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Lesson Plan Assignment (15 Pt)

EDMD 3300 – Spring 2018

Due: April 30
Submit: Include your lesson plan in your Website
* Make sure that you integrate appropriate technology into your instruction

Your name: Katelyn Ryals

Lesson Title: Telling time

Grade level: 2nd

Reference sites (if any):

A. Target Students
Students are in second grade for 4 weeks. There are 10 students. They have the
knowledge of what a clock is, and they know the numbers on the clock.

B. Environment
The location is inside the classroom. All of the desks are set up in a circle. We have a
smart board, computer, and a projector as our technology resources.

C. Summary of Lesson
The teacher can ask the student what time is PE, or what is their favorite time of the day?
Example: PE or snack time. Then you could ask them what is the actual time of the day
that PE or snack time happens. The teacher has a smart board for this lesson. She makes a
game with a clock on the smart board, and has the student come up to the board to make
the correct time. The students are expected to know how to tell and write time in hours
and half hours using both the analog and digital clocks.

D. Alabama Content Standards Addressed

1. Tell and write time in hours and half-hours using analog and digital clocks.
2. Tell and write time from analog and digital clocks to the nearest five minutes, using
a.m. and p.m.

3. Tell and write time to the nearest minute, and measure time intervals in minutes.

E. ISTE Technology Foundations Standards for Students Addressed

1. Students evaluate the accuracy, perspective, credibility and relevance of information,
media, data or other resources.

2. Students collect data or identify relevant data sets, use digital tools to analyze them,
and represent data in various ways to facilitate problem-solving and decision-making

F. Student objectives for the lesson

The students understand how to tell time to the hour and to the half hour. They will
understand how to use both an analog clock and a digital clock. The students will apply it
by making their own analog clock and making it tell the right time the teacher wants.

G. Length of the lesson activity

45 minutes

H. Preparation
The teacher must turn the projector on and get the smart board game ready for the
students to play. The teacher must also get the materials needed for the making of the
analog clock. The teacher will have to make the schedule of the student’s with all of the
times on it.

I. Plan and schedule of activities

Break down your activity into a timeline of planned events (see the order suggestion
below). Focus on what students will be doing and what teachers will be doing during
each part of the lesson. Make sure you clearly describe the steps and strategies involved
in each activity. Students’ use of technology part should be described in detail.

- Warm-Up- ask the students if they know what a clock is. Proceed to tell them what a
clock is and the basics of how to tell time. Then, you can tell them to draw and make their
own clock that they will use later in the lesson. The students can make the clock as
colorful and as fun as they would like, as long as the numbers are in the right place.

-Directed Instruction- make a chart of the student’s schedule with the correct time, and
ask the students to come up to pick their favorite time of the day. If a child picks “snack
time” at 2:00, the teacher will show the students where 2:00 is on a clock.
- Guided Instruction- pass out individual clocks the students made at the beginning of the
lesson and assign each student with a partner. Let one student ask the other student “what
time is lunch?” and the student with the clock will have to show her the correct time on
the clock.
- Independent Instruction- call up one student at a time to the smart board and get them to
play the game. On the game, the teacher has already programmed the game as to what
time the child should pick. On the game, there is an analog clock asking for a time and
the student will have to pick the correct clock for the answer. For example, the teacher
asked for 1:00, so the student would have to find the clock that is at 1:00.
- Wrap-Up- give out an exit ticket as they are about to leave and ask their favorite thing
they learned about time. Also on the exit ticket, give 2 pictures of a clock and make them
pick the correct time you asked for.

J. List of materials needed
You will need a smart board and projector, and a game already made on the smart board.
You will need the materials for your students to make their own clocks. You will also
need to make a schedule of your student’s activities and what time each one is.

K. Assessment
The teacher will assess the understanding of the student’s by monitoring and checking the
time that they choose on their clocks throughout the lesson. The teacher can do a one-on-
one assessment where the teacher will go around to each student’s desk and ask them to
show her a specific time.

L. Adaptations
This lesson can be adapted to kids with special needs by giving them extra help if they
are struggling. Also, the teacher could pair the child with special needs to a person who is
already excelling in math.

M. Justification
The technology I pick for this lesson will enhance the way the students learn by making it
fun for them to learn how to do a basic thing. All children loves games, and by using the
smart board game, it will help them actually want to come up to participate and have fun,
all while learning!

O. Modification
If you find this lesson plan from a website or other sources, explain how and what you
modify from the original source.