, technol- petition winner from each level will proceed to par-
1st Place – Calvert
ogy, engineering, and mathematics initiative target- ticipate in the Maryland MESA State Championship,
2nd Place – Northern
ing students who are traditionally underrepresented in which will be held on Saturday, May 5, 2018 at the
3rd Pace – Huntingtown
these fields, specifically minority and female students. Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab.
Cyber Robot
Through participation in Maryland MESA, students The winners are:
1st Place – Northern
develop academic and leadership skills, improve their Elementary Competition: Overall Winner, St.
2nd Place – Huntingtown
academic performance, and gain confidence in their Leonard
3rd Place – Calvert
ability to compete professionally. Effective Communications
National Engineering Design Challenge
MESA participants are judged in four categories:  1st Place – Huntingtown
1st Pace – Northern
Elementary - Scratch, Effective Communications, 2nd Place – Windy Hill
2nd ace – Calvert
Storybook Theme Park, and Wood Bridge; 3rd Place – St. Leonard
3rd Place – Huntingtown
Middle - Alice, Hovercraft, Wood Bridge, and Na- Storybook Themepark
tional Engineering Design Challenge; and  1st Place – St. Leonard
Press Release from CCPS
High - Cyber Robot, Battleball Robot, Wood Bridge, 2nd Place – Huntingtown

Financial planning involves strategy. Basically,

12 equals a 6% rate of return on their investments. Einstein is reputed to have called it one of the most
you need to plan how to get to where you want to go In other words, David and Susan need to obtain a six powerful forces in the universe.
and how long it will take you to get there. If this percent rate of return on their investments for 12 years Don’t let the rule of 72 work against you, as it does
involves retirement, planning should encompass both to double their savings to $20,000. That means no when you take on high interest debt. At an average
your current and your anticipated lifestyle. If this spending from the college account and reinvestment interest rate of 18%, the credit card debt doubles in
involves financing a child’s college education, plan- of all dividends and interest for the period of 12 years. just 4 years (18 X 4 equals 72), quadruples in only 8
ning involves setting aside sufficient funds in savings The Rule of 72 can also be used to calculate the ef- years, and keeps escalating with time. The first rule
to pay tuition, books and living expenses when your fect of inflation. If college tuition increases at 5% per of your financial plan should be to pay off all high
child needs the money. year, tuition costs will double in 72 divided by 5 or interest credit card debt and avoid it like the plague.
But, how do you calculate how long it will take to about 14.4 years. Think about it. That means David Using the Rule of 72 will help you figure out what
get to your goals? The easiest way is to use the “Rule and Susan need to save much more money for college you need and for how long. Compound interest will
of 72”. The Rule of 72 is a handy rule used in fi- than they might at first have anticipated. be the way you get there. These simple concepts pro-
nance to estimate quickly the number of years it takes The Rule of 72 is a simple math shortcut to estimate vide the basics of financial planning. Let the Rule of
to double a sum of capital given an annual interest the effect of any growth rate. The formula is “years to 72 work for you by starting saving now. At a growth
rate, or to estimate the annual interest rate it takes to double equals 72 divided by interest rate.” The results rate of 8% per annum, you would double your money
double a sum of money over a given number of years. you achieve, a doubling of growth shows you the tre- in 9 years (8 X 9 equals 72), quadruple your money in
Simply, dividing 72 by the rate of return on your mendous effect of compounding interest. 18 years and have 16 times your money in 36 years.
investments equals the approximate number of years What is compound interest? For example, start with No wonder financial planners advise 20-year olds to
it will take for your money to double. Or, dividing 72 $1 at 10% interest. At the end of one year you have start a savings plan.
by the number of years you have until you need to use $1.10 and at the end of year 2 you have $1.21. The Join us at Striegel & Baddour, 8906 Bay Avenue,
the money you have set aside equals the rate of return dime earned in the first year starts earning money on North Beach, on Wednesday May 16th at 11am, for a
you need to have on your investments. its own (a penny). Next year add another dime that free question and answer session on estate planning.
For example, David and Susan have saved $10,000 starts making pennies, along with the small amount Andrea Baddour and I look forward to seeing you.
towards their six year old child’s college education. the first penny contributes. Ben Franklin, said by Just call 301-855-2246 to reserve your space.
They want to know how long it will take them to dou- some to be the inventor of the Rule of 72, apparently
ble that amount. Their daughter is 6 years old. As- said: “The money that money earns, earns money.” By Lyn Striegel
sume she will need the money to go to college when Compound interest is deceptively small, cumula-
she is 18. That’s 12 years of saving. 72 divided by tive growth that is very powerful. No wonder that
Thursday, April 26, 2018 The Calvert County Times Sports 17

Roberson Defends Home Turf with RUSH Tour Win at Potomac

lane. “There are so many good cars here first of the season in the 15-lap Strictly 10. Bob Schwartzmiller 11. Christian
tonight but I think our experience here at Stock feature with defending track Schneider 12. Jimmy Duncan DNS-
Potomac helped us to get the win.” Rob- champion Savannah Windsor claim- Jimmy Johnson, JJ Mazur, Scott Gunn,
erson knew the lap-14 restart could have ing her second win of the season in the Brandon Sturgis, Cody Dawson
possibly been his only chance to catch nightcap 15-lap U-Car main. 
Ross Robinson. “Ross is no slouch and Street Stock feature finish
Waynesboro Virginia›s Logan I knew I had to drive it in to turn one as RUSH Crate Late Model feature 1. Ed Pope Jr. 2. Kyle Nelson 3. Jeremy
Roberson became the third different hard as I could.” finish Pilkerton 4. Mike Raleigh 5. Sam Archer
winner of the four-race RUSH sanctioned Roberson stated. “We raced hard for 1. Logan Roberson 2. Ross Robinson 6. Scott Wilson
«Battle of the Bay» series with his win a bunch of laps and I knew Ross would 3. Max Blair 4. Matt Hill 5. Chuck Bow-
last Friday night at Potomac Speedway. race me clean and we were able to come ie 6. Jamie Sutphin 7. Matt Glanden 8. Hobby Stock feature finish
The win for Roberson, aboard his out on top.” Jason Knowles 9. Braeden Dillinger 10. 1. Jonathan Raley 2. Greg Morgan 3.
potent Rocket XR-1 no.17R, was worth Wednesday Delmar winner Max Blair Darrell Bossard 11. Garrett Paugh 12. Mikey Latham 4. Dave Adams 5. Tom-
$2000 and was the former track cham- was third, Matt Hill took fourth with Jeremy Wonderling 13. Damien Bidwell my Randall 6. Colin Long 7. Kevin Mur-
pions 14th career Potomac feature win.   11th starting Chuck Bowie rounding out 14. Trevor Collins 15. Billy Beachler 16. phy 8. Hilton Pickeral 9. Matt Randall
Thursday Georgetown winner Ross the top-five. Setting fast time in time tri- Charlie Sandercock 17. Darren Alvey 18. 10. Ray Bucci 11. Buddy Dunagan 12.
Robinson and Jamie Sutphin shared the als over the 41 car field was Max Blair Adam Ferri 19. John Waters 20. Amanda Jonathan Knott
front row for the start of the 30-lap main with a one-lap time of 16.168. Heats Whaley 21. Bruce Hordusky 22. Brady
with Robinson bursting into the race went to Jamie Sutphin, Max Blair, Ross Wonderling 23. Jason Genco 24. Mike Strictly Stock feature finish
lead at the drop of the green. Robinson Robinson, Amanda Whaley and Logan Franklin DNQ- Bob Schwartzmiller, 1. Nabil Guffey 2. John Hardesty 3.
would hold the lead with third starting Roberson with twin B-mains going to Jimmy Johnson, Scott Gunn, Jeff Pilk- Johnny Hardesty 4. Drew Payne 5. An-
Logan Roberson in tow. A lap-13 caution Trevor Collins and Adam Ferri. Jimmy erton, Bill Kessler, Megan Mann, Cory drew Mills 6. JJ Silvious 7. Ed Pope Sr.
was the break Roberson needed as he Jesmer Jr. made his first ever Crate Late Lawler, Jimmy Jesmer Jr., Christian 8. Jeff Block 9. Greg Mattingly
would overhaul Robinson off turn two Model start at Potomac and would take Schneider, Brandon Sturgis, Joe Watson,
on the re-start to become the new leader. top honors in the 10-lap RUSH non- James Marshall, Cody Dawson, Beamer U-Car feature finish
Roberson would then have to withstand qualifiers feature.  Guzzardi, JJ Mazur, Jimmy Duncan, Savannah Windsor 2. Ben Pirner 3.
three late caution periods and a closing In support class action, Ed Pope Jr. Ronnie Martin Jr. Dominic King 4. Ryan Quade 5. Kyle
Ross Robinson to score the crowd pleas- took his second win of the season in the Randall 6. Cody Stamp 7. Stephen Suite
ing win. 16-lap Street Stock feature, Jonathan RUSH non-qualifiers feature 8. Stephanie Homberg 9. Joey Suite 10.
“It’s been a wish of mine to win one of Raley was triumphant in the 15-lap Hob- 1. Jimmy Jesmer Jr. 2. Jeff Pilkerton Danny Kitts  
these races and I can’t believe we finally by Stock event, Nabil Guffey took his 3. Beamer Guzzardi 4. Megan Mann 5.
got it done.” Roberson said in victory Cory Lawler 6. Ronnie Martin Jr. 7. Bill By Doug Watson for Potomac Speedway
Kessler 8. James Marshall 9. Joe Watson

SMSA Solomons Crew

Listing Party is for people
who want to go sailing!

If you are one of the many people who crew, “ added Flaherty, who is a past
live in Southern Maryland and think you commodore at SMSA. “Newbies are OPENING DAY JERSEY AUCTION
don’t have access to the water, boats, or welcome and encouraged. We have a lot
sailing friends, think again. of skippers in our club and in the area POST-GAME FIREWORKS
On Saturday, April 28th from 4:30 – who love to teach new sailors. The Crew PRE & POST GAME PERFORMANACE
6:30pm, The Southern Maryland Sailing Listing is a terrific way to meet new BY GLAMOUR KITTY
Association (SMSA) will host its annual friends and learn new skills.”
SpinSheet/SMSA Solomons Crew List- The SpinSheet/SMSA Solomons Crew
ing Party Presented by Miller LIte at the listing party is also partially sponsored
SMSA clubhouse on Solomons Island. It by MUSTO, who will give away prizes
is a chance for non-boat-owners to meet to selected sailors who register for the
with skippers who need crew to race,
cruise or just go out for a day sail.
“The idea of crew listing parties, at
party on the website. No
purchase is necessary. MUSTO is a
sponsor of the entire series of four par-
least in our area, was invented by Dave
Gendell and Mary Ewenson in Annapo-
ties up and down the Bay that SpinSheet
is sanctioning this year. Harken is also a 6:35 PM 2:05 PM
lis about 20 years ago,” according to Tim series sponsor. Buck Distributing of Up- APPEARANCE BY XPOGO BARK IN THE PARK 1
Flaherty of SMSA. “Dave and Mary are per Marlboro is the official beer sponsor EXTREME STUNT TEAM
the founders of SpinSheet Magazine, a of the Solomons event. FOR FIRST 100 PUPS
sailing publication focusing on Chesa- “If you don’t register in advance, don’t POST-GAME FIREWORKS
peake Bay. I attended a bunch of the worry,” adds Flaherty. “You can just KID’S DAY
early parties, and they were a blast! A show up. And if you have a boat and
few years back, I thought: ‘We need to are looking for people to crew for you or
do this in Solomons.’ So now, we are just have fun with, you are encouraged
doing our 8th annual!” to come, too!” Kids 12 & Under $10
The idea is simple: Sailors who want SMSA will feature inexpensive bev-
to go out on local boats show up for the erages and free heavy hors d’oeuvres.
party and wear a color-coded name tag. More information can be found at smsa.
Skippers who want to take people sail- com and GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY!
ing have a different color tag. You min- Southern Maryland Sailing Associa- ONLINE OR AT THE BOX OFFICE
gle at the party and you make sailing tion is located at 14490 Solomons Island SOMDBLUECRABS.COM
connections. Rd. S, Solomons, MD 20688 301-638-9788
“ The party isn’t just for experienced
18 Obituaries The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 26, 2018

In Remembrance
The Calvert County Times runs complimentary obituaries as submitted by funeral homes
and readers. We run them in the order we receive them. Any submissions that come to after noon on Mondays may run in the following week’s edition.

Eunice Virginia Lusby, MD 20657. A Funeral Service

will be conducted by Pastor Walter Be-
during his 17 years as a member of the
House of Delegates. “Gracie” as she was
Burial will be at Emmanuel U.M.C.
Cemetery, 1250 Emmanuel Church
Dowell Humphrey audwin on Friday, April 27, 2018 at 11 known, was a community activist and Road, Huntingtown MD 20639.
a.m. at St. Paul United Methodist Church contributed greatly to all the boards and Memorial contributions may be made
with interment following in the church commissions on which she served. She to Bayside History Museum, P. O. Box 348
cemetery. was a long time member of the League North Beach MD 20714; Phone: 301-
Serving as pallbearers will be Kevin of Women Voters, serving as secretary 855-4645; website: http://www.bayside-
Zinn, Hunter Zinn, Jay Hyde, Kenneth and President; served on the Chesapeake
Hill, Jonathan Hill and Michael Hill. Biological Laboratory Board of Gover-
Memorial contributions may be made
to St. Paul United Methodist Church
nors; Calvert Marine Museum Board of
Directors; Calvert Memorial Hospital
Dolores Ann
11000 H. G. Trueman Road, Lusby MD Foundation Board; CAASA Board of “Tootie” Breeden
20657l Phone: 410-326-4475; website: Directors; Asbury Solomons Foundation Board and then later serve two terms on
the Asbury-Solomons Board of Direc-
Grace Mead Rymer tors; charter member of the Bayside His-
tory Museum Board of Directors with
her daughter, Grace Mary. Gracie al-
ways loved Calvert County government
and served on the Calvert County Bicen-
tennial Commission, Legislative Task
Force to Study Infrastructure Needs of
Private Communities; Calvert County
Eunice Virginia Dowell Humphrey, Board of Education Commission to
95, of Dowell, MD, passed away on Study Elected versus Appointed school
April 22, 2018 at her residence. boards; County Commissioners’ Budget
Born January 31, 1923 at Garner’s Advisory Board; and Governor Schaefer
Hill, Dowell, MD, she was the daughter Citizens’ Cabinet. Gracie enjoyed read-
of the late Wilson Washington Dowell ing, golf and bridge, but she especially
and Sadie Estelle (Garner) Dowell. enjoyed having more than forty children,
Eunice attended school in Solomons, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and
MD. She married her husband, John Ed- friends to every holiday dinner. Gracie
gar “Bud” Humphrey, Jr. on January 11, was a good cook who liked trying new Dolores Ann “Tootie” Breeden, 82,
1941 in Baltimore, MD. Eunice was a dishes. Gracie is survived by her chil- of Owings passed away April 19, 2018
homemaker, wife, mother, grandmother, dren Grace Mary Brady, Donald Allan at her residence. She was born July 27,
Grace Mead Rymer died on April 22,
and great-grandmother. Garrett, Robert M. Garrett, J. Michael 1935 in Washington, D.C. to Harry Ed-
2018. She was born Grace Ryder Mead,
Eunice is survived by her husband, Garrett, Nell-Marie Chaney and Wil- ward and Guelda Alberta (Davis) Bur-
daughter of Robert S. and Grace M.
John E. “Bud” Humphrey, Jr; her chil- liam F. Garrett and two step-sons Gary rows. Dolores was raised in Georgetown
Mead. Grace married Donald A. Gar-
dren, Linda Hill (Gerald) of Arthur, WV, R. Rymer and Ronald C. Rymer. She is and later moved to Arlington, VA. She
rett of Arlington, Virginia and had seven
Bonnie Zinn-Taylor (Kirk) of Lusby, survived by 15 grand-children: Heather has lived in Owings for the past 34 years.
children. She worked at the North Beach
MD, and Jay Humphrey (Rita) of Bran- Garrett, Justin Garrett, Nadine Garrett, Dolores was primarily a homemaker and
post office and later as the secretary and
ford, CN; and nine grandchildren and Nicholas D. Garrett, John Garrett, Fran- was a member of HELP Association for
treasurer at St. Anthony’s Church where
fifteen great-grandchildren. She was pre- cis Hall Chaney III, Katharine (Chaney) 34 years. She enjoyed spending time
she served on the building committee for
ceded in death by her siblings, Sherbert Flanders, William Garrett, Wyatt Gar- with family and friends and loved spend-
the new church dedicated in 1956. Grace
Dowell, Charles Dowell, Daniel Dowell, rett, and Caroline Garrett. She is also ing time at her cottage in Benedict.
then went to work for Calvert County
Fulton Dowell, Isabelle Woodburn, Vi- survived by 5 step grand-children, Ash- Dolores is survived by her children
Government beginning in the Civil de-
netta Dowell and Gertrude Dowell. ley Rymer, Zach Rymer, Matt Rymer, Deborah Irving and husband Timothy
fense office and ending her county ca-
Family will receive friends on Thurs- Elizabeth Rymer and Thomas Rymer of Chesapeake Beach and Dolores Har-
reer as Clerk to the County Commission-
day, April 26, 2018 from 6:00 p.m. un- III. She is survived by great grand-chil- rell of Owings, 17 grandchildren, 24
ers. In 1977, she married Judge Thomas
til 8 p.m. at St. Paul United Methodist dren: Noah Garrett, Aiden Garrett, Bri- great-grandchildren and 4 great-great-
A. Rymer and worked as a paralegal in
Church, 11000 H.G. Trueman Road, anna Garrett, Charlotte Garrett, Juliette grandchildren and daughter in laws Pa-
his law firm and as a legislative assistant
Garrett, William Hall Chaney (Liam), tricia Davis of Jessup and Susan Davis of
London Marie Chaney, Lucille Grace Laurel. She was preceded in death by her
Chaney, Payton Helena Flanders, Bryson husband Aubrey Breeden, sons Newton
McKeen Flanders, and Brooks W. Flan- and John Davis, daughters Wendy Ruck-
Now Offering... ders. Grace was preceded in death by man, April Bowman and Mary Margaret
her husband, Thomas Arrington Rymer, Davis and brother Harry Burrows.
RAUSCH CREMATORY P.A. Sr., her son, Thomas Joseph Garrett, her Funeral arrangements were made by
Rausch Funeral Home.
step-son, Thomas Arrington Rymer, Jr.,
Calvert County’s her step grand-daughter, Jenny Rymer
ONLY On-site Crematory and her great grand-daughter Ella Grace Theodore Thomas
Visitation will be Thursday, April Westman Jr.
Where Heritage and Life are celebrated. 26, 2018, 2-4 p.m. and 6-8 p.m. at Theodore Thomas Westman Jr., 65,
Rausch Funeral Home - Owings of St. Leonard, MD, formerly of Blad-
Serving Calvert, Anne Arundel, St. Mary’s, and Prince George’s Counties 8325 Mount Harmony Lane, Owings ensburg, MD passed away on April 18,
MD 20736.
Lusby Owings Port Republic 2018 in St. Leonard, MD. Theodore
Mass of Christian Burial will was born in Washington, DC. To Gold-
20 American Ln. 8325 Mount Harmony Ln. 4405 Broomes Island Rd. be Friday, April 27 at 10 a.m. at ie and Theodore Westman, Sr. in 1953.
410-326-9400 410-257-6181 410-586-0520 St. Anthony’s Catholic Church Theodore was a carpenter by trade but
8816 Chesapeake Avenue, North Beach took great pride in the job title of hus-
MD 20714.
Thursday, April 26, 2018 The Calvert County Times Obituaries 19

at Perpetual Savings Bank in the District Albert “Al” Richard Gulizia, 74,
for over twenty years, primarily in loan passed away on April 18th, 2018 in
collections. Mr. McFarland passed away Prince Frederick, MD. He was born on
and she married Allen Hyder and they July 5th, 1943 in Brooklyn, NY to Al-
lived in Virginia and Florida during the phonso and Frances Gulizia.
winter months. Allen passed away in Al graduated with honors from Alex-
1998 and Meldora later moved to Hun- ander Hamilton Vocational High School
tingtown to live with her son. She was in Brooklyn, NY in 1961. After high
a member of the Toastmasters and was school, he moved to Staten Island, NY
very involved in her children’s activities with his family and met his future wife,
and sports. She enjoyed BINGO, trav- Judy in 1963. He graduated from Staten
eling and living in her RV in Florida, Island Community College in Staten
watching baseball, and was a Washing- Island, NY in 1969 with his Associates
ton Redskins fan. Most of all, she loved Degree in Applied Science and then later
spending time with her grandchildren. graduated from Thomas A. Edison State
College in Trenton, New Jersey with
his Bachelor of Science degree in 1982.
Al’s career began in 1961 at the Brook-
“Country Roads.”
lyn Navy Yard in Brooklyn, NY as an
Alex studied abroad in Italy his se-
Electronics Technician and ended in
nior year and often referred to his time
Fort Monmouth NJ as a Logistics Spe-
spent traveling Europe as “the best three
cialist in 2000. During his 39-year long
months of my life.”
career, working for the Federal Govern-
band and father. He enjoyed spending He graduated cum laude in 2013 and
ment, he received many awards and ac-
time with his family at home and even most recently worked at G&G Outfitters
colades including the superior civilian
on fishing and hunting expeditions. He in Lanham, Maryland.
service medal.
also enjoyed building stuff around the A Pickles Pub regular, Alex enjoyed
Al served in the Army National
house to make things more enjoyable living in Baltimore and participated in
Guard from November 1964 through
for the entire family. In addition to fish- many rec sports leagues. He was a die-
July 1970 where he worked as an au-
ing and hunting, Theodore also loved hard Pittsburgh Steelers, Penguins and
tomotive maintenance helper. He also
to play the lottery. He had his special Washington Nationals fan, and watched
worked part time for the New Jer-
numbers that he played to the very end. the Penguins win the 2016 Stanley Cup
sey Special Police Department for 20
Theodore was predeceased by his par- on his birthday -- June 12.
years, achieving the rank of Sargent.
ents and his brother John David West- Alex was beloved by his family,
Al and Judy (Frey) married in 1967 in
man. He is survived by his wife Martha friends and coworkers. He was always
Staten Island, NY. The couple moved
E. Westman. He is also survived by his willing to drop whatever he was doing to
to Brick, New Jersey shortly after their
children, Theodore Michael Westman help his family -- no task was too big or
marriage and raised two children. He
(Michele) of Sunderland, MD; Daniel too small. His crooked smile was infec-
Meldora was preceded in death by her enjoyed fishing for fluke or flounder,
Thomas Westman (Michelle) of Prince tious and could brighten anyone’s day.
husbands, a son Barry McFarland and making wood crafts and spending time
Frederick, MD; Maria Lynn McNamee He enjoyed spending time with his
brother Steven Felty. She is survived by with his family. Al and Judy moved to St.
(Brian) of Dunkirk, MD. Theodore also family and friends at his parents’ pool
son Randall “Randy” McFarland and Leonard, MD when he retired to be clos-
leaves behind 6 grandchildren, Hannah, in Dunkirk and during many family va-
wife Cheryl of Spokane, WA, daughter- er to their children and grandchildren.
Noah, Hunter, Olivia, Jacob, and Trevor. cations to the beach in the Outer Banks
in-law Claire McFarland of Hunting- They were happily married for over 50
He also survived by his sisters Bev- of North Carolina and in Dewey Beach,
town, daughter Brenda Linkenhoker years until Judy’s death in January 2018.
erly Keele of Arkansas; Patricia Koon Delaware.
Williamson of Kentucky, grandchildren Al was preceded in death by his
of Bowie, MD; Jeanette Middledorf of Alex is survived by his parents, Ron-
Christina McCall, Sean, Matthew, Mi- wife, Judy, his parents, Alphonso and
Edgewater, MD; and Sharon Westman ald and Carola Wilson of Dunkirk; his
chael, and Shea McFarland, and Allison Frances and his sister, Barbara Brower.
of Bladensburg, MD. brother and sister-in-law Matthew and
Leporati, and three great-grandchildren. Al is survived by his daughter, Christine
Memorial contributions may e made Kaitlyn Wilson of Crofton, Maryland;
Funeral arrangements were made by (John) Roberts of Huntingtown, MD, his
to American Cancer Society, 7500 Gre- his grandmother Kathleen Galdi of
Rausch Funeral Home. son, Brian (Lea) Gulizia of Manassas, VA,
enway Center Drive Suite 300m Green- Cary, North Carolina; and many aunts,
four grandchildren, Nicholas, Michael,
belt MD 20770; Phone: 301-982-2161; uncles and cousins.
website: http://www.cancer In lieu of flowers, please consider Albert “Al” Richard Sara and Emily, brother Charles (Regina)
Gulizia of Forked River, NJ and brother-
Funeral arrangements were made by making a donation to St. Jude Children’s
Research Hospital, where Alex was a
Gulizia in law Neal (Connie) Frey of Hunting-
Rausch Funeral Home. ton Station, NY. Al is also survived by
Partner in Hope.
his niece Heather and nephew Charlie.
Alexander Jacob Funeral arrangements were by Rausch
Funeral Home.
In lieu of flowers the family requests me-
Wilson morial donations be made to the Asbury
Foundation, 11100 Asbury Circle, Solo-
Alexander Jacob Wilson, of Baltimore
Meldora Dorcas Hyder mons, MD 20688. Condolences may be
City, died suddenly April 16. He was 26 left on the Rausch Funeral Home online
Meldora Dorcas Hyder, 85, passed guest book at www.rauschfuneralhomes.
years old. away April 17, 2018. She was born De-
Alex was born in Washington, D.C., com
cember 5, 1932 in Falls Mills, VA to Funeral arrangements were made by
and spent most of his life in Dunkirk, Marion and Irene (Sturges) Harry. She
Maryland. He attended Northern High Rausch Funeral Home.
was raised in Falls Mills and graduated
School where he was a captain of the from Bluefield High School in 1950.
soccer team his senior year and the start- Meldora married Robert McFarland in
ing goalie. He graduated in 2009 and at- 1951 and they lived in Falls Mills until
tended West Virginia University where moving to Washington, D.C. in the late
he studied business administration and 1950’s, and to Oxon Hill, MD in 1961.
attended many Mountaineer football She worked as a telephone operator for
and basketball games, proudly singing C&P Telephone and was later employed
20 Calendars The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 26, 2018

Community Calendar CSM’s Latin Ensemble, Ritmo Caché,

To submit your event listing to go in our Community Calendar, please email
with the listing details by 12 p.m. on the Monday prior to our Thursday publication.

and lunch. Hope to see you there. ride horses, enjoy refreshments. $10, 12
Thursday, April 26 will perform a concert of salsa, Latin and Under Free. Tickets at https://www.
jazz and Latin rock hits. Admission is $5 Spring Bazaar
Gills Club in advance, $7 the day of the concert; $5 Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic horses-tickets-43555345210 or at the door.
Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons seniors/military with ID/youth of high School, 90 Alexander Lane, Solomons
5:30 – 7:00 PM  school age and younger. bxoffc@csmd. 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Free program for girls ages 7–12 inter- edu, 301-943-7828 or visit www.csmd. About 50 craft and specialty vendors, Sunday, April 29
ested in learning about sharks. Gills Club edu/Arts. a silent auction, raffle, fresh baked goods,
is a STEM-focused program from the hot dogs, pizza, sodas, coffee, hot choco-
May Day Basket Contest
Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. Pre- late and more! In the Chesapeake room
Town of North Beach
registration is required. Register at www. Saturday, April 28 we will be featuring “Grandma’s Base-
10:00 AM ment,” gently used, donated items priced
Residents and businesses are asked to
to sell!
40th Celtic Festival and Highland display cut flowers in a basket container
Gathering and place it outside on a door, railing,
Friday, April 27 Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum,
Mental Health First Aid 8-hour
fence to be observed from the street.
10515 Mackall Road, St. Leonard Judging is being conducted by members
Middleham and St. Peter’s Episcopal
GrooveSpan Duo 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM of the North Beach House & Garden
Church, 10210 HG Trueman RD, Lusby
Perigeaux Winery, 8650 Mackall Road, A celebration of the common celtic heri- Club.
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
St. Leonard,  tages goes on rain or shine until 6:00 when Participants: Sign up at NBGarden-
A 5-step action plan to offer initial help
5:00 PM the after party, or Ceilidh, continues with Prizes will be award-
to people with the signs and symptoms
The Southern Maryland Celtic Festi- music and dance until 10. ed at the May 10 Town Council Meeting.
of a mental illness or in a crisis. Take the
val is the oldest gathering of its kind in The event includes: sports, dance, ge-
course, save a life, strengthen your com-
Maryland, Perigeaux is proud to be the nealogy, crafts, living history, information Movie “Hidden Figures”
exclusive winery of the festival.  Join us to throughout “Clan Row,” as well as shop- Chesapeake City of Praise, 4100 3rd.
To register, please contact: wendy.yow-
kick-off the festivities with live music, ap- ping and food opportunities. St., North Beach or, Calvert County
petizers, and award winning wines. (410) Plenty of music on three stages and two 4:00 PM
Behavioral Health, Attn: Wendy Yowell
586-2710. Massed Bands featuring bag pipes and The story of a team of female African-
or Ann Ueno, PO Box 980, Prince Fred-
drums. even a Brass Band. American mathematicians who served
erick, MD 20678. Online registration is
Chile & Baked Potato Bar Admission is $25 at the gate or online a vital role in NASA during the early
American Legion Post 206, Chesa- at Children years of the space program. More info:
peake Beach under the age of 13 are free. Information: 410-257-5913
5:30 – 7:00 PM
Calvert Artists’ Guild
This unforgettable dinner is hosted by Movie “The Wonder”
Solomons Asbury ClubHouse, 11100
the American Legion Stallings-Williams End Hunger Bike Ride 8912 Chesapeake Ave., North Beach
Asbury Circle
Post 206 (Venturing Crew 429). Lower Will be cycling through Chesapeake 5:00 - 7:00 PM
10:00 AM - Noon
level dining room. $12 includes beverage. Beach on Bayfront Rd. (Rt. 261) during This inspirational film will be shown at
After a brief business meeting, join
Questions? 410-257-9878. Public Wel- the Bayfront Park Clean up and through the Interdenominational Union Church. A
Mary Blumberg for a demonstration on
come. North Beach along the Boardwalk during free event offered with the compliments
“Pouring Watercolors.”  See the excite-
the Plant the Town event. Please be care- of the Congregation. All are cordially
ment of pouring watercolor and the
Raise the Woof Shrimp Fest ful as they ride through the towns. invited. Questions may be directed to 410-
beauty of mingling colors with a step by
Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Dept., 3170 W. 257-3555.
step demo.
Ward Rd. Plant the Town
Free to the public. For more info,
6:00 - 10:00 PM Town of North Beach, Welcome Center,
please contact: Jan Barr 443-404-5746,
Hosted by Humane Society of Calvert 5th St. & Bay Ave. or Gerry Wood Tuesday, May 1
County. A fun-filled evening of music 8:00 AM
with DJ by Crow, 50/50 raffles, photo Everyone is welcome to help plant the
 Bids for Kids Online Auction
booth, deals for dollars and silent auction! flower beds along the Boardwalk. Free.
Nature Walk      Children’s Aid, Inc., a non-profit orga-
All you can eat shrimp and buffet present- Register at the Welcome Center. Comcast
Hellen Creek Forest and Wildlife Pre- nization, provides assistance to Calvert
ed by Calvert Crabs. Cash bar with beer, is excited to be part of this community
serve, Lusby                   County children in need. The online
wine and signature cocktail. event and has designated the Boys and
10:00 AM – Noon     charity auction featuring over 120 auction
Calvert’s own ‘Rockin Elvis” will per- Girls Club as their Charity of Choice!
An exploration of the season! See items ends on May 1.
form at 7:30 and host a Cake and Dessert Questions: NB Town Hall,
what new fauna and flower have emerged
Auction. Tickets $45 in advance, $50 at 301-855-6681.
from a winter that just doesn’t want to
the door. Call Jill Lee 410-353-7670. quit. Bring cameras, binoculars and bug Calvert County Democratic Wom-
Bayfront Park Community Clean-up
spray. en’s Club
Al Petteway Town of Chesapeake Beach
Take Rt. 2/4 to Coster Rd. in Lus- Adams Taphouse, Prince Frederick
Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
by.  Turn right on Clifton Drive and fol- 5:30 – 7:00 PM
7:00 PM  In support of Earth Day (End Plastic
low to sign 11785 and left there. Park at Social and dining before the business
The Maritime Performance Series and Pollution) help prepare the beach and
the sign at the end of the driveway. meeting. First Tuesday each month.
Southern Maryland Traditional Music & boardwalk for the summer season. Meet
Call Bob Boxwell for more details at
Dance present Grammy and Indie Award- at the Bayfront Park beach parking lot.
410-394-1300 or e-mail cpnht@comcast. Bingo
winning guitarist Al Petteway in concert. Water, gloves, rakes, trash grabbers, and
net. North Beach Volunteer Fire Dept.,
$15 in advance and $20 at the door and trash bags will be provided. Dress for the
Chesapeake Beach
available at Doors open weather. Questions? Contact Keith Par-
Around the World with Horses 7:30 PM
at 6:00. with beer and wine for sale. dieck (kpardieck@chesapeakebeachmd.
Freedom Hill Horse Rescue Hampton Doors open at 5:00. $5000 jackpot.
Plantation $8/person. Bingo starts at 7:30. Food and
CSM Concert: Ritmo Caché  7940 N. Flint Hill Rd., Owings drink available for purchase. For more
College of Southern Maryland, Prince SPRING BAZAAR
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM information please call 301-855-0520.
Frederick Campus, Building B, Multi- Deale VFD, 6007 Drum Point Road
Celebrate Help A Horse Day. Meet our
purpose Room, 115 J.W. Williams Road, 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
horses and get your passport stamped.
Prince Frederick. First Spring craft/vendor event. Tons of
View live demonstrations, play games,
8:00 PM things to choose from. Serving breakfast
Thursday, April 26, 2018 The Calvert County Times Calendars 21

Shake It Out. 10:30-11:00am. Shake It

Out Music and Movement will create a
For more information & to register for events visit

Thursday, April 26 broker Billy Patriarca and other profes-

sionals involved in a typical home buy-
ing transaction. Please register. Calvert
Library Prince Frederick, 850 Costley
YoungatHeart By Office of Aging Staff
rich environment that promotes social, Way, 410-535-0291 or 301-855-1862.
emotional and physical skills. Come join May is Older Calvert Pines Senior
us for some shake’n fun. Please regis-
ter. Calvert Library Southern Branch,
Monday, April 30 Americans Month Center (CPSC)
Monday Morning Fun. 10:00- During the month of May, com- Join us for a day of fun with
13920 H. G. Trueman Road, Solomons,
11:00am. Join us for dancing, stories, munities nationwide appreciate and friends at our Cinco De Mayo
movies and fun. Calvert Library Prince celebrate the vitality and aspira- Celebration, Friday, May 4, 11
Frederick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535- tions of older adults and their con- a.m. Enjoy chips, salsa and mock
JobSource Mobile Career Center.
0291 or 301-855-1862. tributions to our communities. The margaritas.
1:00-3:00pm. Stop by to visit the Job-
theme of this year’s celebration, We are currently accepting purse
Source Mobile Career Center for your
Green Crafting. 2:00-4:00pm. Make Engage at Every Age, emphasizes donations for the Senior Council
job search needs! Get job counseling and
crafts out of materials that would typi- that you are never too old (or too Purse Sale, Wednesday, May 9, 9
résumé help, search for jobs and connect
cally be thrown out. Crocheting, needle- young) to take part in activities that a.m.
with Southern Maryland JobSource. No
work, sewing, and simple tying tech- can enrich your physical, mental
registration. Calvert Library Southern
niques will be used. Calvert Library and emotional well-being and cel- North Beach Senior
Branch, 13920 H. G. Trueman Road,
ebrates the many ways older adults
Solomons, 410-326-5289. Southern Branch, 13920 H. G. Trueman
make a difference in our communi-
Center (NBSC)
Road, Solomons, 410-326-5289. Write with friends and share if
ties. Look for programs celebrating
Thursday, April 26: MoneySmart you would like with our Scribblers
this month in the senior newsletter,
Week: Using a Broker v DIY Invest- Tuesday, May 1 The Connection.
Writing Group, Thursday, May 3, 1
ing. 7:00-8:30pm. Ready to dive into p.m.
the stock market? Not sure if you want Manga Otaku Artist Nights. 7:00- Create a bouquet to celebrate
to start small and do it yourself or start 8:30pm. On 1st Tuesdays and 3rd Mon- Thank You to spring. Learn how to create beauti-
“safe” and open an account with an in- days, comics and manga fans ages 10 to Tax-Aide Volunteers ful flowers from simple household
vestment professional. Edward Jones 17 gather at the Twin Beaches Branch The AARP Tax-Aide Program items at the Paper Flowers Craft
Financial Advisor Lee Ritter will tell to learn the techniques of drawing for would not be possible without vol- Workshop, Wednesday, May 2, 9:30
you about the benefits of using a broker. comics. Join us! Please register. Cal- unteers. The Calvert County Office a.m. Registration is required.
Please register. Calvert Library Prince vert Library Twin Beaches Branch, on Aging would like to thank the
3819 Harbor Road, Chesapeake Beach,
Frederick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535-
following volunteers for their hard Southern Pines Senior
0291 or 301-855-1862. work and dedication during the Center (SPSC)
2017 tax season: Laura Berg, Carol May is Skin Cancer Awareness
Writers by the Bay @ the Library.
Friday, April 27 7:00-8:30pm. Looking for a writers’
Blatt, John Bugno, Teresa Demer,
Paul Doherty, Arlene Elam, Beth
Month. The Office on Aging will be
On Pins & Needles. 1:00-4:00pm. group? All writers and would-be writers holding free skin cancer screenings
Fedasz, Steve Fedasz, Ed Frosman, with Dr. Hawit, Wednesday, May
Bring your quilting, needlework, knit- are welcome to come for critique & ca- Anita Guit, Jerry Himmelfarb, Dor-
ting, crocheting, or other project for an maraderie. Calvert Library Prince Fred- 2. A presentation will be held at 1
othy Howe, Rick Moreland, Max p.m. with the appointments begin-
afternoon of conversation and shared erick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535-0291 or Munger, Peter Stathis, Victoria
creativity. Calvert Library Prince Fred- 301-855-1862. ning at 1:30 p.m. Limited number
Thorne, Jerry Worrell and Theresa of appointment slots, please call to
erick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535-0291 or York. If you are interested in be- pre-register 410-586-2748.
301-855-1862. Wednesday, May 2 coming an AARP Tax-Aide volun- Enjoy virgin margaritas, chips
Cinema Cafe. 6:00-8:30pm. Join us teer for next year’s tax season, call and salsa while enjoying our very
Saturday, April 28 to watch, and discuss, the inspiring and Patti Ryon at the Office on Aging. own line dancers for Cinco de
Garden Smarter- The Good, the Bad heartwarming story of Auggie Pullman Mayo, Friday, May 4, 12:30 p.m.
and the Bugly. 10:00-11:30am. Learn to who was born with significant facial dif-
identify common Maryland bugs that ferences and in 5th grade is finally able
inhabit your vegetable garden, how to to attend a mainstream school. This ex-
attract the beneficial ones and what to cellent film is based on New York Times

Eating Together Menu

do about the bad ones. Calvert Library bestseller Wonder by R.J. Palacio. Cal-
Prince Frederick, 850 Costley Way, 410- vert Library Prince Frederick, 850 Cost-
535-0291 or 301-855-1862. ley Way, 410-535-0291 or 301-855-1862.
Monday, April 30 Tossed Salad, Italian Green Beans,
Construction Zone. 2:00-4:00pm. Book Discussion - (Lotus Cafe). Italian Bread, Strawberries
6:30-8:30pm. Recurring monthly book 5- Spice Chicken, Rice Pilaf,
Bring your family to explore the Li-
brary’s building sets. It’s come and go discussion held at Lotus Cafe. This Zucchini, Dinner Roll, Crushed Thursday, May 3
constructive time in the storytime room month’s book is Underground Airlines Pineapple Pork Stir Fry over Brown Rice,
by Ben Winters. Calvert Library South- Spinach, Dinner Roll, Pineapple
as we bring out the library’s collection of
ern Branch, 13920 H. G. Trueman Road,
Tuesday, May 1 Chunks
Legos®, Keva Planks®, Lincoln Logs®, Tuna Salad Sandwich w/Lettuce &
blocks, Magformers® and more. No reg- Solomons, 410-326-5289.
Tomato, Mediterranean Chickpea Friday, May 4
istration. Calvert Library Prince Fred- Turkey & Swiss Cheese Sandwich
Happy Crafternoon! 1:00-1:45pm. Salad, Cucumber & Tomato Salad,
erick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535-0291 or
Children enjoy books and language Fruited Jell-O, V-8 Juice w/ Lettuce & Tomato Slices, 3 Bean
through short stories and create fun art Salad, Cubed Cantaloupe, Apple
Wednesday, May 2 Juice
First-Time Home Buying Workshop. projects using a variety of techniques Spaghetti with Meat Sauce,
2:00-3:30pm. Interested in buying a and mediums. For 3 to 5 year-olds. Chil-
home but not sure where to start? Take dren must be accompanied by an adult. Lunches are served to seniors, aged 60-plus, and their spouses through Title IIIC of
the first step by attending this free first- Please register. Calvert Library Prince the Older Americans Act. Suggested donation is $3. To make or cancel a reservation call:
time home buyer seminar. Hear from Frederick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535- Calvert Pines Senior Center at 410-535-4606, North Beach Senior Center at 410-257-2549,
or Southern Pines Senior Center at 410-586-2748. Lunches are subject to change.
realtors Mike & Tina Benton, mortgage 0291 or 301-855-1862.
22 The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Easy Estate
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20+ Years of Estate Liquidations
We Make It EASY • Let Us Help You! 301-884-5904
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Cross, Wood
Cross, W & Wynkoop
ood & Wynkoop
And AssoCiAtes, inC.
and Associates, Inc.
28231 Three The
Road, Suite 101 •Since 1994 MD 20659
301-884-5900 (office) • 301-934-4680 (office) • 301-884-0398 (fax)
Group Health Insurance • Individual Market Health Insurance
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Life Insurance • Short & Long Term Disability 301-863-9497

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Thursday, April 26, 2018 The Calvert County Times Entertainment 23


Cash Paid For Farm &
Construction Equipment
Do you Call 301-536-6039
need lower

Pets of the Week

office over-
Flexible lease terms to work with your contract schedule
Full service terms including electric and janitorial expenses
Meet Bella! My name is Bella and I’m
Only 3 miles from Gate 2
Only .03 miles from Gate 3 searching for my forever
Lovely, quiet campus setting home. I am very loving
and will hang out with
1200 to 6,000 sq ft available you wherever you go.
including lab/conference space My favorite thing to
Barbara Svenson do is to lay in your lap
48015 Pine Hill Run Road, or take a nap beside
(301) 502 -7876 Lexington Park. MD 20653 you. I also really love
chasing lasers! If you

want to meet me you
Thursday Mornings can do so at the California,
Must be reliable, MD Petco location from 10:30-

professional and 3:00 on Saturday and Sunday! I’d love
own a vehicle to meet you! You can also fill out an
To Apply: adoption application and email it to
Send resume to I look

301.373.4125 forward to meeting you!
Love always, Bella
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24 The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 26, 2018

7AM - 4PM

w in !






Southern Maryland Vacation For Vets is a program
created to give recovering service members
a chance to relax, with their families, while
accommodating their disabilities while visiting
Camp Maria Retreat Center in Leonardtown, MD.

301-373-2111 • WWW.DEAN-LUMBER.COM