HV Outdoor Capacitor Voltage Transformers and Coupling Capacitors

Robust design and proven performance

air and gas insulated switchgear. substations and complete electrification to utility automation and distribution systems. gas and water utilities as well as industrial and commercial customers a wide range of products. bulk power transmission. distribution transformers. The Power Technologies division offers electric. Advantage ABB 120 years of technology and innovation Unparalleled domain competence A vast global experience Total solution provider Large installed base Environment-friendly technologies 2 ABB . The product offering covers a wide spectrum of technologies across the entire voltage range including indoor and outdoor circuit breakers. The ABB Group of companies operate in around 100 countries.ABB – a global technology leader ABB is a global leader in Power and Automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. ABB’s turnkey solution capabilities in the sector range from Electrical Balance of Plant (EBOP) for power plants. Compact Substations (CSS) and Ring Main Units (RMU). extensive manufacturing facilities and a countrywide marketing and service presence. capacitor banks. ABB serves customers with the complete range of power and automation technologies. instrument transformers. reactive power compensators. transmission and distribution. In India. disconnectors. The company has a vast installed base. power transformers. systems and services for power generation.

ABB 3 . As per the required rating. two or three capacitor units are mounted on the tank and used as capacitive potential divider(s). which covers all aspects of production and testing to ensure the highest quality standards. The inductive part is immersed in mineral oil and sealed inside a steel tank. CVTs complying with ANSI/IEEE standards C57. phase angle error adjustment by variable choke with adjustable air gap Intermediate capacitor tap connection through an epoxy bushing housed in the porcelain insulator and tank High protection against corrosion – all ferrous parts and housing (tank) are hot dip galvanized Cost-effective design Dual application – designed for measurement. compact and easy to install Ease of transportation – shipped in easy-to-assemble parts It can be connected without danger at the end of unloaded line Design and construction The Capacitor Voltage Transformer type WN/WP/WS consists of a capacitive potential divider and an inductive medium voltage circuit.13 or other standards can also be provided on request. The facility is also EHS certified for environment and occupational health and safety management systems. Quality Assurance The CVTs and CCs are designed to comply with IEC: 60186/ 60358 and IS: 3156. Main features Hermetically sealed with metallic bellows cushion on top EMU (electro magnetic unit) protection by spark gap across primary winding of intermediate PT Ratio error adjustment by compensating winding on PT primary winding. type WN/WP/WS ABB offers mixed dielectric type capacitor voltage transformers that cater to the dual application needs of measurement and carrier communication. These consist of hermetically sealed capacitor stacks that are made of paper and PP film dielectric impregnated in transformer oil with a metal bellow.High Voltage Capacitor Voltage Transformers. ABB’s state-of-the-art facility at Vadodara is ISO 9001 certified. protection and carrier communication High reliability – robust design ensures excellent surge withstand level Low weight. one.

in Hz Rated Sec. No.3/rt3 V 100VA/300VA/500VA 0. type WN/WP/WS Schematic drawing Dimensional drawing 420kV 245kV 145kV 72.5kV All dimension in mm Technical data Parameter 66kV Type Rated Capacitance in pF Rated freq. of Secondary Rated Voltage factor Wind Velocity 4 Rated System Voltage 132kV 220kV WN 145N2 4400-13200 50/60 WP 245N2 4400-8800 50/60 400kV WS 420/N2 4400-8800 50/60 WN 73N2 4400-8800 50/60 110.5/3P 1000VA (simultaneously 3 windings) 3 max 1.High Voltage Capacitor Voltage Transformers. 100.3/3. 110/rt3.5 for 30 sec 150 km/h ABB .2/0. 183. 100/rt3. 183.2 continuous & 1. Voltage Rated Burden Class of Accuracy Rated Thermal Burden at line to ground vol.

2 continuous & 1. in Hz Rated Voltage factor Wind Velocity ABB Rated System Voltage 132kV KN 145N2 4400-13200 50/60 1. Main features Hermetically sealed with metal bellows cushion on top Protection against corrosion – all ferrous parts and bottom stand are hot dip galvanized Cost-effective due to optimal design High reliability – robust design ensures excellent surge withstand level Low weight.5kV All dimension in mm Technical data Parameter 66kV Type Rated Capacitance in pF Rated Freq.5 for 30 sec 150 km/h 5 220kV KP 245N2 4400-8800 50/60 KN 73N2 4400-8800 50/60 .High Voltage Coupling Capacitors. type KN/KP ABB offers mixed dielectric type coupling capacitors that cater to the needs of carrier communication. compact and easy to install Ease of transportation – shipped in easy-to-assemble parts Dimensional drawing 245kV 145kV 72.

15. 3rd Floor 561 / 562. PD Level Type WN/WP/WS & KN/KP 73 145 Dry KV rms 140 230/ 275 Wet KV rms 140 230/ 275 460 630 KV rms Micro Volt. S B Path Ballard Estate Mumbai 400 038 Tel: +91 22 56318231 – 39 Fax: +91 22 56318276/77 South Embassy Star. Ramkund Raipur 492 001 Tel: +91 771 5060816-8 Fax: +91 771 5053391 www.abb. 1st Floor No.A. 9 Elgin Road Kolkata 700 020 Tel: +91 33 22832906/8 Fax: +91 33 22832990 Central Vandana House 1st Floor G E Road. RIV level PD test Level Max. We reserve the right to make changes in the course of technical developments. Additional data will be provided on request. Bhikaji Cama Place New Delhi 110 066 Tel: +91 11 26186000 Fax: +91 11 26197592/84035 West ABB House Dr. Withstand Voltage Impulse Test Switching Voltage Impulse Test (1.in 1HYT800001-502/Rev. – 2500/ 2500 2500 2500 KV rms PC 325 550/ 650 1050 1425 – – – – 1050 – 78/ 92 156 267 46/73 78/123 92/145 156/245 267/420 5/10 5/10 5/10 5/10 5/10 245 420 460 630 Note: The above data are not limiting values.2005-06 .Additional data as per IEC:60186 and IS:3156 for Capacitor Voltage Transformers type WN/WP/WS and Coupling Capacitors type KN/KP CVT & CC Power Freq. 3C.com Regional Marketing Offices: North NBCC Tower 4th Floor No.abb. Data and illustration are without engagement.2/50 Voltage micro sec. India Tel: +91 265 2604287 Fax: +91 265 2638906 E-mail: inabbpthv.co. Vadodara 390 013. ABB Limited Instrument Transformers Maneja. Anna Salai Teynampet (Mount Road) Chennai 600 018 Tel: +91 44 24340201 Fax: +91 44 24340282 East 4th Floor No.) KV peak KV Peak RIV Test Voltage Max. 3D & 3F. 8.) (250/2500 micro sec.it@in. Palace Road Vasanth Nagar Bangalore 560 052 Tel: +91 80 22949779 Fax: +91 80 22949808 Century Plaza No.

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