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AWS QC*SG 92 0784265 0502827 845 E l

Guide to AWS
Welding Educator
Qualification and

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e American Welding Society
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Guide to AWS
Welding Educator
Qualification and

American Welding Society

550 N.W. LeJeune Rd., P.O. Box 351040, Miami, FL 33135

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AWS d C x 5 G 9 2 W O784265 050283L 4 T 3 =

International Standard Book Number: 0-87171-395-0

American Welding Society, 550 N.W. LeJeune Road, PO Box 351040, Miami, Florida 33135
@i 992 by American Welding Society, All rights reserved
Printed in the United States of America
This document is published to advise candidates for the AWS Certified Welding Educator program with the
requirements for certification, the îypes of questions to expect on the examination and instructionsfor applying
for certification.This document is not the AWS QC-5, Standard for Certified Welding Educator which contains
all the requirements for certification. AWS assumes no responsibility for any claims that arise from the use of
this document. Users should make independent investigationsto determine the applicabilityof this information
for their purposes.

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AWS BC*5G 92 = 07842b5 0 5 0 2 8 3 2 33T =

Introduction ................................................................................................................................................... vii
In a Nutshell .................................................................................................................................................. vii
To Become an AWS Certified Welding Educator. ........................................................................................ vili
Certification Questions and Answers .............................................................................................................. 1
Reference Material: Addresses ........................................................................................................................ .3
Special ExdmindtiOnS ...................................................................................................................................... .3
To Fill Out the Application Form .................................................................................................................... 4
What to Expect on Examination Day. ........................................................................................................... ..6
Notes on the Examination ................................................ 6
Preparation and Study Material ....................................................................................................................... 7
Sample Questions ............................................................................................................................................ 9
Fundamentals Test ..................................................................................................................................... .9
Practical Application Test ..............................................................................
Administrative Procedure for CWE Alleged Violations ................................................................................. 11
Formal Complaint Form ............................................................................................................................ 16

The Application Form is
in the centerfold

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QuallBcation and C d c a t i o n Committee

R. E. Blaisdell, Chairman The Pritchard Corporation

C. E. Pep*, 1st Vice Chairman Martin Marietta Energy Systems
J. F. Harris, 2nd Vice Chairman Centerior Energy
Leonard P. Connor, Secreta y American Welding Society
S. M . Altman Howard Needles Tammen & Bergendoff
J. Bartley, Ex Officio Mare Island Naval Shipyard
E. M . Beck* Law Engineering Testing Co.
W. F. Behnke Ford Motor Company
E. R. Bohnart Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
H. Chupmun Retired
H. F. Clark Fluor Daniel Int'l
A. L. Collin * Engineering Consultant
F. DeLuuriw, Ex Officio American Welding Society
P. R. Evans PCI Energy Services
H. W. Coser Stupp Bros. Bridge & Iron Co.
W L. Green* Retired
R. L. Harris' Consultant
M. J. Houle* Consultant
D. Howden, Ex Oflicio The Ohio State University
W. H. Kennedy Canadian Welding Burea
R. E. Long Northern States Power Co.
S.P. Murtin General Dynamics, Land Systems Div.
T. M. Mustaleski, Ex-Officio Martin Marietta Energy System
C. Peshek * American Institute of Steel Construction
A. L. Petroshi Valmet Paper Machinery/Honeycomb
Systems, Inc.
R. R. Picard ABBKombustion Engineering, Inc.
S. L. Raymond Sheet Metal WorkerdNational Training Fund
s. w.Scott Westinghouse Hanford Company
R. M. Simons Washington Public Power Supply Systems
W. F. Urbick Welding & Management Consultants
R. F. Waite Consultant
R. K. Wiswesser Welder Training And Testing

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AUS Q C * S G 92 m 0784265 0502834 102 m

AWS Welding Educator Project Subcommittee

(Qc 9)

R. E. Long, Chairman Northern States Power Co.

W.F. Bebnke Ford Motor Company
C. C. Blesh Professor Welding Technology
E. R. Bohnart Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
H. B. Cary Welding Systems, Hobart Brothers Co.
J. E. Dato Retired
P. R. Evans PCI Energy Services
J. E. Grew Techno-Weld Welding Consultants
G. E. Metzger Retired
R.H. Morath Cives Steel Co.
P.D. O ’ h a y Montana TechíWelding Services
G. R. Purdee Dynamic Consultants
R. R. Picara’ ABB/Combustion Engineering Inc.
S. L. Raymond Sheet Metal Workers/National Training Fund.
G. M. Rodgm Stone & Webster Engineering Corp.
s. w.Scott Westinghouse Hanford Co.
E. E. Williams Georgia Department of Education
R. Witcrafl Hennepin Technical College

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AWS QCx5G 92 = 07842b5 0502835 049

The objective of the Welding Educators Qualifica- Or have passed the C W or C A W Closed book
tion and Certification Program is to recognize those examination.
welding educators who have been determined to
have instructional skills, plus the welding skills and 3. Practical Examination covering:
knowledge which meet the standards established by 3.1 Determination of qualification standards from
the American Welding Society and as stated in QC-5. a code of specification.
The examination of applicants for the Welding 3.2 Visual inspection of welded samples.
Educator program consists of four parts which are: Or have passed either the CWI or CAW Practical
1. Proof of having met the instructional requirements
of their institution. This instructional requirements 4. Valid* WelderNelding Operator Performance
proof shall be satisfied by: Qualification covering the process(es1 taught by
1.1 A letter evaluating the candidate instmctional
one of the following means:
skills in a prescribed format. 4.1 AWS CertifiedWelder ID/Certification card for
1.2 A description of the instructional methods the process(es) to be taught, OR
requirements of the institution. Documentation signed by an AWS C W that
1.3 Attachments describing how these require- the candidate is currently certified to a national
code for each process to be taught. Examples
ments have been met.
of published codes are AWS D1.l, API 1104,
2 . Closed Book Examination covering: and ASME IX.

O 2.1 Fundamental welding principles

2.1.1 Welding processes
2.1.2 Nondestructive testing processes
The Guide provides information on how you can
certify your qualifications as a Welding Educator
2.1.3 Safety according to the AWS Standard for Certification of
2.1.4 Basic Welding Metallurgy Welding Educators**, QC5, and become registered
2.1.5 Welding Symbols with the American Welding Society.
2.1.6 Print reading
2.1.7 Equipment The AWS is an organization that has gained
2.1.8 Process/equipment trouble shooting worldwide recognition for its dedication to the sci-
2.1.9 Basic arithmetic ence, technology and application of welding.

In a Nutshell...
You qualify as a Certified Welding Educator (CWE) Once certified your name will be registered at AWS
if you meet the minimum requirements of AWS headquarters. You will receive a certificate and
QC5, Standard for Qualificationand Certificationof wallet card documenting your qualifications.
Welding Educators. Certification or recertification cost is tax deduct-
Certificationrequires welding experience, comple- ible.
tion of the instructional methods requirements of Recertification is required every four years.
the employing institution, welding knowledge, Arrangements can be made for special examina-
proof of welding skills as welder qualifications, tions through the AWS Qualification and Certifica-
and an evaluation by the employing institution of tion Department in Miami, Florida. Page 3 details
your teaching skills. the requirements for such arrangements.

* Valid to mean within the period of time expressed by the code of qualification requirements.
** the AWS Standard for the Certification of Welding Educators is included in this packet

COPYRIGHT American Welding Society, Inc.
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~ ~

ANS QC*SC 92 D 0784265 050283b T85

To Become an AWS Certified

Welding Educator
1. Fill out the application according to the instruc- 4. If you fail the examination, (after a 3 month waiting
tions on pages 4 & 5. Then, mail it with a check or period) you may retake it within one year of the
money order to the Q & C Department at AWS first test at the current retest fee. However, if you
headquarters. Experience has shown that mail fail to reschedule during that period, you must
takes from 5 to 6 days to reach AWS, so DO NOT submit a new application and pay all fees again.
DELAY. Your application must be postmarked by
the 5th Monday preceding a scheduled examina-
5. Applicants must have fulfilled the job experience
requirements at the time the application is submit-
2. After your application is received, you will receive
the following:
Applications must be postmarked by the 5th
(i) Invoice confirming examination fee.
( 2 ) Notification of acceptance or rejection. If ac-
cepted a “Book of Specifications” will be
included with your letter. Please contact us if Make all fees payable to AWS and send check,
you have not heard from the Q&C Department money order or company purchase order with
within 3 weeks of mailing an application to us. your application - DO NOT send CASH. Your
(3) Approximately 3 weeks prior to test date you application will not be processed without fee
will receive test location, schedule and instmc- payment.
3. If you pass both parts of the examinations, you will NOTE: The Q&C Department cannot release
be registered and receive your certificate and the test resuits undl purchase orders and/or
wallet card. invoices are paid in full.

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AWS QC*5G 92 m 0 7 8 4 2 b 5 0502837 911

Questions and Answers
General section of leaders in the welding industry from the
United States and Canada.
Wby become an AWS certajãed Welding Educa-
tor? Will AWS establish a working agreement with
Many employed welding personnel can measure other agendes or organizations in granting
themselves against standards for their occupation, but certajkations?
unfortunately they cannot provide documentation. Yes. AWS has established such agreements.
The Welding Educator Standard can provide docu-
mentation of the qualification and provide a profes- WillI be required to take adkîitwnul courses to
sional level not available in the past. maintain my AWS certijkation?
The CWE must document two years of activity in each
Does AWS certifiiation signa3 anything else? four-year certification period. The two-year activity
Yes. It signifies that the certified educator has the requirement may be reduced to one year by satisfac-
capability of working with various codes, standards torily completing a Q&CCommittee approved course
and specifications. Since proof of active practice or given by the AWS Education Department.
reexamination is required every four years, certifica-
Will this program be avaihblef o r both public
tion also signifies that the CWE is current with the
welding industry. and private fmilities?
Wby was it dea*dedto initiate theprogram with
the Welding Educator? Will this certimation program help my institu-
The welding educators of the U.S.A. have had limited tion provide better training?
programs available to document qualifications. This Yes. The public looks for the best qualified institution
with the most qualified instructors.
program provides evaluation and if acceptable, docu-
mentation of your welding experience, instructional Are the results of the quaiajãcatwn examination
training methods, welding knowledge, welding skills made public by A WS?
and teaching ability. N o . However, if you become certified, you will be
registered by AWS and maintained on the list of
Has a standardf o r certajãcation of the welding
Certified Welding Educators. You alone will be
educator been established?
notified if you fail, and any reference by AWS to that
Yes. The Standard for Qualification and Certification
fact, from any inquiry,will be that you are not certified
of Welding Educators, AWS QC5, is the document.
by AWS.
Will this certijãcation take the piace of other
agency requirementsf o r welding educators? The QC5 Standard states that verbal requests
N o . It is not the intent of AWS to replace the local or f o r verijication of status and certaJZcationnum-
state requirements of other agencies but to provide a bers of CWE’s shall be provided If I am no
Standard which may be used to help meet those longer currently cert#fiì4will A WS release that
requirements. information?
AWS will release only your certification number, date
W b o established the standards f o r a Welding certified, and current status (expired, revoked, etc.).
The AWS Qualification and Certification Committee Does passing or failing the examination have
which is authorized by the Board of Directors of the any bearing on the candidate’s status as a
American Welding Society. The committee is com- society member?
posed of members that represent a geographic cross NO.

COPYRIGHT American Welding Society, Inc.
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AWS QC+5G 92 = O784265 0502838 858

WiUIreceivea refundaymy appltcation does not administrative superior - are described along with
quahB me to take the examination? the prerequisite education and welding experience as
Yes. AWS will deduct the current processing fee and described in Sections 5 and 6 of the QC5 Standard.
refund the balance. You will receive your returned
application and a written explanation of your rejec-
Can aperson become certijZed u n í &a- “Grand-
father Clause3
tion. The refund will follow in approximately 30 days.
No. Only those who meet the current qualification
requirements of QC5 will be certified.
Changes or Cancellations
If I am scheduled to take the exam in the city of Common Questions about the examination
my choice, can my selection be changed? WhenwiU I know how I did on the examination?
Only if AWS cancels the exam site. You would then Within two months of the examination you will
be registered to your second or third alternate choice.
receive an official Exam Score Report. It will give the
If you have not indicated alternate sites on your passing score and your raw score on each part of the
application, AWS will deduct the current processing examination, plus your raw score on each subtopic.
fee and refund the balance. This will permit remedial study in any weak areas. For
If I am scheduled to take the exam and do not your privacy, examination scores will not be dis-
show up, wiU I receive a refund? cussed over the telephone.
No. You will forfeit all fees as a “no-show”.You must If you have passed and met all other requirements,
contact the Q&C Department before the 4th Monday you will receive a 2” X 3”pocket work card and a wall
preceding the exam date to change test sites with no certificate showing your certification as a welding
penalty fee (processing fee will be charged for educator along with your score report.
cancellations). If you CHANGE test sites after that Is it possible to take the examination at a time
date, you will be charged the current penalty fee. If
andplace daxermt than those of the nationwide
you CANCEL test sites after that date, you will be
charged additional penalties. Yes. Special examinations may also be arranged for
dates and places other than those regularly scheduled
Certification Requirements by AWS: more detailed information is given on page
3 of this booklet.
What are the quahiation requirements f o r
certa@ìcation? If I fail cmíy one part of the examination do I
The principle requirements -experience, successful have to retake the entire examination?
completion of a two-part closed book examination, Yes. In order to become certified, the Standard states
a teaching skill evaluation from your immediate that you must pass both parts of the examination.

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AWS úlC+5G 92 0784265 0502839 794

Where to Send*
for Reference Material
American Welding Society American Petroleum Institute
P.O. Box 351040 1220 L Street, N.W.
Miami, FI, 33135 Washington, DC 20005
or (202) 682-8000
550 N.W. LeJeune Road ASM
Miami, FL American Society for Metals
(305) 443-9353 Metals Park, OH 44073
(216) 338-5151
American National Standards Institute American Society of Engineers, Inc.
1430 Broadway 345 E. 47th Street
New York, NY 10018 New York, NY 10017
(212) 354-3300 (212) 705-7722 Reference (800) 843-2763

*NOTE: When ordering reference material, make sure you direct your order to the order department of the
CORRECT agency. Publications are usually shipped by 4th class mail unless otherwise specified.

Special Examinations
(Within the United States)
Any organization or AWS section may sponsor a 5. The test supervisors designated by the Qualifica-
special examination. The sponsor must pay a sponsor tion and Certification Department shall be in
fee and the expenses of the test supervisor. The test charge of the examination administration.
supervisor is selected by the Qualification and Certi-
fication Department and the Committee. 6. Only those applications accompanied by the re-
quired fee paid prior to testing, and postmarked no
1. An organization that wishes to sponsor a special later than the 5th Monday preceding the exam
examination must submit a completed request date, will be considered for the examination. A
form to the Department at least 8weeks prior to the minimum number of applicants is not required.
requested test date.
2. The sponsoring organization must submit the 7. The test scores will not be released until all fees are
current sponsor fee. paid.
3. The sponsoring organization must agree to pay the 8. Test results will be mailed to the applicants within
transportation, food and lodging of the test super-
2 months after the test.
4. The sponsor must state if applicants not affiliated 9. Applicants who wish to retest must wait a mini-
with the sponsoring organization may sit for the mum of three months before retaking the exami-
examination. nation.

COPYRIGHT American Welding Society, Inc.
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AWS QC*5G 92 W 0784265 0502840 406

To Fill Out the Application Form

Part 1. Redd all directions for each item before you employer, list each one in Box B under that
write your answer. Be sure to follow the instructions employer.
B.Under Box C, indicate what type of product,
clearly everything but your signature. Each item is
fabrication or structure you are/were involved
keyed to the application for easy reference.
Note: If you wish to charge the examination fee, list
your credit card information in the space marked C. Under Box D, choose the duty(ies> which best
AWS USE ONLY. describe(s1your job responsibilities and check the
corresponding box(es).
Part 2. Personai
Spell your NAME exactly as it appears on your D.For Box E, estimate the percentage of your time
driver’s license, or other suitable identification. If you devoted to the duty(ies) checked in Box D and
write in the PERCENTAGE on the corresponding
you become certified, your name will appear on
the certificate exactly as it appears on the form. blank.
Because of this, do not use nicknames, unless you E. For Box F, circle the code, Standard or Specifica-
can be so identified. tion that covered the work experience governing
Note: Your middle name(s1 will appear as an your qualification.Note: If you are unable to circle
initial. any of the listed codes contact the AWS Qualifica-
List a COMPLETE mailing address which may be tion & Certification Department for assistance. If
used to contact you at any time on matters additional Part 5’s are needed, it is acceptable to
pertinent to your application, examination, certifi- duplicate copies of the application.
cation and/or recertification. To assure delivery of
Please note the following conditions:
all correspondence, we strongly recommend the A combined total of two (2) years of teaching and/
use of a home address rather than a company
or post high school education may be substituted
towards the required five (5) years work experi-
List a PHONE number where AWS can contact you
ence. See QC5, part 5.1 and 5.2.
between the hours of 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. eastern time,
ONLY full time employment is acceptable for
Monday through Friday.
qualifying work experience.
Fill in your Social Security Number.
Employment through union halls requires listing
Fill in your Birth Date.
the name of the company(ies1 worked for, and
Part 3. SIC codes NOT listing the union hall as the employer.
Clear, clean photocopies of the application form
A. Check one box only for the Type of Business you are acceptable, and plain paper containing the
are involved and for Job Classification. same information is permitted if needed to com-
B. Select the areas of your technical interest and place plete work experience.
them in order of preference. N O RESUMES will be accepted as a substitute.
Part 4. Work Experience
Part 5. Educational Background
To comply with the five-year experience requirement
A. Circle the numbers in parts A l , A2, and A3 which
in Section 5.1and 5.2 of the Standard, you must show
indicate the highest grade completed.
evidence of having performed in an occupational
function as explained by Section 5.2. B. Complete Parts B1 and B2 as indicated.
A. Beginning with your most recent employer C. List post high school education in Part C ONLY if
CLEARLY and ACCURATELY complete the entire you want to substitute for experience. Please note
box of items (A through F) for each employer. If that documentation of all claims must be submitted
you held more than one position with the SAME with your application (e.g., photocopies certifi-

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AWS QC+5G 92 E 0784265 0502843 342


APPLICATION For AWS Welding Educator Examination
1. Be sure to READ WEQC GUIDE thoroughly BEFORE filling out this form - 1. Check#
especially the section on how to fill it out - Please PRINT or TYPE
2. Date Rec'd.

3. Amount
4. Account#
NOTE: Processingyour application will be DELAYED if you
5. Batch
1. Omitted any required documentation/informationregarding
your education and work experience.
2. Neglected to have your signature notarized. A. ChargeMy: O VISA O MC
3. Neglectedto have your supervisor's letter of recommendation.
Card #
4. Are not an AWS member and DID NOT enclose payment.




l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l 1 l I


Have you taken a previous AWS O YES If yes, give date and location
welding inspector examination? O NO Have you ever been QC1 certified? Give
certification number


Type of Business Type Classification Your Technical Interests

(check ONE only) (check ONE only) (Place number on line in choice order
1-2-3, etc.)
A O Contract construction O1 U President, owner, partner, officer
B O Chemicals & allied products O2 U Manager, director, superintendent A - Ferous metals
C O Petroleum & coal industries (or assistant) B- Nonferrous - aluminum
D O Primary metal industries 03 O Sales c - Nonferrous except aluminum
E O Fabricated metal products 04 O Purchasing D - NOT
F O Machinery except elect. (inci. gas welding) 05 O Engineer - welding E- Safety & health
G G Electricalequip. supplies, electrodes 06 O Engineer - other G - Brazing & soldering
H Transportation equip. -air, aerospace 07 U Inspector tester
H - Cutting
I C Transportationequip. - automotive 08 O Supervisor foreman
1 - Gas welding
J O Transportationequip. -boats, ships 09 O Welder, welding or cutting operator
J - Resistance welding
K O Transportationequip. -railroad 1O O Architect designer
K- Thermal spraying
L UUtilities 11 O Consultant
M O Welding distributors & retail trade 12 O Metallurgist
L- Aerospace
N O Misc. repair services (incl. welding shops) 13 O Research & development M - Automotive
O O Educational services (unk libraries, cdiook) 14 O Technician N - Machinery
P O Engineering & architecturalseMces 15 O Educator 0- Marine
(inci. assns.) 16 O Student p - Pipe &tubing
Q O Misc. business services (ind.commercial labs) 17 O Librarian Q - Pressure vessels & tanks
R O Government (federal, state, iccai) 18 O Customer Services R- Structures
S O Other 19 O Other s - Other

Major product or service of your organization

COPYRIGHT American Welding Society, Inc.

Licensed by Information Handling Services
. AUS QC*SG 92 O784265 0502842 2 8 9
NOTE: DO NOT SUBMIT RESUMES. Refer to paragraph 5 of QC5 Standard for qualifying experience requirements.
employer, listing your present or most recent employer first. If you held more than one position with the same employer, list each one SEPARATELY IN (B).

A. Company Name: Dept.iDivision: e

1 1
SupervisoriPersonnel Manager: Tel. No.:
Box/Street No.: city:
StateiProvince: zip:

B. Mo. Yr. To Mo. Yr.

Job Title: From

C. To what type producüfabricationistructure does (did) the jobiresponsibility relate (¡.e., buildings, bridges, pipelines, power plants-nuclearifossil,
shipping. etc.)?

D. DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES. Check the box(es) below which describe your main duty(ies):
O prepare welding plans and/or drawings
O plan or control materials, procedures and operationsfor weldment fabrication
O perform, supervise or monitor joint preparation for weldment fabrication

perform, supervise, monitor joint preparations for weldment fabrication
perform, supervise, monitor, witness, and/or approve inspection of joint preparation
supervise or monitor weldment fabrication and/or repairs
U develop welding inspection procedures
O perform, supervise, monitor, witness, and/or approve inspection of fabricated weldments
O train welders to fabricate weldments
O train inspectors to inspect weidments

E. What percentage of your time did you devote to the duty(ies) indicated above? YO

F. Fabrication Code. Circle the code@), standard@)and/or specification(s)

which governed fabrication. Note: For company/customer specs, circle the
code which served as the basis. For foreigh codes, circle the American Equivalent.
AWS D1 1 D1 2 D1 3 D1 4 D1 5 D3 6 D5 2 D8 8
09 1 D10 9 Dl42 D14 3 D14 5 D14 6 D15 1

API 620 650 5L 1104

ASME 831 1 831 2 831 3 831 4

Sec I Sec 111 Sec IV Sec VIII Sec IX sec XI

MIL-STD 1689 278 W 18326 W 8604 W 8611



COPYRIGHT American Welding Society, Inc.
Licensed by Information Handling Services
NOTE: DO NOT SUBMIT RESUMES. Refer to paragraph 5 of QC5 Standard for qualifying experience requirements.

B. Mo. Yr. Mo. Yr.

Job Title: From To

C. To what type producVfabrication/structure does (did) the job/responsibility relate (¡.e., buildings, bridges, pipelines, power plants-nuclear/fossiI,
shipping. etc.)?

D. DUTIES 81RESPONSIBILITIES. Check the box(es) below which describe your main duty(ies):
U prepare welding plans and/or drawings
O plan or control materials, procedures and operations for weldment fabrication
O perform, supervise or monitor joint preparation for weldment fabrication
O perform, supervise, monitor joint preparations for weldment fabrication
O perform, supervise, monitor, witness, and/or approve inspection of joint preparation
O supervise or monitor weldment fabrication and/or repairs
O develop welding inspection procedures
O perform, supervise, monitor, witness, and/or approve inspection of fabricated weldments
O train welders to fabricate weldments
U train inspectors to inspect weldments
~ ~ ~

E. What percentage of your time did you devote to the duty(ies) indicated above? YO

F. Fabrication Code. Circle the code(s), standard(s) and/or specification(s)

which governed fabrication. Note: For companyicustomer specs, circle the
code which served as the basis. For foreigh codes, circle the American Equivalent.
AWS D1 1 D1 2 DI 3 DI 4 D1 5 D3 6 D5 2 D8 8
D9 1 D10 9 D14 2 DI4 3 D145 DI4 6 Di5 1

API 620 650 5L 1104

ASME 831 1 831 2 831 3 831 4

Sec I Sec 111 Sec IV Sec VIII Sec IX Sec XI

MIL-STD 1689 278 W 18326 W 8604 W 8611




COPYRIGHT American Welding Society, Inc.

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AWS QC*SG 92 m 0784265 0502844 051 m
5. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND B. Complete the following if you graduated high school or earned a high
A. Circle below the highest grade or years attended at each level. school equivalency diploma.
1. Grade and high school (including vocational) 7 / 8 / 9 / 1O / 11 / 12 1. Date of graduationhssue:
2. After high school: trade or technical (vocational)...........1 / 2 / 3 / 4 2. Name of city and school/issuingagency:
3. College .................................................1 / 2 / 3 i 4 / More than 4

Dates Diploma
Name and Address of Institution From To Course of Study Certificate
Mo. Yr. Mo. Yr. Degree

D. Substituted teaching experience is to be reflected in Part 4 of this application and proper documentation must accompany this application.
Please refer to Paragraph 5.2 of the QC5 Standard for detailed requirements.

6. CERTIFICATION OPTIONS: Refer to QC5, Paragraph 6.

A. TWO PART EXAMINATION: Fundamentals of Welding/Practical Welding Inspection

1. Test site preferred: 1st choice

2nd 3rd

2. CWI substitution: CWI Number


1. Test site preferred

2. AWS CW substitution: CW Id Card Number

3. Company substitution record attached

(Name of Company)


Ihereby certify that Ihave read the requirementscontained in the WIQC-1 document. Further, Iagree to comply with the
existing requirementsand any subsequent requirementswhich may be instituted by AWS. Icertify that the information
Ihave included on this application is true; Iunderstandthat any false statement will nullify this application; Igive AWS
permission to verify this information; Iagree to comply with the provisions set forth in this Guide and the Standard
concerning the administration of my examinationand certification.

Signature Date

Sworn to and subscried before me, this day of AD 19

Notary Public

COPYRIGHT American Welding Society, Inc.

Licensed by Information Handling Services
AWS dC*5G 9 2 m O784265 0502845 T ï 8 m

8. Instructor Evaluation and Instructional Methods Credentials (Note to candidate:

Write your name and the name and address of your institution. Copy or cut the form at the dotted
line and give it to your supervisor to complete and return to you in a sealed envelope).

Name of Candidate

Name of Institution

Address of Institution

A. Instructional Methods Requirements

The instructional methods requirements of this institutionfor an instructor of welding are as follows:
(State this by subjecücourse and hourslcreditsof instructional methods required.)

These requirements have been met as follows: (List the courses and attach transcripts or
certificates of completion.)

B. Evaluation: Classroom and Laboratory Teaching

Attach a letter on official letterhead which comments on each of the following items.
1. Personal teaching habits, for example, promptness, use of instructionalobjectives, lesson plans and relevancy of
lessons to the trainees.
2. What presentation techniques does this instructor use?
3. Explain how this instructor manages the classroom and laboratory.
4. Explain what training aids this instructor uses and how they are used. Indicate if they are commercial or self
5. Explain how this instructor uses questions in the classroom and in the laboratory.
6. Describethe personal characteristicsof this instructor including speech, appearance and enthusiasm.
7 . Summarize briefly why this instructor should be recognized as an American Welding Society Certified Welding

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_ _ _ _ ~

AWS Q C l r 5 G 92 W 0784265 0502846 924 W

cates, diplomas, transcripts). Education will be your ID Card number where indicated. Or, 3. if you
credited according to Section 5.1 or 5.2 of the are qualified through your employer, list the
Standard with proper documentation. employer’s name and attach a copy of your
certification to the application.
part 6. ~xamina
tion Sites
Part 7. Notarhtion
A. Choose the test site preferred from the enclosed
EXAMINATION SCHEDULE. If the examination Sending your application in with the required nota-
cannot be given at any of your choices, you will be rization of your signature will save you time. Appli-
given the option of an additional choice or a cations without the required notary sump or seal will
refund. be returned unprocessed.
If you are an AWS Certified Inspector, you may
substitute your test scores for the two-part exami- Part 8. instructor Evaluation and Instructional
nation. Write your certificate number where indi- Methods Credentials.
cated and provide the necessary documentation
Print your name, the name of the institution you are
(copy of your wallet card or wall certificate).
teaching at and its address. Detach (or copy) the
B. Welder Certificationtesting: 1.Choose a test facility evaluation form and give it to your supervisor. After
if you need an AWS Welder Certificate. 2. If you it is completed attach it to your application and send
hold a valid AWS Welder Certification (CW) write it to AWS headquarters.

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AWS QC*5G 9 2 O784255 0502847 860 =

What to Expect on Examination Day

The examination will be conducted by authorized Some basic arithmetic will be required during the
representatives of AWS. examination. It is recommended that you bring a
self-powered, noiseless calculator that does not
The examination is in two pans, two full hours is
have metric conversion capabilities. All required
allowed for each part. PART A, FUNDAMENTALS,
formulas will be provided for metric conversions.
is a closed book test. PART B, PRACTICAL, is also
a closed book test which is augmented with a book Exchange of reference material or conversation
of specifications. during any segment of the examinationwill not be
The questions in the Practical Test involve the
mixed use of measuring tools, weld replicas, NDT On the back of each test booklet is a “challenged
slides and a “book of specifications”. When a question” form. This form allows you the oppomi-
candidate receives the letter of acceptance to sit for nity to challenge any question you feel is unfair or
the examination, a “book of specifications”will be cannot be answered. You will receive a response
enclosed for study purposes. ONLY if a question you challenged is disqualified.

It is to the candidate’sadvantage to be familiar with As you complete each test, you must certify that
fillet weld and butt weld gauges, micrometersand you understood the test instructions, that you
dial calipers. All these instruments will be provided neither gave nor received help on the test, and that
in the test kit on examination day. you saw the authorized test supervisor/proctor
seal the envelope containing your test booklet and
All questions will be of the multiple choice type. answer sheet.

Notes on the Examination

Although each test has a different purpose, all are practical in that they cover basic knowledge or operating
principles of methods, materials, processes, procedures, and equipment that apply to fabrication and inspection
of weldments. Typical questions and answers for each part are shown in the section on “SampleQuestions.”

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Preparations and Study Material
The following information will provide you with a Course #5 - Fundamentals of Nondestructive
source for study material. Testing - ASNT and ASM
Canadian Welding Inspection Course
Publications: Welding Safety and Health
AWS A3.0-89: Terms and Definitions Guide for the Nondestructive Inspection of
Welding Inspection
AWS A2.4-86:Symbols for Welding and
Nondestructive Testing Group Courses Available:
Welding Handbooks Welding Inspection Technology
Volume i through 5,Sixth, Seventh 8 Eighth Welding and Cutting Processes
Editions Introductory Welding Metallurgy
The Welding Power Handbook
The information provided for study materials may aid
AWS or Union Carbide
you in your preparation. You must be the responsible
Guide for the Visual Inspection of Welds
party for the selection of what to study. Many local
Self Study Courses Available: AWS Sections, universities and businesses maintain
Welding Inspection and Quality Control - AWS libraries that will allow you to borrow reference
Homestudy Course material.

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AWS d C + 5 G 92 m 07842b5 0502849 b33 m

What to Bring to the Examination Site
Photo identification, such as driver’s license. Either a self-powered, noiseless calculator that
does not have automatic metric conversion capa-
bilities or a slide rule.

What Not to Bring to the Examination Site

Visitors. Reference materials.
A calculator designed for automatic metric conver- Additional tools or equipment.
sion or one that makes noise.

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AWS QC*SG 92 078q265 0502850 355

Sample Questions
Fundamentals Test
The fundamentals test covers general technical and 3. Ultrasonic waves cannot be coupled to the test
factual knowledge of welding inspection fundamen- object effectively
tals. Its purpose is to measure your understanding of (A) through a film of oil
the basic principles and terminology of methods, -(BI through a film of air
materials, processes, and procedures that control (C) through a layer of water
weld quality. Typical questions and answers are as (D) through a layer of grease
follows: (E) all of the above
4. Inclusions in a weld will appear on a radiograph as
(A) a dark spot
1. A 1/4-inch fillet weld has a normal
(B) a light spot
(A) throat dimension of 1/4-inch
(C) a generalized gray area of varying contrast
-(BI leg dimension of 1/4-inch
(Cl area of 1/4 sq. inches 4 D ) either a dark or light spot or area depending on
(DI volume of 1/4 CU. inches the relative absorption ratio of the part material
and the inclusion material
(E) none of the above
(E) none of the above
5. When using magnetic particle inspection, the
2. Stress risers in a weld are caused by nearer a discontinuity is to the surface
(A) low impact strength of the weld metal (A) the more diffuse becomes the powder pattern
(B) low yield strength of the heat-affected zone (B) the less serious it is as a source of fatigue failure
-(Cl undercuts, incomplete penetration -(Cl the more distinct becomes the powder pattern
(D) a smooth butt joint (D) the less sharp becomes the flux leakage field
(E) all of the above (E) none of the above

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AWS Q C b 5 G 92 m 078Li265 0502851 291 m

Sample Questions
Practical Application Test
The practical application test covers topics which are ings, and procedures; identify tools, use tools accept
more frequently encountered on the job. Its purpose or reject test specimen and complete reports. The test
is to measure your ability to make basic calculations is given in two parts -written and hands-on. Typical
and conversions; interpret test results, symbols draw- questions and answers are as follows:

U.S. customary
Property units S1 units

to convert from to multiply by

pounds per square

tensile strength inch (psi) pascal (PA.) 6894.757

1. Using the above data, 60,000 psi is equivalent to

which of the following?
-(A) 413,685 kPa
(BI 8,700 kPa
(Cl 41,360 kPa
(D) 87,000 kPa
(E) none of the above 6. Using the vernier caliper, determine the thickness
2. For the fillet weld at right, F indicates the and width of the unbroken transverse tensile and
(A) leg calculate the area
(B) throat -(A) 26250 m m 2
(Cl face (B) 48750 m m 2

(D) toe (Cl 227500 m m 2
-(E) root of weld F (D) 4.6 mm2
(E) 8.6 mm2
3. For the butt joint at right, F indicates the
(A) shoulder 7 . The person required to sign the bottom line of the
(B) included angle welder qualification form is:
-(Cl effective throat (A) the independent test lab owner
(D) root opening (B) the Certified Welding Inspector
J L C -(Cl a representative of the company that employs
(E) none of the above
the welder
(D) the insurance company inspector
(E) the welder who is being qualified

8. The acceptance criteria for the middle of a root

4. Which of the welding symbols above correctly bend specimen is the same as the edge of the bend
represents the welded joint shown below? specimen
(A) A (A) true
(BI B (BI false
-(Cl c (C) root bends are an obsolete test
(Dl D -(D) insufficient information is presented to answer
(E) none of these this question

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Keywords: Violations
CWE Violations

American Welding Society

Administrative ProcedUre
For CWE Alleged
Violat ions

COPYRIGHT American Welding Society, Inc.
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AWS QC*5G 92 W 078lr2b5 0502853 Ob4

Administrative Procedures Manual for Alleged Violations
of the AWS Welding Educator Qualification-Certification Rules

1. introduction plaining Witness of the right to seek review of his

The Administrative Procedure for Alleged Viola- determination by the Executive Committee of the
tions (‘PROCEDURE”)is adopted by the American AWS Board of Directors (“AWS Executive Commit-
Welding Society (“AWS”)Board of Directors in accor- tee”) in accordance with Article 2.5.1.
dance with AWS Bylaws. The Procedure governs the
2.5.1 Review of the executive Director’s determi-
initiation, preparation and disposition of complaints
nation must be requested no more than 30 days after
against individuals for unauthorized practices and
the date of the notice received from the Executive
violations of applicable rules of AWS QC 5, Standard
Director in accordance with Article 2.5. If a review is
for Qualification and Certification of Welding Educa-
requested, the Executive Director shall transmit to the
tors (“Rules”).
AWS Executive Committee:
(i) a copy of any information submitted by the
2. Complaints
Complaining Witness;
2.1 Cornplainant. The AWS Qualification and Cer- (2) a copy of the notice provided to the Complain-
tification Committee (“Q&CCommittee”)shall be the ing Witness in accordance with Article 2.5; and
complainant in all proceedings brought in accor- (3) a memorandum from the Executive Director
dance with the procedure. identifying the alleged violation(s) and summarizing
his findings and conclusions.
2.2 Compiaining Witness. Any person or entity
including, but not limited,to AWS members, the Q&C 2.5.2 If the AWS Executive Director Committee
Committee, corporations, associations, and govern- finds that there was reasonable basis for the Executive
mental agencies, (“Complaining Witness”) may sub- Director’sdetermination, it shall affirm the determina-
mit written information to the AWS Executive Direc- tion and notify the Executive Director thereof. If the
tor (“Executive Director”) concerning a possible AWS Executive Committee finds that there was no
violation of the Rules by an individual certified by reasonable basis for the determination, it shall instruct
AWS. the Executive Director to reopen the file and prepare
a Complaint in accordance with Article 2.6.
2.3 Investigation.The Executive Director may con-
duct an investigation as he deems appropriate, re- 2.6 Content. The Complaint shall contain the fol-
garding the information submitted by the Complain- lowing information:
ing Witness’. (1) the name and address of the person charged
with a violation of the Rules (“respondent”);
2.4 Preparation of Complaint. If the Executive (2) the applicable Rule or Rules allegedly vio-
Director determines that there is reasonable cause to lated; and
believe that a violation has occurred, he shall prepare (3) a summary of the pertinent facts.
a Complaint in accordance with Article 2.6. The Complaint, together with the documents and
2.5 Closing of File. If the Executive Director deter- other evidence submitted to or obtained by the
mines that there is no reasonable cause to believe that Executive Director, shall be furnished to the Execu-
a violation has occurred, he shall close the file and tive Subcommittee of the Q&C Committee (“Q&C
advise the ComplainingWitness of his determination. Executive Subcommittee”) for approval.
The Executive Director shall also advise the Com-
3. Pre-Hearingprocedure
3.1 Review by Q&C Executive Subcommittee.
1. The words “he” or “his” are used throughout the The Q&C Executive Subcommittee shall review the
Procedureto refer to both genders, as the context requires. Complaint and other information provided by the

COPYRIGHT American Welding Society, Inc.
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AWS QC+SG 92 m O784265 0502854 TTO m

Executive Director and shall determine whether the Executive Director shall prepare a proposed stipula-
Q&C Committee should prosecute the Complaint as tion for approval the Hearing Panel. If the Hearing
the Complainant. If the Q&C Executive Subcommit- Panel approves the stipulation, the Executive Direc-
tee determines that the QbiC Committee should not tor shall issue a ruling and shall furnish copies thereof
prosecute the Complaint, the Executive Director shall to the Respondent, Presenter, Q&C Committee and
issue a ruling dismissing the Complaint and furnish Complaining Witness. Any such ruling shall consti-
copies thereof to the Q&C Committee and the tute a final disposition of the Complaint.If the Hearing
Complaining Witness. If the Q&C Executive Subcom- Panel does not approve of the stipulation, a hearing
mittee determines that the Q&C Committee should shall be held on the Complaint.
prosecute the Complaint,The Q&CCommittee Chair-
man (“Q&CChairman”)shall sign the Complaint and 4. Hearings
select a Q&C Committee member to present the
Complaint on behalf of the Q&C Committee (“Pre- 4.1 Conduct of hearing. The Hearing Panel shall
senter”). The AWS President (“President”) upon no- control the conduct of the hearing and may establish
tification by the Executive Director that a Complaint any reasonable rules for that purpose to the extent
is pending, shall appoint a Hearing Panel in accor- that such rules are consistent with the Procedure.

Respondent of the Complaint. Notices required in 4.3 The Hearing Procedure.The hearing shall be
accordance with this article 3.2 shall be mailed, conducted as follows:
together with a copy of the Complaint and the (1) Complainant’s Opening Statement
Procedure, by certified mail, return receipt requested, (2) Respondent’s Opening Statement
and must be received by the respondent no less than (3) Complainant’s Case
30 days prior to the date set for the hearing. (a) examination of witnesses
3.3 Answer. The Respondent may submit an An- (b) cross-examination of witnesses
swer within the time specified. If the Respondent (4) Respondent’s Case
does not submit an Answer, he will be deemed to (a) examination of witnesses
have denied the Complaint. (b) cross-examination of witnesses
(5) Complainant’s Closing Statement
3.4 TransmittalofAnswer. The Executive Director (6) Respondent’s Closing Statement
shall furnish copies of the Answer, if any, to the
Hearing Panel, Presenter and Q&C Committee.. 4.4 Evidence. Formal rules of evidence shall not
apply, however, due process shall be observed and
3.5 Assistance from Executive Director. The ex- shall govern the conduct of the hearing.
ecutive Director shall provide reasonable assistance
to the Presenter in the preparation of the Q&C 4.5 Oath. All testimony offered during the hearing
Committee’scase. shall be under oath.
4.6 Record. A record shall be made of the testimony,
3.6 Conference’The Executive Di- documents and other evidence at the
rector may conduct a pre-hearing conference, in
hearing. The Respondent may obtain a copy of the
Or by with the Responder and record by paying the cost of duplication thereof.
Presenter in an attempt to resolve the Complaint by
stipulation. If the Respondent and the Presenter 4.7 Postponement of Hearing. The date, time
stipulate to a disposition of the Complaint, the and/or place of hearing may be changed by the

COPYRIGHT American Welding Society, Inc.

Licensed by Information Handling Services
AUS Q C * S G 9 2 W 0784265 0502855 937 W

Executive Director for good cause, and the interested of hearing. Based upon its review, the AWS Executive
parties shall be notified promptly by telephone or Committee may affirm, modify or vacate the Final
mail any such change. The Respondent shall be Ruling. Disposition of the Review by the AWS Execu-
furnished with reasonable notice of any new time or tive Committee shall be final.
place of hearing, however, the Respondent shall be
8. Hearing Panel
notified of a new hearing date by certified mail, return
receipt requested, no later than 30 days prior to the 8.1 Hearing Panel Pool. The President shall ap-
new hearing date. If the executive Director, Presenter point, with the approval of the Executive Committee,
and Respondent agree on a new date, time or place 20 persons, including 10 AWS members who are
of hearing, the notice provisions set forth in this Certified Welding Educators and 10 AWS members
Article 4.7 shall be deemed waived. who are not Certified to sit as members of the Hearing
Panel Pool.
5. FinalRuling. 8.2 Term. The members of the Hearing Panel Pool
5.1 Issuance of Ruling. The Hearing Panel shall shall serve for a term of 1 year, subject to reappoint-
issue a written ruling, including its findings and ment.
conclusions (“FinalRuling”),at the conclusion of the 8.3 New Members. New members of the Hearing
hearing or as soon thereafter as practicable but in no Panel Pool shall be appointed [pursuant to Article 8.1,
event more than 60 days the date of the hearing. The upon the expiration of a member’s term or upon the
Final Ruling shall find the Respondent guilty or not death or resignation of a member.
guilty of the violation(s) charged and shall either
dismiss the Complaint or impose sanctions pursuant 8.4 Hearing panel A Hearing Panel shall be ap-
to Article 6. pointed by the President pursuant to Article 3.1, and
shall be comprised of 3 members of the Hearing Panel
5.2 Delivery. The Hearing panel shall deliver the Pool, including at least 1Certified Welding Educator.
Final Ruling to the executive Director, who shall The President shall designate 1 of 3 panel members
furnish copies to the presenter, Complaining Witness to be the presiding officer.
and Q&C Committee. The Executive Director shall
furnish a copy of the Final Ruling to the responded by 8.5 Restrictions. N o member of the QbiC Commit-
certified mail, return receipt requested. tee or AWS Executive Committee shall serve as a
member of the Hearing Panel Pool.
6. Sanctions 9. Amendment
In accordance with the Rules, the Hearing Panel If a Complaint has already been prepared and the
may impose the following sanctions if it finds the Executive Director determines that there is reason-
Respondent guilty of the violation(s) charged: able cause to believe that an additional violation by
(i) revocation, suspension or refusal of renewal of Respondent has occurred, the Executive Director
a Certificate issued in accordance with the Rules; or shall prepare an Amended Complaint which shall
( 2 ) issuance of a reprimand. include any new charges. A copy of the Amended
Complaint shall be mailed to the Respondent by
certified mail, return receipt requested, and must be
7. Review of Final Ruling received by the Respondent no less than 30 days prior
to the hearing, together with a notice that the
When a Final Ruling imposes a sanction (other
Respondent’s Answer to the Amended Complaint
than a sanction to which the Respondent has stipu- must be received by AWS no more than 20 days after
lated or consented), the Respondent may seek review receipt by the Respondent of the Amended Com-
of the Final Ruling by submitting a written request for plaint.
review which must be received by the executive
Director no more than 30 days after receipt by the 10. Right to Counsel
Respondent of the Final Ruling. The AWS Executive The Respondent has the right to be represented by
Committee shall review the Final Ruling on the basis legal counsel in connection with any proceedings
of the Complaint, the Answer, if any, and the record brought in accordance with the Procedure.

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AUS QC+5G 92 m 07842b5 0502856 873 m

11. Notices

Except as otherwise provided in the procedure, all

complaints, notices or other documents required or
permitted herein shall be delivered by hand or by first
class mail. Ail notices or other documents permitted
or required to be mailed to AWS shall be addressed
Executive Director
American Welding Society
550 N.W. LeJeune Road
Miami, Florida 33126

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AWS QCr5G 92 = 07842b5 0502857 7 0 T

Formal Complaint of Alleged Violation of

AWS Qualification-Certification Rules for
Welding Educator
Identify the name and address of the one filing the complaint, the name and address of the person who is accused of
any violations, identification of the specific QC5 rule(s) allegedly violated, a clear, concise description of the issues of
fact and dates involved, what relief is sought and a statement of the interest of the complainant in the matter. This
complaint will be considered by the Qualification and Certification Committee.
Please return the completed form in triplicate to the following address: Executive Director
American Welding Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 351040
Miami, Florida 33135
Name of Complainant

State of Province Zip/mail code
Telephone ( 1
Country of residence
Name of Respondent

State of Province Zip/mail code
Telephone ( 1
Country of residence

Please provide the information requested below. Additional sheets of paper may be used.
I. Concise description of issues of fact involved:

II. Allegations raised by complainant. Identify the applicable QC5 rule for each alleged violation by section


III. Kelief sought:

NOTE: Attachments may be used to corroborate items I and II. Any evidence presented for a hearing must be supported
under oath by testimony or affidavit.
AWS Revised Form APM 3.2-77

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