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1st week

a) What are the kinds of persons?

b) What is marriage according to the Family Code (EO 209 as amended)?
c) Distinguish between marriage and ordinary contract.
d) Who may contract marriage?
d.1 Discuss Silverio v. Republic of the PH (G.R. 174689)
d.2 Discuss Republic of the PH v. Cagandahan (G.R. No. 166676)
e) What are the essential requisites of marriage?
f) What are the formal requisites of marriage?
g) Is a marriage contract an essential or formal requisite of marriage?
g.1 Discuss De Loria v. Felix (G.R. No. L-9005)
h) Discuss Art. 4 of the FC
i) Distinguish between absent and defective requisites.
j) What is the effect of an irregularity in the formal requisites on the marriage?
k) Discuss Article 5 of the Family Code.
l) Discuss Article 6 of the Family Code.
m) What is the rationale for a marriage ceremony?
n) What is a proxy marriage?
o) Who may solemnize a marriage?
p) Discuss Art. 8 of the FC.
p.1 Discuss Navarro v. Damagtoy (A.M. No. MTJ-96-1088)
p.2 Discuss Beso v. Daguman (A.M. No. 99-1211)