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monday, september 20, 2010

Act to be
Sports | page 12
voted on
North Carolina’s football team
this week
lost its second of two games
Would give undocumented
Saturday. “We’ve just got to get
better,” quarterback T.J. Yates students path to citizenship
said. “It’s frustrating, but we
by Elizabeth johnson
know it’s fixable.” staff writer
A 9-year-old piece of legislation will get
another chance to pass in Congress this week,
giving undocumented immigrant students a
conditional path to citizenship if approved.
The Development, Relief and Education of
Alien Minors Act gives undocumented immi-
grants less than 16 years old, who have lived in
the country for more than five years, a chance
to earn American citizenship.
People who meet these requirements will
have to complete two years of military service
or earn a college degree in exchange for their
green card.
“We are thrilled about this,” said Ron Bilbao,
city | page 3 president of the Coalition for College Access at
UNC. “This should have been voted on a long
time ago. People should have been in school and
FOOD TRUCKS not suffering during the past few years,” Bilbao
A local shop owner is said.
Coalition for College Access has been urging
petitioning the Chapel Hill people to call on members of Congress to vote in
Town Council to allow food support of the DREAM Act, Bilbao said.
The Senate is expected to vote Wednesday on
trucks like Carrboro’s taco the act, which is being proposed as an amendment
trucks. Chamber of Commerce to the National Defense Authorization Act.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.,
President Aaron Nelson said sent out a release last week urging senators to
vote for the National Defense Authorization Act
trucks have come about in
and each of its amendments.
the last five years. “The DREAM Act amendment will ensure
dth/zach gutterman that millions of children who grow up as
Chancellor Holden Thorp talks with Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage from Discovery Channel’s MythBusters in the Dean Dome. Americans will be able to get the education they
need to contribute to our economy,” Reid said

in the release.
The focus of the bill is military investment.
If passed, the government will spend a record
$726 billion on strengthening counterterror-
ism efforts, missile defense and nuclear non-
Science duo addresses crowd “There are still things you can do proliferation. A portion of the budget will be
used to buy new equipment and uniforms for
and problems you can solve that the military.
“It is a dirty political trick to stick the
by Maria Gontaruk
staff writer no one has ever done before." DREAM Act in an unrelated bill as an amend-
Anecdotes ranging from underwater automobile ment,” said William Gheen, leader of Americans
Adam Savage, Mythbusters Co-host
city | page 4 escapes to loud music shattering windows were all part
of the behind-the-scenes insight shared Sunday by Adam
for Legal Immigration.
“This organization has helped defeat the
DOGS IN THE POOL Savage and Jamie Hyneman, co-hosts of the Discovery Savage and Hyneman encouraged the audience to ask DREAM Act before, and we are hopeful we can
Channel show MythBusters. why certain things happen and to experiment on their do it again. The nightmare act amnesty will only
Orange County Animal Ser- “The most meaningful part of doing the show has been own. attract more illegal immigrants who will even-
vices hosted its sixth annual everything we learn from our experiments,” Hyneman said “There are still things you can do and problems you can tually become voters,” he said.
to the few thousand people in attendance at the Dean E. solve that no one has ever done before,” Savage said. Gheen also said that Democrats will lose
dog swim brought families to Smith Center. Savage and Hyneman prepared a video for the event that more seats in the November election if they
“And if we get to use explosives along the way, then it’s featured explosions from the show. vote for this bill.
the pool Saturday. The event Democrats are hoping to do the opposite.
even better.” In addition, they prepared one addressing the most fre-
usually draws about 100 The event was part of the North Carolina Science quently asked question on the Discovery Channel website: They want to win over the Latino vote in the
Festival, the first-ever statewide science festival in the “Can people light their own farts?” upcoming election by showing their support
dogs. United States, according to UNC. It was coordinated by They said they were the first to get the evidence in high for the bill.
the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center. speed photographs. But some Democrats might not approve
the bill because they are still hoping to vote on
sports | online
Chancellor Holden Thorp led the 90-minute program, You can indeed light them up.
“An Afternoon with Adam and Jamie,” where the audience “I think there’s a sort of playfulness about what we do comprehensive immigration reform, not just
had the opportunity to ask the duo questions. that makes learning fun,” Hyneman said. one piece of it.
WEEKEND GAMES “The DREAM Act should be considered in
Savage and Hyneman took the opportunity to share After high school, Savage said he concentrated on the
Visit their feelings on the show’s philosophy. special effects industry and worked on movies such as the context of comprehensive immigration
“Busting myths or experimenting is just like climbing “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace” and “The reform,” said Jack Pfeiffer, press secretary for
for more about games this Matrix.” Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C. He said that the U.S.
a mountain — you don’t do it because the view is great,
weekend, including those by but because it is a challenge and you learn throughout the Hyneman said he earned a degree in Russian studies should take necessary steps to handle the way
process,” Hyneman said. and produced effects for more than 800 commercials. illegal immigration is handled.
men’s and women’s soccer Thorp said he couldn’t imagine anyone better than the The pair said they have used their diverse range of life But Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., sees the act
teams, the women’s golf MythBusters pair to get students and young people inter- as a way of rewarding undocumented immi-
ested in science. See MYTHBUSTERS, Page 6
team and the field hockey See Dream Act, Page 6

this day in history First black students’ 55th anniversary honored

SEPT. 20, 1979 …
The women’s soccer program
Honorees discuss their experiences
played its first game, defeating by Deborah Strange Georgia Tech.
the Duke University Blue Devils staff writer The three enrolled in the
Freshman Kori White thought University in 1955, one year after
12-0. The team has since gone diversity at the University was the landmark Brown v. Board
lacking, and she considered leav- of Education decision declared
on to win 20 NCAA national ing. racial segregation in schools to be
championships. But after attending a discussion unconstitutional.
Friday with the first black under- Ralph Frasier said he was a stu-
graduates to attend UNC, White dent at Hillside High School in
Today’s weather said she decided to stay. Durham in 1955, when represen-
“The entire lecture was inspir- tatives from the Campus Y visited
Revive a sunburn
ing,” White said. “If you missed it, to recruit eligible black students to
from the game. you missed a once-in-a-lifetime apply for admission to UNC.
H 92, L 63 experience.” He said that according to the
White was one of more than Campus Y, if the school could find
Tuesday’s weather 100 people to celebrate the African-American students inter-
55th anniversary of John Lewis ested in applying to the University,
Hot and sunny Brandon and Ralph and LeRoy those students would receive a
again. Imagine that. Frasier’s enrollment at UNC on warm reception.
H 87, L 67 Friday at the Sonja Haynes Stone The principal of Hillside High
Center. School at the time met with a com-
After the lecture, some retired to munity committee, of which the
index a reception where students eagerly Frasiers’ father was a part, to deter-
police log ......................... 2 awaited the chance to speak with mine whether the benefits of apply-
calendar ............................. 2 them one-on-one. ing to and enrolling in school would
crossword ......................... 7 The next day, students cheered reach the wider community. dth/BJ dworak
opinion................................ 8 as the three were honored at “What they did wasn’t for them,” First black students John Lewis Brandon and Ralph and LeRoy Frasier were honored at Saturday’s football game
nation and world ............. 9 Kenan Stadium before the kickoff for the 55th anniversary of desegregation at UNC by Chancellor Holden Thorp and Vice Chancellor Winston Crisp.
SportsMonday.................. 12 of UNC’s football game against See Anniversary, Page 6
2 monday, september 20, 2010 News The Daily Tar Heel

celebrating wilson
The Daily Tar Heel DAILY
ta ke
one dai l y

Established 1893
117 years of
editorial freedom It’s all yours, if you can haul it away
SARAH FRIER jonathan

From staff and wire reports
EDITOR-in-chief jones
he city of Columbia, S.C. is giving away an office building to anyone who
office hours: T, TH wants it.
2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. emily evans, The recipient must agree to haul the building off the property at
STEVEN NORTON jenny smith
Managing editor copy co-EDITORs their own expense, allowing the city to build a parking lot in its place.
962-0372 dailytarheelcopy@
scnorton@email. The building was constructed for apartments but was remodeled to serve as an
Carter McCall office building.
C. Ryan barber
cfmcall@email. The cost of hauling off the building could be about $100,000. Even the city is
university EDITOR
843-4529 saying that it’s a long shot that anyone will accept the offer. If authorities don’t kelly mchugh
design editor receive any interest by the end of this month, they will go ahead and demolish
VICTORIA kbmchugh@email. the building.
962-4103 Ryan NOTED. A California woman is suing her QUOTED. “He’s back home where he belongs. kurtzman gynecologist for allegedly burning her name on Thank you for finding our gorilla.”
graphics editor
Tarini Parti dthgraphics@ her uterus after a hysterectomy operation. — Johnny Kia, after his missing 30-foot-tall
STATE & NATIONAL Her doctor, Red Alinsod, admitted that he’d inflatable gorilla was found on top of a high
EDITOR, 962-4103 used an electrocautery device to burn the name
Nushmia khan
multimedia editor
“Ingrid” into the woman’s removed uterus, so The 350-pound ape, unofficially known as
Nick Andersen as not to get it mixed up with other organs “Thrilla,” was discovered Friday morning on
Arts Editor removed from other patients. The woman has the roof of Royal High School. The ape didn’t dth/erin hull

843-4529 allyson filed a lawsuit against the doctor. appear to be damaged, Kia said.
batchelor obert Martin (Ph.D. ‘88) spoke in the Pleasants
linnie greene special sections
diversions editor EDITOr Family Assembly Room at Wilson Library on Friday
COMMUNITY CALENDAr afternoon about its namesake. Martin was the guest
BJ Dworak,
lauren mccay
sara gregory speaker for the Louis Round Wilson Distinguished Professor
community Shanghai correspondent Rob Gifford decades and coming to terms with his
photo co-editors manager today Celebration. This year’s winner was Barbara B. Moran.
dthphoto@gmail. gsara@email.unc. will give a lecture entitled “China enduring inner hillbilly. McFee is the
com edu Global lecture: Geology professor Road: A journey into the future of author or editor of 13 books and is

➤ The Daily Tar Heel reports

Jonathan Lees will be give a lecture
entitled “The Earth Cries Out: We Are
a rising power.” Gifford will share
insights from his extensive travels
director of the Creative Writing pro-
gram at UNC. Police log
any inaccurate information Listening.” He will draw attention to covering China for NPR and a 3,000- Time: 4 p.m. n Someone pried open the door reports. The person stole $75 in
published as soon as the error the recently raised awareness about mile journey across China’s Route Location: Royall Room, Alumni of a house at 2:35 a.m. Saturday cash. The $10 wallet was recov-
is discovered. vulnerability to natural disasters on 312 from Shanghai to Kazakhstan. Center at 139 Johnson St., according to ered, reports state.
a large scale. Admission is $15 ($5 A reception will follow the lecture. Chapel Hill police reports.
➤ Corrections for front-page
for GAA members). Register online RSVP to Music and health: Malawian musi- The person stole $1,800 in elec- n A moving vehicle ran over
errors will be printed on the
at Time: 5:30 p.m. cian Peter Mawanga will hold a lecture tronics, reports state. street signs, sending debris across
front page. Any other incorrect
Time: 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Location: FedEx Global Education and performance entitled “Hearing the roadway, at 5:49 a.m. Friday at
information will be corrected n Someone stole an Android the intersection of U.S. Highway
Location: Alumni Center Center is Healing: The Intersection of Music
on page 3. Errors committed and Public Health.” Mawanga blends phone from an unsecured gym 15-501 and Dogwood Acres Drive,
on the Opinion Page have cor- Internship workshop: Get some Tuesday traditional African, jazz and Caribbean locker between 11:30 a.m. and according to Chapel Hill police
rections printed on that page. internship searching tips and learn rhythms with modern instrumentation 12:20 p.m. Saturday at East Chapel reports.
Corrections also are noted in the about University Career Services Yoga: Experience yoga in the Ackland to create an international flavor that Hill High School, according to Damage to the two street signs
online versions of our stories. resources that can help you find galleries. Yoga mats and museum is still rooted in his native Malawi. He Chapel Hill police reports. was valued at $500, reports state.
➤ Contact Managing Editor the job you’re looking for. Log into cushions will be provided. Wear com- will speak about his work mentoring The phone was worth $150,
Steven Norton at scnorton@ Careerolina to RSVP. fortable clothing that will allow you Malawian orphans and street children reports state. n Someone stole an iPod from with issues about Time: 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. to stretch, and long sleeves because through music. A video presentation a student’s backpack between
this policy. Location: Hanes Hall, Room 239B the galleries can be cool. Admission is and reception will follow. n Someone broke a window 2:05 p.m. and 2:55 p.m. Thursday
free for members ($5 otherwise) and Time: 5:30 p.m. between 7:30 p.m. Friday and 11 at East Chapel Hill High School,
Mail: P.O. Box 3257, Chapel Hill, NC 27515 Market: Visit the Third Monday registration is limited. Sessions are led Location: FedEx Global Education a.m. Saturday at Investors Title according to Chapel Hill police
Office: 151 E. Rosemary St. Market at Harry’s Market. Local by Joanne Marshall. Center Company, according to Chapel Hill reports. The iPod was worth $200,
Sarah Frier, Editor-in-Chief, 962-4086
farmers, growers, artisans, perform- Time: Noon to 1 p.m. police reports. reports state.
Advertising & Business, 962-1163
News, Features, Sports, 962-0245 ers and crafters will sell, display and Location: Ackland Art Museum To make a calendar submission, Damage to the window pane
perform for visitors. e-mail was valued at $50, reports state. n Someone told the police at
One copy per person; additional copies may be
Time: 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Reading: Michael McFee, a profes- Events will be published in the 10:09 a.m. Thursday that she
purchased at The Daily Tar Heel for $.25 each.
Please report suspicious activity at our Location: 3300 Hwy. 54 West, sor of English, will read an essay and newspaper on either the day or the n Someone stole cash from a feared that two dogs running in
distribution racks by e-mailing Chapel Hill some poems about growing up in the day before they take place. wallet between 6 p.m. Thursday front of 108 Rock Spring Court
North Carolina mountains, living as an Submissions must be sent in by and midnight Friday at 208 Greene would be struck by cars, according
© 2010 DTH Media Corp.
China Road: National Public Radio Appalachian-in-exile for nearly four noon the preceding publication date. St., according to Chapel Hill police to Carrboro police reports.
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The Daily Tar Heel Top News monday, september 20, 2010 3

Secretary issues radio survey Health

campus BRIEFS
UNC to test Alert Carolina
emergency sirens Tuesday

The University will test its emer-
gency sirens Tuesday between noon
and 1 p.m.
Upsets WXYC, student government amount of student fees go to WXYC
and that the weekly “Student Body Poll questions:
The sirens, which are part of President Radio Show” is one Have you listened to

the Alert Carolina safety aware- by Jordan walker Lee and Student Body Vice of student government’s most WXYC while at UNC?
ness campaign, are likely to be staff writer President Holly Boardman said the important outlets to reach out to Yes/ No
audible in on- and off-campus A poll designed and publicized purpose of the poll is to determine students.
by Student Body Secretary Ian Lee the number of students who listen Lee said he intends to release If so how many times?
locations, including downtown

Chapel Hill. has ruffled a few feathers within to WXYC and how the station can similar polls about different orga-
The test is intended to check student government and WXYC, be improved. nizations every month. 5-10
equipment and remind students, the campus radio station. “Quite frankly, a lot of students He said he plans to let the survey 10-50
professors and staff of what to do Lee sent an e-mail Thursday to don’ t listen to it,” Boardman run for two weeks and hopes to col- 50+
in case of an emergency. multiple listservs asking students said. lect up more than 500 responses,
to take a poll aimed at gauging The poll provides students the then give the results to WXYC for How would you rate the
No action will be required dur-
ing the test. The sirens will sound their opinion of WXYC.
Officials from student govern-
opportunity to voice what type of
programming they want WXYC to
Santoro and WXYC station
programming at WXYC?
Abortion opt-
an alert tone along with a pre-
recorded public address message. ment and the station said they
think the process could have been
feature more frequently.
Those who take the poll are
manager Nicole Campbell said
they had no knowledge of the poll
out still in place
Upon completion of the test, a dif-
ferent tone and voice message will carried out more effectively if Lee allowed to write in a genre under before it was released. I do not know by Jen Serdetchnaia
signal, “All clear. Resume normal had sought the help of more orga- the “other” category or check one of Santoro said there is a gap Assistant State and National Editor
nizations. four other options, including news between the mission of the radio What types of program-
activities.” ming would you like to Concerns from students about
The University will also send “It just seems rushed,” said and hip-hop. station and the wishes of students, the abortion benefit in the UNC-
Student Congress Speaker But Santoro said this list is and that student government see more of at WXYC?
texts to about 46,000 cell phone system health insurance plan
numbers which have been regis- Deanna Santoro. “Had all branch- insufficient considering the sta- should work to address it. But it Top 40 Music might go unaddressed by the state
tered by students, professors and es of student government and tion’s broad range of content. should have been a collaborative Talk Shows government.
staff through an online campus WXYC been involved, we could Lee said he was enabled to initi- effort, she said. News As part of advocacy efforts to
directory. About 26,000 of those have made sure the poll was more ate the poll, in part, by changes to Campbell said the sur ve y Hip-hop remove the abortion benefit in the
numbers belong to students. thorough.” the Student Code that have given should not have been publicized Other student insurance plan, members
In normal instances, students Santoro said WXYC receives student body secretaries a broad- through student government list- of Students for Life of America
feedback from students each er range of power. Those duties servs. What programming, if any, wrote a letter to Gov. Bev Perdue in
should seek shelter and close win-
dows and doors upon hearing the semester through multiple ave- include soliciting feedback from do you currently enjoy on August after being dissatisfied with
sirens. nues, including student call-ins students. Contact the University Editor WXYC and would like to system President Erskine Bowles’
and other station initiatives. Boardman said a significant at see continued? response.
Bowles changed the abortion
UNC centers receive more benefit to an optional instead of
than $11 million in grants a default provision after receiving
several e-mails from students and
Seven international centers at parents.
the UNC have received competi- Students for Life of America
tive Title VI grants from the U.S. received a response on Sept. 10
Department of Education that will from Perdue but waited a week to
total $11.29 million over the next make the announcement public,
four years. said Kristan Hawkins, executive
The awards will support global director for Students for Life of
business education, international America.
and regional studies — including In a two-paragraph letter,
foreign-language and area-studies Perdue only thanked the orga-
fellowships for students — lan- nization for its civic engagement
guage instruction, teaching and without further addressing the
research and community outreach issue.
involving Africa, Europe, Eurasia, “We are pretty disappointed in
Latin America and the Middle the way the governor responded,”
East. Hawkins said.
The centers that received “We had written this serious let-
funds are the African Studies ter asking her to address this seri-
Center, the Carolina Center for ous matter, and in return, we got a
the Study of the Middle East brush-off.”
and Muslim Civilizations, the Perdue’s response makes it seem
Center for European Studies, like the issue is not important to
the Center for Global Initiatives, her, Hawkins said.
the Center for Slavic, Eurasian “To parents and students, it’s an
and East European Studies, the important question,” she said.
Institute for the Study of the Some student groups agree with
Americas and the UNC Center for this stance.
International Business Education “It would have been nice to see
and Research. any sort of concerned response,”
said Chase McDonough, a UNC
Your Health Radio program student and a member of Carolina
celebrates 100th broadcast dth/shane pusz Students for Life.
Mark Byrley, 56 from Carrboro, receives some food at the taco truck in Carrboro near Harris Teeter. Several food trucks operate in The campus organization is not
YOUR HEALTH Radio, a show a subsidiary of Students for Life of
launched two years ago by UNC’s
Carrboro, but regulations for licenses and permissions for space for food trucks have stopped some from operating them in Chapel Hill.

Food trucks face obstacles

Department of Family Medicine, Perdue should have at least
celebrated its 100th show this engaged in debate, he said.
weekend. “It would have been really nice
The one-hour talk show on to have a response to our con-
patient health is co-hosted by cerns instead of her thanking us,”
Dr. Cristy Page and Dr. Adam
Goldstein. The show was created as
Managers challenge outdated regulations ing, he was unable to present his petition.
Aaron Nelson, president and CEO of
McDonough said.
“It’s a cold-hearted response.”
a service project aimed at improv- the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of
The ideal response would have
ing primary preventative care. By Dominique moore license and are subject to intense scrutiny by Commerce, said food trucks are a recent
been Perdue putting the system in
The show used its 100th episode Staff Writer the local health department. The merchant development, coming into existence only in
its place and calling for the removal
to introduce two new service ini- Though operating food trucks in Chapel also must obtain permission of the property the last five years.
of the abortion benefit altogether,
tiatives. Information about ques- Hill is not illegal, the regulations placed on owner where the business is located. “This is a new fad,” he said. “We need to
McDonough said.
tions from listeners is now avail- them hardly make it worth the trouble for The town’s regulations do not apply to make sure (food trucks) are properly regu-
But others believe that by mak-
able on a weekly basis beyond some truck operators. UNC’s campus. lated, clean and safe. They can add character
ing the benefit optional for stu-
YOUR HEALTH Radio and YOUR Town spokeswoman Catherine Lazorko Lex Alexander, a managing partner of to the community.”
dents, the system has already dealt
HEALTH News. The show has also said in an e-mail that Chapel Hill regulates 3CUPS in Chapel Hill, said he is trying to Lazorko said some mobile food services
with the issue.
instituted a new website, www. food trucks and their applications closely. draw attention to the outdated regulations. with licenses already exist in the town, and
“Her response was absolutely, where listen- “There are numerous issues that food At last week’s Chapel Hill Town Council the council could be revisited in the future.
appropriate,” said Lee Storrow,
ers can access the show and news trucks present — trash, health, and public meeting, Alexander planned to submit a “There is an increasing popularity for
UNC student and member
column for free. safety, parking, signage, lighting, taxes, eco- petition in an effort to change the rules. these sorts of eating facilities,” she said.
of VOX: Voices for Planned
nomic impacts on brick-and-mortar restau- “As a retail merchant operating in our “The council may decide that it would like
rants,” Lazorko said. town at 3CUPS, I would welcome the excite- to explore appropriate uses for them in the
“In my mind, this issue is over,”
City BRIEFS The town defines an “itinerant merchant” ment and vitality this new cutting edge phe- community.”
he said. “We have a compromise
Two low-cost rabies vaccine as a person who sells goods somewhere other nomenon would provide the residents who
that works for everyone.”
than a brick-and-mortar store. live here,” the petition states. Contact the City Editor
clinics offered this week These merchants must purchase a special He said because he was late to the meet- at
Contact the State & National
This week Orange County Editor at
Animal Services Department is

offering two low-cost rabies vacci-
“That's what you said” is a collection of Facebook
You on You on
nation clinics to commemorate of
the 4th annual World Rabies Day, posts and tweets from throughout the week. To have

which is Sept. 28.
Both clinics are offering one-
year rabies vaccinations for cats
your comment included, tweet to @dailytarheel to
make sure we follow you, or post on our Facebook Twitter
and dogs for $10. wall. We also feature photos, which can be sent to
The first clinic will be held What’s happening?
from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday at The Daily Tar Heel And
Orange County Animal Services that's the game. UNC falls 30-24

Center at 1601 Eubanks Road in to Georgia Tech's triple option Home
Send us your photos from
Chapel Hill. offense.
the weekend, and they could jrbeaton
The second clinic will be held
from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday at
the Government Services Center
Annex at 208 S. Cameron St. in
Photos end up on page 3. E-mail to!
Paul Prelovsky Awful way
Overheard at the #UNC Dean
Dome (said by the father of the
to start the season... 0 - 2 2 kids in the #Duke shirts): “Hey
Hillsborough. This clinic will only Trending guys, let’s look for the NIT runner-
accept cash. up banner!”

World Rabies Day is sponsored
by the Alliance for Rabies Control Janice Geddings Joyner SincereBeaute
and the Center for Disease Control aww man
I love the U bus. It just saved me
and Prevention along with other Twitter’s trending topics show from the heat. #unc
organizations. the top things people were
The campaign raises awareness talking about in Chapel Hill this Vick Griffin I’ll settle for a UNCLoreleis
about rabies and promotes preven- .500 year if all the suspensions
week. Spent the afternoon singing at the
tion efforts. stick. What a bunch of asshats.
UNC Children’s Hospital. Such an

Street closure causes detour #mythbusters Todd Holtet And our sorry
inspiring event. We have so much
to be thankful for.
for Pittsboro Express route #chapelhill offense... HoganMedlin
On Monday, the Pittsboro
Express route will be detoured #newtwitter Linda Maultsby How many
So honored to have met LeRoy
Frasier, John Brandon and Ralph
along West Street, Fayetteville Frasier. Two inspiring days and a
Street and West Salisbury Street #vma points does Duke have to give
renewed passion to fight injus-
due to the partial closure of the #icv2010 up to Alabama to make it hurt
less? tices. #55yrs
Chatham County Courthouse
Circle in downtown Pittsboro. #ff #reallymeans camden5jones

The normal route will resume Good effort Heels. It’s a shame
Tuesday. Kalin Holsonback and her friends got ready for the football game Matt Pittman ^over 100
hopefully your teammates couldn’t stay
on Saturday. Visit for more photos. out of trouble, and then we really
-From staff and wire reports would have had a shot. #UNC
4 monday, september 20, 2010 News The Daily Tar Heel

Shelter’s annual dog swim draws a crowd

Raises funds for new grooming tub water for as long as it stayed.
Fallin said the main goal of this
Many of the volunteers at
the dog swim were members of
year’s swim was to raise money for Helping Paws, a division of the
by Brian Fanney A.D. Clark Pool. a $2,700 grooming tub. UNC Campus Y.
staff writer Sarah Fallin, volunteer program The department raised more Co-chairwoman Alex Lane said
Je ff Kimmel and Patricia coordinator for county animal ser- than a third of that total at a recent the organization, the only animal
Kirley were taking their dog, vices, said the event usually draws raffle. welfare group on campus, sponsors
Bozer, swimming at the Haw about 100 dogs and between 200 Animal services also part- fundraising efforts and awareness
River when two girls approached and 300 people. nered with the Raleigh News and events on campus.
them about an opportunity they With a $5 admission fee for each Observer’s Most Adorable Pet “I would like to extend social
couldn’t miss. dog, she said the event normally Contest to raise money for the justice to animals,” Lane said.
“Why shouldn’t he swim in a generates about $500, all of which tub. The group set up a table at the
pool?” said Kimmel. goes to the animal shelter. For the contest, people submit dog swim with animal services to
Kimmel was one of the first to “We thought about increasing and vote on pictures of their pets. provide participants with pet adop-
arrive Saturday at Orange County the price, but it’s a fun event,” Fallin Animals who win will be featured tion information.
Animal Services’ 6th annual dog said. in a calender to be sold by Animal Ruth Thomson and her two
swim. “With the economy the way it is, Services. daughters, Emma and Anna, said
The event invited local dogs and we decided to keep it at $5.” The department will print 500 they attended the event to support
their owners to swim together at The entry fee included the dog’s calendars and sell them for $5 the animal shelter.
the Hargraves Community Center’s treats, tennis balls and drinking each. Thomson said their dog Tony
was in the minority of dogs that
were scared of the water.
Deborah Evans said she came to
Alpha Delta Pi presents the dog swim after seeing an adver-
tisement in the paper.
Evans said she had a good time

Ron-A-Thon 5K at the event and wished she knew

of a place in Chapel Hill where
she could take her dog swimming
Volunteers worked to ensure
patron safety by blocking exits,
bringing water for dogs and their
owners and picking up dog drop-
UNC junior Alex Jakubsen said
he worked the dog swim for the
first time after joining Helping
“Doody calls,” he said, laughing,
as he worked the event.
dth/kate locke
Contact the City Editor Tracy Kelly of Chapel Hill helps Polo, a 14-year-old mixed-breed, swim at
at A.D. Clark pool. Kelly and Polo have come to the dog swim for many years.


September 26th, 9-11am. Starting at Old Well.
Registration begins at 7:30am.
Benefits the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill

Register early for $15 online at or in the pit all this week. Late
registration at the event is $20. Registration includes complimentary breakfast, drinks,
event t-shirt and goody bag.

Pre-race dinner September 25th at the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house from 6pm-8:30pm.
It’s a fun & flexible job that allows you to learn about the way advertising is bought, sold & produced by the largest circulating
paper in Orange County. Not only will you be working for one of the best college dailies in the nation, you will be gaining val-
There will be a band and raffle with lots of prizes! uable sales skills that will benefit you no matter what career path you may take. We are a hard-working, motivated team that
emphasizes customer service. Stop by 151 E. Rosemary Street to pick up an application. Due October 1st.

Date: Wednesday, September 22
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Carolina Inn
Speaker: Jory Berson, Capital One Chief Human Resources Officer,
Executive Committee Member, and UNC Alumnus
Come and learn more about Capital One and our exciting career opportunities.
We look forward to meeting you!

Available Career Opportunities:

• Analyst Development Program - Business Analyst
• Finance Rotation Program Associate

Questions? Please contact your recruiter Bambi Walser

We are an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity
in the workplace. We promote a drug-free work environment.
If you require an accommodation to apply for a U.S. employment
opportunity, please contact Recruiting at 1-800-304-9102.

UNC_campus_qtrpgNP_091510.indd 1 9/15/10 2:02 PM

The Daily Tar Heel State and National monday, september 20, 2010 5

Customized majors Graduate schools see

are di∞cult to create increase in applications by Danielle Stephenson “Students could also be look- vated me more to go and seek a
Many pros, cons in designing curricula “The student staff writer
A recent report found a sig-
ing for a short-come solution. They higher degree as it is now becoming
plan on spending one to two years a requirement for securing a job.”

by Sneha Rao porate many subjects if other

may have left out nificant increase in applications
to graduate schools, confirming a
in grad school then returning to fur-
ther their careers,” Tauchen said. Contact the State and National
staff writer options do not accomplish the important courses trend many had been expecting. “Throughout time more students Editor at
Last year, Jesalyn Keziah tried to task. Applications to U.S. graduate receive degrees and higher educa-
create her own major. Siedentop said he sees a benefit that are schools grew 8.3 percent from fall tion, and advanced skills become a
By the numbers
But after struggling with the
process and the structure, she said
in creating a custom major.
“You can tailor your specific
necessary.” 2008 to fall 2009, according to
the report by Council of Graduate
positive addition to society.”
Students with advanced degrees A survey of graduate enrollment
it didn’t work out. interests into a really structured Schools and the Graduate Record are taking jobs they haven’t in the and degree applications found
“The process isn’t as open as it is
ray angle, University career services
program,” Siedentop said. Examinations Board. Between fall past, which creates a crowding-out that —
advertised,” Keziah said. “I know that premed students “Since the self-created major 2007 and fall 2008, applications effect for society, she said. Admission to U.S. graduate
She is one of several students have mentioned that medical does not have a specific predeter- grew 4.8 percent. But the report did not address the schools grew 8.3 percent from
at UNC who want the freedom schools are looking for diverse mined curriculum, the student may The report’s results could be a relation between having a graduate 2008 to 2009.
to customize their academic pro- students. So that is one way of have left out important courses that combination of the hurting econo- degree and getting a job, said spokes-
grams even as schools in the past making their application look dif- are necessary,” he added. my and a higher standard as more man for the council Stuart Heiser. Enrollment of new students at
few years have added a variety of ferent.” Keziah said many of her friends receive secondary education, said The most popular fields were U.S. graduate schools grew 5.5
majors and minors. He warned that students creat- have considered the option but Helen Tauchen, an economics pro- business, engineering and social percent from 2008 to 2009, com-
Nick Siedentop, a curriculum ing a major for the sole purpose have been discouraged by the fessor at UNC. and behavioral sciences. But the pared to 4.5 percent previously
coordinator for the undergradu- of a unique graduate school appli- complicated process of applying “Students don’t have very good fastest one-year growth occurred in Total enrollment grew 4.7
ate education office and an adviser cation will not get far in the pro- for their own majors. options elsewhere when the econo- health sciences, up 14.6 percent. percent in 2009 compared to 3.0
who specializes in custom majors, cess. “Students who are passionate my looks bad,” Tauchen said. “This Junior psychology major Jordan percent in 2008.
said he has had between five and 15 Ray Angle, director of University about a topic should not be con- isn’t the first time this has hap- White said he had always planned Trends in graduate educa-
students express interest in creat- Career Services, said self-created fined to a program simply because pened. The Depression had also to go to graduate school, but has tion shows that growth in both
ing their own major in the past six majors can be potential liabilities it is already there,” she said. spiked an interest in higher educa- recently been trying to decide first-time and total graduate
months. when students start looking for Angle also said the self-created tion as it started to look attractive whether he wants to work first. enrollment in 2009 was higher
But Siedentop said students jobs. major might cause confusion for compared to the alternatives.” “Neither the economic situation for men than for women, revers-
already have many choices for He said he would only encour- those not familiar with the stu- Enrollment of new students in the United States nor my own ing a long-term trend. First-time
majors at the University, and age students to pursue the self- dent’s program. at U.S. graduate schools grew 5.5 status has had much of an effect on enrollment for men increased 6.7
administrators want the option of created major if they were highly “It’s extremely rare for employ- percent from 2008 to 2009, com- my post-graduate plans,” he said in percent compared to 4.7 percent
creating a new major to be the last motivated and knew of a specific ers who want an individualized pared to 4.5 percent the previous an e-mail. for women.
resort. organization or employer that major in a particular area,” he year, according to the report. “If anything, it may have moti-
“With over 100 different majors could hire them for their specific said. And total enrollment grew 4.7
and minors options, students have major. “They look at students in groups percent in 2009 after increasing 3
a lot of options,” Siedentop said. “When you think about employ- of learning communities.” percent in 2008.
He said that students not satis- ers, you always want a reason for The report found that growth in
fied with the offering of majors at them to screen you in, not screen Contact the State & National both first-time and total graduate
the University should look toward you out,” he said. Editor at enrollment in 2009 was higher for
interdisciplinary options before men than women, reversing a long-
creating their own majors. Steps for creating your own major term trend. First-time enrollment
He also said the amount of time for men increased 6.7 percent, com-
1. Familiarize yourself with the 5. With the associate dean’s
and effort necessary to successfully pared to 4.7 percent for women.
rules governing the interdisciplinary approval, consult the directors of
create a major is not something to Tauchen said the increase in
major. Number of courses, mini- undergraduate studies in all the
be taken lightly. applications has been reflected at
mum GPA, etc. affected departments/schools.
“It’s a long process because our UNC as more graduates have been
college is really structured to pro- seeking further education.
mote interdisciplinary programs 2. Articulate on paper a clear 6. Obtain a written statement
first,” he said. rationale for the intended course of endorsing the feasibility and ratio-
Philosophy professor Susan study, and be prepared to explain nale of the proposed major from a
Wolf said that she knows of stu- why the intellectual interests of the faculty sponsor in one of the affect
dents in the past who designed student cannot be served within departments
their own majors and that creat- existing degree programs.
Take 15/501 South towards Pittsboro
Exit Market St. / Southern Village
Box lunches and Brunch Packs!
ing a custom major made them Great harvest bread company
7. Submit the major proposal with EASY A J ......................................................1:00-3:00-5:00-7:15-9:30
unique. 3. Create a name for the major and all supporting documents by the THE TOWN K .............................................................1:10-4:10-7:20-9:45 229 S Elliott
“It’s the sign of a very creative develop a tentative course itinerary semester deadlines: Sept. 15 for RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE K..................1:20-4:20-7:25-9:50 chapel hill, nc 27514
person,” she said. for the junior and senior years. fall, Jan. 15 for spring. THE AMERICAN K ...............................................1:15-4:15-7:15-9:40 Phone: 923-1112
Junior Grayson Cooper is in LEGENDARY J .....................................................................7:10-9:40
the process of creating his own NANNY MCPHEE RETURNS I .................................1:15-4:15 Tue-Fri 7am-6pm Sat 7am-4pm
major. 4. Schedule a preliminary consulta- Source: Office of the Undergradate Outdoor Screen: Fri., Sept. 17 - @ 8:15 KNIGHT AND DAY J
He said he thinks that creating tion with the associate dean in Curricula website (http://www.unc. All shows $6.50 for college students with ID
a major is a great way to incor- undergraduate curricula. edu/depts/uc/ht_idst.html) Matinees


START chAllenging youRSelf.


START RAiSing The bAR.


START MAKing A DiffeRence.



There’s strong. Then there’s Army Strong. Make

Army RoTc part of your unc experience and be
eligible for a full-tuition scholarship, fees for books
and a monthly stipend. When you’re finished,
you’ll earn the rank of Second lieutenant. Register
for an RoTc elective today.
To get started, email
or visit

ASK AbouT ouR SuMMeR leADeRShiP AnD ScholARShiP oPPoRTuniTieS!

contact Army RoTc at 919-962-5546 or email or stop by the
RoTc Armory at the corner of South Rd. and S. columbia St. (officer 410)
©2008. Paid for by the united States Army. All rights reserved.

UNC Obstacle BW Ad 5.75x10.5.indd 1 8/16/10 11:41 AM

6 monday, september 20, 2010 News The Daily Tar Heel

Company Carolina reorganizes anniversary

from page 1

said Marie Washington, a daughter

1995 Aims for success during which there exists no written

record of the company’s activities.
of Ralph Frasier. “It was for other
African-Americans and for their
Company Carolina is
formed with fall shows With large, popular productions
like “RENT,” which went up last
Ultimately, the pros overcame
November, the company is trying to the cons, and his parents were the
by Carson Fish get back into the spotlight. driving force behind his enroll-
2000 staff writer About 2,200 people attended the ment, Frasier said.
Split from the UNC A 15-year-old student organization production of “RENT,” performed in But when they arrived, Frasier
communications department should have rich, documented history, the Forest Theatre. said he, his brother LeRoy and
and established itself as an but this isn’t the case for student-run “At the end of every night, I had so Brandon were not greeted with
independent organization theater group Company Carolina. much cash in the cash box that I had open arms.
2003 When senior Stephanie Waaser to have a cop take me home,” Waaser “In the ’50s, if I was walking
There is no record of became a producer for the group two said. on the campus sidewalk — I don’t
any production or years ago, she found the company was “RENT” was the biggest produc- mean to suggest it was a fearful
other activity during a little more than disorganized. tion in the company’s history, mem- situation — but I would be wary

this time period The group lacked a basic mission bers said. of the people walking around.
statement and had no clear goal, Unlike other campus theater Some people wouldn’t have the
Waaser said — and members weren’t groups, Company Carolina allows best interest,” LeRoy Frasier
even aware of the company’s web- anyone from the area to participate said.
site. in its productions. “On the surface and maybe oth-
fall 2008 “They handed me a key ring with “I think it lets our shows be of a erwise, the University is a much
Stephanie Waaser becomes about thirty keys on it, and they only higher quality,” Coats said. “We have friendlier place than in the ’50s,”
a producer of Company knew what one was for,” Waaser a bigger talent pool to pull from.” he said.
Carolina said. But even after organizing its key Like his brother, LeRoy Frasier
Since then, everything has rings and mounting a successful show stayed at UNC for only three years.
fall 2009 changed, senior co-producer Jordi in the fall, Company Carolina still suf- He left without graduating, but he
RENT is performed
Coats said. fered a major setback. did not leave Friday without a mes-
Not only do Company Carolina Last spring, the company’s pro- sage for students.
spring 2010 members now know what their duction of “Cats” was unexpectedly “Your education at any institu-
Cats is cancelled keys open, they are also working on canceled. tion is only partly what happens
revamping their website and taking A week before the scheduled in the classroom,” he said. “What
fall 2010 on big, Broadway hits like “RENT.” opening date, Waaser found out that happens outside is often more
Once on This Island Company Carolina was founded important than what happens
the application for the rights to per-
is scheduled for Oct. 15-18 in 1995 as a division of the commu- form Andrew Lloyd Weber’s splashy inside.”
Aida is scheduled for nication studies department. After musical had been denied. Ralph Frasier’s younger daugh-
Dec. 3-6 splitting from the department in After months of rehearsal, the pro- ter, Rochelle Frasier, said she was
SOURCE: COMPANY CAROLINA 2000, the company entered a five- duction was canceled and shelved. surprised to learn that her father
DTH/LENNON DODSON AND RYAN KURTZMAN year ‘black period’ from 2003-2008, The producers and other Company and uncle and Brandon would be
members remained positive through speaking publicly about their expe-
last spring’s disappointment. riences.
“Those involved with ‘Cats’ are “It’s an experience they don’t
still active members who remain often talk about,” she said. “It was
optimistic about the future of the traumatic for them. There was
• Late Night Company,” Waaser said. a lot of racism even though the
• Delivery This fall the company is produc- University was desegregated.”
R o c h e l l e Fr a s i e r j o i n e d
ing two musicals — “Once On This dth file/will cooper
• Order online at Island,” and Elton John’s adapta- Washington, her sister, in encour- Last April, people marched from Chapel Hill to Durham in support of
tion of “Aida”. aging current minority students the DREAM Act. It will be up for vote in the U.S. Senate this week. Coats and Waaser said the com- to be grateful for those who paved
306A W. Franklin St. • (919) 968-FAST pany is excited about the upcoming
season and hopes the shows bring the
that path for them.
“Be thankful you weren’t the dream ACT House leadership, the relevant
committee chairs and President
e q r u from page 1
same success that “RENT” did. first,” Washington said. Barack Obama, according to an

The company is also focusing on Rochelle Frasier said the experi-
grants at the expense of those who article written by Sejal Zota of
finishing its constitution, outlining ences of her father and uncle have have followed the rules, said David UNC’s School of Government.
>> CHOOSE 1 << the specificities of each leadership taught her lessons that she hopes Ward, press secretary for Burr. The DREAM Act will affect as
SMALL 1-ITEM PIZZA EX-LARGE 1-ITEM PIZZA role and planning shows for the others will learn. “The DREAM Act would allow many as 65,000 students living in

+ 1 CAN SODA $7.99

EX-LARGE POKEY STIX spring semester. “It’s important to stick up for those who have entered into our the United States. The DREAM
OR POKEY STIX 10 PEPPERONI ROLLS “We need an established organi- what’s right, to stand up for what country illegally to receive tuition Act Portal, an online community
CHOOSE 2 FOR $19.99 zation, not a ring of keys,” Waaser you believe in despite what you benefits and to short cut the immi- of undocumented youth, estimates
said. have to go through,” she said. gration process,” Ward said. 213 legislators support the bill, 107
Contact the Arts Editor
The DREAM Act was first intro-
Contact the University Editor duced in 2001. For the first time
oppose it and 220 are undecided.

TWO POKEY STIX, OR at since then, the act might have the Contact the State & National
support it needs from Senate and Editor at
2 MEDIUM $15.99 + FREE 2-LITER
2 LARGE $17.99
16.99 mythbusters a narrative of their curiosity.
2 XTRA-LARGE $19.99
2 BIG ASS 20” $29.99 ADD 10” DESSERT $4.99 The Brattle Group from page 1
“Our biggest thrill is to concep-
tualize how we are going to tackle
Economic and Financial Consulting Experts skills in the making of the show. the problem or myth,” Savage
We combine in-depth industry experience and state-of-the-art analytical They said they are now in their said.
techniques to help clients answer complex economic questions in litigation, eighth year and approaching their “And sometimes almost nothing
develop strategies for changing markets, and make critical business decisions.
200th hour of the show. goes as planned, but the more we
We are looking for Research Analysts who possess: A good myth is one that perks up fail, the more questions we ask and
• Bachelor’s degrees in a quantitative discipline (e.g. economics, math, finance, people’s interests and is fun to bust, the more we learn.”
engineering, etc) with strong academic performance (a minimum GPA of 3.5) Savage said.
• Proficiency and desire to work with programs such as SAS, STATA, and Excel
The duo described MythBusters Contact the University Editor
• Intellectual Curiosity
as an experimentation show that is at
• Desire to work in a collaborative team environment
To learn more about our opportunities, you are invited to attend our information

session on September 22nd from 5:30-6:30 pm in Hanes Hall, 4th Floor
Please visit our website at

The Brattle Group


We still have a few 2BR and 4BR units available at
vs. Wofford at 7 p.m. desirable Mill Creek with a pool & tennis courts. Rent
a 2BR for $1100 or a 4BR for $1650 (Special). Both
THURSDAY, SEPT. 23 include water & parking. First come, first served.
Go to our web site or call for more details
vs. Boston College at 7 p.m.
vs. Maryland at 7 p.m. Sales, Rentals and Management
For more information call 968-7226
MEN’S SOCCER or go to
vs. Maryland at 7 p.m.
vs. Boston College at 5 p.m.
vs. Virginia Tech at 1 p.m.
vs. Stanford at 1 p.m.
Don’t forget to stop by
Rams Head Dining Hall BECOMING ARMY
tonight for a Fresh Fruit Bar. STRONG WILL OPEN
For more information visit DOORS, INCLUDING THOSE ON COLLEGE
or call 1.800.UNC.MEAL CAMPUSES.
To find out how you can become an officer in the
Army or Army Reserve, contact your local recruiter
or visit us online at

©2009. Paid for by the United States Army. All rights reserved.
The Daily Tar Heel City monday, september 20, 2010 7

Tanger Outlets helps, hurts local economy

by yunzhu zhang chase the land for the develop- opers hoped to boost ultimately turned out that it was not.” and began building, she said. Outlet Center. The outlets seek to
staff writer ment although it is still approved caused the demise of the project. But in a couple of months, a “Given the overall condition of fill 800 positions.
A poor economy, lack of infra- by the Orange County Board of “When it was proposed, the econ- similar development will open just the economy, retailers are not inter- Aaron Nelson, president and
structure and fierce competition Commissioners for use. omy was sort of in a different stage, across county lines. ested in having to fight that com- CEO of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro
turned what was supposed to be The land would be suitable for and it was more hopeful than now,” Tanger Outlets is located near petition,” Cannell said. “Developers Chamber of Commerce, said the
a 128-acre shopping center into a functions like distribution, assem- said Margaret Cannell, executive the border of Alamance and know that. They are not going to outlets will have both positive and
dead development. bly and warehousing, Perry said. director of Hillsborough-Orange Orange counties, about 25 minutes push to try to get the retailers into detrimental effects on Orange
Plans for the Buckhorn Village “There are other uses for this County Chamber of Commerce. from downtown Chapel Hill. The Buckhorn Village knowing that County economically.
project, located near the southeast property,” he said, “just not retail Perry also said the county had Mebane development will feature Tanger Outlets is the next exit.” “It will be helpful to promote our
corner of Interstate 40 and Buckhorn uses.” plans to bring water and sewage outlet stores like Banana Republic, The outlet center’s Thursday region as a great place to shop but
Road in Orange County, have been The mixed-use project was service to the site, but the inten- Gap and Coach. job fair attracted 3,375 people, has the negative impact on Orange
abandoned, said Roger Perry, presi- approved after developers told coun- tions never materialized. Cannell said Buckhorn probably including many from Chapel Hill County retail sales,” Nelson said.
dent of East West Partners and one ty officials it would help reverse the “We thought there might be suffered as a result of the outlet cen- and Hillsborough, said Kathleen
of the project’s former developers. county’s sluggish economic state. retail demand there, and we tried ter’s opening, slated for Nov. 5. The Hackshaw, general manager of Contact the City Editor
The group decided not to pur- But the same economy devel- to see if there was,” Perry said. “It project also quickly received permits North Carolina Piedmont Tanger at

New shuttle service to Fiddle fest

foster local businesses

Purpose to increase game day revenues here,” he said. “We were afraid the
shuttles were encouraging people
not to stay.”
by Grace Tatter fans to invest in local businesses The Nationwide shuttle will
staff writer while they are in the area. return football fans to Franklin
A free shuttle designed to boost U N C ’s A s s i s t a n t A t h l e t i c Street after the game, dropping
downtown business on football Director for football operations them off in front of restaurants and
game days ran for the first time Rick Steinbacher said when other downtown shops.
Saturday. Nationwide offered to pay for a The town of Chapel Hill con-
Nationwide Mutual Insurance shuttle, the department jumped at tinues to operate the Tar Heel
Company agreed to sponsor the the opportunity. Express, a bus route from four
shuttle service as part of its newly- “A football game here is a col- Park-and-Ride lots to the stadium.
announced partnership with the laborative effort to pull off,” The service costs $5 for a round-
UNC Department of Athletics. Steinbacher said. trip ride.
Nationwide spokesman Mike “It takes a huge amount of coop- Chapel Hill Downtown
Switzer said the partnership is only eration to handle parking, trans- Partnership’s Assistant Director
a one-year deal, so it is unclear if portation and security.” Meg McGurk said football games
the shuttle will be available next The Nationwide shuttle runs con- attract visitors that might not come
football season. tinually from the Varsity Theater on otherwise.
He said the company is already Franklin Street to Fraternity Court She said the 2008 home foot-
looking forward to basketball sea- and the bell tower from three hours ball game against Notre Dame
son, although it doesn’t yet know before kickoff until one hour after University generated $6.4 mil-
what services will be offered. the game’s end. lion for the area in just one day
“We aren’t sure how we’ll be In the past, town shuttles went — $325,000 just in state and local
involved, but I’ve heard it’s a big from two parking lots on Martin taxes.
deal on your campus,” Switzer Luther King Jr. Boulevard to Communications Director of dth/caroline phillips

said. Kenan Stadium. the Visitors Bureau Patty Griffin ebbie Gitlen (left) of Walkertown, N.C., and Allison Williams of Knoxville,
The shuttle service is also part That shuttle system was dis- said the program is all about mak-
of Touch Downtown, a marketing continued because it cost more to ing an entire day out of Saturday Tenn., perform “Indian Killed a Woodcock” at the fourth annual Hoppin’ John
campaign comprised of five local operate than the town was making, football. Old-Time and Bluegrass Fiddlers’ Convention on Saturday in Silk Hope, N.C.
organizations like the UNC ath- Steinbacher said. “The whole idea is to get people The convention featured a band contest as well as individual contests in old-time and
letics department and the Chapel “Because of parking challenges to come to Chapel Hill early, stay
Hill/Orange County Visitors on game day, people rush out of late and spend money,” she said. bluegrass fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass, folk song and dance.
Bureau. town after the game to beat traf-
The campaign, which started fic, and maybe grab something to Contact the City Editor
three years ago, aims to get football eat on the road rather than right at Opting out
State government might not get
involved in the system health plan’s
games abortion benefit. See pg. 3 for story.

Real Marketing ng ngeting Level: 1 2 3 4

© 2009 The Mepham Group. All rights reserved. Degree, please
Applications to U.S. graduate

Experience, ndi rtisi a

schools increased 8.3 percent between
2008 and 2009. See pg. 5 for story.
a e or nce

Right Now.
ed Complete the grid

a ocia so each row, column
a Your major, your way
m st

re xpe i g n
and 3-by-3 box (in
re nic eg
m r

bold borders) con- What do you have to do to
se at

e a
u at

p tains every digit 1 design and create your own major?


Apply today to the Housing

c on

to 9. See pg. 5 for story.


Marketing & Communication ca e

Solution to
i y

Student Advisory Board. In good company

a Friday’s puzzle
Company Carolina is looking

Apply by September 21 st m to rebound after a “black period.”

See pg. 6 for story.
Long-awaited win
UNC women’s golf team won
its first tournament in six years.
See for story.

My Money. My Choice. My Meineke. ™

50 %
407 E. Main Street
(Across from Domino’s)
Valid on parts only when installed at Meineke. Discount applies to regular retail pricing. Most cars & light trucks. Valid at participating locations. Not valid with any other offers or warranty work. Must
present coupon at time of estimate. One offer per service per vehicle. No cash value.

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

(C)2010 Tribune Media Services, Inc.
All rights reserved.

Across 68 Sharp-eyed 29 Smartly dressed 45 Letter-writing friend

1 Persian Gulf emirate bird 30 Obstetrician’s calculation 47 Circular
6 Aptly named novelist 31 Psychic’s asset, for short gridiron gathering
11 Check for drinks Down 33 “Surely I’m not the only 51 “West Side Story” heroine
14 Rocket scientist Wernher 1 Trade name abbr. one?!” 53 Music genre that
von __ 2 Caterer’s vessel 35 South Korea’s first experienced a ’50s-’60s
15 Use for dinner, as dishes 3 Controversial financial president revival
16 Realm from 800-1806: rescues 37 Altar promise 54 Sign of the future
Abbr. 4 Cars 38 “Drinks are on yours 55 Sitarist Shankar
17 Jazzy O’Day 5 “Be right there!” truly” 56 That’s partner
18 On the __: broken 6 Get a better int. rate, 39 MLB league 57 Corned beef
19 Approx. landing hr. probably 40 Letter-shaped fastener dish
20 Daydreaming 7 Make on the job 43 Flip back and forth, as an 61 Commercial prefix with
23 More intimate 8 Working busily on-off switch -cro
25 __-mutuel: type of betting 9 “The lady __ protest too 44 Like some denim patches 62 Prior to
26 Funny Costello much”: “Hamlet”
27 Abel’s slayer 10 Automaker Ferrari
30 Tsar or emperor 11 Store to “fall into,” in old
32 It follows the overture ads
34 Pressed for time 12 Prefix with -scopic
36 Failing to grasp a key 13 “Scram!”
element 21 New employee
41 Conceived of 22 End result
42 IRS agent 23 Littleneck, e.g.
43 What ballerinas dance on 24 Centers of activity
46 Slangy agreement 28 Actress Swenson
48 HVAC measure
49 Utah city near Provo
50 Uproar
52 Not expected back at
work until tomorrow
58 Econ. yardstick
59 Nebraska city
60 Tee shot
63 Mauna __
64 Lees competitor
65 Ocean ship
66 Bigger picture: Abbr.
67 Kosher deli offering


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8 monday, september 20, 2010 Opinion The Daily Tar Heel

Sarah Frier
The Daily Tar Heel EDITOR, 962-4086
EDITorial BOARD members

Cameron Parker callie bost Sam Jacobson “Your education at any institution
Established 1893, Opinion EDITOR Robert Fleming Mark Laichena
117 years
of editorial freedom
Pat ryan
Taylor Holgate Maggie Zellner
is only partly what happens in the
associate opinion EDITOR

LeRoy Frasier, one of unc’s first black students

EDITORIAL CARTOON By Don Wright, The Palm Beach Post

Featured online reader comment:

“I mourn the loss of such an
Evan Rose opportunity for UNC’s students
Public Editor
Senior classics and economics major and hope that it will return soon.”
from New York, NY.
E-mail: ekrose@Unc.Edu Brittany, on the cuba study abroad opportunity
being canceled
critique the Home schooling gives kids
a wide-reaching education
feedback of former program

source and TO THE EDITOR:

Home schooling is extremely
Since before I participated
in 2006, students have asked
for classes to be taught in

the story
broad, contrary to what Orange Spanish.
County Board of Education I have known participating
member Brenda Stephens stat- students in every year since
ed (“Setback for homeschoolers,” 2006, and there is always a cor-

n the past month or so, you’ve Sept. 16). relation between Spanish abil-
read a lot about housekeepers, As an example of how broad ity and the value students take

Should he stay or should he go?

their management and the “sit- home schooling is, do you know from the program.
down” policy in this newspaper. any public schooler who went on In the year after I participat-
This is good. a three-day archaeological dig in ed, a number of high-achieving
Coverage of the policy, which North Carolina and who cleaned students were denied accep-
requires housekeepers to get per-
mission for extra breaks, should The evidence points to letting Davis go, but too ancient Roman coins as part of
tance into the program, includ-
ing one Spanish-speaker on full
be the DTH’s sweet spot — it’s an
issue readers are talking about much has been invested to make a snap decision Even at 11 years old, I have
participated in many different
scholarship at UNC.
I know other Spanish-

and the paper is in an ideal posi- types of learning through class- speaking friends who declined
tion to cover. hether or not Butch is having could have been found Given the heightened media
es with other homeschoolers, t o a p p l y f o r t h e p r o g ra m
But not all of you have been Davis had any knowl- out and addressed much ear- attention UNC and its policies
including classes about physics, because it had no language
happy with what you’ve read. edge of his players’ lier. The coaching staff — not are currently receiving, those chemistry, Shakespeare, The requirement.
An Aug. 31 story, “Righting the transgressions, it seems clear the NCAA’s ethics committee in power must be especially Iliad, The Odyssey, electron- If applications to the pro-
Ship,” by three-year writer and that there are problems with — should be monitoring our careful of the message they are ics, team sports, settling Mars gram declined last year, I
current University Editor C. Ryan his leadership. athletes’ conduct. sending. archaeology, biology, art, algebra believe this has everything to
Barber, has received mixed reviews. If Davis was directly involved Given these alternatives and On the one hand, the stakes and foreign languages (Spanish, do with the complaints of past
Several online commentators in facilitating players’ academic the shades of grey between, it are high; an enormous amount French and Japanese). participants regarding study
questioned the “framing” of the or agent-related violations, the is hard to envision a scenario in of money, including a $70 mil- Narrow? You decide, but my abroad.
article, which they said belittled issue is one of unsound ethics, which Davis is entirely blameless. lion renovation of Kenan sta- views lie with it being broad. I count myself among those
the housekeepers’ side of the story and the solution is relatively If Davis does prove to be respon- dium, has been invested in the people.
(portraying Employee Forum Chase Lewis In particular, the attitude
Representative James Holman as
simple: Davis should be fired. sible once the University can “get program. No one wants to see
If Davis was so uninvolved to the bottom of this matter” — that investment go to waste. Chapel Hill Resident of the Study Abroad Director
a “moustache-twisting villain”) and toward those of us in Havana
glorified their managers’ crack- in his players’ lives a scandal of as President Bowles assured the Firing Davis without evidence
N.C. State’s ticketing policy was perhaps the second great-
down on unauthorized breaks. this magnitude could fly under Board of Governors it would — linking him to the improprieties est complaint regarding the
On Sept. 1, Freshman Sarah his radar, there are equally vex- Davis should be fired. would be exactly such a waste. is the fairest, most logical
Hirsch wrote in a letter to the edi- ing issues with UNC’s football With that said, we would be But erring on the side of TO THE EDITOR: Another problem was the lack
tor that Barber’s story omitted “the program and Davis’ ability to thrilled to hear an explanation caution is acceptable when it I hate how we do basket- of language immersion, which
real abuses housekeepers face on a lead such a vast — and growing that absolves Davis of culpabil- comes to preserving our aca- ball ticket distributions here at we all expressed openly.
daily basis from management.” — program. ity. It would be a shame to have demic reputation. UNC. Many smaller U.S. universi-
A week later, Junior Jim In order to steer a foot- to change coaches on our team We must avoid making I have been witness to five ties have direct-enrollment pro-
Gulledge argued the same: The ball team through the kind of at such a critical juncture in any decision that would sug- UNC basketball seasons as a stu- grams in Havana. Study abroad
story only covered half the issue. dent and a wide array of ticket could have implemented this
expansion in which UNC has the program’s expansion. gest the strength of the ath-
There are certainly some policies, from bracelets and 7 change years ago and avoided
aspects of Barber’s article that invested, the head coach needs More important, however, letic programs at UNC is of a
a.m. lines to phases and single the abrupt cancellation of the
deserve critical attention. to be sufficiently hands-on so is maintaining the integrity of higher priority than academic
tickets. program this year. I appreciate
The headline, for example, the sorts of problems our team our school. integrity. After I saw the options being the opportunity UNC provided
implied that “the ship” has considered for this year’s ticket me in 2006, but regret that
already capsized, that if manag- distribution, I had the same more students will not have this

A time for choosing

ers don’t do something now, thought I have just about every chance.
somehow the whole housekeep- year. We should be distributing
ing institution might sink. basketball tickets just like they Matt Craig
The story also paraphrased an do at N.C. State. Class of ’08
anonymous housekeeper who had
been disciplined for breaking the We can’t hold Student Congress accountable At State they allow students to
form groups ranging in size from Maybe mosque argument
policy and “offered her support of
the policy and admitted guilt.” if we don’t take an active stake 1-100 people, where groups over
24 are drawn from a separate
just a question of distance

Later, the DTH clarified that pool of tickets (typically higher TO THE EDITOR:
the housekeeper did not support special election will be fairly to the numerous campus bers. That two members were
up in the stands). Tickets are for In “Opposition to the mosque
the part of the policy with rules held online tomorrow organizations — a task they expelled last Wednesday for not
specific seats, so you don’t have must be because of Islam”
against sitting down without per- to fill congressional complete by using fees that attending the required number to arrive hours early to get a (Sept. 16), the author, Lindsay
mission. seats for districts 2, 3, 4, 6 and students pay. of meetings only enforces this. decent seat. Alexander, assumes that oppo-
Editors need to do a better job 8. In the past, these elections With an annual budget of But, frankly, considering State students are penalized sition to the mosque being built
balancing headlines’ pith with have seen some pretty dismal $385,000 in addition to sub- the apathy of students toward for not returning or not using a near Ground Zero must stem
the light they cast on their stories. turnouts. sequent appropriations for congressional elections, there’s ticket and rewarded for arriving from anti-Islamic beliefs.
They also need a firm policy on But in order to have a say in organizations, it’s no small part little surprise. The first step more than 45 minutes early, by As this argument has been
when to use anonymous sources, their representatives, students in campus life that Congress toward having the most active influencing their chances in sub- brought up multiple times, I
who often bring more complexity must vote. For those in eligible plays. and effective Congress is an sequent lotteries. would now like to pose a ques-
than clarity to an issue. Sure, there is no advan- tion to those who believe that the
districts, the first opportunity It is sad that these elections active and effective electorate.
But readers need to be careful tage for die-hard fans to arrive mosque should be built.
to differentiate between a source to do so is Tuesday. Students are generally held with little So it starts with us.
can vote easily, from anywhere participation. We lament it Everyone eligible should super early, but it ensures that If opposing Park51 equates
with an outsize personality and the people who don’t show up have to being anti-Islamic, then
reporter. with Internet access, by going every year, but little changes. vote tomorrow. Information on less chance to get tickets in the would it be acceptable to build
Assistant Housekeeping to and selecting the It goes without saying that the candidates and the election future and that you can sit with the mosque directly on top of
Director Tonya Sell, a straight “Student Voting” link. students should be more process can be found on the your friends without having to Ground Zero?
shooter and former Navy officer, Congress is a very important involved in the school’s gov- Board of Elections website. wait for those friends who are Or, how about just right
did not couch her sentiments for aspect of the UNC communi- ernment, especially with a Students need to ensure they always late. beside the site?
Barber — hence the “slap in the ty, and remains so whether or branch that affects so many get the most out of our leaders If the answer is yes, then the
face” comment and an implicit not students take an interest. people. and the beginning of obtain- Russ Behler fundamental beliefs of those
comparison between housekeepers Arguably, their most impor- Congress is often criticized ing this is casting a simple vote Graduate Student who say so are simply differ-
and Iraqis “spitting in your face.” tant job is to allocate funds for having apathetic mem- tomorrow. Biomedical Engineering ent than those who oppose the
“It was very much a profile mosque and the argument will
piece (of Sell),” Barber said. That’s Study abroad showed continue to remain cyclical until

A taxing problem
why she played a central role in the the end of time.
article, not because Barber, or the lack of responsiveness
However, if those who sup-
paper, thinks Sell is right. TO THE EDITOR: port the mosque answer no,
That’s also why Barber took Having studied in Havana in then perhaps the reason why
pains to point out what were Sell’s
observations and what were his UNC should apply sales tax to online merchandise 2006, I was truly disappointed
to hear that UNC’s Cuba pro-
both sides have created this
controversy is different than

own, talk to a range of sources and gram had been canceled this some have originally suspect-
give Sell’s critics plenty of space. he state of North UNC is part of the problem. to third-party vendors, UNC year. I do not deny the last- ed.
In the end, though, the readers Carolina is not seeing The University contracted with should still do the right thing. minute complications that made Perhaps the argument has
mentioned above are right. This is a whole lot of sales tax an out-of-state company to UNC, which receives about cancellation of the program nothing to do with intolerance
a question about “framing” — what revenue from online sales of run the online store for official a quarter of its budget from the necessary. or ignorance, and instead is
they call “angle” in the newsroom. UNC athletic gear. UNC is con- athletic gear. Because the com- state, should take this opportu- However, I firmly believe simply a question of distance.
Barber decided to use Sell’s tributing to this problem, and pany is not physically located nity contribute to the general that the opportunity to study
personal history as a window into should take the steps to fix it. in North Carolina, it does not fund. UNC has two options to in Cuba would have been pre- Michael Kronk
this conflict. He could have just Online stores that have a have to collect sales tax. rectify this situation. It should served had the study abroad Freshman
as easily used Holman’s, a house- office been responsive to the Economics
physical presence in North Technically, UNC and the com- either negotiate with the out-of-
keeper’s, a student’s or no one’s.
The paper might have done Carolina must charge sales tax. pany are following the letter of the state company to collect sales tax
Online stores that are not locat- law, but this situation just seems or switch to doing business with
better to pick a frame that didn’t
ed in NC cannot be compelled wrong. a company that has a physical
SPEAK OUT department and phone number.
lean on one side of the issue, or at ➤ Edit: The DTH edits for space,
to collect state sales tax — the The current agreement puts presence in North Carolina. Writing guidelines: clarity, accuracy and vulgarity.
least pair the story with a similar
➤ Please type: Handwritten Limit letters to 250 words.
profile of someone like Holman. burden is on the consumer to the North Carolina government North Carolina’s self-report- letters will not be accepted.
But no matter what the frame, report it on their yearly taxes. in an ironic situation in which it ed sales tax for online purchas- SUBMISSION:
➤ Sign and date: No more than
readers always have to be careful Very few people report and cannot collect sales tax on mer- es is usually unenforceable, but two people should sign letters. ➤ Drop-off: at our office at 151 E.
not to extend their frustrations Rosemary Street.
pay taxes on online purchases. chandise sales that UNC, a part in this case UNC has the power ➤ Students: Include your year,
with a source onto the reporter, major and phone number. ➤ E-mail: to
The law says they have to, but of state government, controls. to help the state collect. ➤ Send: to P.O. Box 3257, Chapel
whose first job, after all, is to the policy is simply unenforce- Also, UNC merchandise is UNC should take the proper ➤ Faculty/staff: Include your
Hill, N.C., 27515.
report. able. Because of this, the state highly sought after — there are steps to make sure that con-
Tuesday: misses out on collecting sales significant gains to be made by sumers pay sales tax on online EDITOR’S NOTE: Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily represent the opinions
tax on many online purchases taxing these products. While purchases of UNC-branded of The Daily Tar Heel or its staff. Editorials reflect the opinions of The Daily Tar Heel edito-
Perry Tsai weighs in on the effects of
having sex on the first date. shipped to NC. a tax might drive some sales athletic merchandise. rial board. The board consists of eight board members, the associate opinion editor, the
opinion editor and the editor.
The Daily Tar Heel News monday, september 20, 2010 9

Construction project National and World News

Know more on Iraq su≠ers deadliest day since US

decisions finalized today’s top story: announced end of combat mission

A video by Euronews shows
the devastation after the
BAGHDAD (MCT) — A string
of bombings killed 37 people
Sunday in Iraq’s deadliest day since
14 others were injured.
In a separate incident, a bomb
stuck to a minibus exploded near
Carrboro transportation to improve “But any time that car bombings President Barack Obama officially the Ghazaliyah section of Baghdad,
by jo nixon department of transportation was
you have major A man described the scene
announced the end of the U.S. mili-
tary’s combat mission on Aug. 31.
killing a father and his son.
The bombings underscored the
staff writer insisting that there could only be construction, it after the bomb blast — some
screamed “G od is great ”
Twin car bombs exploded within
moments of each other around 11
dangers still posed by insurgents as
American troops cede control over
Twenty-five years of Carrboro a four-lane highway there,” he
street-improvement debates could said. definitely puts a while others expressed anger a.m. in Baghdad — one near a facil- security to Iraqi forces. The U.S.
at the country’s politicians. ity housing federal police, which military has drawn down to fewer
come to a close by the end of the
Alderman Lydia Lavelle said
almost all the other issues in the hitch in business.” “God damn the government.” killed 19 people, the other a few than 50,000 soldiers who now
The Smith Level Road recon- revised design have been resolved. (via miles away at a busy intersection serve in what officials describe as
struction is scheduled to go to vote
simone brackett, member relations LA Times) in the Mansour neighborhood, kill- an advisory role, although they’ve
“Within the last two years, DOT
at the Sept. 28 Carrboro Board of has improved the plans to the rarily impede commerce. Most Iraqis are blaming ing 10, Iraqi authorities said. More continued to engage in military
Aldermen meeting. town’s liking and to the citizens’ “It would make it more acces- the weak government http:// than 110 people were injured. operations alongside Iraqi forces.
Jeff Brubaker, transportation liking,” she said. sible to people visiting, especially (via AP) Hours later, a suicide bomb- Although Iraqi military and
planner for Carrboro, said the Lavelle said there is a concern tourists,” Brackett said. Go to http://www.dai- er drove into an Iraqi army police now man the country’s
road improvement project would about Willow Oak Lane, a road “But any time that you have checkpoint in central Fallujah, ubiquitous checkpoints, they
include adding turning lanes, bike that forces motorists to turn right, major construction, it definitely section/state to discuss a heavily guarded city west of remain vulnerable to attack and
paths and a roundabout on Rock then make a U-turn if they need to puts a hitch in business.” the bomb blasts in Iraq Baghdad. Three soldiers and have failed to win public confi-
Haven Road near Carrboro High go left. Carrboro resident Charlie three civilians were killed, and dence.
School. Transportation department Hileman said he supports the proj-
The construction is now based
on the need for improved pedes-
officials refuse to change that road
layout due to vehicular safety con-
ect as it will be voted on. He said
the proposed improvements sup-
Pope condemns sex abuse scandals BP well in Gulf
trian safety, but has taken so long
to work out because the N.C.
“Everything else, they have lis-
port alternate transportation such
as biking and walking, things that
LONDON (MCT) — Pope nents of the Roman Catholic declared as dead
Benedict XVI Saturday con- Church made their views forcefully
Department of Transportation offi- tened to us, and they have respond- are important to many Carrboro demned as “unspeakable crimes” known. LOS ANGELES (MCT) — Five
cials originally wanted to widen the ed,” Lavelle said. residents. the child sex abuse scandal in The pope’s remarks came as crit- months after it started spewing oil
road from two to four lanes. “They are not requiring four “(The DOT) is finally show- the Roman Catholic Church, as ics of the papal visit, and victims of into the Gulf of Mexico, BP PLC’s
“It’s a dilemma because the DOT lanes, and they are allowing the ing that some of their actions are more than 10,000 people dem- child abuse, marched through cen- rogue Macondo oil well located a
has to make this a road project,” sidewalks and the bike lanes to be matching their rhetoric,” Hileman onstrated in London against his tral London, accusing the pontiff of mile below the surface officially
Chapel Hill resident Terri Buckner built the way we want it and the said. official visit to Britain. “protecting pedophile priests.” was declared dead Sunday.
said. “Their money comes from way they want it.” Hileman said he and other During a mass celebrated But as the demonstrators — Retired Coast Guard Admiral
making a road project.” Lavelle said a fewer number of residents are glad that the project in London, the 83-year-old among them victims of abuse, Thad Allen, head of the joint task
Alderman Dan Coleman said trees would be cleared than origi- wasn’t approved before the appro- German-born pontiff also human rights campaigners and force that oversaw the capping
Carrboro residents and the trans- nally anticipated as well. priate changes were made. expressed his “deep sorrow” to gay rights groups — wound their of the well and current cleanup
portation department could not Simone Brackett, member rela- “We’re really proud that we were the victims of abuse by priests, way along Piccadilly, in the center efforts, issued a statement saying
agree on what was best for the area. tions specialist for the Chapel Hill- able to hold out so long.” which — for the first time — he of the British capital, the pope held that pressure tests on the cement
After years of debate, the road will Carrboro Chamber of Commerce, classified as crimes. a private meeting with five victims cap from the relief well were com-
keep its two lanes. said the improvements will increase Contact the City Editor Both supporters and oppo- of clerical sex abuse. pleted at 5:54 a.m. Central time.
“For many, many years the the flow of traffic but could tempo- at

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pre-law, business students. Email UNCas- with letter of interest,
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The Daily Tar Heel Sports monday, september 20, 2010 11

Tar Heel women take Volleyball sweeps weekend

two at Duke Nike Classic
by Jennifer Kessinger all-tournament selection, gave the DTH ONLINE: UNC ready for ACC play
staff writer Tar Heels the energy they needed starting against N.C. State on Tuesday.
North Carolina volleyball coach to earn the win. Gibson tallied a
Joe Sagula said his team doesn’t season-high 26 digs against the Berringer and Amy Parlier to step
have an MVP for the pre-ACC sea- Cardinals. in.
son. Johnston and freshman hit- The team showed consistent
UNC blows out DTH ONLINE: Ali Hawkins entered the
Florida game and changed everything. And after UNC swept the Tar ter Kayla Berringer each earned play against Temple, holding the
Heel Classic this weekend, he said 12 kills while sophomore setter Owls to an abysmal -.020 hitting
MTSU, edge UF of the net using only her heel. it’s not such a bad thing. Cora Harms had 37 assists in the percentage. The Tar Heels finished
“We aspire to play like Arsenal, Ve t e ra n p l ay f r o m s e n i o r match. the match with a .277 hitting per-
by Alexandra Chabolla the British pro team, and there was outside hit- On Saturday, the Tar Heels centage and 43 kills to the Owls’
staff writer one goal like Arsenal,” UNC coach
volleyBALL ter Courtney took on Appalachian State, which 20.
DURHAM — In the first half Anson Dorrance said. “That is the Ball State 1 Johnston, the had a 9-2 record going into the But the match against Temple
of North Carolina’s women soccer team I aspire to play like offen- UNC  3 tournament match. highlighted a weakness that
contest against the University of sively. Some of the stuff we did was M V P, s e n i o r North Carolina showcased a plagued North Carolina dur-
Florida, UF’s Tahnai Annis tussled really, really elite.” App State 0 middle hit- strong attacking effort that shut ing the tournament. The team
with UNC’s Meg Morris. Most of the action was con- UNC  3 ter C hristine out the Mountaineers in three sets racked up twice as many service
To retaliate, Morris leveled centrated in the midfield, which Vaughen and (25-22, 25-17, 25-23). The team errors as the Owls, tallying 10
Annis but received no yellow card resulted in an uncharacteristically Temple 0 junior libero tallied 51 kills. for the match. They also coughed
on the foul. low number of goals for UNC. The Kaylie Gibson After a comfortable eight-point up eight service errors against
WOMEN’S UNC  3 lifted the Tar victory in the second set, the Tar Appalachian State and nine
The incident Tar Heels have averaged 3.56 goals
soccer was just one of a per game this season. Heels to a 9-4 record for the sea- Heels had a tougher time in the against Ball State.
MTSU 1 number of phys- “It was tough to get into the flow, son. third. The score remained close “We can’t make 10 errors and
UNC  7 ical encounters but finally we got to grind out two “I thought the seniors did a throughout the set, with the Tar two aces too many times and expect
as the Tar Heels fine goals,” Dorrance said. good job of leading the team all Heels ultimately pulling out a nar- to win,” Sagula said. “We need more
Florida 0 beat the Gators weekend with their good determi- row victory. of a one-to-one ratio.”
dth/BJ Dworak nation and their good play,” Sagula In the nightcap, the Tar Heels Still, Sagula was pleased with
UNC  2 2-0 at the Duke Tennessee State
Nike Classic. Freshman Crystal Dunn has start- said. squared off against Temple. UNC the team’s performance and was
“I love to set the tone,” Morris Friday’s match against Middle ed every game this season. She The Tar Heels came out strong took three sets (25-18, 25-16, happy to give some of his veteran
said. “I like to let it be known that Tennessee State University was left the Florida game at halftime against the Ball State Cardinals 25-17) to beat the Owls (2-10) in players a rest before heading into
I am on the field and I will attack not nearly as competitive. The Tar after absorbing a hard foul. (10-2) on Friday night, with senior a victory that decided the team’s conference play.
you.” Heels outshot MTSU 30-2 en route Suzanne Haydel registering the first place finish for the week- The Tar Heels begin ACC play
The game got heated on the to a 7-1 stomping. us the opportunity to play a lot first kill of the match. The team end. on Tuesday at N.C. State.
sideline, too. The victory was a complete team of reserves and they all stepped went on to win in four sets (25-20, Johnston sat out for the match
With his team down by two goals effort. Four Tar Heels got in on the up,” redshirt senior midfielder Ali 25-27, 25-16, 25-21). and Haydel took a break during Contact the Sports Editor
and a player on the ground in pain, scoring and Alyssa Rich racked Hawkins said. Dynamic play by Gibson, an the third set, allowing freshmen at
UF associate head coach Victor up a hat trick. One goal was par- With non-conference play com-
Campbell yelled for attention. He
was ejected from the game and
ticularly impressive because almost
every one of UNC’s outfield players
plete, the Tar Heels head into the
ACC season 7-0-1. UNC is wait- cross country Patrick Schellberg, a freshman
from Morristown, N.J., finished
going to win every time you line up,
it helps,” Watson said.
escorted from Koskinen Stadium was involved in the build-up. ing in anticipation for the start of from page 12 second. Six of the runners finished The teams are now setting their
by police. “The fourth goal we scored was conference play next week, espe- This victory makes back-to-back in the top eight and all seven of sights on the Wisconsin Invitational
Coaches, fans and players from one of the finest goals I have seen cially senior midfielder Meghan wins for Watchempino, a feat that the men who ran finished in the on Oct. 2 in Madison, Wis. Watson
both teams were frustrated with in collegiate soccer,” Dorrance said. Klingenberg. he has never accomplished at the top 20. expects the level of competition to
the referees’ calls. Officials whistled “There were eight one-touch passes “We have good momentum going collegiate level. It is also the third Senior Adam Cunningham did not increase.
UNC for 12 fouls during the game and a one-touch shot.” into the ACCs,” said Klingenberg. time he has won this event. compete for the men’s team. Senior “We better be ready to run and
and Florida for 13. Dorrance was pleased with “ACC is the best conference in the “It’s kind of a good way to get Ashley Verplank and junior Kendra if we aren’t, then we’re going to
Despite the games’ physical his team’s performance and had country I think. Everyone’s going the season rolling,” Watchempino Schaaf did not compete for the wom- be in big trouble,” he said. “But I
nature, the Tar Heels were able to enough faith in his back-ups to to be coming after us, but we’ll be said. “The Boone meet was a good en’s team, leaving mostly underclass- think we’ll be ready once we get to
handle the ball with finesse. make a complete lineup change going after them.” way to start, too, but just the fact men on the course Friday. Wisconsin.”
Elizabeth Burchenal scored halfway through the MTSU of coming out here three times — “Both teams are really young,
UNC’s second goal with a trick game. Contact the Sports Editor especially given that it’s the home but anytime you can win and you Contact the Sports Editor
shot, tapping the ball into the back “The game against MTSU gave at meet ­­­— it’s pretty cool.” start to get that mindset that you’re at

Tar Heels win pair of

games, move to 7-0
by Ryan Davis
staff writer
DTH ONLINE: The Tar Heels created
goals from several penalty corners.
In a game that saw the No. 1
North Carolina field hockey team lopsided game.
take a season-high 31 shots on After losing the ball while attack-
its way to a 5-0 victory against ing the Tribe defense, Kolojejchik Come enjoy great amenities
William & Mary, it was the team’s dove toward the sideline to cut off
defense that stood out. a pass and deflect the ball out of
Preseason All-ACC selection bounds. Swimming pool
Jackie Kintzer spent most of “We have this thing called 70
Sunday afternoon watching her minutes of Hell,” Kolojejchick Fitness Center
teammates attack the William & said.
Mary goal as the Tribe was seldom
able to get the ball into the Tar Heel
“ Ev e r y o n e’s
willing to win,
24 hour study lounge
defensive third. and we’ ll do
field “Thankfully whatever it Recreation area
hockey (Sunday) they takes, so we go
ODU 1 played really all out for all 70 Wireless zone
UNC  3 well and didn’t minutes.”
make any mis- Coach Karen On-site dining
W&M 0 takes,” Kintzer Shelton said her Goalie Jackie
said. star midfielder Kintzer
UNC 5 “I didn’t have personifies that allowed only
to do anything.” “70 minutes of one goal this
North Carolina (7-0) controlled Hell” philosophy. weekend • 1.800.332.3113 • 919.370.4500
possession for much of Sunday “I turned
afternoon after a hard-fought bat- around to the bench and said, ‘We
tle against Old Dominion in its 3-1 need more people doing that,’ ”
win on Friday. Shelton said.
When UNC happened to lose “Kelsey is a competitor, and I
possession, it did what Kintzer love her passion. She has the ability
referred to as “playing defense col- to carry a team on her back.”
lectively” — swarming to the ball North Carolina entered the
and stopping opponent possession game having allowed just 29 shots
before they got into a scoring posi- in its six games. Following Sunday’s
tion. contest, the Tar Heels’ shot differ-
“There’s more of an urgency for ential stands at 156 to 30.
someone to get behind the ball Shelton said she used tape from
when there’s a turnover,” Kintzer Friday’s match with Old Dominion
said. to motivate her team on defense
The Tar Heels held William & against William & Mary.
Mary at zero shot attempts until “We showed some video from Old
there were just fewer than 23 min- Dominion because they put a lot of
utes left in the second half, when pressure on us,” Shelton said.
they managed their only shot of the “We showed some instances
game. where we knew they were pressur-
Sophomore Kelsey Kolojejchick ing us and we weren’t pressuring
ensured UNC maintained its them.”
defensive intensity until the final
whistle, even with a 5-0 lead and Contact the Sports Editor
only a few minutes remaining in a at

white line opened up some big holes for

me and I just ran through and tried
from page 12
to do whatever I could,” said White,
The two-running back system who added that ball security was a
is not uncommon for UNC and is point of emphasis in practice after
usually cast by Draughn and Ryan he fumbled two weeks ago against
Houston, who is one of 12 Tar LSU.
Heels sidelined during an NCAA The Yellow Jackets’ domination
investigation. Davis said the system of time of possession in the second
is even more important due to the half forced White and the UNC
number of players who now sit in offense to watch from the sidelines
the stands. as Georgia Tech ate more than
“I liked the fact that we got Shaun 20 minutes from the second-half
Draughn back,” Davis said. “I think clock.
you have to have more than one run- But at the end of the day, Davis
ning back. Johnny had to play some said that despite his frustration
on special teams; you saw Shaun with the loss, White met the expec-
returning kickoffs. It was good to tations he sets for his players.
have both of those guys available.” “The measure of a man, the mea-
Halftime didn’t slow White’s sure of your team and players is, are
momentum, and on North they giving you everything they can,
Carolina’s first drive of the second and are they getting better,” Davis
half, the senior back needed just said.
three plays to go 47 yards for his “I think Johnny proved today
first score of the game. that he is a tough, tough kid and
He didn’t forget how those plays he ran with an awful lot of heart
that got him to pay dirt came about, and an awful lot of passion.”
“Coach called my number three Contact the Sports Editor
times in a row and the (offensive) at
SportsMonday The Daily Tar Heel
monday, september 20, 2010
SCOREBOARD Women’s Soccer Florida 0 UNC 2 Field Hockey William & Mary 0 UNC 5 Volleyball Temple 0 UNC 3

North Carolina befuddled by Georgia Tech’s triple option, loses ACC opener to Yellow Jackets 30-24 to fall to 0-2

dth/bj dworak
Johnny White gained 148 all-purpose yards on
Saturday against Georgia Tech. White started at tail-
back, beating out last year’s starter Shaun Draughn.

White excels at
starting RB role
by Jonathan Jones
Sports Editor
Throughout the offseason, North Carolina foot-
ball coach Butch Davis described Johnny White as
dth/lauren mccay the hardest-working player on the team.
Zach Brown and the UNC defense couldn’t stop the Yellow Jackets’ rushing game, which gained 372 yards. Orwin Smith accounted for 73 yards on the ground. On Saturday, he was the hardest-working player
on the field.
by Louie Horvath Merletti said. “It’s really hard to keep track of every- DTH ONLINE: Go to The senior fought for all 113 rushing yards he
Senior writer thing. If you try to take in the whole picture, that’s multimedia to view a photo slideshow and amassed while in the starting role at tailback in front
For the second time in as many games, North when you start getting lost on the football. Whenever video from Saturday’s game. of Shaun Draughn, the former starter who had been
Carolina’s football team limped away with a 30-24 you’re on defense against this offense, it’s just about cleared to play by the University and the NCAA on
loss and a feeling of missed opportunity. reading your keys, and if everyone does their job At the end of this stretch, UNC replaced its three- Monday.
With four minutes left in the right, they won’t go anywhere.” point lead with a six-point deficit. During his career, White has seen time in the back-
football third quarter against Georgia But as Orwin Smith’s first-quarter, 73-yard run Georgia Tech averaged 4.8 yards per play over field, on defense and on special teams. But he had
Ga. Tech  30 Tech, the Tar Heel defense for Georgia Tech proved, if one person does not do that span, the Tar Heels appearing mystified by the never solidified his spot on the squad until Saturday.
UNC 24 turned over the Yellow Jackets his job right or misses a tackle, six points could be offense. Yellow Jackets were running in every direc- “You saw the passion that Johnny ran with — hel-
on downs. As UNC had scored tacked on the board. tion, unencumbered by UNC defenders. mets were flying and he was dragging people,” Davis
in four of its first five drives, it seemed fair to think Since it consists almost entirely of running plays, Anthony Allen and Joshua Nesbitt were the said. “He really ran the ball very well.”
North Carolina would build on its 24-17 lead and the offense milks the clock, giving opponents less two main rushers for the Yellow Jackets. The duo White racked up 148 yards in total offense and
nab its first win of the season. chances to score. rushed 46 times and amassed 219 yards between touched the ball in one-third of UNC’s offensive plays.
Little did the Kenan Stadium crowd know, the Historically, Georgia Tech struggles when it is them. When he got the starting nod over Draughn and back-
Tar Heels had already scored for the last time. forced to throw the ball and score quickly — a weak- For their part, the Tar Heels turned the football up Anthony Elzy, he took it as a vote of confidence.
Georgia Tech would hold the ball for virtually the ness of the triple option. over twice. Both times the mishaps led to Georgia “I’m just going by whatever they were going with,”
rest of the game, not letting T.J. Yates and Co. score “Now if you can make it a more-than-one-score Tech points. White said. “I’m glad that they trust in me to carry the
another point. ball game, it really enhances your ability to kind Davis said he knew his team would have fewer ball whenever they need me to.”
Yates ended the day with 209 yards on an of make them play left-handed,” UNC head coach possessions because of Georgia Tech’s scheme, which In two UNC first-half drives, White chewed up 45
impressive 18-for-24, but threw for only 46 yards Butch Davis said. “It takes the ball out of the fullback made the turnovers especially costly. yards on the ground and caught a beautiful 29-yard
in the second half when the defense stiffened. some of the time, it makes them have to throw the Like the season opener two weeks ago, despite a throw from T.J. Yates before being replaced by
The Ramblin’ Wreck offense is known for its ball a little bit more, and forces them to do things good passing day for Yates, UNC was turned away Draughn in the red zone.
triple-option attack. Georgia Tech is very hesi- that they don’t like to do.” with thoughts of what could have been. The first drive ended in a Casey Barth field goal,
tant to throw the ball, and the offense is based on North Carolina could not get the Georgia Tech “We just got to get better,” Yates said. “It’s frustrat- and the second a Yates quarterback keeper for a one-
its ability to confound the defense because of the offense off the field ­­— from Yates’ one-yard touch- ing, but we know it’s fixable.” yard score.
numerous players who could have the ball on any down run in the second quarter until just less than
given play. six minutes left in the fourth, the Georgia Tech Contact the Sports Editor
offense ran a staggering 57 plays to UNC’s 12. at See white, Page 11
“That’s why their offense is so good,” safety Matt

Tar Heels take Castro’s toe-poke bests Blue Devils

two home wins
by Grant Fitzgerald DTH ONLINE: The UNC back
staff writer line posted a road shutout for
DURHAM — The frustrations the second straight contest.
of the North Carolina men’s soccer offense to try to level the score. All
team were obvious. of their efforts were stopped short by
by Brandon Moree For 78 minutes, the Tar Heels the UNC defense, which had argu-
staff writer prodded and attacked a Duke team ably its best game of the year.
With the finish line in sight, that seemed content to sit back and “We were definitely pumped
Mariana Lucena knew she had to play for a draw. up for this game,” goalie Scott
make a move in order to repeat as MEN’S T h a t ’s w h e n Goodwin said. “We aren’t a big
UNC Invitational champion. soccer UNC freshman ‘rah-rah team,’ but at the same time
As she hit the closing 500 yards, UNC  1 Bruno Castro we bring the energy and everybody
Lucena overtook her freshman Duke 0 solved the Blue is ready to go.”
teammate Jacque Taylor and won Devils’ defensive Though the 1-0 score might
the home event at Finley Fields. Mariana Evan puzzle, gathering a pass from striker suggest a tight contest, the actual
“I saw that she was starting to Lucena Watchempino Josh Rice and toe-poking the ball in game was anything but.
slow down and I felt good,” Lucena won her second finished in first the upper corner of the net. From the opening kickoff, coach
said. “I didn’t feel too tired so I just career UNC for the second The goal was enough to push Elmar Bolowich saw his squad move
went for it to defend the title.” Invitational straight meet No. 4 UNC past No. 11 Duke and the ball effortlessly through the
Strong individual performances give the Tar Heels their first win midfield, keeping the Duke players
like Lucena’s led both the men’s training block we’re doing and to still against a ranked opponent in the constantly chasing the ball. dth/BJ Dworak
and women’s North Carolina cross come out and win races, that’s very regular season. “It’s nice to keep the ball because Bruno Castro controls the ball against Duke on Friday. The freshman’s
country teams to convincing wins good,” coach Peter Watson said. “It’s a great feeling. I don’t have it frustrates them,” redshirt junior
words to describe it,” Castro said.
79th-minute goal gave UNC a 1-0 win. It was his first as a Tar Heel.
against Gardner-Webb University On the men’s side, senior Evan Brett King said. “We may not be
and N.C. Central University in the Watchempino won his second race “Coming off the bench with 10 min- scoring on them, but they aren’t The offense was given a shot of against a local rival for the Tar Heels,
UNC Invitational on Friday. in two weeks. He was the only stu- utes left to score, it’s amazing.” doing anything either.” energy when redshirt freshman Josh who beat N.C. State just more than a
Taylor, who finished second dent to complete the four-mile It was a goal Castro could carry During the first half, the Blue Rice and Castro were inserted into week ago in Raleigh. North Carolina
for the second time this season, course in less than 20 minutes. with him for the rest of his life. The Devils had as many as nine men the attack. With a big, physical pres- has beaten the Wolfpack and Blue
improved more than 16 seconds on “He’s really fast,” said Brock entire bench emptied, surrounding defending, keeping the ball in front ence and a shooter’s foot, Rice brings Devils during the regular season in
her time from the Sept. 3 Covered Baker, a 2009 UNC graduate who the diminutive striker and forget- of them and forcing UNC into tak- a change of pace to the offense when each of the last four seasons.
Bridge Open in Boone, N.C. She ran in the event Friday. “I was for- ting in the euphoria that there was ing shots from a distance. he comes in for speedy forwards Alex “It was a great atmosphere and
was one of six women to improve tunate enough to run on a team still an additional 10 minutes to be “In the first half we played in front Dixon and Eddie Ababio. we won that game all out — with
her time from the last meet, with with him for the last couple of played. of their back and it was too easy for “He gave us exactly what we need- our supporters in the stands and on
all nine runners finishing in the years and he’s a great teammate, Though they had very little them to track down balls and stay ed by making clever runs and getting the field,” Bolowich said.
top nine. great competitor.” offense for most of the game, the compact,” Bolowich said. “We tried shots off,” Bolowich said. “He’s a good
“It’s kind of preseason, so work- Blue Devils showed new life after to open that up a little bit by playing complement to the other two.” Contact the Sports Editor
ing hard, going through it with the See cross country, Page 11 the goal and inserted more men on more balls in behind them.” It was the second consecutive win at