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Directions: Utilize this worksheet to help evaluate yourself and your project. Be as complete and
descriptive as possible. This self-evaluation should give the scoring team and your teacher a clear picture
of what you accomplished in your project.

Name – Kaoutar Maachaoui Project Start Date – January 30, 2018

Title of Project – Taking A Stand For Education Project Completion Date – March 18, 2018

1. In 40 words or more describe who your project benefited and how. In other words, what was the impact
of your project?

I feel that the community benefited from my project by learning about the culture of the undocumented students
in their community to break down the misconceptions that have been formed through the media. It helped bring
together different communities by using food, music, and games. It encouraged individuals like myself to stand up
for the rights of those who have no say in our government.

2. In at least 40 words explain how the project challenged you. How was this a stretch for you?

The greatest challenge about my project was the food. It was the most important part of my event and it was pivotal
that it was authentic food from each of those countries. I spent hours planning out the menus for each country and
buying all the groceries for everything. I spoke with my friends from the different countries who verified my menu
and gave me an idea as to what to expect. I spend the day before cooking, and I woke up 5 in the morning to cook
the food for my project, so it was warm and fresh.

3. List and then describe 5-8 fundamental ideas/concepts/skills of your project, which you learned/enhanced
during your project.

Communication is a fundamental skill I had to enhance during my project. It played an important role in my whole
event. I had to communicate with my venue, the people helping me, and then reach out to the community to put
the word out about my project.
Organizing an event was a challenge because I have never done anything like this before and I had to learn how to
do so.
Painting posters and other crafts items was fun and challenging, especially when my room flooring is carpet.
Making a flyer was a skill that needed to be brushed up. It took me a few tries before I finally choose a design for my
Public speaking was a skill I enhanced during the process of my project. I spoke to my audience about my project
and the importance of my topic.

4. List and describe 4-8 problems/obstacles/issues you encountered in your project, and briefly describe how
you solved each.
Guest speaker fell through and I was very stressed, but I realized that the audience I was trying to reach out to can
still talk to those who immigrated here and talk about their experiences.
My venue was unable to accommodate to my date, so I spent hours searching until I found a usable venue and
sprinkled in my creativity to make my vision of my project come to life.
I was not allowed to sell my fundraising material at school, which made it a challenge for me to sell and raise money
without the people I intended to sell to.
5. List all people who helped you on the project and briefly describe the help given.

My family: for helping me cook, and make the crafts stuff for my project
My friends: for coming to support me, and playing all the games at my project
Geovanni: for being the inspiration
Josephine: for helping me bring my vision to life
Jasmine: for supporting me emotionally and helping paint my posters
My helpers: for coming to represent their countries
Troy and his family: for coming early and helping me set up
The Your Pie Owner: for allowing me to host my event there

6. How does your completed project compare to the picture you had in mind when you started the project?
Explain the reason behind any changes from your proposal.

My project was exactly what I had imagined. The only inconsistency is the location that I wished to host my event at
had to change due to the venue I wished to acquire was unable to accommodate to my date. Also, when I had
envisioned my project, I had wished for their to be a guest speaker. However, my guest speaker fell through at the
very last moment, which was a challenge, so at my project, I had immigrants talk about their experience instead.

7. If given the opportunity, explain what you would have done differently now that you speak from

I would have focused more on spreading the word about my project, so I can reach more people in the
community. Also, I would have held more fundraising events to raise more money.

8. Beyond the project itself, what did you learn about yourself? What did you get out of the experience in
terms of personal growth?

I learned that I love food even more than I originally thought. A culture is defined by its food more than everything,
and I was so proud to have shared that with the community.

9. What grade would you give yourself on the project? Be honest! Justify the evaluation of your grade in at
least 25 words.

I would give myself a 92 A minus.

Grade: 92

Justification: I felt really accomplished at my event. I was proud of the way everything turned out. I wish I did put
more into the fundraising portion of my project, but the time crunch made it hard for me to reach my goal.