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Vote of Thanks

Secretary, ARPG & Pensions

21st April, 2007 at 1230 Hrs

Hon’ble Prime Minister

Hon’ble Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions

Cabinet Secretary

Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister

Secretaries and Chief Secretaries

Winners of Prime Minister’s Award

Distinguished guests

Media representatives


Ladies and gentlemen

It is a great honor and privilege to be called upon to propose a

Vote of Thanks to our Hon’ble Prime Minister who has always accorded

top priority to reform initiatives. His presence today is a great source

of motivation to us. We are extremely grateful to him to have acceded

to our request for inaugurating the event and giving away the Prime

Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration. I, on behalf of

the representatives of all the services and on my behalf, extend our

grateful thanks to him for his encouragement. I assure you Sir, that all

the civil servants will join hands to meet the emerging challenges and

. his hospitality and continued support. I wish to thank the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister for his unstinted support for this function. vision and commitment for the Chief Secretaries’ Conference and Civil Service Day. I would like to thank all the Contributors for their rich collection of papers. his interest.will contribute towards making our organizations more dynamic. your valuable contribution. Sir. I will fail in my duty if I do not put on record my deep appreciation for the writers of Best Practices and discussants for their valuable contributions. Public Grievances & Pensions for his presence and words of encouragement. I thank all the Secretaries to the Government of India. guidance and encouragement has given a new impetus to our work. the Chief Secretaries. support. all the heads of the services and all the other officers for their kind presence on this occasion. My heartfelt thanks to the Cabinet Secretary for his stewardship. We are grateful to the Minister of State for Personnel. It is this treasure which will keep the memories of this Conference alive. responsive and sensitive to the needs of the citizen. I thank him for his kindness. I would like to thank all our honored guests for their presence and participation today. His able guidance in matters pertaining to civil service reforms has always encouraged us.

Vigyan Bhawan staff. volunteers and officials who have worked hard to ensure that this occasion becomes a memorable success. . CPWD. thanks for coming. I thank you all for your attention. the audio – visual staff. I would like to thank the Members of the media. Last but not the least. We owe special gratitude to the officials of the NIC. for evincing interest in covering the event. ITDC.