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Circle and correct words

1: My grandparents want to sell / keep. their house in the city and move to the country.

2: I’d like a cup / can. of coffee please.

3: The menú / meal. is really fasty.

4: You should organize / exercise. a lot to stay in shape

5: we should build / raise. money for a new library in our neighborhood

6: ted is a vegetarian / volunteer. He doesn’t eat any meat.

7: I don’t eat many vegetables, Just spinach / apricots.

8: Some people are allergic / healthy to some kinds of food.

1: Mis abuelos quieren vender / mantener. su casa en la ciudad y mudarse al país.
2: Me gustaría una taza / lata. de café por favor.
3: El menú / comida. es realmente rápido
4: Debes organizar / ejercitar. mucho para mantenerse en forma
5: debemos construir / subir. dinero para una nueva biblioteca en nuestro vecindario
6: Ted es vegetariano / voluntario. Él no come ninguna carne.
7: No como muchas verduras, solo espinacas / albaricoques.
8: Algunas personas son alérgicas / saludables a algunos tipos de alimentos.

Complete with the words in the box.

medicine receive rash sure important vitamins dessert

medicina: recibir: erupción: segura: importante: vitaminas: postre

1: Make sure you ask your parents before you take the car.

2: Strawberries have lots of vitamins.

3: WE’d like strawberry ice cream for dessert.

4: He has a(n) rash on his arm and needs to see a doctor.

5: It’s very important toe at healthy food and exercise.

6: I think I need some medicine for my stomachache.

7: I don’t send or sure letters, Nowadays it’s e-mail.


Choose a, b, or c.

1: what does the grillend has come wen?

a) Here you are b) rice c) after a whide

2: I’d like some lasagña

a) A think so. B) I’m afraid we don’t C) great is that all?

3: what seems to be the problema?

a) I’m not feeting very well b) you should go to a doctor c) I love …….

4: Anything else?

a) Maybe later b) yes I’m interesied c) no, I never eat them

5: would you like some pizza?

a) Just some b) just a few c) just a slice


A. Choose a, b, or c.

1: there is no orange juice in the refrigerator let’s buy some. A any B some C no

2: Do we have any onions? I want to make onion soup. A any B much C some

3: I don’t drink much soda. I don’t really like it. A much B a Little C a lot

4: there is lots of Apple pie. Would you like a slice? A lots of B a few C no

5: We can’t make sándwiches because there isn’t any bread. A any B no C a Little

6: you should add a Little salt to the salad. A much B a Little C a few

7: there aren’t many Young people in this neighborhood. Who can I hang out with? A some B a
few C many