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by Sandburg, Carl
THERE'S Chamfort. He's a sample.
Locked himself in his library with a gun,
Shot off his nose and shot out his right eye.
And this Chamfort knew how to write
And thousands read...Read More
The Sultans Palace
by Seeger, Alan
My spirit only lived to look on Beauty's face,
As only when they clasp the arms seem served aright;
As in their flesh inheres the impulse to embrace,
To gaze on Loveliness...Read More
57. Holy Willie's Prayer
by Burns, Robert
O THOU, who in the heavens does dwell,
Who, as it pleases best Thysel’,
Sends ane to heaven an’ ten to hell,
A’ for Thy glory,
And no for ony gude or...Read More
Bill The Bomber
by Service, Robert William
The poppies gleamed like bloody pools through cotton-woolly mist;
The Captain kept a-lookin' at the watch upon his wrist;
And there we smoked and squatted, as we watched the shrapnel flame;
'Twas...Read More
Of The Shop
by Cavafy, Constantine P
He wrapped them carefully, neatly
in costly green silk.

Roses of ruby, lilies of pearl,

violets of amethyst. As he himself judged,

as he wanted them, they look beautiful to him; not as...Read More

The Road to Hogans Gap
by Paterson, Andrew Barton
Now look, you see, it’s this way like,
You cross the broken bridge
And run the crick down till you strike
The second right-hand ridge.
The track is hard...Read More
My Baynit
by Service, Robert William
When first I left Blighty they gave me a bay'nit
And told me it 'ad to be smothered wiv gore;
But blimey! I 'aven't been able to stain it,
So...Read More