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Private-Public Partnership (PPP)
to Achieve Inclusive Growth
Regional Economic Managers Briefing and Dialogue with
P id t Benigno
B i S.
S Aquino
Marriott Hotel, Cebu City

C t W.
W Paderanga
P d JJr.
Socioeconomic Planning Secretary

9/15/2010 1

Outline • Economic Development Agenda • PPP Development Strategies • Executive Order No. 8 • Powers & Functions of PPP Center • PPP Infrastructure Projects ƒ Projects Ready for FY 2011 ƒ Projects for 2012 and beyond • Project Approval Process 9/15/2010 2 .

Aquino q Administration’s Economic Development Agenda • Aquino government’s government s national development objective: create employment opportunities and reduce poverty • The g government strategies g for inclusive g growth are: ƒ Attain a high and sustained economic growth by encouraging private sector participation ƒ Equalize E li access to t development d l t opportunities t iti ƒ Implement social safety nets 9/15/2010 3 .

tender document. fairness and transparency • Provide assistance in preparation of business case. detailed engineering. etc • Fast-track project approval process • Protect P t t public bli interest i t t • Create the PPP Center 9/15/2010 4 . PPP Development Strategies • Focus on infrastructure support facilities for tourism. full FS. pre-FS. agriculture. pre FS. social services. and growth centers • Provide P id incentives i ti tto stimulate ti l t private i t resources • Ensure competition.

8 “Reorganizing and Renaming the Build-Operate and Transfer (BOT) Center to the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Center of the Philippines and Transferring its Attachment from the Department of Trade and Industry to the National Economic and Development Authority and for other Purposes” (9 September 2010) 9/15/2010 5 . Executive Order No.

• Recommend improvements in PPP processing. • Recommend plans. 9/15/2010 6 . • Provide technical assistance to IAs/LGUs in PPP project preparation and development. • Monitor and facilitate the PPP implementation. pre-FS. policies and guidelines related to PPP implementation. • Manage and administer the Project Development and Monitoring Facility for the preparation of business case. Powers and Functions of the PPP Center • Assist Implementing Agencies (IAs) and Local Government Units (LGUs) in addressing the bottlenecks in PPP implementation. • Establish and manage a central PPP database system. and • Prepare year-end reports to the President. FS.

PPP Infrastructure Projects • 2011 Rollout/Tender (Short list):10 projects ƒ Estimated investment requirement: Php127.8 billion • 2012 and beyond (Long list): 73 projects ƒ Competitive selection: 28 projects (Php263 (Php263.78 billion 9/15/2010 7 .55 billion) ƒ Indicative Power Projects (open for partnership with other private companies): 43 projects (Php 348.5 billion) • Total estimated PPP investment requirement: Php 739.

543 Development of City Terminal for DMIA To be determined Privatization of Laguindingan Airport O & M To be determined Puerto Princesa Airport 4.779 9/15/2010 8 .075 Indicative Total 127. Projects Ready for 2011 Project Title Estimated Cost (Milli Php) (Million Ph ) MRT/LRT Expansion Project 70.500 10 500 Supply of Treated Bulk Water for Metro Manila To be determined Daraga International Airport 3.299 New Bohol Airport 7.000 CALA Expressway E .362 NLEx-SLEx Link Expressway 21.Manila M il side id section ti 10.000 MRT Line 2 Phase 2 (Line 2 East Extension) 11.

ƒ water supply. ƒ health facilities. j t 9/15/2010 9 . supply ƒ irrigation ƒ school buildings. ƒ solid waste management services. ƒ rail. ƒ roads. and ƒ other th sociali l supportt projects. Projects for 2012 and beyond The 28 PPP projects for competitive selection includes the following: ƒ airports.

Eligibility. Local Sanggunians) Conduct of Public Bidding 5 months 8 months Advertisement/Invitation to Prequalify & to Bid √ √ Issuance of Request for Proposal/Bid Preparation  √ √ ((i.. tender documents are  also being prepared. At this stage. Project Approval Process Process Flow Solicited (6 months) Unsolicited (9 months) Project Identification & Preparation Note: Agency/LGU prepares F/S & the contract including  all necessary documents and submits to the Approving all necessary documents and submits to the Approving  Body for approval.e. NEDA Board. Implementation  √ √ & Contract Implementation 9/15/2010 10 . Technical & Financial) g y ) Preparation and Submission of Comparative  X √ Proposals Bid Submission and Evaluation √ √ Determination of the Winning Proponent X √ Approval of Contract Award √ √ Issuance of Notice of Award √ √ Execution / Approval of Contract √ √ Issuance of Notice to Commence. Approval by the Approving Body 1 month 1 month (ICC.

W Paderanga P d JJr. Socioeconomic Planning Secretary 9/15/2010 11 . S Aquino A i III Marriott Hotel. g Accelerating Private-Public Partnership (PPP) to Achieve Inclusive Growth Regional Economic Managers Briefing and Dialogue with President P id t Benigno B i S. Cebu City Cayetano C t W.