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Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 3

HRM302 – Management and Organizational Development

Set – 1

Q.1. Define Organizational Development (OD).What are the characteristics of OD? (Definition of
Organizational Development, Explain the characteristics of OD) 2,8

Answer. Organizational Development

In its widest sense, OD is a planned approach to improve employee and organizational effectiveness. This
can be

Q2. As an HR, you find that the OD professional in your organization is not competent enough. What are
the competencies you will consider in a good OD professional?

(Explain any ten competencies required for OD professional) 10

Answer. Competencies required for OD professional

To be effective, all OD practitioners must possess the following basic knowledge, skills and attitudes which
are listed below:

1. Intrapersonal skills: As OD is a highly, uncertain process which requires constant adjustment and
innovation, OD practitioner must

Q3. Discuss the Ethical Dilemmas in practicing OD

(Explain the ethical dilemmas in practicing OD) 10

Answer. Ethical Dilemmas in practicing OD

“Ethical dilemmas” are the results of behaviors and inappropriate actions or roles on the part of both
change agents and client systems.
Set - 2

Q1. What is Performance Appraisal? What are the purposes and characteristics of Performance
Appraisal? Describe the steps in Performance Appraisal System.

(Definition of Performance Appraisal, Describing the purposes of Performance Appraisal, Describing the
characteristics of Performance Appraisal, Explanation of the steps in Performance Appraisal System)

Answer. Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal refers to the analysing and evaluating the performance of the employees in
fulfilling the duties, roles and responsibilities that have been assigned to them. It is therefore a systematic
process of assessing the achievements that are

Q2. What is a Learning Organization? Discuss the attributes of a learning organization. Explain the
various learning disciplines in learning organization

(Definition of a Learning organization, Describing the attributes, Explaining the five basic learning
disciplines) 2,3,5

Answer. Learning organization

The figure states that in the condition of antecedent, the OD practitioners and the client system have their
own set of goals, values, needs, skills and abilities. These differences may or may not be pointed out in the
entry and the contracting phase. So when OD professionals and client are not aware of their
responsibilities then this may result in the role

Q3. Write short notes:

a) Goal Setting

b) Managing Workforce Diversity

Explanation of Goal Setting

Explanation of Managing Workforce Diversity

Answer. Goal setting:

Edwin Locke, an American psychologist and a pioneer in goal-setting theory explains that specific and
difficult goals lead to higher performance than easy goals. It also suggests that feedback and commitment
lead to higher performance and
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