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Contacts: 9783080863, 9982496767

To be a qualified HR whose expansive knowledge in the areas of staff
recruitment and development can contribute to organizational development.

 Two year experience in education with teaching attitude.
 Extensive use of Microsoft office and internet.
 Financial 100% of college expenses.
 Always ready to learn and cooperate to others.
 Good on completing task on time.
 Pursuing MBA (2008-2010) IVth semester from the “Institute of Advanced
Studies in Education”.
 PGDBM (2008-2010) from “Taxila Business School, Jaipur”.
 Bachelor of Art’s from Mohanlal Sukhadiya University, Udaipur (Raj.) with
first division (62.72%) in the year -2006.
 Senior Secondary with first division (73.08%) from Rajasthan Board,
Ajmer in the year -2003.
 Secondary with first division (74.83%) from Rajasthan Board.Ajmer in the
year -2001.

 Bharti Sikhsha Sansthan as an accountant cum teacher in 2004-2006.
Responsibilities:- Duration - Two year
 Helped to improve student - senate relationship in the campus.
 Represented the campus in media campaigns meant to improve image of
Public School.
 Enhanced team management and improve performance programmed.
 Improve supervisory training for student.

 Shaan Motors Pvt. Ltd, Jaipur on the position of Sales Manager in
January 2010.
Responsibilities:- Duration - 7 months
 Updated information and maintained client relationships.
 Performed market research to compare competitor prices.

 Awarded scholarship in higher secondary and senior secondary examination for best academic performance from school.  Initiated and collected donation for flood victims for Bihar fund (Bihar) through proper channel.  Won several medal and honorable certificate in various co-curricular activity and awarded promising participate for active member for various social work activities conducted by society.) Pin-314404 Place Date Singnature . Jaipur for two months in involved sales increment for Pepsi-co product for Pepsi-co.  I have successfully completed my summer training from Unicon Investment Solution.  Initiated Blood donation camp at college campus..  Awarded Best bowler in the company of 500 Rs/-of the tournament at regional level cricket.for the hard work and support given during the training.  Provided benefit services to employees. It’s entailed to Providing Support to their client with strategic intervention and generates revenue for cum sale for the client.  I have fruitfully done my training on Effectiveness of merchandising on consumer decision making from Varun Beverage Pvt. Icici and Max-New York & SBI life insurance Ltd. ACHIVEVEMENTS  Ma-Foi Consulting Solution Ltd has rewarded honorarium of 2000 Rs/. PROJECT DETAILS  I done my project on Behavior Change and Communication for Performance Excellence programmed conducted by Ma-Foi Consulting Solutions. District. PERSONAL INFORMATION Name : Dalpatram Prajapat Father Name : Goutamlal Prajapat Date of Birth : 25th Dec. listening music Address : Village Post-Vikasnagar. Jaipur with the title of Essential of life Insurance for two months in Reliance. Chennai in order to get better quality of health services.Dungarpur (Raj. walking & playing cricket. Ltd.  Created and edited sales reports. 1985 Interest : Travelling. Attended several sales calls.