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• What is "Spirulina".

• 50 questions with spirulina.

• Recommended quantity for taking spirulina.
• Detoxification process and cell improvement.
• Nutrient table of spirulina.
• Important ingredients of nutrient in spirulina.
• How does spirulina may improve our health?
• Why spirulina is considered as ideal food?
• Biochemical elements of spirulina.
• Summary of researches/ laboratory results related to spirulina.

International references.

Background of Spirulina:

Spirulina is the blue-green multi-cell algae, which cannot be seen by

naked eyes. Spirulina is a spiral stem generally found in fresh water,
brine and brackish water, consisting of 60-70 % protein in dry weight.
The protein elements consist of 18 types of amino acids, several
vitamins, such as vitamin A, B, E, H and minerals, fatty acids
necessary to the body.
Spirulina has been studied under various the scientific researches for
more than 20 years and consumed in more than 70 countries
worldwide. Presently, it is very useful nutritious food for preventive
and symptomatic treatment, such as antiviral activity, blood
nourishment, enhancing immunity against bacteria or foreign
substances for body and recovery during convalescent period.

worldwide ideal algae:

Several living beings are depending on each other for their survival. Likewise, human
being also need plants and animals as their food. These natural foods are important for the
survival of human beings because all these food play major role for human body and soul.
Thus, it is necessary for us to select the best one (food) for our healthy body and cheerful
mind, which is the most important thing for all human being. Now that the best natural food
has been discovered, that is a “Spirulina” algae.
Spirulina may not be the acquainted name to most people, but it is one kind of algae found
among the ancient age. Thousand years ago, the Mexican and African used spirulina as daily
food. Even though spirulina were consumed for long time, it has just been widely known in
modern industry for only 30 years.

Spirulina, the ideal food will result in better health and enhance immunity for the
millions of people in several countries. In addition to being an excellent food supplement,
spirulina also conveys nutrients, minerals and vitamins to human body system more efficiently
than other nutritious food.
Spirulina is not a medicine but being perfect and excellent nutrient consisting of 25
types of natural minerals and vitamins, which are sufficient for healthy and long life,
homeostasis, reducing exhaustion and strengthening the body.
From the pharmacological researches about safety of spirulina, the project conducted by
Prof. Kenichi Akatzuka, M.Sc., Ph.D., Faculty of Pharmaceutics, Meiji University of Japan
(Information from translation book Vol. 105, Office of the National Research Commission)
revealed that the safety of spirulina are as follows;
1. Being the product with high purity
2. No side effects even after continuous consumption
3. No toxicity or side effects in case of overdose
4. Improve health and increase immunity with daily consumption of spirulina.
Spirulina is, therefore, considered as a part of health improvement for all consumers who need
the perfection from nutrients in spirulina.


Spirulina is the micro-algae that cannot be seen by naked eyes, being multi-cell blue green
algae, grown in warm and brackish water, with the properties as alkaline. The strain,
researched by more than 30 countries worldwide, is Platensis. The root of “spirulina” comes
from Latin as helix or spiral that means the spiral shape like a whorl as Deurben; the German
scientist had named it as spirulina in 1927.

. Why is spirulina called an ideal food of mankind?

Spirulina consists of more concentrated nutrients than any other food, vegetables, seeds or
plants, respectively. More than 60 % protein, of which all are easy to digest, having beta-
carotene, vitamin B12, folic acid, minerals and essential fatty acids. These elements turn out
spirulina to be distinctively different from other food.

. Are there any researches related to spirulina?

Spirulina has been researched by more than 4,000 scientists worldwide in the past 40 years.

. Is spirulina safe for consumption?

Spirulina is the bluish green algae with its long history about safety for consumption as the
Mexican has consumed spirulina for long time. Recently, spirulina is adapted as food products
in more than 70 countries worldwide. Furthermore, UN has suggested it (spirulina) as the ideal
food for mankind, and WHO has also intimated spirulina as the safe food with excellent
nutrition especially for children.
. Is there any toxic remained in spirulina?

Spirulina is absolutely free from toxic without any remains of residue. It is consumed for
health improvement.

. How spirulina is different from other natural nutritious food?

Other natural nutritious food possesses different properties for nourishment, whereby some of
them must be consumed under the supervision of the physician or in limited quantity to
prevent some side effects, which may occur. Undoubtedly, spirulina is the natural food and
consumable at any time without any side effect.

. What is the usefulness of spirulina to body?

The scientists all around the world have studied for more than 40 years and concluded that
spirulina has more health benefits to body in the following ways;
1. Enhance immunity or immune response
2. Support heart and reduce cholesterol
3. Help to improve the digestive system
4. Naturally help the detoxification process
5. Reduce the risk of cancer and increase the antioxidant capacity

. What are the nutritious elements of spirulina?

Spirulina consists of several nutritious elements, which are important for health improvement.
These elements are proteins, essential amino acids, non-essential amino acids, minerals,
vitamins, fat, sugar, mineral salts and calories.

. What is the suitability of spirulina?

Spirulina is suitable to use as nutritious food not only for healthy, unhealthy person but also
for those who have the following symptoms; easily tired insufficient consumption of green or
yellow vegetables, dizziness, lack of some nutrients, skipping of meals like breakfast or person
under diet.

. After being consumed, which factors induce body response against spirulina?

Spirulina uptake is able to cause immediate or slow result of body response, depending on
several factors including age, stress, eating habits, chemical residues in body and severity of
diseases. Spirulina should be consumed continuously and sufficiently a long with proper
exercise and adequate rest.

. What is the appropriate quantity for consuming spirulina?

The appropriate quantity is based on the suggested quantity, such as the healthy person
should take 6 capsules a day, 2 capsules each meal.
Person on diet should take 6 capsules each meal, 3 meals a day before food, etc. However,
spirulina can be consumed unlimitedly without any side effects due to its toxic free or any
remaining substance.

. Will the nutritious value be decreased if spirulina powder is removed from capsule?

Removal of spirulina powder from capsule will not decrease the nutritious value. The other
way to uptake spirulina is to mix spirulina with milk or juices, etc.
. Why do some interactions occur after spirulina being consumed?

The body interaction against spirulina, such as skin allergy, mild fever, is only temporary
incident, which shall be automatically recovered within 2-3 days. This interaction can be
caused by unhealthy and/or insufficient consuming of spirulina. In contrast, there are no side
effects on a healthy person. Consumption of spirulina would nourish and balance your health
(as seen on page 19).

. Is it possible to consume spirulina with medicine?

Spirulina is not a medicine, yet it is the natural food containing with 5 groups of essential
nutrients. It is, therefore, consumable with other medicines and also helps body absorbing full
benefits from medicine.

. Can the patient at the recovery stage take spirulina?

A patient at the recovery stage needs nutrients in order to comeback at normal stage since
spirulina has plenty of several nutrients, which is suitable as food supplement for all patients.

. How does spirulina benefit to one who insufficiently takes green or yellow

Person who does not consumes green or yellow vegetables can take spirulina as food
supplement because it consists of vitamins, mineral salts and other pigments, such as
chlorophyll, vitamin A, beta-carotene, etc. to substitute the natural compositions from

. Should children take spirulina?

Protein in spirulina will develop and enhance the growth of children. They can consume
spirulina by mixing with milk if they cannot directly take the capsule.

. Can spirulina reduce stress?

Person under stress or mental problems may be influenced by diseases, such as peptic ulcer or
hypertension. Those who suffered from such disease should take some sources of food
containing large quantity of vitamin B complex, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids,
which are mostly found in spirulina. It is, therefore, considered as a good source of food
supplement for reducing serious illness and strengthening health of all patients.

. How does spirulina suit for the patient suffering from pepticulcer?

Either the medicine for peptic ulcer treatment consists of chlorophyll, or does spirulina. Due to
the property of chlorophyll-contained in spirulina, it ca tion of stomach. So, it is believed that
spirulina might help treating peptic ulcer.

. Spirulina and elderly patient

Older person usually has some chronic diseases, such as hypertension, cardiopathy, and some
types of cancer, diabetes, gout, cataract, liver disease or renal disease. Spirulina will improve
health of the elderly person. Some researches in Japan has found out that more than 70 % of
people taking spirulina were over 50 years old, whereby 57 % were female. They mentioned
that the purpose of taking spirulina was for treating some diseases, health improvement and
food supplement, respectively.
This can be concluded that spirulina is considered as the life-extending medicine for old age,
because it can well protect some elderly diseases.

. Spirulina and youngster

Arginine is an essential amino acid containing in semen for approximately 80 %. Lacking of

arginine may cause sexual disability or sterility. Tryptophan is also an amino acid affecting to
the confidence of male sexual power. In addition, zinc is a mineral useful for treating abnormal
sexual function. As spirulina consists of amino acids, calcium and zinc that resulted to sexual
potency. So, spirulina is suitable for both young female and male.

. Does spirulina help reduce cholesterol?

Recently, it is widely recognized that cholesterol increases the risk of heart attack, which is the
most serious problem of public health. Reduction of cholesterol is another way to decrease risk
of cardiopathy. Consequently, spirulina is the natural food that helps in reducing cholesterol.
Some researches mentioned that taking spirulina could reduce cholesterol. This may be
because body had received GLA (Gamma-linolenic acid), which is mostly found from spirulina.

. How does spirulina help sportsman?

Sportsman needs more and extra nutrients from any source. According to the composition
spirulina, is composed of special concentrated nutrients that are suitable for exercise and hard
training. Taking spirulina before training and competition would help energize and strengthen
muscle. Because spirulina comprises of more than 60 % of proteins and amino acids, so it
helps in reducing calories, which is the important factor for weight control in sports events and

. What is the usefulness of beta-carotene in spirulina?

Beta-carotene is an anti-cancer substance. Several researches revealed that taking beta-

carotene is related to cancer prevention. Beta-carotene is a source of vitamin A, which is
mostly found in spirulina 20-25 times more than in carrot. In addition, beta-carotene can help
protect chemical substances causing malignant tumor, defending chromosomal changes
causing cancer and enhancing immune system. Since beta-carotene exhibits high anti-cancer
property, spirulina can be replaced for vegetables or fruits.

. How does spirulina help digestion and absorption system in the body?

There is one microorganism in human intestine called lactobacillus, which helps in digestion
and absorption of food, prevent infection and activate the immunity. With its enormous
benefits, spirulina has become a great hit to take lactobacillus as a food supplement. Spirulina
can activate lactobacillus in intestine and help improve absorption of vitamin B2. Taking
spirulina is useful to increase lactobacillus in intestine and absorption of vitamin B1 and other

. Hepatitis and spirulina

Hepatitis is caused by several factors, such as virus infection, non-hygienic food or allergic
side effects from medicine. Currently, the way to treat it is to take sufficient rest and also eat
more nutrients and proteins. Spirulina can help to abate chronic and serious hepatitis because
it is composed of vitamin B12 and 60-70 % protein; protein is the important factor for
hepatitis treatment. Several researches by Japanese physicians found that spirulina can help
to abate hepatitis.

Spirulina and patient with pancreatitis

pancreas is caused by self-digestion of liver, drinking too much liquor, gallstone or eating
highly fatty food. The treatment is to solve it at its origin; for instance, if the disease is caused
from drinking too much alcohol, stop drinking can prevent it. The other treatment may be
carried out by eating food with high nutrients. As spirulina is rich in protein, high digestion
rate, low fat, high vitamins and mineral salts. Spirulina shall not cause any problem to
digestion in the patients suffering from liver disease (pancreatitis).

. Spirulina and hair loss

Spirulina is able to reduce rate of hair loss, activate hair growth, as spirulina consists of
necessary fatty acids (sometimes called vitamin F), including linoleic acid and arachidonic acid
which are the important fatty acids for nourishing hair, skin and nail. Meanwhile, they are
useful to hair root, leading to the beauty of hair.

. How does spirulina help to treat anemia?

Spirulina consists of high protein, chlorophyll, vitamin B12 and folic acid; therefore, it is able
to increase the quantity and efficiency of red blood cells, which will result in more exchange of
oxygen for better circulation within 30 days. Spirulina also gives excellent nutritive values to
the patients who long time- lack nutrients and improves health by providing sufficient vitamin
E, B12 and folic acid.

. Optic problem and spirulina

At present, more old age people suffer from ophthalmic problems, such as cataract, abnormal
retina and the symptom of other diseases, such as diabetes and anemia. Several tests from
Japanese physicians were found that spirulina could help treat cataract and stop the
development of the disease that affects vision. In the hypertensive patient or clogged blood
vessels in retina, spirulina can be taken with medicine for better results.

. Is spirulina easily digested in human body?

95 % of spirulina can be easily digested in human body as spirulina has thin cell membrane
and consists of proteins, polysaccharides, and enzymes that can be quickly dissolved into
body. It is, therefore, considered as easily digestive food. Spirulina is suited to those who have
problems about digestion or esophageal including also those old age people.

. Can we eat only spirulina as food?

Spirulina is rich and full of nutritious values yet human body should consume different kinds of
food and should not consume only one type of food to prevent any lack of nutrient. Spirulina
should be consumed together with food or as food supplement to enhance body health.

. Is it true that spirulina is useful for all age?

Spirulina is useful for people of all age; for instance, spirulina is easily digested in the old age
person, whereas the sportsman shall receive great energy from spirulina. Children would
receive nutritive values for their growth, or the pregnant women will get folic acid and protein
from spirulina, etc.
. Is spirulina internationally accepted?

Spirulina has been accredited and certified by the leading institutes of the world, such as;
1967: “The International Conference on Applied Microbiology” has announced that “Spirulina
must be considered as an important future food source”.
1974: UN has announced in the World Food Conference that spirulina was “The most ideal
food for mankind”.
1974: FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) has introduced that spirulina was “The best
food for tomorrow”.
1981: FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of USA has certified that spirulina is “The healthy
and safety product free from side effects”.
1983: IFE (International Food Exposition) held in East German has awarded the prize “The
best natural food” to spirulina.
1992: WHO (World Health Organization) has introduced that spirulina was “The healthy
product in 21st decade”.

Spirulina should be taken as food to supplement the insufficient nutrients daily and able to
take with medicine or other food supplements.

. Can children and pregnant woman women take spirulina capsules?

Children should take at least 2 capsules a day by taking with milk in the morning and evening.
Pregnant women should be advised by physicians before taking spirulina capsules.

. Should we take spirulina capsules before or after meals?

Spirulina capsules are nutritional supplements, which can be taken before or after meals.
However, they should be taken 30 minutes before meals to get the best absorption.

. Can patients with heart disease, impaired kidney function, cancer or AIDS
undergoing conventional therapy take spirulina capsules?

Patients should take medicine as prescribed by physicians and take spirulina capsules as
nutritional supplements for health improvement and renew body cells. The spirulina capsules
may be taken alternately with conventional medicines. For example, if the patients take the
medicines after meals, they may take the spirulina capsules before meals. If they take the
medicines both before and after meals, they may take the spirulina capsules at bedtime.

Who to take spirulina capsules to lose weight or firm body?

During the first week, take 3 spirulina capsules 30 minutes before meals, then increase the
amount by taking 5-6 capsules in the second week, and maintain the amount of 6 capsules
before each meal, three meals a day for 6 months. Within the first month, limit the amount of
diet, for example, after taking 5 capsules with 2 glasses of water, you will feel full and then
you may skip the meal while receiving plenty of nutrients from spirulina. However, you should
eat at least one meal a day. If you feel hungry between meals, you should take some fruits,
such as guava to limit the intake calories. This will help you gradually losing weight at least 4-
6 kg within 3 months.

. The label on the bottle said “contained 100% spirulina” What does it mean?

Each capsule contain 100% spirulina powder. This means that spirulina powder is 500 mg, and
capsule shell is about 100 mg approximately. The content in the capsule is 100% spirulina.
Other types of products, excluding our spirulina capsule, may contain starch as filler,
therefore; consumers would inevitably receive starch and may risk to molds or fungi growing
with the moisture in the starch. Some tablets are protected from mold by waxing.

. A different between drug and dietary supplement

The term “drug” means articles using for diagnosis, treatment or prevention of disease in
human being or other animals; and pharmaceuticals or partially processed pharmaceuticals
that intended to affect the structures or functions of human body or other animals.
Drug is known as one of the four essentials of life. Although the use of drug is generally
beneficial, it can have some severe side effects or adverted effects to some extents. It is
important to take with caution and consult to physicians or pharmacists before taking any
“Dietary supplement” is not a “drug”. It generally contains an optimal combination of nutrients
from natural sources. It is good source for correcting nutritional deficiency as well as
promoting health. Minor side effects from using dietary supplement may happen, especially
when compared to drug. Allergic reaction to dietary supplement may sometimes be rare and
To get the most benefit from taking dietary supplement, it is advised to consult experts or
search for more information.
There are examples of dietary supplement from natural sources including spirulina, wheat
germs and cereals, which are good sources of plant proteins, vitamins and minerals. However,
to achieve optimal health, it is recommended to have a balanced diet, doing regular exercises,
avoid stress and take some good rests.

consumers can trust our products undergoing modern manufacturing technology.

Recommended quantity
Type of disease Duration
per day
1. Diabetes 3 times @ 5 capsules The sugar level shall be
reduced to almost normal
within 2 months.
2. Anemia 3 times @ 5 capsules Recovered within 15-30 days
3. Chronic hepatitis Acute 3 times @ 5 capsules Recovered within 1-3 months
pancreatitis Viral hepatitis
Better symptom within 1-3
4. Peptic ulcer 3 times @ 5 capsules
5. Cirrhosis of liver 10 capsules before Help to prevent the Cirrhosis
drinking alcohol and drunk
6. Cataract 2-3 times @ 6 capsules Can be continuously used
7. Hair loss 2 times @ 4 capsules 30-90 days
8. Health improvement 2 times @ 2-3 capsules an be continuously used
9. Sportsman 2 times @ 3 capsules Can be continuously used
10. Old age disease 3 times @ 6 capsules Can be continuously used
11. Exhaustion, dizzy 3 times @ 5 capsules Recovered within 15-30 days
12. Pollution from heavy metals 3 times @ 6 capsules Can be continuously used
13. Fatty disease 3 times @ 6 capsules Can be continuously used
(before meal 15-30 minutes)
14. Pimple, blemish 3 times @ 5 capsules 30-60 days
15. Allergy 3 times @ 6 capsules Can be continuously used
16. Loss of white blood cell 3 times @ 6 capsules Can be continuously used
17. Toxic from radiation 3 times @ 6 capsules More than 45 days
18. Stress 3 times @ 5 capsules Can be continuously used
19. High cholesterol 2 times @ 5 capsules 30-60 days
20. Diarrhea, vomiting 3 times @ 5 capsules 15-30 days
21. Cancer 3 times @ 5 capsules Can be continuously used
22. Renal disease 2 times @ 2 capsules Can be continuously used

Interaction Possible cause

Fever or mild fever Protein in spirulina and other nutrient would activate body
to emit heat, which increase body temperature to build up
new cells
Caused by the biotransformation of excess fat of body to
Fever,alert and sleepless
Black or green feces The green color is caused by green pigment in spirulina.
Stomachache Abnormal digestive system, wound in the bladder
Difficult breathing Gout, uric acid, asthma, allergic
Drowsy, exhaustive hands Urine is in alkaline condition, liver failure, gout
and legs
Nausea, diarrhea, Found in nutrient-lacking person, take too much dietary
constipation, hiccup medicine
Small pimple, rash on Resulted from detoxification process, allergic or abnormal
skin, drowsy function of liver
Cold, flu, sore throat Resulted from dispersion of virus and bacteria through
Irregular menstruation Occurred while body is under hormone-balancing process
and repairing new cells
Catarrh, asthma, Malfunction of respiration system, increase immunity and
productive cough get rid off virus
Bloating from too much Malfunction of renal, peptic ulcer, abnormal digestive
gas system
Nosebleed Anemia, sinus, weak and small blood vessel
Rectum pain or irritated, Hemorrhoids, detoxification, accumulation of virus and
bleeding through rectum bacteria
No reaction Body is almost healthy in case of continuous eating
spirulina or otherwise less eating spirulina

Remark: These interactions are normally shown for 2-3 days or longer depending on
individual’s health. The interaction showed in this page is derived from scientific researches,
which can be indicated as follows: -

As the human body receives several nutrients from spirulina, it helps generate and repair cells
including red and white blood cells. The elements in the blood cells can replenish body to
efficiently resist against diseases and dispose the strange substances and toxic. This will
improve body’s immune system. The duration of these interactions is based on each
individual’s health and will be automatically recovered within 1-2 weeks. While undergoing
these interactions, one should continuously have spirulina for health improvement and
detoxification of toxic substances in the body.
Nutrients of spirulina
Protein 71.1 % Vitamins mg./kg
Essential amino acids Thiamine B1 55.0
Isoleucine 4.13% Riboflavin B2 40.0
Leucine 5.50% Niacin B3 140
Lysine 4.0 % Pyridoxine B6 3.0
Methionine 2.17% Cyanocobalamin B12 2.0
Phenylalanine 3.95% Tocopherol E 190.0
Threonine 4.17% Vitamin K-1 22
Tryptophan 1.13% Inositol 350
Valine 6.0 % Folic acid 0.5
Pantothenic acid 11.0
Non-essential amino acids Biotin (H) 0.4
Alanine 5.82%
Arginine 5.98% Pigments mg./kg.
Aspartic acid 6.32% Beta-carotene 1,700
Cystine 0.67% Carotenoids 4,000
Glutamic acid 8.94% Phycocyanins 140.0
Glycine 3.46% Chlorophyll 7,600
Histidine 1.08%
Proline 2.97% Minerals mg./kg.
Tyrosine 4.60% Calcium 1,315
Serine 4.0 % Magnesium 1,915
RNA 3.5 % Potassium 15,400
DNA 1.0 % Phosphorus 8,000
Sodium 412
Essential fatty acids mg./kg. Manganese 25
Palmitic acid 21,141 Zinc 39
Gamma-linolenic acid 11,970 Copper 12
Linoleic acid 13,785 Chromium 2.8
Palmitoleic acid 2,035 Iron 580
Oleic acid 3,009
Stearic acid 353

These nutrients are pure natural substances unlikely to the vitamin substance and/or mineral
that are synthesized from chemicals. It is, therefore, not accumulated in body due to long

Important nutrients found in spirulina for contributing the prevention, treatment, and
inhibition of the organs of body according to the nutrition principles
Activating the function of brain
- Niacin, Valine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Zinc, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3
• Emotion controlling
- Inositol, Phenylalnine, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3
• Protecting brain fiber

Serine, Phenylalanine, Vitamin B6

• Preventing hair loss
- Linoleic acid, Gamma-linolenic acid, Zinc, Arachidonic acid, Inositol, Biotin
• Optical problem
- Beta-carotene (Vitamin A), Riboflavin
• Listening
- Histidine
• Reducing stress
- Methionine, Pantothenic acid, Tryptophan, Phenylalanine, Inositol
• Oxygen generating
- Glutamic acid, Tocopherol
• Increasing the capacity of red blood cells
- Chlorophyll, Vitamin B12, Folic acid, Alanine, Iron
• Cardiopathy
- Gamma-linolenic acid, Lactic acid, Celenium, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6
• Hypochromasia
- Iron, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Chlorophyll, Folic acid
• Reducing cholesterol
- Gamma-linolenic acid, Inositol, Niacin
• Reducing inflamed pancreas
- Cysteine
• Gastropathy
- Chlorophyll
• Skin nourishment
- Chlorophyll, Tyrosine, Vitamin E, Phycocyanin
• Cancer
- Beta-carotene, Vitamin E, Phycocyanin
• Hepatitis
- Protein, Inositol, Methionine, Leucine, Isoleucine
• Improving sexual capacity
- Tryptophan, Arginine, Zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin F
• Supplementing digestion and absorption
- Iodine
• Weight control
- Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Chromium
• Diabetes
- Magnesium, Chromium, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3
• Blood breaching
- Arginine
• Maintaining sugar level in blood
- Potassium, Chromium
• Gout, Rheumatism
- Serine, Pantothenic acid
• Enhancing immunity
- Alanine, Beta-carotene, Vitamin E, Pantothenic acid
• Increasing renal function
- Phosphorus
• Improving energy synthesis
- Aspartic acid, Glycine, Vitamin B complex
• Osteoporosis (Bone problem)
- Calcium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium
How spirulina improve our health and prevent diseases?

At present, the environment is contaminated with toxic substances, including pollution of

air, food, water and stress, which are major cause of health related problems and especially to
our beloved people.

Spirulina algae
Spirulina is the ideal food supplement. The scientists discovered it since the ancient age as
the miracle plant originated for more than 3,500 million years. Recently, more than 4,000
scientists in more than 20 countries had studied, researched and found that spirulina is an
excellent food supplement and could safely help in abating several serious diseases and
enhance immunity at all ages.

Help to control overweight problems

The proper and better way of dieting should not cause deterioration, exhaustion and
emotional change. This condition can be substituted by spirulina, which is the perfect food
supplement with low fat and calories resulting in the healthy weight lost. Phenylalanine would
activate the metabolism of our body, while tyrosine helps controlling eating habit.

Control diabetes and sugar

Too much sugar level in the body causes diabetes, which is difficult to treat but
controllable. The nutrients that are specially provided for diabetic patients are beta-carotene,
vitamin A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B12 and C, Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc, as those
are necessary for balancing the body condition.

Abate hair loss

Spirulina consisted of high protein, vitamin and chlorophyll, it is able to stop hair loss and
activate hair to be blackening. Vitamin F or nucleic acid in spirulina act as oxygen-carrier to
several cells through body and directly effect the hair, skin and nails.

Several researches from Medical and Pharmaceutical University in Toyama, Japan found
that calcium extracted from spirulina gives best result in treating several kinds of virus, such
as uticaria influenza, mump, german measles, etc.

Sexual improvement and reproduction

Eating insufficient food might affect sex hormones production. Spirulina consists of Zinc
and amino acids that help to promote sexual capacity.

Tryptophan (amino acid)

Increase sexual energy and enhance sexual confidence for male

Arginine (amino acid)

Existing 80 % in male sperm, lacking of this amino acid may cause impotence or sterility

Pantothenic acid in spirulina can excellently help in preventing allergy or infection, allowing
the patient to have better life.

Renal nourishment
Spirulina consists of phosphorus 8,000 mg/g as our body needs 1 g of phosphorus to
jointly use with other vitamins to destroy limestone in the body caused by uric acid
accumulation, and then clean up the renal tube to reduce gout and gallstone in kidney. In
addition, phosphorus is a factor helping the phosphorelation process for better function of

Suitable for the golden age-old age person

The continuous lack of nutrients from proteins, vitamins and mineral salts including the
decreasing in absorption capacity and menopause condition may affect to the change of
hormones. Spirulina is only one food in the world that mostly like the drug prolongs life;
replenish body to become distinctively young.

Cancer resistance
Cancer is considered as the second serious disease that killed human being before
appropriated age. Spirulina consists of beta-carotene preventing cancer as well as
phycocyanin and chlorophyll resisting the growth of cancer cells.

Abate inflamed stomach

Spirulina composes of high chlorophyll, which helps to heal the wound in bladder and
reduce the swollen tissue. Mesafirine, the substance found in spirulina also help to treat the
wound in bladder.

Liver nourishment
Liver needs high proteins for functioning. As spirulina consisted of methionine, essential
amino acid, to restore the liver cells being recovered from hepatitis or other liver diseases,
which almost found to be the dangerous disease.

• Consisted of protein which is 4 times higher than protein in meat and 5 times more
than egg.
• Consisted of 8 amino acids which can not be completely produced by our body, so-
called essential amino acid
• Consisted of beta-carotene which is a source of vitamin A, that is 20-25 times more
than in carrot.
• Consisted of vitamins and mineral salts at appropriate quantity upon comparing
with other food.
• Consisted of vitamin B1 more than 100 times comparing with vegetables, fruit and
some animals
• Consisted of vitamin B2 which is 5-20 times more than other foods
• Consisted of vitamin B12 that helps to enhance good memory and also prevent
serious anemia. Most people take vitamin B12 from animal livers, but spirulina
consists of vitamin B12 which is 2.5 times more than in those animal livers.
Additionally, it is suit for brain and also appropriate for the vegetarians as well.
• Consisted of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which is an important fatty acid to reduce
cholesterol, prevent hypertension, cardiopathy and free from toxic substances.

Spirulina helps to nourish brain for good health.

Amino acid is the organic substance daily desired by our body. Spirulina consisted of 8
essential amino acids that cannot be produced by our body. Lacking of these amino acids
consequently will result in the lack of raw materials that produce hormones and support brain.
Insufficient amino acids will cause several diseases. As spirulina is composed of complete
amino acids, it can replenish the nervous system, protect the brain cell and improve the brain

Protein 60-70 % by Consisted of completed amino acids essentially for body and
dry weight can be 4 times easily digested compared to protein from
meat ad bean
Essential amino acids Amino acids, which cannot be synthesized by, body
Isoleucine 4.13 % Promote growth of body, develop brain cells, keep balance
of nitrogen, synthesize other essential amino acids, prevent
the deterioration of nervous system and develop IQ
Leucine 5.50 % Activate functions of upper brain and stimulate body
Lysine 4.0 % Create antibody and immunity replenish liver texture,
improve cell growth and repair damage cells
Methionine 2.17 % Help to digest fat improve health and reduce stress
Phenylalanine 3.95 % Improve functions of thyroid gland to activate body
mechanism, being hormone consisted of iodine to activate
body to be healthier, better emotion and memory, improve
hair growth to be stronger, and also moisturize dry skin
along with reduce inflammation from sunburn
Threonine 4.17 % Contribute function of digestive system, especially intestine
for more efficient absorption
Tryptophan 1.13 % Support body to take vitamin B, good sleep and reduce
Valines 6.0 % Activate the brain capacity, combine the muscle interaction,
reduce muscle pain or inflamed wound and also promote
emotional relaxing
Non-essential amino Amino acids, which can be synthesized by our body, such as
acids enzyme, protein, hormone and chemical substances in brain
Alanine 5.82 % Help to strengthen cell membrane, activate bone marrow,
originate red blood cells, reduce risk of anemia, build up
immune response and burn down sugar and organic acids in
Arginine 5.98 % Important to male sexual ability because sperm consists of
80 % arginine; moreover, help to detoxify blood in body
Cystine 0.67 % Help to improve pancreas, reduce allergic and problem from
Glutamic acid 8.94 % One of major energy of brain cells like glucose, control
alcohol level in body and brain health
Glycine 3.46 % Help to raise energy and oxygen in body cells
Histidine 1.08 % Improve functions of nervous system, especially the organs
related to the listening ability
Proline 2.97 % Being the precursor of glutamic acid
Serine 4.0% Serve the capacity of brain cell membrane and protect nerve
Tyrosine 4.60% Slow down cell growth and regulate the hunger feeling in
Hypothalamus gland of lower brain