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What are three benefits of a hierarchical network model? (Choose three.) reduced
contention for bandwidth reduced size of the physical layout increased fault to
lerance of the network elimination of the need for wiring closets elimination of
the need for layer three functionality simplification of management and trouble
In setting up a wireless infrastructure network, which device is used to associa
te a client computer to the network? an Ethernet switch a wireless access point
another wireless computer a hard-wired computer on the network
After listening for the presence of a signal on the network media, hosts A and C
transmit data at the same time. In what two ways do the hosts respond to this s
ituation? (Choose two.) The hosts transmit a jam signal to ensure that all hosts
on the network are aware that a collision has occured. Because they are operati
ng in full-duplex mode, the hosts resume listening for traffic in preparation fo
r sending future messages. Because the hub will temporarily block traffic from o
ne of the hosts, that host will be allowed to transmit once the wire is clear. H
osts A and C are assigned shorter backoff values to provide them priority to acc
ess the media for retransmission. After the backoff period of a host, the host c
hecks to determine if the line is idle before retransmitting. 4 Which three stat
ements are correct concerning the default configuration of a new switch? (Choose
three.) Spanning Tree Protocol is disabled. Enable password is configured as ci
sco. All switch ports are assigned to VLAN1. The flash directory contains the IO
S image. VLAN1 is configured with a management IP address. All interfaces are se
t to auto-negotiation of speed and duplex.
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Refer to the exhibit. Hosts A and B attempt to transmit a frame at the same time
and a collision occurs. When will host D be able to transmit? immediately after
sending its jam signal after host A and host B have completed transmission afte
r the jam signal clears and its backoff delay expires 6
Refer to the exhibit. Switches SW3 and SW4 are brand new switches with default c
onfigurations. The links between the switches are configured as trunk links and
all VLANs are allowed on the trunks. On the basis of the show running-config out
put that is provided, which VLANs will be available on SW3 and SW4?
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The service password-encry ption command encrypts only passwords for the console and VTY ports. To see the passwords encrypted by the service password- encryption command.7 Refer to the exhibit. How should the network admi nistrator change the displayed configuration to satisfy the requirement? Use SSH version 1. The network administrator wants to configure Switch1 to al low SSH connections and prohibit Telnet connections.txt running-config 9 Which statement regarding th e service password-encryption command is true? The service password-encryption c ommand is entered at the privileged EXEC mode prompt. enter the no service password-encryption command. The service password-encryption command encrypts all previously unencrypted passwords in th e running configuration. Reconfigure the RSA key. 8 A network administrator needs to save the configur ation file currently in RAM to NVRAM before rebooting the switch. Configure SSH on a different line. Which command should the administrator issue? Switch1# copy startup-config flash:filename Swit ch1# copy running-config startup-config Switch1# copy startup-config running-con fig Switch1# copy flash:config. 10 3 sur 21 17/11/2009 19:23 . Modify t he transport input command.

The switch allows remote connections only after a new RSA key pair is generated. 1 stop bit. The switch defaults to allowing Te lnet connections only. What will fix the problem? Change the f low control to hardware. 4 sur 21 17/11/2009 19:23 . The engineer connects a known good crossover cable with an RJ-45 to DB-9 adapter from the serial port of a computer to the c onsole port of the switch. Replace the cable with a rollover cable. 12 What happens when the crypto key zeroize rsa comma nd is entered on a switch configured with 13 the transport input ssh command on the vty lines? A new RSA key pair is created. Move the cable from the console port to an Eth ernet port and use Telnet. 8 data bits.Refer to the exhibit. no parity. Which password allows the administrator to enter the privi leged exec mode? cisco1 cisco2 cisco3 cisco 11 Refer to the exhibit. The engineer configures HyperTerminal for a data rate of 9600 bits per second. A network engineer is attempting to connect to a switch to perform the initial configuration. Alter the data rate to 115.200 bits per second. The switch is no longer able to make SSH connections as a n SSH client. and no flow contro l. but is unable to get a switch prompt.

SSH has been configured on the wrong line. Switch1 is configured for VTP as shown. The Telnet connections fa il. An administrator c onnects four switches to Switch1 and configures trunk links between them. What is the most likely cause of this problem? The SSH version number is wro ng.Refer to the exhibit. Telnet and SSH cannot be configur ed simultaneously. The network administrator enters the configuration shown t o allow both SSH and Telnet connections to the switch. 14 Refer to the exhibit. Which of the four switches will successfully receive and install VTP updates from Swit ch1? 5 sur 21 17/11/2009 19:23 . The transport input command is configured incorrectly.

root ports nondesignated ports. nondesignated ports. root bridge root bridge. no ndesignated ports root ports. root bridge. designated ports. root ports. nondesignated ports. root bridge. designated ports 16 How does Spanning Tree Protocol aid network architecture? allows for redunda nt links by eliminating loops provides greater scalability by eliminating collis ions reduces switch processor load by reducing broadcast traffic on trunk links reduces administrative overhead by sharing VLAN databases between switches acros s the network 17 How are data frames identified and sent to the correct VLAN whe n exiting an Ethernet trunk? 6 sur 21 17/11/2009 19:23 . root ports. designa ted ports.15 What is the correct order in which the STP components are chosen? designated ports.

18 Refer to the exhibit. an action that will enable all VLANs on the trunk link. Include VLAN 20 in the list of allowe d VLANs on the trunk link on SW2.Frames are forwarded to the correct VLAN based on the VLAN tag. Frames are forwarded to the correc t VLAN based on information in the MAC address table. Users on VLAN 2 0 on SW1 start complaining that they do not have connectivity to the users on th e same VLAN on switch SW2. 19 7 sur 21 17/11/2009 19:23 . What should be done to remedy the problem? Configure the trunk port in a desirable mode on SW2. VLAN 20 was recently added on the network. Frames are forwarded to the correct VLAN based on the source IP address. Remove VLAN 20 from the allowed VLANs on the trunk li nk on SW2. Frames are alway s forwarded to the native VLAN when exiting a trunk. Configure VLAN 1 to be the native VLAN for bot h networks on SW1 and SW2.

21 Refer to the exhibit. All switches are configured with the default bridge priori ty. Which t wo statements are true about what the cost value of 38 represents for SW1? (Choo se two. SW1 adds the cost of a FastEtherne t link to 38 to determine the total cost that is required to reach the root swit ch. Which port will act as a non-designated port if all links are operating at t he same bandwidth? Fa0/1 interface of switch A Fa0/2 interface of switch A Fa0/1 interface of switch B Fa0/2 interface of switch B Fa0/1 interface of switch C F a0/2 interface of switch C 20 Refer to the exhibit. Which switch will be elected as the root bridge of the spa nning tree topology? Cat-A Cat-B 8 sur 21 17/11/2009 19:23 . The root switch is advertising a cost of 38. The c ost represents the numeric value for the fastest path from SW1 to the root switc h.) SW1 connects via two FastEthernet links to reach the root switch.Refer to the exhibit. which is closer to the root switch. SW1 connects via a FastEthernet link to an upstream switch that in turn is directly connected to t he root switch via a Gigabit Ethernet link. which is lower than any other s witch that participates in the VLAN0001 spanning-tree domain. SW1 is a 2960 switch with default values assigned. A cost of 38 is the value that is being advertised out port 26 on the upstrea m switch.

RTB does not have an active routing protocol. It eliminates Layer 2 loops in network topologies. What is a possible cause of this failure? Port Fa0/11 is in the wrong VLAN. RTB is configured for traditional inter-VLAN routing. Router i nterface Fa0/1 has the wrong trunk encapsulation type configured. 24 9 sur 21 17/11/2009 19:23 . It limits the number of valid MAC addresses allow ed on a port. RTB can ping computer A but cannot ping computer B. It allows VLAN information to propagate to other switches in the n etwork. It is configured on routers. The IP address of computer B is in the wrong logical network.Cat-C Cat-D 22 Which two statements describe Spanning Tree Protocol? (Choose two .) It is only used at Layer 2. 23 Refer to the exhibit.

The switch IP address is on the wrong subnet. Computer A sends a broadcast message. computer C. computer C.Refer to the exhibit. 26 10 sur 21 17/11/2009 19:23 . The VLAN port assignments must be contiguous for each VLAN. The hosts are configured on different logical networks. computer E and Router1 25 Refer to the exhibit. computer D. The host default gateway addresses must be on the same logical network. Which devices will s ee the broadcast? computer B computer B and Router1 computer C and Router1 compu ter B. A router is required to forward traffic between Host1 and Hos t2.) The switch ports are on different VLANs. computer D. computer D. computer E and Router1 computer B. computer B. What three statements describe why Host1 and Host2 are una ble to communicate? (Choose three. co mputer E and Router1 computer A.

1 6.120 /28 172. It is receiving BPDUs and populating the MAC address t able.146 /27 27 Refer to the exhibit. How is port Gi1/1 on SWT-A functioning in the spanning-tre e topology? It is sending and receiving data frames.68 /27 172. Which IP addr ess should be assigned to this new host? /27 172. 28 11 sur 21 17/11/2009 19:23 .Refer to the exhibit. It is receiving BPDUs. but not sending data.16.16. A new host needs to be connected to VLAN /28 172.10.16. but not sending data frames.110 /27 172.10. It is participating in the election process by forwardi ng the BPDUs it receives.

The default gateway address is not set on S1. The Fa0 /1 port of S1 is not a trunk port. What is the likely problem? No routing protocol is configured on R1. Only one physical link between S1 and R1 is configured for inter-VLAN routing. 30 12 sur 21 17/11/2009 19:23 . A network administrator has segmented the network into two VLANs and configured R1 and S1 as displayed.Refer to the exhibit. However. PC1 is unable to access P C2. What will allow a host that is connected to switch X in VL AN 10 to communicate with a host that is connected to switch Y in VLAN 10? QoS r outing trunking VPN VoIP subinterfaces 29 Refer to the exhibit.

An existing VLAN can be deleted from Switch4 and that VLAN will be deleted from Switch1 and Switch2.Refer to the exhibit. 32 Which type of frame c ontains information that is used in the election of the spanning tree root bridg e? BID LSA LSU BPDU 33 13 sur 21 17/11/2009 19:23 . What must the user do to access the device in order to make these changes? Use a wireless client to associate with the WRT300N and then open a HyperTerminal session with the device. An existing VLAN can be deleted from Switch 2 and that VLAN will be deleted from Switch1 and Switch4. 31 After unpacking a new Linksys WRT300N wireless mult ifunction device. a user needs to change the default administrator password and make other configuration changes. A new VLAN can be added to Switch1 and that information will be added to Switc h2 and Switch4. and Switch4. Then reboot the computer to establish a connection. Modify the TCP/IP properties of the computer that is conne cted to the WRT300N so that the computer and the WRT300N exist on the same netwo rk.) A new VLAN can be added to Switch1 and that information will be added only to Switch2 . A new VLAN can be adde d to Switch4 and that information will be added to Switch1. Establish a wired connection from a computer in the same IP sub net as the WRT300N and enter the default IP address of the device into a web bro wser on the computer. Establish a wired connec tion with the device and then reboot the attached computer to launch the configu ration software. The switches are configured for VTP as shown. Switch2. Switch2. Which two st atements correctly describe the operation of these switches? (Choose two. A new VLAN can be added to Switch3 and that information will be added to Switc h1. and Switch3 .

1. 35 Refer to the exhibit. What t wo ways are indicative of how the router handles incoming VLAN traffic? (Choose two. Incoming traffic with VLAN ID 1 is processed by interface Fa0/0. Router R1 is connected to a switch through a trunk.1Q VLAN ID to the hardware address. VLAN traffic is processed on the subinterfaces eve n if Fa0/0 line protocol goes down. The switches will negotiate via VTP whic h VLANs to allow across the trunk. The router uses a unique MAC address on VLAN 10 and 20 by adding the 802.Refer to the exhibit. Only the native VLAN will be allowed across the trunk. Only VLAN 1 will be allowed across the trunk. Incoming traffic that has a VLAN ID of 10 is proce ssed by subinterface Fa0/0.) Data from VLAN 20 is not being routed. 34 What VLANs are allowed across a trunk when t he range of allowed VLANs is set to the default value? All VLANs will be allowed across the trunk. Which two options correctly describe the router configurat ion that is 14 sur 21 17/11/2009 19:23 . Traffic inbound on this router is processed by different subinterfaces depending on the VLAN fr om which the traffic originated.

What action should the administrator take to enable this communication? Inc lude a router in the topology.0 networks wi ll not succeed until a routing protocol is configured on the router.3.shown? (Choose two. host C is unable to ping host D and host E is unable to ping hos t F. Add the switchport nonegotiate command to the configuratio n of S2. 36 Refer to the exhibit. VLANs have not been appropriately configured on the router subinterfaces. Trunking has been approp riately configured on the router subinterfaces. Associate hosts A and B with VLAN 10 instead of V LAN 1.) Routing between the 192.168. 37 15 sur 21 17/11/2009 19:23 .168. The network administrator configures both switches as disp layed. Configure one trunk port in the dy namic desirable mode.0 and 192. The configuration is appropriate for a router-on-a-stick network design. An IP address should be applied to interface Fa0/1 for routing to occur. However. Remove the native VLAN from the trunk.1.

The VTP domain has been configured as shown in the exhibit . Reconfigure the VTP password to be consistent on all VTP switches. What should be done to remedy the problem? Reconfigure switches SW2 and SW3 in VTP transparent mode. 16 sur 21 17/11/2009 19:23 . Which configuration change can be made to correct the problem with the tru nk link? Set the Fa0/1 interface on Switch2 to trunk mode. Change the native VLAN on Switch2 interface Fa0/1 to VLAN 100. None of the configured VLANs on SW1 and SW2 are present on SW3.Refer to the exhibit. Reconf igure all switches as VTP clients to synchronize the VLAN database information. Change the trunk enca psulation on Switch2 Fa0/1 to dot1q. After receiving a console notification on Switch2. 38 Refer to the exhibit. the net work administrator begins to troubleshoot the trunk link between Switch1 and Swi tch2. Change the access mode VLAN on Switch2 to the default VLAN 1 .

Co nfigure the existing VTP domain name on the new switch. Which two steps must be performed to configure VTP on the new switch to me et these conditions? (Choose two. Configure all ports of b oth switches to access mode. Introduce a Layer 3 device or a switch with Layer 3 capability into the to pology. 40 A new swi tch is to be added to an existing network in a remote office. Enable VT P pruning. Utilize the switchport trunk allowed vlan all command on switch 101-3FL to permit the VLAN traffic. The hosts that are connected to switch 101-2FL are not able to communicate with the hosts in t heir corresponding VLANs that are connected to switch 101-3FL. Configure the new switch as a VTP client.) Configure an IP address on the new switch.Reconfigure the VTP server as a VTP client and then return to VTP server mode to reset the configuration revision number. The switches have been configured as shown. The network admini strator does not want the technicians in the remote office to be able to add new VLANs to the switch. but the switch should receive VLAN updates from the VTP do main. 39 Refer to the exhibit. 41 17 sur 21 17/11/2009 19:23 . What should be do ne to fix the problem? Configure port Fa0/2 on switch 101-3FL as a static trunk link. Apply IP addresses that are in the same subnet to th e interfaces that are used to connect switches 101-2FL and 101-3FL.

This switch has establi shed two-way communication with the neighboring devices. The second frame will be delivered to the memory buffer for its destination port. which group of users will be able to communicate wi th the users on VLAN 10 on SW1? all the users who are connected only to SW2 18 sur 21 17/11/2009 19:23 . The second frame will be dropped. Users who a re assigned to VLAN 10 are connected as shown in the exhibit. VLAN 10 has been configured on the VTP server. On the basis of th e outputs that are provided. This switch will drop all VTP advertisements that come from the swi tches that are configured in the same VTP domain. The des tination port for the first frame that is received is busy. This switch is configur ed to advertise its VLAN configuration to other VTP-enabled switches in the same VTP domain. The second frame will be placed in a common memory buffer to await delivery. How will the switch handle the second frame that it received? The second frame will have to wait to be delivered even if its destination port is available. 42 A switch that is using po rt-based memory buffering receives two incoming frames on the same port. 43 Refer to the exhibit. This switch will cause no disr uption in the VTP domain operations if the rest of the switches in the same VTP domain have a higher configuration revision number.) This switch shows no configuration revision errors. Which two facts can be confirmed by this output? (Choose t wo.Refer to the exhibit.

11g. The router supports both wired and wireless connections.11n devices. what does the Network Mode option Mixed mean? The router supports encryption a nd authentication. The router supports 802.users on VLAN 10 who are connected only to SW3 users on VLAN 10 who are connecte d only to SW4 users on VLAN 10 who are connected to both SW3 and SW4 44 Which be nefit is gained by designing a network with a small network diameter? lower late ncy improved security increased redundancy higher interface bandwidth 45 Refer to the graphic. In the Wireless menu option of a Linksys integrated router .11b. and 802. The router supports conne ctivity through infrared and radio frequencies. 802. 46 19 sur 21 17/11/2009 19:23 .

However. Reconfigure all APs to the same channel.Refer to the exhibit. How can this problem be fixed? Assign different SSIDs to each AP. Reposition the APs so that each area of signal strength overlaps the neighbor by at least 1 0-15%. The design goal was to allow roaming between the three APs for handheld devices. Use the same BSSID address for each AP. 47 Which device must be installed in each computer to allow a wireless co nnection to be established? DSL modem wireless NIC wireless router wireless acce ss point 48 Which parameter is a specific frequency at which a wireless access p oint will operate? BSS WEP SSID ad hoc channel 49 Which parameter is associated with wireless authentication? shared key SSID ad hoc channel 50 20 sur 21 17/11/2009 19:23 . the devices lose connectivity when the users roam . A wireless infrastructure has been established in a compan y building as shown.

21 sur 21 17/11/2009 19:23 .Refer to the exhibit. Interfaces Gi0/1 and Fa0/1 are allowed to carry data from multiple VLANs. The switch negotiat ed trunk links for interfaces Fa0/1 and Gi0/1. A Cisco proprietary protocol is i n use for interfaces Fa0/1 and Gi0/1. Which statement is true regarding the information shown? O nly one VLAN is currently configured to use the trunk links.