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Research! Conducting Telephone Survey Research for the Student-Operated Radio Station By Bruce C. Klopfenstein and Douglas.A. Ferguson Wry recarit College rai sont an ei st eat operat have macho gin by bl atietonvi heir advriing cleats shot the puchasing,eneainmeny, soll tod media usehabssf herp adie. Nonconmercalsatons would alo bot {roms inforestin forbs programming and roam ndereing puposs. The daa maybe gated though leptons suvey conplted trough sr appropri course sch as ance ecco dng, broadcast makeing or bonds a seenen. From an ctheaonal pepe, the technical aspects ofthe sve research ‘pocescanbe acely ght ian cl oj. Both Sutin penome! and cas embers can diecty we te bene of casiom esearch. Tis knowledge cries! Teves wishing pre acarein ral cas roe meda management (Adan, 1985). Exprcnol sens willasobeina ‘eurpestion bob specify esearcheets sod teal analyz eacarch poy Wil encounter in er media cars. Tis Anil deseribes by example how a sary ante developed condi, nd is els ‘opie ia canpas ai don, “lomato toute corsumerb- havieofratiolistenes canbe highly wel formarktng purposes. The wlephone ‘ey lst mos elective meansor bering ‘nvomation quel and inespenely ot 4 scienife sample (Lavatas, 1987) ‘Tough a elated clas, be istractorcan smonioe the consnction, prising and ministration ofthe question, Were sie residence als dormir) male ‘tere population tet ieaes (Celt eveitcaner ure ses), Sapling may be goo simp Sndon telephone dirctors are sly readily svailable.and whee difereterchangesare ‘ed, c-campus numbers may Bs easly Ailend fa oftcamps cums. ‘Telephone research guides A number of wures are availble for assistance inthe breagcast survey research proces. Adams (199) fers an overview of survey research methods and ‘eponing Wimmer and Dominik (1987) include an overview of cephone suney research and datas exp samping techianes andi inerviewingectigdes soggestedby two helpful NAB publications. ‘Welser (1983) and Sanon (1983). Hiber (1987 provides achaperon applying le- ‘hone research lo rai. Fier (1987) Sie rapes of eesti tone ot ‘well as insighs in ss Retween program and andlenceypes. Sanple quesdonnaes ‘ufo questinnar ims eaisoavalable in Fiche (1981), Converse & Presser 1986), Winmer snd Dominick (1987), iter (1987 ,and Frey (199), Fey (1989) rescats eae procedures and ichigues for questionaire constuction, samples eon raining of inervewers, and data analysis. Willams (188) coocatees on the tity of various satsics rahe thar the ealentason. ‘Troughowt his project, cared out arBowiing Green Sine University, he cass Actual survey research projects Provide learning opportunities for student researchers and station personnel sexes mavetezrh imandtbecom intl student saon WAL, was etd SS clea. WFAL hs aca par ten and ese student helped valde ‘cial quelonsales. Clas; mba (wh ‘ere divided no compa rsech {Hous of abut seven sens) were a Sired lamas muchatoa WFAL andi ‘esac en posable, sd son per ‘Suc wer expect opin clas oe ‘moxneeedinformation, isalowedbod fares 1 eam even mar abt De om ‘eal esac proces. ‘WAL Wan AM caricarent o- tion tat may be cv in on domi 18? Doron cafeterias wed bay WRAL via er eal pble aes ‘ound aysume, an impose of ‘relintnf WAL. Cale sapere in he tniverty community snd seer Surountng owns ear WAL eto Soppemeat an cto able pogran tnd assigned TVehane 6)” TWEAL's feet isan aman of ‘AOR lbem erin rock) CER (concn ‘ory hia), and ease oc orn ‘il equentpomosonsionaat sndve voy Maserequsts we payday 2 posible, «fxr hats sine 0 be ‘enestongatvanage WFALenoysoverbe ‘ompeiivestdonsromaneary medi. Sed metopelion ara asd 20 miles vay. Te ners a hs spar, Student cleo FM station tit cord Ingo previous eszarch, has een cote wh WAL by camp resients, Research areas The surey general oesedon po ‘gamming sd tle reed es vane fed though the inrctons betwen the ensue ls) and the i (ado Sai. Te sires aes weld nthe @ Incuting cable television, video rena, (CDs, albums, andeaseuss. These datcan ‘be ued 10 show advertisers how Inge the otel markets for dese producisas well give WEAL ideas for posible promo- onal giveaways. Media usage questions ‘wereinclodeds0 WAL could getsome dea ‘tout both competitive media outs and hous sere wo ao Social Activites of Respondent: Respondents were asked how Mien they ‘tamed 1 their homeiowns frequency of “partying” atendance st be various cam: us evens, nd movie atndance. The ‘pondentsourcsofiformation shouts Cents wasreqursted ose whatrole WFAL ce ‘coald playin pabiciing campus Sudest Consumer Habits: hems aout spending tabi were created with otal WFAL averting clntia mini: Fars, eswurans, fist fod ones, pizza parlors, grocery sores, service sto, e- fll sres, and area shopping malls. Re spondents were aked about shopping hab- is, coupon use, and wekly dicredonary income, as well a posession and use of creditcard and astomatedeler machines (atm. Radio Atitades and Listening Be- avis: Respondens estimated hours Is- tened to radio daly and ranked ther 190 favorite satons. Specific ates toward those sations aod Weir atsibuer were measured, Respondents were ler asked to ours acual Sons wih ir iagined, “Vea” sation on a sae of oe (le 12 seepondent ideal) to five (different fron ‘respondent da). Musiepelernces were ‘measured on various mute types. To help