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ITIL Overview

Terence Okus, IBM Corporation 2007

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Introduction of the ITIL Library
What is ITIL Why is ITIL such a success? What are the benefits? Where to get more information

ITIL Overview

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IBM Global Services What is ITIL? ITIL stands for IT Infrastructure Library Public domain framework of IT management best practices originating from the UK government in the late 1980’s (The “OGC” is the Office of Government Commerce) Further developed by incorporating public and private sector “best practices” (IBM made significant contributions) ITIL is a library of books that document industry accepted best practices for IT Service. Infrastructure and Application Management (considered a de facto standard in the area of Service Management) ITIL is an excellent starting point from which to adopt and adapt best practices for implementation in a unique environment ITIL Overview Page 3 .

every required customization Every process. job or organization design Every tool. Adopt ITIL as a common language and reference point for IT Service Management best practices and key concepts. Adapt ITIL best practices to achieve business objectives specific to each company. ITIL does not define: Every role.IBM Global Services ITIL Implementation: Adopt and Adapt ITIL describes what needs to be done but not how it should be done. procedure and task required to implement ITIL does not claim to be a comprehensive description of everything within IT. but IT management “best practices” observed and accepted in the industry. every tool requirement. ITIL Overview Page 4 .

IBM Global Services It all began with the most common questions asked by IT managers worldwide: How do I align IT services with business objectives? How do I lower the long term costs of IT services? How do I improve the quality of IT services? ITIL Overview Page 5 .

lower costs and improve quality The results of the study were published as a library of books entitled the Information Technology Infrastructure Library itSMF was born as a user group focused on best practices in IT management centered on ITIL ITIL Overview Page 6 .IBM Global Services Genesis: “In the beginning…” The British government asked the CCTA to structure the IT organizations of the British government agencies according to industry best practices They commissioned a study to find out “what is the best way to align IT with business objectives.

not a methodology A vendor neutral set of best practices Guidance.IBM Global Services The library of books describe best practices in IT management They provide: Guidance to align IT services with the requirements of the business A common language for IT and the business A framework. not a step by step how-to for an organization to implement IT Management processes More than just a process model: Guidance on planning and implementation Suggested staff. role and skill requirements Suggested education and training Descriptions of tools features Example policies and procedures ITIL Overview Page 7 .

IBM Global Services ITIL defines a three tiered structure of Certification training Practitioners (9 certificates) Foundations Essential (2 days) Change Manager (5 days) Service Level Manager (5 days) 1 hour Multiple choice (Know list of Basic Concepts) 1 hour Multiple choice Prerequisites form assessed by Examination Board In course assessment 3 hour examination (essay form) Service Delivery (5 days) Service Support (5 days) 3 hour examination (essay form) Service Manager ITIL Overview Page 8 .

IBM Global Services The itSMF is a world wide user group with branches in several countries and proactively encourages knowledge sharing among its members Seminars and workshops Workgroups to enhance and develop new insights Magazines and book reviews Awareness campaigns ITIL Overview Page 9 .

Version 2 of the the ITIL framework consists of a series of books that document industry best practices in IT Services management. Planning to implement service management Service management The business The business perspective Service support ICT Infrastructure management The technology Service delivery Security management Application management ITIL Overview Page 10 .IBM Global Services Many of the books have been revised in the last 3 years.

IBM Global Services Most people think of ITIL as Service Support. but the increasing popularity of ITIL should be leveraged against a broader spectrum of services • • • • • • Service Desk Configuration Management Incident Management Problem Management Change Management Release Management • • • • • Service Level Management Availability Management Capacity Management Financial Management for IT Services IT Services Continuity Management Planning to implement service management • Not Published (4/2004) • Draft being reviewed (IBM’ers on review team) Service management The business The business The business perspective Service support ICT Infrastructure management • • • • Design and Plan Deployment Operations Technical Support The technology The technology Service delivery Software Asset Management Security management • IT Infrastructure Security Management • Security setup from the IT manager's point of view Application management • • • • • What is the vision? Where are we now? Where do we want to be? How do we check our milestones? How do we keep momentum? • • • • Organization & Roles Process Overview Tools & Technology Partners and SAM • • • • • • Manage the Business Value Align Service Delivery with Business Strategy Drivers and Organizational Capability Application Lifecycle Management Organization Roles and Functions Control Methods and Techniques Page 11 ITIL Overview .

• Service Desk (a function.IBM Global Services Service Support Concerned with ensuring that the Customer has access to the appropriate services to support the business functions. ITIL Overview Page 12 . or department) Incident Management Problem Management Change Management Release Management Configuration Management Service Delivery Determines what service the business requires of the provider in order to provide adequate support to the business Users. Service Level Management Availability Management Capacity Management IT Service Continuity Management Financial Management for IT Services Service Support is the most widely used book because it addresses the improvement of service operations.

status.IBM Global Services Service Management focuses on the operational and tactical processes required to support and deliver any IT service Service Management Service Delivery Service Support Incident Service Desk Problem Capacity Change ITSCM Define what services and service levels will be supported and delivered FMITS Release Config Manage major hardware and software releases as part of effective change management Single Point of Contact for users of IT Services Resolve incidents as they occur Identify root causes of incidents and submit RfC’s to remove them Ensure standard methods and procedures are used from the RfC to the PIR Availability SLM Ensure the greed services are available at agreed levels Ensure agreed services have the required and agreed to capacity Ensure agreed to services can recover after a disruption as a part of business continuity management Budget. ownership and relationships among IT assets. account and optionally charge for IT services Manage technical information regarding the version. ITIL Overview Page 13 .

customers and users Communications Updates Workarounds Incidents Incident management Incidents Service desk Service reports Incident statistics Audit reports Problem management Problem statistics Trend analysis Problem reports Problem review Diagnostic aids Audit reports Customer Survey reports Changes Release Change management Change schedule CAB minutes Change statistics Change reviews Audit reports Release management Release schedule Release statistics Release reviews Secure library Testing standards Audit reports Configuration management CMDB reports CMDB statistics Policy standards Audit reports Incidents Problems Known errors Changes Releases CI’s Relationships Page 14 ITIL Overview Configuration management database .IBM Global Services Service management is divided between Service Support … Five operational processes and one function / department Management tools Incidents Queries Enquiries The business.

OLAs Service reports Service catalogue SIP Exception reports Audit reports System Management tools Alerts and Exceptions Changes IT service continuity management IT continuity plans BIA and risk analysis Requirement definition Control centres DB contracts Reports Audit reports ITIL Overview Page 15 . customers and users Queries Enquiries Communications Updates Reports Availability management Availability plan AMDB Design criteria Targets/thresholds Reports Audit reports Capacity management Capacity plan CDB Targets/thresholds Capacity reports Schedules Audit reports Service level management Financial management for IT services Financial plan Types and models Costs and charges Reports Budgets and forecasts Audit reports Requirements Targets Achievements SLAs.IBM Global Services …and Service Delivery Five tactical processes The business. SLRs.

designed.IBM Global Services Important Concepts – Service Support Configuration Management • Single Point of Contact for users of IT Services Configuration Configuration Item Item Service Desk •Hardware •Software •Related documentation •Relationships between CIs •Managed Elements of a service •CMDB Incident Incident • Incidents • Reactive • Service Requests Problem Problem • Proactive • Root cause of related incidents • When understood. becomes a Known Error Change Change • Any change to a CI • “standard” or preapproved changes • CAB Release Release • Large or bundled changes planned. built and tested together • Subject to change management Incident Management Problem Management Change Management Release Management Page 16 ITIL Overview .

IBM Global Services Important Concepts – Service Delivery Availability Availability •Reliability •Maintainability •Serviceability •Reliability •Resilience Capacity Capacity •Business capacity •Service capacity •Resource capacity Service Service IT Customer • Service catalog • SLA’s • OLA’s & UC’s • SLAM Service Level Management Continuity Continuity Finance Finance • Budgeting • Accounting • Charging ITIL Overview • Business continuity • Threats • Vulnerabilities • Risks Page 17 .

IBM Global Services Relationships Between ITIL Components Service Level Agreements application reqts new services. operate a resilient infrastructure Operational support for services ITIL Overview Page 18 . current service levels service level targets Service Delivery Application Management Manage the portfolio service changes incidents Service Support ICT Infrastructure Management Plan. build.

there a defined set of base processes that are required Implementation or “getting there” requires phases It is a best practices to have a well managed Service Desk It is a best practice to have a well defined incident management process “Configuration. problem etc” It is a best practice to have the process requirements determine tool requirements Processes should be enterprise in scope Processes should have owners Process roles should be well defined Processes should be adhered to Separation of Incident and problem processes and resources ITIL Overview Page 19 . change.IBM Global Services What are some of the the best practices? There are IT Management Best Practices IT should focus on supporting and delivering services That in order to support or delivery any IT service.

IBM Global Services Why is ITIL Important? Infrastructure Infrastructure Key ITIL Benefits: • Redirected Support Costs Current Portfolio • Improve Customer Service • Lower TCO • Improve Predictability of IT Costs and Chargebacks $ Current Portfolio New Development New Development • Facilitates Outtasking / Outsourcing Operations Need for an IT Management Process Connect all the pieces of systems management Mature into service management Current Infrastructure Optimized Infrastructure Represents best practices in the industry Vendor neutral Consistent concepts and terminology ITIL services are the key to understanding how well IT is being utilized and the extent to which the IT function is meeting its service level commitments. ITIL Overview Page 20 .

the development of a change advisory board). more than 70% of process improvement activities do not yield a definable ROI. but with insufficient regard for resource management. ITIL Overview Page 21 . with 30%+ never reaching formal completion. ownership levels and ROI expectations Although many process improvement activities realize some improvement goals (e.g. when process development activities were initiated. they were done as "the right thing to do".. Implementation best practices dictate using a proven method with experienced method practitioners Companies that have attempted to implement ITIL have experienced ROI that has ranged from saving 10-40% of the yearly infrastructure costs to having the entire effort produce nothing tangible at all but turn into low level tactical projects with no discernable strategic value. Expert advice from experienced consultants can help avoid the common causes of ROI dilution.IBM Global Services Outside specialists are key to the success of ITIL projects by overcoming the typical causes of failure and reduced ROI Meta Group Research on self implementation of ITIL has shown that: Most IT operational groups already have large lists of improvement activities Such groups are already resource-constrained Traditionally. Meta Group estimates that self implementation of ITIL best practices may cost 55% more than anticipated due to inefficiencies brought on by inexperience Recent reports from Remedy and other industry sources have shown that some process implementation projects have taken as long as 4 years.

IBM Global Services Who needs ITIL? Desire to align IT with business objectives Desire to lower the long term costs of IT Service Provision Desire to improve the quality of IT Services New business application New or change to services New or changes to organization New or changes to processes New or changes to Infrastructure New or changes to a tool suite ITIL Overview Page 22 .

infrastructure.IBM Global Services Keys to successful Implementations Structured Implementation Method to avoid mistakes. process or organization Maturity Assessment and clearly defined practical objectives Avoid “Boil the ocean” approaches Governance Model Guiding Principles Phased Implementation ITIL Overview Page 23 . rework and re-direction Focus on business objective – accomplishing something with ITIL rather than “ITIL for ITIL’s sake” Implementation focus clarity: service.

SMS 1103. These methods are typically used in improvement projects and other tactical improvement efforts ESMDD IT Process Model Satisfy Customer Relationships Support IT Services and Solutions D O eliv Se per er rv ati ic on es a l ITIL Deploy Solutions E M nte Pro an rp v ag ris ide e Sy em IT st ent em IBM’s Enterpri se System s Management Design and Implementation Methodology covering macro design. micro design. development and pilot of IT Services or Processes based on ITPM and ITIL Best Practices Reference: Meta Group SMS115. File 721. (Gartner) The actual benefits of a tool implementation depend on the degree of success in re-engineering its processes. ITIL Overview Page 24 . (Gartner) A major reason for the failure of these ESM deployments is the lack of well defined processes within the IT operations group for basic management disciplines such as problem. (Gartner) Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma are methods for designing manufacturing and servicerelated processes. configuration. capacity and service-level management. Gartner SPA-03-5362 T IT e nd re u a a g a tu an ets ruc M sse str A fra r In Manage IT Business Value e iz al ns ea n R utio lu So SEI CMM A. Bottom Line: Research indicates that 70 percent of the ROI derives from process improvements rather than tools.IBM Global Services Knowing best practices does not tell you how to implement best practices According to Gartner Group 70% of systems management technology implementations fail due to neglect of process and organization considerations.D. change. asset. SSMS 13 Aug 98.721 Addendum.E. Netherlands: here are some helpful references OGC .tools2manage-it.IBM Global Services If you are interested to find out more about ITIL.htm For all your ITIL education Tools to manage Htt://www.The Office of Government Commerce (includes CCTA) The examination bodies Canada: England: ITIL Overview Page 25 IT Service Management Forum http://www.bcs.

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