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Cyberinfrastructure for Nanotechnology
Research and Education
Michael McLennan
Network for Computational Nanotechnology

Workshop on Nanoinformatics Strategies
Arlington, VA, June 12-13, 2007

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and course lectures . 460 other seminars. tutorials.

501 simulation jobs last 12 months .Who’s using this? 2 million hits last month 23.433 users last 12 months 211.

A A global following 50% in US .

A A global following .

courses. etc. .Strong growth Online simulation… …and more! Interactive tools Added seminars. tutorials.

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Over 50 tools online! 50 more in the pipeline .

Cyberinfrastructure .

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System Architecture Physical Machine Maxwell’s Virtual Machine Content Daemon Database 0101 1011 1001 nanowire job nanoHUB cluster Rendering Farm Violin .

Rappture Toolkit Rappture = • Created by NCN in Nov 2004 • Open Source • Create standard desktop apps • Works with your favorite programming language Scientist .

Simple Graphing Calculator .

Research Impacts .

Kenneth P. of Electrical and Computer Engr. In the case of the doctoral student. University of Cincinnati nanowire MOSFET FETToy CNTbands . The software and your support have proven to be effective tools in stimulating the interest of these students in these nanoelectronics topics and in enabling them to investigate and learn about the new physics that these materials and devices entail. Roenker Prof. his work utilizing the software has already resulted in a conference paper presented at the IEEE Nano 06 Conference in July 2006 and submission of a journal paper with other papers likely to follow.

595 Simulations 4.511 Simulations .FETToy MOSFET CNTbands 532 Users 394 Users 618 Users 8.844 Simulations 5.

I indeed use the CNTbands tool very frequently and I am considered to be among the top users of such a tool – an indication of how important it is in my research. Urbana-Champaign CNTbands . I have been able to determine the chirality of the CNTs I have been probing experimentally. By comparing the experimentally obtained DOS with the simulated ones which I obtain using the CNTbands tool. Noureddine Tayebi Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology University of Illinois.

Google Scholar finds 159 citations to nanoHUB .

Effect of channel positioning on the 1⁄ f noise in Schred silicon-on-insulator metal-oxide-semiconductor downloads M von Haartman. M Oestling.. were used to support our analysis and compute the inversion carrier profiles in the devices.. Journal of Applied Physics.aip. Google scholar: “nanohub Schred” finds 30 citations . ….org. 2007 .link.. Case in point Rappture version Jan 06 TCAD simulations using SCHRED [15] or Schred 378 users ISE.

the class students have worked out their own homeworks/reports on the microscopic fluctuations explored using the Schred and SDemon. … Even the nanoHUB is useful from the aspect of the education. For the graduate course “Noise and Fluctuations” I have delivered in this semester. Taiwan Demons Schred . Ming-Jer Chen Prof. of Electronics Engineering National Chiao-Tung University Hsinchu.

In autumn quarter 2006. Plummer Dean. visualization and remote server capability to perform well in the teaching environment. we used the Rappture toolkit to build oxidation and diffusion modules around equations coded into the Prophet simulator. James D. Students liked the interactive menu driven simulation examples... . We found the Rappture toolkit. School of Engineering Stanford University Process Lab: Oxidation Process Lab: Concentration-Dependent Diffusion .

including use by hundreds of students in our courses. of Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering Northwestern University Nanosphere Optics Lab QC-Lab . Access to these programs has already had huge impact. George C. Schatz Morrison Prof. as can be documented by the usage statistics that NCN provides. Ratner Morrison Prof. of Chemistry Mark A. At Northwestern we have already made considerable use of Rappture through our development of interfaces for doing computational nanophotonics and computational chemistry/materials.

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