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1. You need to know the basic general branches of article of speech-Noun and
Verbs,Prepositions, Conjunction, Wh-Questions,etc.
Noun : Al Ism(Kata Nama)
Noun: comprised of People, Place, Things, Animals and Ideas
Noun subjected to Common Noun(CN-nama am) and Proper Noun(PN-
Nama Khas)-begin with capital letters.
People : Names(PN) and occupations(CN)
Sentence formation activities : Say aloud tons of sentences by combining :
>>Pronouns + is/are + a + occupations
-Let students one by one say aloud and make impromptu sentences
-This activity will overcome their phobia in communications
Place: e.g.Taiping National Museum(PN), the museum(CN)

Things: Super Score ‘A’(PN) book, the book(CN)

Animals: Pokke(PN), the lizard(CN)

*Pronouns: He/She/It-I/You/They/We

2. Process Writing begin with : Verbs: Fi~il (Kata Kerja)

You need to master the most common verbs by:
a) list as many as possible (correct spelling and pronounciation): eat, write,
stare, scratch,grab etc.
b) associate or match- the actions and the verbs
- let your ss to guess what you are doing and tell the verbs associate
- the students can play part in pairs to act and told by others what they
are doing
c) say aloud/make sentences related to the verbs
-Teacher shows the specific Verb(s) on e.g on Flash Card – students
respond by saying the sentences aloud. Teacher needs to write the
sentence pattern, so they would not wander in the darkness.e.g.
d) plus add the closing phrases
-Teacher needs to probe them on ending phrases e.g. a letter to his
SHOW Flash Card1 : write Flash Card2: letter

STUDENTS: respond say aloud the sentences

SHOW next
STUDENTS: let each ss to say aloud
**the effectiveness of the class depend on 100% full participation.The
students are all alerted and not be dozy. Increase their interests by varying
the activities.

closing phrases : to his brother (let the students think ,guide if necessary
but not spoon-feeding)


teacher shows BIG pictures of an event.e.g activities at the beach
Teacher elicits students on LIST of related Verbs
Students are divided into rows (for Quiz competition), ask ss to say aloud the
Make sure, each one knows to make basic sentences
Teacher distributes hand-out of the same picture(small) with the questions
asking them to make at least 7 sentences out of the picture.They may use the
words given.(upsr/kpsr –like Qs)
Students try to recall actvities


With the same pictures, + selected words given

Either in PAIR or INDIVIDUALs: (avoid in group ,reduce the sleeping partner
Students are to create their own story in ONE paragraph of at least 10
sentences(for UPSR), or 20 sentences or more(depends on the age/level)

I have plenty more tips, InsyaAllah .

Thank you.

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