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New Rolex Explorer Watch

Big news this year here at Basel from Rolex. Most
people are impressed by the new Rolex Submariner
watches in all steel, but Rolex has also updated its
popular Explorer model. The classic adventure
watch has been upped to 39mm wide in steel, and
features a slightly new dial. The case now comes in a
better steel, which is grade 904L steel (most
chemical and corrosion resistant). The dial has been
ever so slightly updated. Newer hour markers and
larger hands are most apparent.

The Rolex in-house made calibre 3132 movement is
rock-solid and is COSC Chronometer certified. The
watch has a sapphire crystal of course and is water
resistant to 100 meters. Character of the watch is
similar to the Submariner - but it is thinner, opts for
a polished bezel instead of a rotating diver's bezel,
and has a different style dial. The bracelet is very
similar between the two, but the Explorer does not
have a glide-lock clasp. For many, the Explorer is a
simple, and less expensive Rolex that feels like a
fantastic fit on many wrists. Surely fans will be
excited as it has been a long time since the Rolex
Explorer watch has been updated.

Click on the read more link below for technical
specifications of the watch.

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REPLICA SEA- DWELLER COMPARISON © Dr. It does not deal with the social. For those that continue.August 2006 This review does not try to justify the buying of replica watches. political or economic effects of the replica watch industry and it is not designed to do anything other than educate people. I hope you learn something worthwhile. If the fact that people buy fake watches offends you then please stop reading now. REAL . Continuing to read this article does not give you the right to slag me off or cast aspersions on my moral fiber as has happened in the past when I have written similar pieces. Peter McClean Millar . .

If there is one problem with the Sea-Dweller. but I would predict that most of those polled will have only one response. The Rolex Sea- Dweller. Many people bought those cheap replicas and like me . For that reason alone the Rolex brand of watches are probably the most frequently bought replica watches in the world. The case was made of brass which had been chrome plated to make it look like a solid block of stainless steel.Ask any diver what the ultimate dive watch is and there will be many replies. it comes from its other big number specification: the price. It will cost you around 4000 US dollars to own one. Lord only knows where the movement came from but I think it may actually have been Japanese because it actually kept good time. The world of fakes and replica watches has come a long way since I bought my first "dodgy Rolex" in Abu Dhabi back in 1989. it has every right to stake a claim as the ultimate dive watch: water resistant to 4000 feet. but 2 weeks of desert sweat and my wrist started to turn green. in house chronometer certified movement and over 30 years of use by many of the world's deep sea and saturation divers. On pure specifications alone. Helium Release Valve (HRV). Sapphire crystal.

I was still worried about the fact that it could possibly be a fake and ended up taking it to an Authorized Dealer to have it verified as genuine. As can be seen in the photo above. The replica Sea-Dweller that I purchased is considered to be high end because of the following specifications: it has a solid stainless steel case. and Singapore and over the years I have seen how the quality of them has improved to the point that many replicas are virtually indistinguishable. Taiwan. a sapphire crystal and uses a genuine Swiss ETA 2836-2 movement. but . Most were unable to do so. from the real thing. to the untrained eye. and a genuine 2001 Rolex Sea-Dweller. Since the days of that first fake Rolex. which my wife wears. on first looks it resembles the genuine Sea-Dweller quite accurately. Even though I bought my SD from a reputable source. I have lived in most of the countries attributed with producing fake watches. Korea. That in itself is not particularly frightening. Also in those years I have bought a genuine Rolex Airking. China.ended up throwing them in a drawer after about 2 or 3 weeks because the plating had started to wear off. I gave the replica and the genuine watch to many of my friends and asked them to identify which was the real one. Because of that fear I bought what is considered to be a high end replica Sea- Dweller and set out to educate myself on the state of the Sea-Dweller replica scene.

It is my hope that this review will allow people to know what to look for when they are buying a Sea-Dweller. On initial inspection the dials of the replica and genuine SD look to be exactly the same. First the size of the luminous hour markers is different. As can be seen on the photo.what is scary is the fact that there are many unscrupulous people who advertise fake watches for sale as genuine and people pay top dollar for them unaware that they are buying a fake. On the genuine dial the minute graduations do not touch the metal rings of the luminous markers. some not so. Next is the actual positioning of the markers. Both the Sea-Dweller and the Submariner share the same features and the style and layout has been copied by many legitimate watch manufactures over the years because of the simple and clear layout. The best way to try to show the differences between the replica and genuine Sea- Dweller is to systematically go through the watch and highlight the anomalies. but closer inspection shows that there are subtle differences. .3mm) between the minute graduation and the metal ring of the luminous hour marker. there is a small gap (about 0. The dial on the Sea-Dweller is an icon in watch history. On the genuine dial the markers are smaller and the outer rings not so thick. Normally the first thing anyone looks at when they see a watch is the dial. Some will be obvious.

At the time of writing. I don't know what luminous material they use on the replica but it does not glow anywhere near as well as that on the genuine Sea-Dweller. The next major difference between the watches can easily be seen if both are side by side. The font on the replica dial tends to be slightly smaller and blocky. The crown prongs are slightly wider as well. the manufactures are now using a font which has the numbers 6 and 9 where the loops are closed. In the past. they are not normally a good indication of whether the watch is genuine or not. It also means that the dial on the Sea-Dweller had to be made about 1mm smaller than that of the Submariner. This means that the replica dial is bigger than that used in the genuine watch. The Rolex crown printed on the dial is also slightly larger on the genuine SD. the next difference is the hands. Because of the higher depth rating of the Sea-Dweller the watch is slightly thicker than that of the Submariner. The luminous coating on the hands and the hour markers is well applied and has the same colour and look as that used on the genuine watch. Overall it gives the . the replica manufacturers use the same case for both the Sea-Dweller and the Submariner. It is also noticeable how the slope of the replica's chapter ring is greater. but as can be seen from the image. The fake sweep hand just touches the minute markers whereas the genuine second hand extends to almost the end of them. The printing is actually quite well done and is a definite improvement over similar watches I have seen and handled in the past. Whilst the bezel inserts are pretty much identical on both watches. but it is not so apparent if the replica is handled on its own. Staying with the front of the dial. On the genuine SD the Mercedes symbol is slightly larger and the sweep second hand extends further to the outside of the dial. an immediate give away was the use of open 6 and 9s.Next difference is the fonts used both for the writing on the dial and on the date wheel. The font on the date wheel of the replica is slightly larger. Many older genuine Sea-Dwellers have aftermarket bezel inserts primarily because the owner went for the cheaper aftermarket option.

the larger dial on the replica is not particularly noticeable unless you have a side by side comparison. the crown guards are still not right. the things that was probably easiest to fix and a definite give away are the crown guards.impression of a much larger dial. The replica crown guards are thicker and have a slightly different recess. . To many people this is not a bad thing as there is a definite wish in the dive watch fraternity that Rolex should make a larger Sea- Dweller. Yet surprisingly even with the new "high quality" replicas. Many people who buy the replica Sea-Dwellers modify the guards to make them closer to the shape of the real ones. Over the years and the many generations of fake Rolex Sea-Dwellers and Submariners. As I have said.

the "plateau" (I don't know what else to call it) on which the Rolex crown and 3 dots to indicate that it is a Triplock crown is slightly more raised and not quite as wide as that on the fake crown. it is easy enough to "pop" the bezel on the replica and increase the tension on the retaining click spring to tighten the overall movement. Both bezels have a 120 click turning movement. These have gotten much better over the years but depending on where the replica watch was made some are still better than others. The genuine one feels slightly tighter but not really noticeably so. On the genuine crown. Looking at the photo of the crowns brings me to the major item which I always look at when trying to gauge if a Sea-Dweller is genuine or not. Where the replica crowns have also improved is the sealing. . The genuine bezel is significantly thicker due to an extra ridge on the underside. The bezel. They now use large o-rings just like the genuine article.Next is the crown itself. The genuine watch is on the top. Notice the difference in the depth of the bezels. However. This is due to the much thicker crystal on the Sea-Dweller which is needed because of the increased depth rating.

Since about 2002 Rolex have etched a small almost un-noticeable crown into the sapphire crystal. Mine does not have it because it is a K series from 2001 and was produced before the etching was introduced. Most of the modern replicas have the crown etching on the crystal. As the replica SD I have does not have the crown etching either. . I have had to borrow a photo to show it. Mine didn't.The final thing worth noting on the front of the watch is the small etched Rolex crown at the 6 o'clock position on the crystal.

Many dive watches now have HRVs but the Sea-Dweller is arguably the most famous. As you can see from the photos of the HRV. helium is able to infiltrate the seals on dive watches and form gaseous helium inside the watch. I don't know what material the fake HRV is made of or even if it works but it looks pretty convincing. Under pressure. Doxa actually had the first HRV equipped divers watch on sale to the general public in 1969. I believe the genuine HRV is made of Titanium and looks darker than the stainless steel case. The HRV was developed to eliminate the need to unscrew the crown when saturation divers were decompressing. the replica is based on the new model as it does not have these holes in the side of the case. I don't know when it happened but a couple of years ago Rolex stopped making the Sea-Dweller case with drilled holes in the lugs for the springbars. This was developed in the late 1960s by Rolex and Doxa and although Rolex hold the patent. If this gas is not released it will expand as the diver decompresses and can blow the crystal off the watch.One of the defining things about the Rolex Sea-Dweller is the Helium Release Valve. . The Doxa SUB 300T Conquistador.

The black ink or paint used on the replica caseback has a tendency to fall out very quickly unlike the genuine which is particularly permanent. Interestingly enough. . On the genuine SD the caseback has the words¡¦. there used to be a dead give away which seems to have been rectified in the latest models.Moving on to the back of the watch. The font is pretty close but the Rolex crown is a bit smaller. many people who couldn't tell the difference between my 2 watches thought the replica was genuine because it still had the sticker on it. There was a space in the word Rolex and an o was used instead of a c. 16610 is the reference number for the Submariner. Many of the older replicas had the following erroneous words: RO LEX and Esoape. Generally the quality of the caseback is pretty good.ROLEX OYSTER Original Gas Escape Valve. The holographic stickers have also been improving over the last few years but still have a way to go to be perfect. But in many cases both genuine and replica owners remove the sticker anyway. The reference number for the Sea-Dweller is 16600 but in some cases the replica manufactures put a sticker with 16610 on the case back.

I do tend to agree with these impressions. the bracelet is still substantial and comfortable and considering the large springbars used in the genuine one. very unlikely to part company with the watch under normal circumstances. however. . Genuine Sea-Dweller bracelets are often criticized as being "tinny" and "flimsy" and not befitting a 4000 dollar watch.The other thing that has been improving steadily over the years has been the oyster flip-lock bracelet.

the replica bracelet has brushed sides. From the solid end links to the hidden divers extension in the clasp and the screwed links. . The sides of the genuine bracelet are polished. even though the stampings are not quite so sharp. the bracelet smacks of the real thing except for one flaw.The replica bracelet looks and feels almost exactly like the genuine one.

This has been the practice for several years now. The modern replicas also have the SD reference number and a serial stamped into the case between the lugs.The give away for the Sea-Dweller is that the genuine bracelet reference number is 93160. What has changed is that the bracelets also have their serial number stamped into the Solid End Links. The replicas not only use the Submariner case but also the Submariner bracelet which is reference number 93250. .

lets not forget that ETA have .800 vph) as the 3135 and has 25 jewels and like the 3135 is automatic. specially designed and constructed movement. The thing that sets the Rolex apart from most other watches is the fact that it uses an in-house movement. It is losing 2 seconds in 48 hours. It has the same frequency (28.Ultimately the only true way to find out id a Sea-Dweller is genuine or not is to open it. That's pretty impressive in my book and isn't surprising given the fact that the 3135 was built for accuracy. Even though the Rolex 3135 movement is an in- house. The really interesting thing here is that the replica keeps better time than the genuine SD. The replica uses a genuine Swiss ETA 2836-2. longevity and ease of servicing. This movement is COSC rated and my SD keeps time at around -2 seconds a day.800 vph uses 31 jewels and is automatic winding in both directions. This is unbelievable for a fake watch straight out of the box. the Rolex caliber 3135 which has a frequency of 28. The power reserve of the ETA is 42 hours which is less than the 3135's reserve of 50 hours.

.been in existence almost 50 years longer than Rolex and produce movements which are the base ebauches for many of today's Swiss watch manufacturers such as Breitling. Omega and IWC. I think I really just got lucky with the movement in the replica.

It certainly looks good and could fool the untrained eye but anyone with any experience of Rolex movements could spot it a mile away. I didn't have the photo I . it can be seen that the replica manufacturers have gone quite a way to make the ETA 2836-2 look like the 3135.Looking at the images of the replica movement.

I hope that people have learned a bit about the Sea-Dweller in both its genuine and replica guise. As it stands in late August 2006. I would recommend Steve Hughes superb review. but there are still some easily identifiable errors which make it possible for people to spot a fake one. Another site well worth a visit is Jocke's watch wallpaper site where there are spectacular photos of Rolex watches.took of my replica movement when I wrote this comparison. So there you have it. For a really in-depth look at the genuine article. so I have borrowed a photograph from a replica site and removed their logo. Jocke was kind enough to allow me to use his excellent photo of the Rolex 3135 movement. Hopefully this review will help inform people about just what to look for when buying a second hand Sea-Dweller. Location: /Rolex (Swiss)/Submariner Rolex Submariner SS Swiss ETA 2836-2 Automatic Movement . the quality and accuracy of the replica Sea- Dwellers is pretty good.


50 • Tell a Friend Product Code: SSUBB In Stock: 4 ETA SA is a Swiss producer of mechanical and quartz watch movements. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swatch Group. for a number of years . The company specializes in the production of ébauche movements which are used in a number of mechanical watches.Product Information  Rolex Submariner SS Swiss ETA 2836-2 Automatic replica watch.  Solid 940L polished full stainless steel case with Swiss ETA 2836-2 Automatic Movement.  Solid screw-down back removable by genuine Rolex tool.  Water proof to 30 m. Girard set up a watch movement (ébauche) factory which eventually became Eterna.  Laser printed dial. In .  Diameter: 40mm. Urs Schild.5X Date magnification as per ORIGINAL. ETA has owned several important Swiss watch movement companies including Valjoux.  Black dial and bezel.  Solid back with green holigramic sticker and model number.  Strong construction. Peseux (see:[2] ) (and [3] (translation) and Lemania.  Swiss 25 Jewels. and Dr.  Diver's extension. Because ETA maintains vertical control over the manufacturing of all of the components required to create a watch movement (save for the hairsprings which are made by its sister company Nivarox) ETA may be considered a true manufacturer.  Scratch-proof Sapphire Crystal Glass  Exact glow-in-the-dark hour markers and hands. hand wound movements and mechanical movements powered by self- winding mechanisms. a schoolmaster. solid stainless steel band.  Accurate markings all over the watch. Price: $450.  Large 2.00 $382. In fact the company is the result of successive consolidation of the Swiss watch industry.  High grade full.[1] In 1856 at Grenchen. ETA manufactures quartz movements. [edit] A Brief History ETA SA Manufacture Horlogère Suisse is one of the world's largest manufacturers of watches and movements. Weight to exact original.  Serial Number ( accurate ) and model numbers engraved between the lugs.

ETA has come to control a virtual monopoly over the production and supply of watch movements. The 2824 is an automatic winding. SMH Swiss Corporation for Microelectronics and Watchmaking Industries Ltd. both SSIH and ASUAG held a number of well-established Swiss watch brands.[3] During all those years of crisis. Hayek. both ASUAG and SSIH entered into complementary research and development programs to combat a severe economic crisis. ETA supplies the overwhelming majority of mechanical watch movements found in Swiss watches. both ASUAG and SSIH faced bankruptcy. as newly elected Chairman of the Board and main shareholder had already become the only person of reference. critical steps including the merger of ASUAG and SSIH into SMH and the launching of a low-cost. and restructuration. ETA AS (the movement branch of Eterna. Ernst Thomke had been at the helm of ETA SA. position he held until 1991. twenty-five (25) jewel movement. available in four executions or grades: . high-tech. By consolidating companies that produced high-quality movements and a number of watch brands. was renamed the Swatch Group. and also had become CEO of Ebauches SA and appointed on the Board of Directors of ASUAG.the Swatch. At the time. In 1983. As such. He became SMH's first CEO. At that time. SSIH gradually established a strong position in the Swiss watch industry. artistic and emotional “second watch” .[2] In 1998. Moreover. In 1978 AS and ETA merged and in 1985 ETA took in all the activities done before by Ebauches Ltd and FHF (both part of SMH/Swatch Group). developed and launched by Ernst Thomke and his team. ASUAG expanded through the purchase of companies that made movement-blanks and a number of finished watch manufacturers that were subsequently brought together under the subsidiary GWC. Dr. by the 1970s both ASUAG and SSIH were again in trouble. since 1978. In the 1930s. Invented. General Watch Co SSIH was founded in 1930 through the amalgamation of Omega and Tissot. Nicolas G. the ETA movements are considered the workhorses on the industry. founded in 1896) and FHF (founded in 1793) took part in the creation of Ebauches Ltd. Eventually. [edit] Workhorse mechanical movements In recent years there has been an increased interest in mechanical watches. founded in 1983 through the merger Swiss watchmakers ASUAG and SSIH.1926. more on that issue below. [edit] ETA 2824-2 One workhorse of the ETA mechanical line is the ETA 2824-2. Following repeated crises in the Swiss watch industry. ASUAG had been founded in 1931. Foreign competition and the mass production of cheap new electronic products were taking over the market.

The key components which differ at the line of demarcation between Elaborated and Top are the barrel spring. with a maximum daily variation of +/-30 seconds/day. balance wheel & hairspring and the regulator mechanism. consider the following specifications: • the Elaborated grade is adjusted in four positions with an average rate of +/-5 seconds/day. Moreover. Top and Chronometer[4]. • while the Top grade is adjusted in five positions with an average rate of +/-4 seconds/day. and the regulator mechanism. • the Top grade is adjusted in five positions with an average rate of +/-4 seconds/day. correctly lubricating the mainspring to allow the clutch to slip when under tension may help to improve the life of the barrell teeth. To illustrate the differences in accuracy garnered by the successive grades. increases as well with the grade. and the dynamic positions as when a watch is actually worn. [edit] ETA 2892 The ETA 2892. . generally only an aesthetic improvement. pallet stones. Chronometer grade movements are serial numbered.[5] As a footnote. In contrast. since the addition of the "-2" at the end of the movement number. Top and Chronometer. available in three executions or grades: Elaborated. both being Etachron. The Chronometer grade must meet strict standards prescribed by the COSC: an average rate of -4/+6 with a maximum daily variation of +/-5 seconds/day. as when the tests are performed. The 2892 is fitted with top quality components. with a maximum daily variation of +/-30 seconds/day. widely considered the more upscale of the basic ETA movements. Chronometer grade movements are serial numbered as that is a requirement of the certification authority. balance wheel & hairspring.Standard. when servicing these movements please check the barrell teeth for wear and replace if worn. twenty-one (21) jewel movement. The wider range for the Chronometer grade is designed to take into account the differences in a watches rate between static positions. shock protection system. The key components which differ at the line of demarcation between Elaborated and Top are the pallet stones. consider the following specifications: • the Standard grade is adjusted in two positions with an average rate of +/-12 seconds/day.A2[6] is however. there has been no difference between the standard and the chronometer grades in terms of the regulator mecanism. To illustrate the differences in accuracy garnered by the successive grades. with a maximum daily variation of +/-15 seconds/day. The Chronometer grade must meet strict standards prescribed by the COSC. Elaborated (improved). and it certainly a newer design dating to the 1970s where as the 2824 traces its roots back to the 1950s. it should be noted that the degree of decoration on the movement's parts. with a maximum daily variation of +/-20 seconds/day. • the Elaborated grade is adjusted in three positions with an average rate of +/-7 seconds/day. The 2892 is an automatic winding. with a maximum daily variation of +/-10 seconds/day.

The movement with the co-axial escapement is known as the Omega 2500 series and is derived from the ETA 2892. it provides a good platform on which to add or build a chronograph complication. Given the slim dimensions of the 2892. some versions of the Omega watches may be fitted with the proprietary Co-axial escapement invented by George Daniels. month and moon .Moreover. With the advent of the Valjoux 7750. [edit] Valjoux 7750 ETA/Valjoux 7750. the column wheel was abandoned for a three (3) plane cam system. twenty-five (25) jewel movement. an English horologist and exclusively marketed by Omega a sister company of ETA.[8] Insofar as accuracy is concerned any movement which is expected to be COSC-certified.A2 is a favorite of watch brands that market complicated movements such as Breitling with its trademark chronograph (stop watches). the degree of decoration on the movement's parts. which can be fitted with a variety of features including the triple date (day. The Valjoux 7750[9] a/k/a ETA 7750 is a widely used chronograph (stop watch) movement operated by cams integrated into the movement. The system and movement were developed by Edmond Capt in 1970.60 mm. Owing to its relatively slim height of 3. It is also used in IWC's Portofino line without complications simply for its small size. As an adjunct. The three plane cam system is properly known as the Coulisse Levier mechanism. [edit] The Omega Co-axial based upon an ETA movement Omega's popular Seamaster line of watches currently use an embellished version of the ETA 2892. the 2892. which is known as the Omega 1120.A2 is regarded by many horologists as being in the same 'quality' range (accuracy and reliability) as the in-house produced Rolex movements. or is in fact COSC-certified.A2.[7] The 2892. date.[10] The movement is an automatic winding.A2 is usually found in the more expensive and prestigious watches and brands. must meet the same standards. The ETA 2892. The traditional mechanism used in the chronograph is known as the Column Wheel. as a fully integrated self-winding mechanism with quick-set day/date based on the Valjoux 7733. generally an aesthetic improvement. increases with the grade.

. The investigation was concluded in November 2005 by the Swiss Competition Commission with the finding that ETA was abusing its dominant market position. the investigations revealed that ETA held a dominant position in the market for Swiss made mechanical ébauches up to a unit price of CHF 300. "[t]ere was no innovation. seconds and hours. For numerous competitors..phase) or a variety of two and three register models with totalizers or counters for minutes. then the CEO of Swatch. while the Top grade is adjusted in five positions with an average rate of +/-4 seconds/day with a maximum daily variation of +/-10 seconds/day.. consider the following specifications: the Elaborated grade is adjusted in three positions with an average rate of +/-5 seconds/day with a maximum daily variation of +/-15 seconds/day. Nicolas Hayek." However. everybody started shouting.. In an amicable settlement. the implementation of the phasing-out within such a short time meant in practical terms that they had been deprived of the basis for their business activity. I said I was not going to deliver any more of my movements unless they try to do their own production. there was a two-year investigation[12] into certain aspects of the business practices of ETA SA. The regulators determined that stopping deliveries to third parties would have threatened the future of many small watchmakers in Switzerland and the termination of supply was to be regarded as an unlawful refusal to do business and therefore as an abusive practice. It is available in three executions or grades: Elaborated. The regulators said the agreement gives small watch making companies in Switzerland enough time to adapt to the market and find new producers. ETA argued that it was overwhelmed with orders and that its ébauches were sometimes ending up in fake (a/k/a replica or trademark pirated watches). This will create a situation in which alternative production plants may be set up. Top and Chronometer. Otherwise the Swiss watch industry will suffer exactly the same problems it had before and it will go down. ETA had had the intention to discontinue its supply of ébauches (movement blanks) as of January 2006 and thereafter to supply only fully assembled watch movements and its own brands (the so-called “phasing-out”).[13] ETA also warned that there could be another crisis in Swiss watch making unless there was more innovation and investment. The key components which differ at the line of demarcation between Elaborated and Top are the pallet stones.[14] . ETA committed to supply the ébauches until the end of 2008 at the current volume and thereafter for two additional years at a reduced volume. the parent of ETA observed. as there was no alternative supplier. The Chronometer grade must meet strict standards prescribed by the [COSC]: an average rate of -4/+6 with a maximum daily variation of +/-5 seconds/day. and when I pushed them to start doing new production. balance wheel & hairspring and the regulator mechanism. To illustrate the differences in accuracy garnered by the successive grades.[11] [edit] Monopoly allegations and investigations In the Swiss watch industry. no new development.

Another discrete movement maker.html investigation 13.swissinfo 14. ^ Fonctionnement du calibre Valjoux 7750 10. ^ Mass Market Tourbillon = New 'Quartz Crisis' Ahead [edit] External links • F: Events that led to today's ETA SA • History of ETA • Official ETA Site • Swatch Group • In depth look at the ETA 2892 . December 2006. ^ Manufacturing Information. Grenchen September 2006 12. ETA 2892A2. 2008. ETA 7750 through 7760. ^ Hayek warns of impending crisis in watch industry . ^ Watches. ^ ETA web site at "ETA": "History" on January 11th. Progress Watch Corp. ^ Comparison between Rolex 3135. ETA movements have also been duplicated by various enterprises including Asian manufacturers and are usually being produced without license[15]. ^ levels of component quality 5.the swatch group 2. Grenchen May 2006 6. Grenchen June 2006 8. ETA. 3. ^ Did you know that? 15. ^ http://www. also came into the market for a period of time. In Synch Magazine. ^ John B.This has spurred on progress in the watch movement circles with several brands developing proprietary movements. [edit] References 1. ^ Company Info History The Swatch Group today the swatch group 4. ETA. II." 9.allbusiness. that I prefer the ETA 2892-2A over the other two. ETA 2801-2 through 2836-2. Holbrook. ^ Manufacturing specialty/4249189-1. ETA. Movements and Components . ^ Description of Calibre ETA 2892-A2. ^ Manufacturing Information. for a description in English see [1] 7. for example Panerai. ETA2892-A2 and Valjoux 7750:"Having said that though there is absolutely no question in my mind. 11.

FB-3015 $108. ETA Mechanical Watch Movements We have no knowledge about which movements might fit in certain cases. 17 jewels. We have no knowledge about which generic movements might fit in certain Rolex® cases. lift angle of balance 50. ETA 2801-2 Watch Movement 11. so please do not email or call us about such questions. We do not do and have no knowledge of this kind of work and there is no reference book that we can consult with in order to answer your questions on which movement to use in a certain case. manual wind watch movement..800 BPH. Seek advice from or hire the services of a watchmaker adapt at swapping and re-casing movements.5 ligne. Hand sizes 90/150/25 28.00 . Only a watchmaker who has learn how to do this sort of work will be able to help you.

00 . ETA 2801-2 Gold Plated Skeleton Movement This movement does not come with a stop lever (hack).800 BPH. Hand sizes are 90/150/25. lift angle of balance 50 ETA-2801-2GP-SKELETON $186. 28.

28.00 . automatic. sweep seconds. ETA 2824-2 NP-25 Jewels Watch Movement No Name on Rotor ETA 2824-2 Nickel Pated with 25 Jewels Watch Movement Nickel Plated 11 1/2 ligne. Hand sizes 90/150/25.800 BPH. 25 jewels. 25 jewel movement. ETA 2824-2 NP-25 Jewels $129. date at 3 o'clock. lift angle of balance 50 Incabloc Novodiac shock. Incabloc Novodiac shock protection.

00 ETA 2836-2 Nickel Plated . Gold Plated with 25 Jewels. Gold Plated 25 Jewels Movement With Name on Rotor 11 1/2 ligne. ETA 2824-2.00 Quantity 1 . 28. Incabloc Novodiac shock protection. automatic. Hand sizes 90/150/25.00 $112. lift angle of balance 50 ETA 2824-2-GP-NA $118.4 5-9 10+ Price $118. sweep seconds. date at 3 o'clock.00 $108.800 BPH.

FB-3002NP $138. Incabloc shock protection. day and date at 3 o'clock.These Nickel Plated 11. sweep seconds. day at 12 and date at 3 o'clock. lift angle of balance 50 FB-3001 $146. with Incabloc Novodiac shock protection. automatic.800 BPH. automatic. lift angle of balance 50. 25 jewels. Hand sizes 90/150/25. sweep seconds.00 .00 ETA 2834-2 13L ligne. 28.800 BPH.5 ligne movements 25 jewels. 28. Hand sizes 90/150/25.

00 . subsidiary small seconds. ETA 2895-1 Nickel Plated 11. 30 jewels.5 ligne. FB-3007 $226. Movements we have now are Nickel Plated. automatic. date at 3 o'clock. Incabloc shock protection.

Wrist watches have the crown at 3.00 Quantity 1 . 17 jewels. 4.00 $129. FB-3016 $134. this is a comfortable movement for the beginning watchmaker.5 ligne (36. Because of its size. the lift angle of the balance is 44. Pocket Watches have the Crown at 12 and small second at 6. ETA has made the Unitas movements and owned the name for many years.00 $119. so all you do is turn the dial location 1/4 and wow! You now have a large wristwatch with a small second at 9. Unitas 6497-1 / ETA 6497-1 Watch Movement 16.5 mm thick pocket watch movement.24 25+ Price $134.6 mm).9 10 . Hand sizes are 115/200/27. Incabloc shock protection. subsidiary seconds at 6 o'clock.00 . Now all Unitas movements are being stamped ETA.

This is a 16.00 . ETA 6498-1 Watch Movement These movements are now stamped ETA 6498. the lift angle of the balance is 44.00 $119.00 Quantity 1 . Hand sizes are 115/200/27. Because of its size.5 ligne pocket watch movement that is now being sold as a wrist watch movement and has 17 jewels with Incabloc shock protection.00 $129. ETA owns the Unitas name and have made the Unitas movements now for almost 30 years. FB-3009 $134.24 25+ Price $134. this is a comfortable movement for the beginning watchmaker. If the crown is at 3 the subsidiary seconds will be at 6 o'clock.9 10 .

ETA 6497-1 Nickel Plated Engraved Skeleton w/ Blue Screws This movement has an elegantly engraved design with blue screws. ETA-NP6497-1E $248.00 .

Wrist watches have the crown at 3. 16. ETA has made the Unitas movements and owned the name for many years. Hand sizes are 115/200/27. 4. Incabloc shock protection.5 ligne (36.6 mm). so all you do is turn the dial location 1/4 and wow! You now have a large wristwatch with a small second at 9. Pocket Watches have the Crown at 12 and small second at 6. ETA 6497-1 Gold Plated Engraved Skeleton w/ Blue Screws This movement has an elegantly engraved design with blue screws. 4. ETA-GP6497-1E $248.5 mm thick pocket watch movement. subsidiary seconds.00 .5 mm height 17 jewels. Now all Unitas movements are being stamped ETA.

4.5 mm thick pocket watch movement.5 ligne (36. Hand sizes are 115/200/27. Incabloc shock protection.00 . subsidiary seconds at 6 o'clock. ETA-6497-BLSCR $179. ETA 6497-1 Movement With Deluxe Finish & Blue Screws 16.6 mm). 17 jewels.

the lift angle of the balance is 52. Hand sizes: 120/200/26/20.00 Valjoux ETA 7750 With no Name on Rotor #3 Rotor has no name. . No Name on Rotor Blue Screws. the lift angle of the balance is 52. Valjoux ETA 7750 With Blue Screws. Hand sizes: 120/200/26/20. Rotor has no name. FB-3010NB-PLAINBLUESCREWS $422.

. 6 & 9. 6 & 9.. FB-3010NB-PLAIN3 $384. well that's the Valjoux 7753. the date is at 4 and has no day indicator.00 VALJOUX 7753 This is it!.Everybody asked for the Valjoux 7750 with the register hands at 3.00 . VAL 7753 $569. The current batch we have feature Incabloc Shock System and 27 jewels. which is the same movement as the Val 7750 except the 7753 again has the register hands at 3.

Valjoux 7733 movement Hand hole sizes: 95/140/28/18 Valjoux 7733 $692. chrono. day and date. Incabloc shock protection. month and moonphase. 17 jewels. . automatic.00 VALJOUX 7751 13.25 ligne.

The register hands have me confused at the momment.26 mm. 28. minute. date at 6 o'clock. Hour 2. while I've seen different listings for the sweep 0. FB-3011 $698.05 mm and the base to be 0.00 ETA 2671 Nickel Plated Date at 6 7 3/4 ligne. automatic. Hand sizes 70/120/20.22 mm.00 .25 mm or 0. We have information of 0. sweep seconds.20 mm.Hands sizes: Minute 1.18 mm plus or minus 0.18 mm from another. We will just have make a test by installing sample hands. The tech sheet list the tip of the post 0.800 BPH. shock protection.22 from one supplier and listing of 0.00 mm are etched in stone. sweep and register hands sizes as the Omega 1152 and 1155. This Valjoux does take the same hour. FB-3104-6 $142.

ETA 2661 Watch Movement Certina 350 7 3/4 ligne. 28.800 BPH. ETA-2661-CERTINA $54.60 . 17 Jewels Hand sizes 70/120/20. Date at 3. with gold background and red print.

600 BPH. inca. 17 jewels. Hand sizes 90/150/26.001 Sold Without Hour Wheel 5 1/2 ligne. manual wind . 17 Jewels. . FB-3038 $69. FB-3106 $169.00 ETA 2781 11 1/2 Ligne. 2 hands. 17 jewels. ETA 277. 21.95 ETA 2512 $64.00 FB-3082 7 3/4 ligne. Automatic 21.600 BPH. Incabloc shock protection. hand sizes 60/120/.

sweep second 0. ETA A07.25/0.00 . Hand sizes are 1.20 mm hour 2.211 Movement Special order item please allow for 3-4 weeks delivery.18.00/0.211ETA $636.00 mm. Credit cards are not billed until we are able to ship the movement to you.20/2.18 mm MVT-A07. min 1.25 and register 0.

2. Hand Size: 90/150/26. AF-185. ETA 9162 Watch Movement This is a Tuning Fork Date at 3 sweep second CAL W/CORRECTOR watch movement.2 movements. 2834. ETA 9162 $296.95 AF Novodiac Spring Tool for ETA 2671 .381 $51. For caliber OME 1250.2. 13 Lignes. Swiss made. and 2836.00 AF Novodiac Spring Tool for ETA 2801 Special tool for use on Incabloc's Novodiac spring in ETA 2801. 2824.

25 inches. and 2688 movements. AF-015600 $34.95 ETA Chron Regulator Adjusting Tool Has small opening at the tip for adjusting the regulator pins.95 ETA Chron Stud Removing Tool Has small fork shaped tip for removing the stud block.25 inches. Overall length: 2.Special tool for use on Incabloc's Novodiac spring in ETA 2671. AF-015595 $34. Overall length: 2.382 $51.95 . 2660. AF-185. Swiss made.

A2 movement. 3 pcs for #51134. 5 pcs for #5125/#5445/#5462/#51141/#52595.A2 movement on the palm of your hand. AS. 4 pcs for screw #5105/#5121. 4 pcs for #5511/#51497. 1 pcs for #5110. An assortment like this can save you time when in need of a few screws. A total of 18 pieces. FEF & ST Movements . Screw Assortment for ETA 2892.95 Valjoux Watch Movements Bucherer Signed ETA. and 1 pcs for screw #52536. Contains most of the popular screws needed to put your movement parts together.A2 Replacement screws for the ETA 2892. ASST-2892X $19. Now you can have the whole screw assortment for your ETA 2892.

Our supply is always changing and adding a page just for these movements should help. . Click Here To View Our ETA 2824 & ETA 2836 Movements Selection The ETA 2824 & 2836 join the list of popular yet hard to get ETA movements that can now come in different all the time. Watch Parts For ETA 6497-1 and ETA 6498-1 Your cooperation is appreciated.

. ETA 7750 With Special Finish And Blue Screws Wouldn't you rather be looking at this movement in your see-thru back case? Only one of these special ETA 7750 movements with deluxe finish and blue screws are now available.

ETA-7750-BLUESCREWS $439.00 .

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