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Espiritu, Ma. Engelica Katrina S.

BSN 3A1 – 5 Group 18-B

On the first of duty, I don’t expect anything because it was not my first time to have a
duty at Fatima Medical Center. My First exposure to FUMC was when I was in 2nd year, and my
area is Delivery Room under the Clinical Instructor of Ma’am Daizy Yadan. I, with my group
members go early in the Hospital, at around 1pm while our duty would start at around 2pm.

I didn’t even expect on the First day that there were two major operations. Upon entering
the Operating room, we stayed at Recovery room, until our Clinical Instructor came there at around
2pm, she said that we will go to O.R 1, so she let have first an orientation about the Operating
room. We didn’t have a full orientation because there was an operation at that time, so we didn’t
know yet the routines. Then, before that, there is an Opthal operation, by two’s, we observed. Then
after that, at around 3pm the Breast mast removal started, we observed. I must be the circulating
nurse of that operation, but the nurse pull my hand and told me to go to Laboratory and give the
paper of the patient there, so I follow what he said, but before that, I tell that first to my C.I then she
told me where the Laboratory room is, when I came back, my classmate is the one who become the
circulating nurse and I was so disappointed, I thought I was the one so I could have a case. After
that is the Cesarean Operation, At first, I want to be a Scrub Nurse but my classmate raised her hand
first so she’ll be the one to be a scrub nurse. And I volunteer my self to be her circulating nurse,
then again we observed, after that I do my responsibility, I washed Instruments. At around 7:30pm
the operation finished. We don’t take our dinner, so were all hungry. Our group and C.I agreed that
she will dismissed us early but we don’t have a break.

We don’t have duty on second day because it was holiday.

On our third day, upon entering, the C.I of morning told us to be rush because there is
Appendectomy, so we make fast and go to the Recovery room, we wait our C.I there, and then my
one of my classmate be the scrub nurse. We observed. Then the operation was not that long, we go
back to the Recovery room. At the recovery room, we had our review for the pre-test. T 5pm we
take our Dinner break and back at 6pm. Then at 7pm, we had our pre-test, and the result was all
good. Then we stayed again at the Operating Room. We wait till 10pm, then that’s it.

I enjoy my O.R duty a lot. I wish that I will have again a duty at FUMC.