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There’s only one

Why settle for

“good enough”
when you can
have the best?

There’s only one

The world of flooring is full of imitators and

The Collections
But if you want a floor that’s stylish and versatile,
a breeze to clean, trusted like no other, and
utterly worry-free, there’s really only one choice.

At Pergo® we invented laminate floors and are

proud of our innovations, and flattered to be the
most emulated, imitated laminate floor in the
world. But at the end of the day, it’s all about

Vintage Home™ 1
creating that one floor that excites, delights and
perfectly complements you.

Traditional Strip Your taste. Your personality. Your lifestyle.

Looks and feels like natural hardwood
While other floors strive to be more like us, we
strive to be loved by you. Maybe that’s why
finding the one perfect floor for you isn’t so

Vintage Home™ 3 hard after all. There’s only one Pergo.

Looks and feels like natural hardwood

Best in design
If you want a floor that can literally transform
a room, you need the richness and detail only

Select 5 Pergo delivers. Our patented methods for

replicating hardwood, tile and stone give our
Traditional Strip floors the most realistic graining, coloring and
Stands up to extreme wear and tear
Superior strength and durability

Select 7 Bring on the use and abuse. Only Pergo can

take whatever your family dishes out, with style
Stands up to extreme wear and tear and grace. All Pergo floors are protected by
LusterGard Plus™. It’s our patented surface
overlay that significantly reduces scratching
and scuffing.

World Traveler™ 9 Less is more

Rich, satin gloss exotics — Pergo performance
Less time installing. More time enjoying. That’s
the basic idea behind our dual-locking, glueless
installation system. With the added ease of

Accolade™ 11 premium attached underlayment, you can click

together a living-room-size floor in about a day.

Delightfully easy — Beautifully affordable

Unmatched peace-of-mind
Your confidence is about to soar. The Pergo

Accolade™ Tiles 13
brand is trusted worldwide and backed by
superior warranties. Questions? Our in-house
Customer Care will be happy to help. Or log
Delightfully easy — Beautifully affordable on to for more information.

Everyday™ 15 What’s New

Pergo quality at a value price Premium thru and thru
Vintage Home now features premium attached
underlayment, for superior sound quality and

Essential Info 17
easier installation.

An innovation you have to

Specifications and details about genuine
Pergo products and accessories
feel to believe
From modern to rustic, Vintage Home has 5 new
décors featuring our latest innovation—multi
dimensional textures that replicate the exact
pattern, layering, and feel of natural hardwood.

PVH 55113 Berkshire Oak

Vintage Home ™

Traditional Strip
Who knew timeless could be so varied and 3.6" Wide Planks
vibrant? With our Vintage Home collection,
your design possibilities could fill a decorator
magazine. Go for dark and dramatic, a º 6 Décors

lighter, art-gallery style, or a rich, rustic look º AccuWood Textures™

that’s warm and welcoming. º Micro-Beveled Edges

Custom never goes out of style. Take º 10mm Core

Vintage Home Traditional Strip, for instance.
º Lifetime Limited
Its narrow width planks with micro-beveled Residential Warranty
edges create a sleek, custom hardwood
look that’s truly timeless. º LusterGard Plus™
Surface Protection

º Glueless Click Installation PVH 56001 Northampton Oak

PVH 56000 Lancaster Oak

PVH 56005 Windham Cherry

Unlike hardwood, your Vintage Home floor won’t dent, ding or scuff. It’s
totally worry-free, so it enhances your lifestyle as beautifully as your décor.

PVH 56000 Lancaster Oak PVH 56001 Northampton Oak PVH 56002 Wynwood Oak

PVH 56003 Bradstreet Maple PVH 56004 Beacon Hill Cherry PVH 56005 Windham Cherry

Looks custom. Lives worry free.

That’s the beauty of narrow width planks.
Vintage Home ™
7.6" Wide Planks

Vintage Home takes realism to the extreme

º 11 Décors
— even to the touch. Our patented
AccuWood Textures follow the grain with º AccuWood Textures™

incredible precision. So you can enjoy the º 10mm Core

look and feel of natural wood, without ever
º Lifetime Limited
having to worry about fading, sanding or Residential Warranty
buffing again.
º LusterGard Plus™
Surface Protection

º Glueless Click Installation

º Premium Attached
PVH 55118
English Black Walnut

PVH 55119
Riverside Red Oak

PVH 55114 Hudson Oak

The look and feel of real hardwood, without

PVH 55113 Berkshire Oak PVH 55114 Hudson Oak PVH 55115 Eastwick Oak

PVH 55116 Lenox Oak PVH 55117 Nantucket Pine PVH 55118 English Black Walnut

PVH 55119 Riverside Red Oak PVH 55120 Natural Harborside Hickory PVH 55121 Bordeaux Cherry

PVH 55122 Springhill Maple PVH 55123 Craftsman Oak

the worry. Welcome to Vintage Home.

Traditional Strip
3.5" Wide Planks
Each edge of Select Traditional Strip flooring
has a micro-beveled or eased edge to create 5.7" Wide Planks
the classic look of a custom hardwood floor.
Each plank is enhanced with truly realistic º 5 Décors in Each Size
textures, including AccuWood HPL Textures, which
º AccuWood HPL Textures™
are precision-embossed, or our more random
All-Over Textures. Available in high-gloss finish, º Micro-Beveled Edges

and in 3.5" and 5.7" planks, Select Traditional º 8mm Core

Strip is an elegant complement to any décor.
º Lifetime Limited
Residential Warranty

º 10-Year Limited Light

Commercial Warranty

º LusterGard Plus™
Surface Protection

º Glueless Click

PS 50552 Nordic Maple 5.7"

PS 50500 Dark Oak 3.5"
PS 50550 Dark Oak 5.7"

PS 50501 Smoked Oak 3.5"
PS 50551 Smoked Oak 5.7"

PS 50505 Nordic Maple 3.5"

PS 50552 Nordic Maple 5.7"

PS 50550 Dark Oak 5.7”

PS 50506 Salted Lapacho 3.5"

PS 50553 Salted Lapacho 5.7"

Timeless beauty. Relentless durability.

PS 50507 Chalked Oak 3.5"

PS 50554 Chalked Oak 5.7"
Talk about mom-approved. With Pergo 7.7" Wide Planks
Select, you get the style you love, the
choice you want, and the durability
you desperately need. Whether you
º 13 Décors

go traditional, modern, formal or casual, º AccuWood Textures™

Pergo Select with LusterGard Plus is º 10mm Core

designed to shine day in and day out.
º Lifetime Limited
Residential Warranty
Thanks to its thicker laminate surface
and core, Pergo Select delivers the º 10-Year Limited Light
ultimate in dent, ding and moisture Commercial Warranty
resistance. It’s perfect for high traffic
areas or anywhere kids will be kids.
º LusterGard Plus™
Surface Protection

º Glueless Click

PS 50374 James River Pecan

PS 50405 Dark Mahogany

Life happens. No worries…

PS 50240 Milan Maple PS 50280 Concord Oak PS 50371 Prairie Red Pine

PS 50374 James River Pecan PS 50395 Cabernet Oak PS 50397 Piedmont Cherry

PS 50398 Lacquered American Oak PS 50399 Lacquered Italian Walnut PS 50400 Vermont Country Maple

PS 50401 Branchport Cherry PS 50402 Java Teak PS 50403 Fire Red Walnut

… even nail
polish won’t
Pergo Select.

PS 50405 Dark Mahogany

World Traveler ™

Love to travel? Showcase your sense of style

and adventure with the look of exotic and 3.6" Wide Planks or
rare hardwoods. Set off by a unique satin
5.3" Wide Planks
gloss finish, Pergo World Traveler is exquisite,
alluring, and entirely worry-free. Glueless,
click-together planks make installation a
º 8 Décors

breeze and LusterGard Plus keeps fading º Satin Gloss Finish

and scuffs at bay. º Micro-Beveled Edges

º 8mm Core
PTW 6010 Bamboo Natural 3.6"
º 25-Year Limited
Residential Warranty

º LusterGard Plus™
Surface Protection

º Glueless Click

PTW 6016 Jatoba 5.3"

Make your little corner of the world

PTW 6010 Bamboo Natural 3.6" PTW 6011 Bamboo Caramel 3.6"


PTW 6012 Koa 3.6" PTW 6013 Palissander 5.3"

PTW 6014 Tuscan Oak 3.6" PTW 6015 Ironwood 3.6"

PTW 6017 Merbau 3.6"

PTW 6016 Jatoba 5.3" PTW 6017 Merbau 3.6"

feel exotic and special.

Accolade ™ 7.6" Wide Planks

Accolade earns high marks for versatility. Your º 12 Décors

possibilities go from Midnight Mahogany to º All-Over Textures

Bleached Pine, and from the family room to º 8mm Core

bathroom. All with the high style and low
maintenance you expect from Pergo®. And while
º 25-Year Limited
Residential Warranty
Accolade floors may look like a million bucks,
they only cost a few dollars a square foot. º LusterGard Plus™
Surface Protection

º Glueless Click

º Premium Attached

With Accolade, you can transform

your rec room in about a day. This
weekend, treat your family to a
“reveal” they’ll never forget.
PJ 2621 Reclaimed Barnwood

PJ 2622 Hampton Maple

PJ 2616 Midnight Mahogany PJ 2617 American Beech Blocked PJ 2618 Bleached Pine


PJ 2619 Southport Oak PJ 2620 Pembrook Oak PJ 2621 Reclaimed Barnwood

PJ 2622 Hampton Maple PJ 2623 Bedford Cherry PJ 2626 Brazilian Cherry

PJ 2627 Rustic Oak PJ 2628 Savanna Oak PJ 2629 Medium Cherry

With attached underlayment, Accolade

makes it easy to bring any room to life.
Accolade Tiles ™

For the look of real ceramic and 12" Wide Planks

stone without the worry, say hello to
Accolade Tiles. Then say goodbye to Four 12" x12" Tiles per Plank
chipped ceramic and unsightly grout.
Featuring our patented AccuTile 16" Wide Planks
Textures, Accolade Tiles feel as realistic Three 16" x16" Tiles per Plank
as they look. And maintaining their
beauty couldn’t be easier—just
sweep or damp mop. º 6 Décors

º AccuTile Textures™

º 8 mm Core

º 25-Year Limited
Residential Warranty
PJ 2654 Roma Sand 16"

º LusterGard Plus™
Surface Protection

º Glueless Click

12" x 12" tiles

16" x 16" tiles

Never again will your To-Do list say

PJ 2650 Stonehaven Sandstone 12" PJ 2651 Stonehaven Travertine 12"


PJ 2652 Florentine Rose 12" PJ 2653 Florentine Lapis 12"

PJ 2654 Roma Sand 16"

PJ 2652 Florentine Rose 12"

PJ 2653 Florentine Lapis 12"

PJ 2655 Roma Terra 16"

“scrub grout lines”.

Everyday ™
7.6" Wide Planks
Now your cost-conscious side and
your gotta-have-it side can peacefully
coexist. Available in four great looks, º 4 Décors

Pergo Everyday can make an instant º All-Over Textures

impact on your room at a price your
º 7mm Core
wallet will barely notice. For your
added peace of mind, Everyday is º 15-Year Limited
Residential Warranty PL 1669 Red Oak
backed by a 15-Year Limited
Residential Warranty. º LusterGard Plus™
Surface Protection

º Glueless Click


PL 1671 Maple

You see beauty at a value price.

Your guests just see beauty.
Pergo has everything you need to finish your
floor easily and match your floor precisely.

Finishing Touches
SimpleSolutions™ Four-In-One
Our SimpleSolutions Four-In-One
Molding lets you snap together
four different profiles from just
one package of molding, all with
LusterGard Plus™ protection.
PL 1668 Golden Oak

T-Molding Hard Surface Reducer

PL 1669 Red Oak Used to join two Pergo floors Transitions Pergo flooring to a
when meeting in a doorway of lower, hard surface floor such
four feet or less. as vinyl, wood or tile.

PL 1670 Dark Cherry Carpet Transition End Molding

Transitions Pergo flooring to a Finishes Pergo flooring at sliding
carpeted floor. doors, ceramic tile and other

Additional Moldings

PL 1671 Maple

Wallbase and Stairnose Molding

Quarter Round Also available.
Also available.
Genuine Pergo ®

Whether you choose

classic or exotic, plank
Surface Textures
or tile, you can rest
assured that your Pergo
floor will perform. All
floors feature LusterGard
LusterGard Plus™
Plus™ surface protection
and Pergo’s dual-locking Graphic Sheet
joints for easy installation
and tight, strong seams.
Core Papers

Pergo premium laminate

floors meet quality ANSI
standards set by the North
HDF Core
American Laminate
Flooring Association. Backing

Premium Attached

Why Pergo?

Pergo Traditional Vinyl Ceramic Wall To Wall

Laminate Hardwood Flooring Tile Carpeting

Genuine Pergo Fade Resistance Superior Average

Above Superior Average
is durable and Above
Wear Resistance Superior Average Superior Average
looks as great
Stain Resistance Superior Average Average
as it performs. Average Superior

And its easy Dent/Scratch Resistance Superior Average Above

Superior Superior

maintenance Moisture Resistance Superior Average Superior Superior Average

can’t be beat.
Care and Cleaning Easy Moderate Moderate Moderate Difficult

Installation Difficulty Easy Difficult Moderate Difficult Moderate

Cost Moderate Expensive Inexpensive Expensive Moderate

Premium Features

Vintage Home Select World Accolade Everyday

Traditional Strip Planks Traditional Strip Planks Traveler Tiles Planks

AccuWood All-Over Satin-Gloss All-Over All-Over

Surface Texture AccuWood AccuWood HPL
Textures Finish Textures Textures

Micro-Beveled Edges Yes Yes Yes

3.5" x 31"or 3.6" x 48.5"or 11.1" x 44.6"or

Format 3.6" x 48.5" 7.6" x 47.4" 5.7" x 47" 7.7" x 47.4" 7.6" x 47.5" 7.6" x 47.5"
5.3" x 48.5" 15.7" x 47.2"

Core Thickness 10mm ( 7⁄16") 10mm ( 7⁄16") 8 mm ( 5 ⁄16") 10mm ( 7⁄16") 8 mm ( 5⁄16") 8 mm ( 5 ⁄16") 8 mm ( 5 ⁄16") 7mm ( 1⁄4")

Indentation Resistance ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★

Attached Underlayment Yes Yes

Warranty Type Lifetime or Lt. Lifetime or Lt. 25-Year

Lifetime Lifetime 25-Year 25-Year 15-Year
Commercial Commercial

18 Feature Definitions

Find more information
and helpful tools online.
You can preview Pergo
floors and room décors AccuWood and
to get an idea of what AccuTile Textures™
your room will look like, Ultra-realistic textures
calculate how much that provide the look
flooring you'll need for and feel of authentic
your project, order hardwood, ceramic tile
samples, get design tips, or stone.
and more. Micro-Beveled Edges
An eased edge to deliver
the most realistic
Premium Attached
character of authentic
Premium attached
underlayment makes
installation easier and
provides the truest
natural sound.

■ Find Pergo Retailer Pergo Warranties

Warranties against
■ Order Samples
wear-through, stains,
■ eShowroom fading, and water
■ Find a Pergo Endorsed Installer damage from every-
All-Over Textures
day spills and damp
Texture is randomly
mopping, when
embossed in the flooring
water is removed
surface during the
production process,
giving Pergo floors their
unique and natural look.
Environmentally Compliant
At Pergo®, we feel strongly that we have a responsibility
to our environment. Pergo was one of the first laminate
manufacturers to meet the environmental requirements
to become ISO 14001 certified. In addition, Pergo
flooring products have been awarded the Green Swan
of the Nordic Environmental Label.

Recycling is a key component of our environmental

policy. Greater than 80% of the material in our floors is
from wood, most of which is derived from the waste
material of the lumber industry. We use only renewable
wood types like spruce and pine. Endangered wood is
never used to make a Pergo floor.

Pergo floors are allergy friendly, resistant to static

electricity and have natural anti-bacterial properties.








PTW 6017 Merbau 3.6"

Cover: PVH 55115 Eastwick Oak

Pergo, Inc.
3128 Highwoods Blvd.
Raleigh, NC 27604
Department 100

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