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What is the proper way to set up a Netgear router with a Westell modem?

AT&T Southeast Forum FAQ - 9/8/10 3:18 PM

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What is the proper way to set up a
Netgear router with a Westell modem?
Important Note: If you're experiencing connectivity or
speed problems with your Netgear router (wired or
wireless) you may need to update your firmware. Please
go to the Netgear Support Site for the latest
This FAQ is for configuring a BellSouth supplied Westell 2100/2200/6100
(Models A90-210030-04, B90-220030-04 and B90-610030-06/C90-610030-
06, respectively) with popular wired and wireless Netgear DSL routers.
These procedures and pictures are based on the most recent firmware for
the Westell. Other Westell firmware menus and screenshots are slightly
different but the bridge option and functions are still available. It is highly
recommended that you click here and update your Westell firmware.

This FAQ has 3 Major sections:
Section 1 - Overview
Section 2 - Westell modem configuration
Section 3 - Netgear router configuration information
Section 4 - Connections and power up

Section 1 - Overview
•The best configuration for networking a router with the Westell is to set the
Westell to "Bridged Ethernet" mode and allow the router to do the routing
and DHCP functions. The Westell is also a router with full DHCP functions
and may not function correctly when connected directly to another router.
Not changing the modem to Bridged Ethernet will result in double NAT'ing,
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increased latency, possible IP conflicts, or possibly a network that doesn't
work at all.
• Both the Westell and Netgear router must be reset to default. Despite
what the help desk tech tells you, resetting the Westell does not put it
into Bridged Mode.
• The BellSouth Installation CD and Connection Manager are not required to
use this configuration.
• The Netgear Installation Wizard CD should not be used in this
•Since BellSouth assigns static IPs via your username the configurations
shown are applicable to both dynamic and single static IP customers.
• You must connect the Westell directly to the computer's NIC to make the
necessary changes before you connect the router, because you will probably Page 1 of 5

IP Passthrough.1.168. Power up the modem and press the reset button on the back of the modem. There are several alternatives around this problem. DHCP.0. Netgear provides a setup wizard to help configure the router. http://www. Consult the Netgear Technical Support Page for your particular router setup. After you have made the changes to the Westell you can then connect the router and configure it for use with FastAccess. Enter "admin" and "password" in the Username and Password fields. After the modem has restarted. Click on Configure Connection from the right menu.Westell Configuration Step 1 Verify that NIC cards (wireless or wired) are set to "Obtain IP Address Automatically". After the modem has fully initialized connect the Westell to the NIC and then power up the computer. Step 5 Not all Netgear routers provide a common interface.168. This will automatically restart the modem and the interface will return after the changes are saved. log into the Westell interface.dslreports. Step 3 Click on Broadband DSL Line from the top Page 2 of 5 . Section 2 . •If you encounter any problems simply reset the Westell. The second method requires you to utilize the router as a simple switch and use the Westell's PPPoE and DHCP 9/8/10 3:18 PM be unable to access the modem interface after you connect the router. and start over again. Step 2 Open a browser session to access the Westell Interface and enter "192. •More information about the Westell is available here. The steps below are from the more common routers. Completely power down the Westell and the computer(s). One method involves extra equipment (second NIC and a hub) and major configuration changes.What is the proper way to set up a Netgear router with a Westell modem? AT&T Southeast Forum FAQ . The reason is that the modem interface is 192. Log in to the web based interface by typing 192. restart your computer. Additionally.254" or "launch modem" in the address field. Your actual screens may vary. Select "Bridged Ethernet" from the Protocol pull down.1. Click on Save and restart the connection at the bottom.Netgear Router Information Step 4 After the PC is powered down connect one of the router LAN ports to the computer NIC and power up the router and then the computer. connect it directly to your NIC. most routers do not have the capability to route a local IP out of their WAN port (where your Westell is connected). and username and password will be disabled or irrelevant and can not be selected. power down both the computer and the modem then physically disconnect the Westell. By default.dslreports. Section 3 . This may require you to reboot the computer (or release/renew) to obtain a proper IP.1 in your browser URL field.168. If you are unable to access the interface make sure your NIC is set to "Obtain an IP address automatically". Click here for more information. Note: functions like NAT.254 which is a local IP. they may be on completely different subnets.

I want to configure by myself and click Next. Click OK.dslreports. Select Get Automatically from 9/8/10 3:18 PM respectively.dslreports. http://www. Step 8 Enter your BellSouth Username followed by "@bellsouth. Enter your BellSouth Password. You will be taken to the Basic Setup Menu. Click Test.What is the proper way to set up a Netgear router with a Westell modem? AT&T Southeast Forum FAQ .com/faq/7815 Page 3 of 5 . Click Apply. Username and password are case sensitive. Step 6 Select". Enter 0 in the Idle Timeout field. Step 7 On the Basic Setup menu select the proper settings as shown below and then click Apply. 9/8/10 3:18 PM Section 4 .dslreports.What is the proper way to set up a Netgear router with a Westell modem? AT&T Southeast Forum FAQ . wired or wireless router. http://www. and any computer(s).Connections and Power Up Step 9 Power everything down and physically connect the Page 4 of 5 . 9/8/10 3:18 PM Pictures by Andy Houtz Step 10 Power up the network equipment in this order: 1) Westell Modem (wait for DSL synch) 2) Netgear Router 3) Computer(s) Open a browser session and go surfing! Important Additional Information •The 6100 has an "Internet" light that is green whenever there is an active PPPoE session initiated by the . Since you are using the Netgear to establish the PPPoE session the light will stay off. Andy Houtz feedback form by Andy Houtz edited by FAQFixer last modified: 2008.03.Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Hosting by www.Hosting & Co-lo | feedback | contact Sep 15:12:09 over 11 years online! © 1999-2010 dslreports. http://www.25 23:05:10 Wednesday. make sure that it is identical on all equipment (PCs and routers) in the network. Reminder: If you are required to change your Page 5 of 5 .What is the proper way to set up a Netgear router with a Westell modem? AT&T Southeast Forum FAQ .dslreports. •You should check your tweak settings to optimize your new network. This is normal.