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April 2018

NEA-Dallas Board of Directors
VP of Teacher Affairs Hope Lee
We are fast getting near to the end of the 2017 - 2018 school year. The train is now going down VP of DISD ESPs Carmen Behrend
a beautiful slope to go through a winding tunnel. As we look out the windows we can see the Secretary Vivian Bryant
rebirth of the trees in bloom with white, pink/ purple and green splendor galore. The lights Treasurer Angela Davis
came on in all the coaches just in case we needed extra time to finish our homework, continue
Vote Education First
the reading that we had been doing, or finish texting our friends before getting to school. We
will be out of the tunnel very soon because we know that we are going back in to the precious
sunlight to celebrate the culmination of this time together. The New Dawn Express train has If we, as educators, do not cast our votes
been traveling smoothly along all these months. It went around curves, made shifts up and based on a candidate’s position on education issues, who will?
down some hills as well had made some stops along the way for disembarkations of a few and Our votes – or our failure to vote - will decide what student success
still embarkations of many more. Life on this train was never at a stands still, there was always and education policy look like today, tomorrow and in the
movement in chorus, harmony and unity at times. Some people went from seat to seat, others future. Here’s what’s at stake:
from coach to coach as they shared the excitement on being on the train that was leading to a
marvelous life. We can hear the ripples of the songs, the music echoing in our minds of the • Better funding for public schools or state funds for private
months gone by as we move into and through April. school vouchers
We are getting ready to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. We have been teaching our • Freedom to teach and learn or teaching to the test
students about a movement that began in 1970. Some students already know the meaning of • Smaller class sizes or crowded classrooms
this day, so they jumped right in to express their contributions to the projects that we will be • Professional pay and benefits or inadequate pay and
doing this time around. Others will look the reason for this celebration up without hesitating to insurance coverage
do so. Still others might have started doing their own unique projects days ago in anticipation of
Elections have consequences. When you take the Vote Education
April because they have a passion about saving the rainforests and/or saving planet earth. These
First pledge, you pledge to cast your votes based on which candidate
are exciting days in which we are living.
is best for students, educators and public education. Together, we
Now, it is time to have all of our students outshine previous years on STAAR, ACP and AP Exams. can determine the future of public education, elevate our profession
We have prepared them well! We are now going to state UIL competitions with the students and provide every child the opportunity to receive a quality
who have reached that distinction. For this, we are proud! For some, it is time to ponder, time education, but we have to vote education first.
to reflect on the coming month of May with graduation for our students in Kinder, the 8 th grade
To take the pledge, go
and at our high schools. It is difficult for all of us to see the students we had in those earlier
grades/months getting ready to walk across the stage to receive a diploma of excellence for
outstanding work done at that level of graduation from Dallas ISD. DISD Job Fair
Whichever grade level teacher or support staff that you will fit in here, we are all proud of the Date Time Day of Type of Event Location
accomplishment of the students. As the awesome teachers and educational support personnel Week
that we are, we never lost focus of our mission: to educate all students! 5- 6:00pm – Thursday Collegiate Adamson
th nd
Apr 8:00pm Academies HS
We know that April 20 - 22 will find some returning to the TSTA HoD in San Marcos, TX at 14- 9:00am – Saturday Large Scale – All Ellis Davis
the Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Center. If you are a member and have never been to Apr 12:00pm campuses invited
a HoD, please get ready to do so. We hope to see both veteran and new faces there! 26- 5:30pm – Thursday Special Programs Alfred J.
NEA-Dallas needs you!!! We need every member to become active at the local, state and Apr 7:30pm (OTI, Magnet) Loos
national level. Please look at your Advocate magazine for the spring. Read about why to 19- 9:00am – Saturday Large Scale – All Conrad HS
commit as a member to Vote Education First. On the local front, we continue to fight against May 12:00pm campuses invited
14- 4:00pm – Thursday Summer Job Fair Ellis Davis
Charter takeovers, getting the Tax Ratification Election passed (TRE), and changes to the
Jun 6:00pm
Teacher Excellence Initiative (TEI) among other topics.
26- 6:00pm – Thursday Large Scale – All Conrad HS
Friends, one and all as Dallas ISD and Dallas County Schools members, all we have to do is pick a Jul 8:00pm campuses invited
topic that we have a passion for at this time. Fight in one accord! Let us also join hands with
each other in unity towards the light at the end of the tunnel: our producing the great minds
who will lead this great nation on a fruitful journey for our tomorrows.
Friday, April 20th is the National Day of Action against Gun
In closing, I will leave you here with the saying, “to whom much is given much is required.”
Violence in Schools and we are asking you to wear orange
Much is required of us as the adults today to prepare each and every young person whose lives
on that day to engage in an action that will bring attention to
we touch each day to be that beacon of our future.
this vital issue.
Continued success everywhere you shine!!!
Marks the 19th Anniversary of Columbine

4/12/18 DISD Board Briefing @ 11:30 am
4/20-21/18 TSTA House of Delegates
4/23/18 DCS Dissolution Committee Meeting @ 10 am
4/26/18 DISD Board Meeting @ 6 pm

TSTA 2018 Young Artist Contest
Theme: Why I Love My Public School
The TSTA Art Contest is open to all students in kindergarten through 12th grade attending
Texas Public Schools. Its purpose is to showcase student talent, recognize students, parents,
and teachers and to display prize-winning creations at the TSTA HQ.
1. One entry per artist.
2. All entries must be original student art. No copies accepted. NEA-Dallas
3. The maximum size is 12*18 inches. 6500 Greenville Avenue, Suite 520
4. Any medium may be used, including original and computer-generated work. Pieces may be Dallas, Texas 75206
in either black and white or color; but charcoal, pastels, chalk, or crayon works must be
sprayed with fixative to prevent smearing. No framed work or canvas on stretchers allowed. Monday – Friday
5. Any student attending a Texas public school is eligible to enter. 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
6. Each entry must be original in concept, design, and execution and may not violate U.S. Lunch Break 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
copyright laws. Any entry that has been copied from an existing photo or image (including a [Closed Saturday, Sunday & all DISD holidays]
painting, graphic, or advertisement) that was created by someone other than the student is a
TSTA Help Center 1-877-ASK-TSTA
violation of the competition rules and will not be accepted.
7. At the end of the contest year, all art will be returned to the address submitted with the
piece. TSTA assumes no responsibility for any damage that may occur in shipping and
8. Winners will be selected by the delegates of the 2018 TSTA House of Delegates in San
Marcos. Malinda McKee Raya Staley
TSTA Staff Office Manager
Winners will receive: (214) 923-2768 – cell (214) 821-2061
• A gift card for places 1-5
o $200 for 1st place
o $100 for 2nd place
o $50 for 3rd place
o $50 for 4th place NEA-Dallas neadallas1
o $50 for 5th place
• A certificate from TSTA. TSTA Help Center
• Artwork will be displayed at the TSTA HQ office for one year. 1-877-ASK-TSTA
• Artwork will be published in TSTA publications/website.

Print or type and affix the form to the back of artwork. NEAMB Signature Discount
Make a copy and submit in an envelope to accompany the artwork. When you enroll in the AT&T Signature Discount program, through
Entries may be mailed postmarked no later than April 10th. Entries may be hand delivered at your organization-and have a qualified wireless service agreement-
the HoD in San Marcos on April 20th, provided written notice is received prior to April 10th you'll save on your monthly service charge for qualifying plans.
that your submission will be delivered.
As an AT&T Signature Discount member, you’ll receive:
Please mail entries to the address below. Confirmation of receipt will be issued.
TSTA Center for Executive and Governance Art Contest • 15% off qualified wireless plans & services
8716 N Mopac Expressway • 20% off eligible wireless accessories
Austin, TX 78759
If you have any questions, please contact Crystal Carpenter at or
TSTA 2018 Young Artist Contest
For more information and details go to the website listed below:
Student Name
Local ___________________________ Union Member discounts available at
Student Phone Number
Grade __________ Age __________ Medium
School Address
School Telephone
Art or Classroom Teacher NEA Auto & Home Insurance Program
Teacher Email Address Brandon Watson – (512) 520-7248
Contact Number for Teacher
Beverly Andress Clemmons Cassandra Fletcher
Multiple Careers Magnet Center ; Dallas ISD North Dallas Service Center ; DCS

Commuting from my home in McKinney to teach in Dallas ISD gives me First of all, it was an honor to be given a chance to speak on one's own
considerable time to think, reflect and listen to the radio. The first behalf, an opportunity to speak from my own perspective.
years I taught at Multiple Careers Magnet Center, I had plenty of time
to despair as well. My principal and some of the paraprofessionals did My name is Cassandra Fletcher. My time with this job has been a bitter
not seem to understand what I was trying to accomplish with the sweet one.
students, and some of their words and actions would make life at work
My employment with Dallas County Schools was a mean of resource in
miserable. I waited all of this out, without choice, because none of my
the beginning for the family. Then, I decided that I liked what I was
searches to work elsewhere produced any success. Then came new
doing, driving school buses, which also gave me the same
principals, new executive directors, and a new superintendent, and
breaks/vacations as my children. Most of all, we were allowed then to
conditions improved immeasurably. I appreciated so much and thrived
do extra work which made up for the short fall from the daily routes
under the culture of feedback that was one of the goals of the Teacher
(field trips) sweet!
Excellence Initiative. They asked of us “be brave and be bold”, and I
knew that was something I could definitely do. I also began to hear
Then the bitter, discriminatory practices began. Everything but what
myself being referred to as irreplaceable and a distinguished teacher. I
the policies and procedures supposedly said to have done to keep
received a salary increase with DTR. When I called my elderly parents
harmony among the employees was done.
to tell them about the achievements, my father told me I deserved it,
and my mom said, “I’ll bet you earned it”. Other colleagues on our That was when I was asked by my coworkers to become the sounding
campus, who are 20+ year veteran teachers, achieved high levels and board at our center between management and employees until the
received salary increases as well. union was allowed in. It was more bitter than sweet, especially when I
decided to become an Area Rep with Local 100 at that time to get
I teach Family and Consumer Science courses to high school students problems resolved. Someone had to step up for the GREATER good of
with disabilities. They spend a half day at our campus, then a half day all.
at their home high schools from all over Dallas. In my class, they have
the opportunity to train for professional certifications, which can mean I served with them for a couple years. Then, we were offered by NEA-
higher starting wages. We also emphasize and guide in the search for Dallas other possibilities the other local didn't. So, NEA-Dallas became
community service opportunities. Students are well prepared to a real solution for a while. I joined in and became an Area Rep with
transition from school to community life and employment. I have a them, also. I am still to this day in that position, about 15yrs of total
rewarding and satisfying position in Dallas ISD, and I see our district as service.
leading the way for other districts to follow suit. It has been hard work,
but an honor, to be a part of this movement to put an effective teacher It is not a pretty thing when all those that were standing with you
in each classroom. Change is hard, they say, but I have learned it is became intimidated by management or became fearful of their jobs.
awesome. All one need do is stay positive, plan, and prepare to accept There were coercions, designs, and plots among us. It was created to
good things. My alma mater for my master’s, Azusa Pacific University, get rid of that person or those persons just because they are standing
has a Bible verse on the license plate holders in the bookstore, up for the wrong being done to us! It is understandable when you
Jeremiah 29:11 that encapsulates this philosophy. don't apply yourself to read your handbook to know the do's and
don'ts about your job.
I rejoined NEA Dallas to share positive energy and hope for the future. I
Inspite of all the bitter days, I have encountered that like JESUS, I am a
originally joined to seek help with grievances and such, then left for a
"lamb" taken to the slaughter for RIGHTEOUSNESS sake but "still I
while. I am back. I now understand that the best way to move ahead in
rise" everyday to go back to what I love to do most of all. This is what
schools is to make good things happen, get some good publicity, and
God called me to, the greater good for all!!
get people promoted. As a current member of NEA, I believe positive
progress for teachers directly helps students most. Coming to work became more bitter but God......
The students deserve it.
God loves you and so do I!!!!
District to expand ACE program to boost struggling schools Rotary Club wants to honor teachers who go the extra mile

Dallas ISD is expanding an initiative that helps boost student achievement by The Rotary Club of Dallas invites nominations from all district schools for its
staffing struggling schools with strong leaders and high-performing teachers. annual Service Above Self Teacher Awards. To call attention to the importance
The district launched the ACE program, which stands for Accelerating Campus of service contributed by teachers, the organization will award up to $10,000 in
Excellence, in the 2016–2017 school year at seven historically low-performing cash awards and gifts to the selected teachers.
schools. Dallas ISD this school year added an additional six schools to the ACE The award is designed to recognize teachers who:
program. With ACE campuses showing significant improvement in student ▪ perform over and above their job descriptions in ways that benefit
achievement, the district is building on this success by bringing these additional the community, at-risk and disadvantaged students;
six schools into the ACE program for the 2018–2019 school year: ▪ demonstrate selfless conduct for the benefit of others;
▪ Cesar Chavez Learning Center ▪ plan classroom instruction that reflects innovation and creativity;
▪ Paul L. Dunbar Learning Center The deadline to apply is Mon., April 16, 2018. Honorees will be notified Mon.,
▪ L.L Hotchkiss Elementary School May 21, and honored at a special awards luncheon Wed., August 8, 2018.
▪ Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School Teachers may self-nominate or be nominated by colleagues or others who feel
▪ Elisa M. Pease Elementary School the nominee deserves special recognition for service above self.
For more information on the requirements for the award, download an
▪ Joseph J. Rhoads Learning Center
informational flyer here. To nominate a deserving teacher,
These six schools will be part of an ACE 3.0 hybrid model call “ACE Leadership”
aimed at continuing to improve student achievement with a focus on building a
foundation for college readiness with a strong focus on developing teacher
leadership. The ACE 3.0 program will incentivize top teacher leaders, principals NEA-Dallas 2018 Blitz Membership Appreciation Gathering
and campus leaders to study leadership, curriculum alignment, data and other
best practices and then apply these practices to improve teaching and learning
on their campuses.
ACE is part of Dallas ISD’s vision to prepare every student for college and the
workforce based on placing an effective teacher in every classroom, equipping
schools with strong leadership teams, and holding high expectations for both
staff and students. The ACE plan was developed to help schools improve
academically and better serve district students.
For those interested in learning more about the ACE program,

Two new transformation schools opening in August will mirror
winning programs

Dallas ISD trustees approved opening two new transformation schools in
August with learning models that have been successful on other campuses.
Students have until April 30 to go here and apply to these two new schools.
Sam Houston Elementary will become a personalized learning campus that will
mirror the successful model of Dan D. Rogers Elementary School. Students
currently in grades 2–4 at Houston Elementary can stay at the campus under the
same elementary school model as previous years, while students currently in
grades pre-K-2 will start under the personalized learning model next school
Meanwhile, Onesimo Hernandez Elementary will become a Montessori school in To see more photos from the Membership Appreciation go to our website
August. The existing campus will consolidate with Maple Lawn Elementary. The or find us on Facebook at
new Montessori school will start by serving students in grades pre-K–2, and
then build out in following years to serve additional grades. Current Hernandez
students going into grades K–2 will be given priority if they apply to the new Education Secretary Betsy DeVos visits North Texas, draws protesters
Montessori school. Author: Teresa Woodard
Both Hernandez and Houston elementary schools have low student enrollment. Published: 5:24 PM CDT April 5, 2018; Updated: 5:31 PM CDT April 5, 2018

Angie Gaylord, deputy chief of the Office of Transformation and Innovation, The protest was organized by the Next Generation Action Network and the
said bringing these new learning models to the campuses will set the campuses Texas Organizing Project, but drew community activists from several
and families up for future success. organizations, including teachers’ unions in Dallas.
“There is proven demand for Montessori and personalized learning schools “I am here for my students,” said Delna Bryan, president of the Dallas chapter
here in Dallas,” Gaylord said. “This decision will help these campuses succeed of the National Education Association and a DISD teacher for more than 20
and serve families for decades to come.” years. “We have heard about Betsy DeVos wanting to privatize education, not
Families could start applying to the new Montessori and personalized learning wanting equity for all students, that has got to stop!”
schools on Monday, March 26. Also in the crowd was DISD school board member Joyce Foreman, who said she
More than 13,500 students applied to attend a Dallas ISD choice school—which was concerned with DeVos’ visit to the district.
includes magnets, early college high schools and transformation schools— “Privatization, charters, vouchers are her primary efforts to transform public
during the application window that was open Dec. 1–Jan. 31. schools. I have some issues with that, so philosophically we disagree,” Foreman
To read more go to the following website: