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Sampling is helpful for------------------------------------------------------
2. Sound waves are (It came in both papers)-------------------------------------
a .Longitudinal b. Transverse c. Electro magnetic d. Gravitational
3. If two identical capacitors connected parallel then effective capacitance..?-
4. Wein bridge is used to measure-----------------------------------------------

5. Which configuration has min distortion..?------------------------------------
-----------------------------------class A
6. Which of the following is not system software..?-----------------------------
a. Linker b. Loader. c. Compiler d. none
7. Min No, of NAND gates required to realize the function AB--------------------
8. Flip Flops mainly used for---------------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------memory elements
9. Which is noise free----------------------------------------------------------
a. AM b. FM.. c. Both d .none
10. Terrestrial TV propagation System used in India-----------------------------
a. PAL b. NTSC c. DFS
11. Skin depth of an waveguide doesn t depend on----------------------------------
a. freq b. temp c .length of the conductor d.Type of material
12. Transformer rating expressed in---------------------------------------------
----------------------------------kilo Volt-ampere (KVA)
13. Electrical energy can be measured using-------------------------------------
---------------------------------kilo watt-hour (kWh)
14. An ideal opamp has----------------------------------------------------------
-----------------------------------Infinite B.W
15. Restivity range of semiconductor--------------------------------------------
----------------------------------10 ^ -4 to 10 ^7
16. They give modulation index, carrier power ask us to find total power--------
17. In JFET if Vds increased what happen to Ids.?-------------------------------
---------------------------------Ids decreases
18. They give some freq and ask us to find Image Freq ?---------------------------

Demultiplxer can called as?-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------. Capacitance of a cell measured in?------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------farad 2. Properties Alkali metals. 21.---------------------------Fi=F(given)+2(I. Transverse C both D . Decibel used to measure----------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------power level a.* Lower densities than other metals . A voltage source of 5v with internal resistance 2 ohm can transfer max power to load when the value of load resistance is-----2 ohm Engineering test [Common for All] 1.---------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------. Earth &geostationary satellites have same /relative-------------------------- -----------------------------angular velocity a.neither.--------------------- -------------------------------Programme 9. Sound waves are-------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------longitudinal A .Max voltage appears across Transistor.Longitudinal B.To made House use electric heater which metal/element is better?-------------- ---------------------------aluminium 3.velocity c. 7. In an Unbiased semiconductor the current is zero because of----------------- ------------------------------transistor in cut-off region 20.accleraton b. power b.angular velocity 6. Set of instructions meant for to do some task is called. Internal resistance of ideal current source?--------------------------------- --------------------------------infinite 4. If BJT is in Cutoff region-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------across load A.current d . Max voltage appears across load B. Integral of (dx / (xlogx))?-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------log(log x)+c 5. data distributor 8. a. An ideal voltage source charges capacitor in-------------------------------- --------------------------------instantaneously 24. In RC coupling the value of C should be high because------------------------ -----less reactance--signal couples well---no distortion of signal 23. voltage c . They give Vmax and Vmin and ask us to find modulation index?---------------- ----------------------------m= ((Vmax-Vmin}/ (Vmax+Vmin) 25.power level 22.F=455kHz) 19.

.Which are sets forms triangle--------- ---------the one where a+b>c where a. Which is not a non renewable energy----------------------------------------- ----------------------------wind energy a. If u wants to connect two systems through telephone line which of the follow ing u will use.?----------modem A.Wind energy d.-------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------chemical to electrical A. Which material is widely used for making solar cell?------------------------ ----------------------------silicon 15.Coal c. They give change in force and change in diameter of a square plate. Break down occurs in diode because of. open loop sys m B.If this pipe is connected to another of diameter 3 mm. The performance (function) of fuse doesn t depend on-------------------------- . then speed will be---10m/s 21. If the gain of the open loop sys m is doubled then gain margin will become---- ---------------------doubled 19. Chemical energy into electric energy B.closed loop sys m with single feed back. If the speed flow in pipe of diameter 6 mm is 5m/s. Bus B. Inductor opposes sudden changes in------------------------------------------ ---------------------------Current 13. electric energy into chemical energy 16.c are sides taken in any order 24.nuclear 14. Steel pipes made from------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------galvanized iron 17.Router 12. closed loop sys m with multiple feed back. First aid of electrical shock victim----------------plug-off power-------mov e victim by a wooden stick or dry clothes sideways 25.* One loosely bound valence electron * Largest atomic radii in their periods * Low ionization energies * Low electronegativities * Highly reactive 10. They give three sets of measurements . petrol b. Cell converts. C.-------------------------------------- -----------------------------avalanche breakdown( more than 10 V) 11.Modem C. 18. Corrosion of aluminum is not formed because of------------------------------ ------------------------epoxy paint 20. Ask us t o find change in pressure---(change in area/change in area) 22. Human being is-------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------closed loop system with multiple feedback A.b.

calory is a measure of??----------------------------------------------------- -heat energy methinks options are incomplete)--- a.. 26. Control and arithmetic logic section is known as----------------------------- CPU 10.compressed air inside a tire. series circuit current------------------------------------------------------- ---is same throughout (I=I1=I2=I3=In) 8. conservation of---------------------------------------- -mass and energy both done in adiabatic change in gas----------------------------------------( .Length of the of electric motor-both rotor and stator rotating at equal speed------syn chronous motor 23.rating of electrolytic capacitor--------------------------------------------- --farads reversible adiabatic process. what will happen if air passes through a hole?? ------adiabatic process 26.Micro computer is a --------------------------------------------------------- -personal computer 11.hexadecimal digit------------------------------------------------------------ -0-9. Principle of hydrogen bomb--------------------------------------------------n uclear fusion 5. Annealing makes the material. above curie temperature. byte= ___ bits--------------------------------------------------------------- --8 9..A-F 13. Sulphation in Lead acid battery--------------------------------------crystall ine lead sulphate---affects charge storing capacity--slows charging up time 3.. Type of material b . Transient current------------------------------------------------------------ sharp fluctuation of current 4. magnetic material will become-------------------non magnetic or magnetic insulator 7.unit of inductance----------------------------------------------------------- --henry 17..octane no. what does the symbol "j" represents in vector----------------------------90 d egree anticlockwise movement (imaginary-axis) 2.change in dimension during the process of magnetisation------------------magn etostriction 15.instruments to have wide range of scale------------------------------------lo garithmic scale 21.?------------------------------------------------ ---90-95 (generally 91) 18.. change in entropy?-------------------------0 24.viscosity of gas directly proportional to------------------------------------ -square root of temperature 20.]------------ potentiometer 19.-----(depends on nuclear reaction . radio activity is the property of-------------------------------------------- --elements with atomic no greater than 82 (Pb) 6. (Effect of annealing)----------------------- -----------heat treatment to improve softness and ductility General Engineering 1.controlling device for small load?? [related to servo motor etc.fluorescent tube related qn-------------------------------------------------- -choke coil 14.petrol in india .power factor of a resistor--------------------------------------------------- -1 12.

longitudinal wave prorogation------------------------------------------------ --------compression and rarefraction 33. with a DT of 200 degrees. the modulation system (A) Amplitude modulation . the modulation index is halved. In a communication system.9% ================================================================================ ================ 29.inductance related question 1.P1V1-P2V2)/(gamma-1) or nR(T1-T2)/(gamma-1) ================================================================================ =========== 27.maximum efficiency of carnot engine here is a brief summary of the 4-steps of carnot cycle Heat transfer from the working fluid to the low-temperature reservoir (Cond enser).something related to mix of ice and water------------------------------------ -------all exists at triple -point 30. Adiabatic decrease in the temperature of the working fluid (Turbine). Adiabatic increase in the temperature of the working fluid (Heat Pump). An important conclusion from Carnot cycle analysis is that the maximum theoretic al efficiency of heat engines is directly related to: efficiency = D(T2-T1)/T2 where: T2 is the maximum operating temperature on absolute scale (K) T1 is the minimum operating temperature on absolute scale (K) For a heat engine operating between 300oC and 100oC. When modulation frequency is doubled. related to carnot cycle in carnot engine 28.efficiency of otto cycle----------------------------------------------------- -----------60 % 31. Heat transfer from the high-temperature reservoir to the working fluid (Boi ler). noise is most likely to get into the system (A) At the transmitter (B) In the channel============answer (C) In the information source (D) At the destination 2.unexcited single phase synchronous motor------------------------------------- -----called as repulsion induction motors 34.floating battery bus or something-------------------------------------------- --------used in IC engines 32. t his maximum efficiency would be: efficiency = 200/(300 + 273) x 100 = 34. and the modulating voltage remains constant.

Indicate which of the following system is digital . A duplexer is used (A) To couple two different antennae to a transmitter without mutual interferenc e (B) To allow one antenna to be used for reception or transmission without mutual interference========answer (C) To prevent interference between two antennae when they are connected to rece iver (D) To increase the speed of the pulses in the pulsed radar 7. Which one of the following terms does not apply to the Yagi-uda array? (A) Good band width (B) Parasitic elements (C) Folded dipole (D) High gain============answer 6. HIGH frequency waves are (A) Observed by the F2 layer (B) Reflected by D layer===========answer (C) Capable of use for long-distance communication on the moon (D) Affected by the solar cycle 5.(B) Phase modulation (C) Frequency modulation==========answer (D) Angle modulation 3. Impedance inversion may be obtained with (A) A short ? circuited stub (B) An open ? circuited stub (C) A quarter ? wave line================answer (D) A half ? wave line 4.

A typical signal strength received from a geosynchronous communication satell ite is of the order of (A) A few milli watts (B) Kilo watts (C) Watts (D) Few pico watts========answer 10. Positive logic in a logic circuit is one in which (A) Logic 0 and 1 are represented by 0 and positive voltage respectively======== ==answer (B) Logic 0 and 1 are represented by negative and positive voltages respectively (C) Logic 0 voltage level in higher than logic 1 voltage level (D) Logic 0 voltage level is lower than logic 1 voltage level . A forward error correcting code corrects errors only (A) Requiring partial retransmission of the signal (B) Requiring retransmission of entire signal (C) Using parity to correct to errors in all cases (D) Requiring no part of the signal to be transmitted==========answer 9.(A) Pulse ? Position modulation (B) Pulse ? Code modulation=========answer (C) Pulse ? Width modulation (D) Pulse ? Frequency modulation 8. Telephone traffic is measured (A) With echo cancellers (B) By the relative congestion (C) In terms of the grade of service (D) In erlangs===================answer 11.

A high PRF will (indicate the false statement) (A) Make the returned echoes easier to distinguish from noise=======answer . If the peak transmitted power in a radar system is increased by a factor of 16. signal 15. A class-B amplifier is biased (A) Just at cut-off===============answer (B) Nearly twice cut-off (C) At mid point of load line (D) so that IB equals jut IC 16. A half-adder can be made from (A) Two NAND gates (B) A NOT gate and an OR gate (C) An AND gate and an OR gate (D) An AND gate and an X-OR gate=========answer 13.c.12. The main use of a common base transistor amplifier is (A) As voltage amplifier===============answer (B) Current amplifier (C) For matching a high source impedance to a low load impedance (D) For rectification of a. the maximum range will be increased by a factor of (A) 2 (B) 4 (C) 8 (D) 16=========== 2 17. Which of the following devices has its characteristics very close to that of an ideal current source? (A) Field effect transistor (B) Transistor in common bas mode (C) Zener diode============answer (D) MOSFET 14.

in for the question paper (click on model que stion paper tab->EKT) here is the answer key for general engineering 1B 2A 3B 4A 5A 6B 7A 8B 9C 10B 11B 12A 13A 14B 15C 16D 17A 18D 19A 20C 21A 22B 23D 24B 25C 26C 27B 28D 29D 30A . In a color TV.careerairforce.(B) Make target tracking easier with conical scanning (C) Increase the maximum range (D) Have no effect of the range resolution 18.P= xeE e=permivity. blue and green=============answer (C) Red. the three primary colors are (A) Red. P=xE B.. A solution to the ?blind speed? problem in a radar system is to (A) Change the Doppler frequency (B) Vary the PRF==============answer (C) Use mono pulse (D) Use MTI 19. orange and green 27.x=suspectance ================================================================================ ======================= go to site www.. The number of active picture elements in a television image depends on (A) Fly back time======================answer (B) CRT screen size (C) Received band width (D) FB ratio of receiver antenna 20.nic. orange and blue (B) Red. P= (1-x) E C. green and yellow (D) Red. Polarization in a dielectric is given by===========P=(1-x)E A. join it comrades.If i remember corr ectly this is the conductivity range of the semiconductors. The main use of a common base transistor amplifier is - As per my knowledge.(C) For matching a high source impedance to a low load impedance 15.e electronics and communication (already solved above ================================================================================ ========================= ****************************************wish u all the best for ur EKT********** ********************************************* compiled and edited by ronny i am in the blogsite http://iaf.for impedance matching.vipullimbachiya. You can downloa d it from here. I dunno the resistiv ity range. For others i'll just upload it here on the website as an attachment. Thanks again dude. .for high current gain Common Emitter . Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Just want to clear some answers given by Ronny.for high voltage gain Common Base ... Never mind Ronny. Restivity range of semiconductor-------10 ^ -4 to 10 ^7 .here is the answer key for specialist i. so the answer should be . Common Collector . Got it downloaded after a lot of time.

and also from wikianswers..thanx for uploadin it right here.Any clarifications are welcome.tpub.. thanx a lot for ur feedbacks. I had totally forgot abt that.Thanks again Ronny... .. Girish K ronny hey girish. the common base is used as an voltage amplfier.. Just Cheers...... 2009 8:38 pm Location: Kalyan..highest voltage gain ( the resistivity range is correct... Best of luck.however for the answers.... 6 days to go..Mumbai YIM http://www.wavelength u can work it ut from (velocity of light=freq * wavelength) yours . rubharaaj.refer this site http://www. .just remember the frequencies only.i have verified again from GATE book(HANDA). CC-no gain) the option u re referrin to is for CC configuration--..ronnyronny Posts: 190 Joined: Fri Aug 07.