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Peters` Friday Updates

With a busy end of the year, please make sure to read the whole


Graduation Help Sign-up: We will need parents to help

decorate and bring in snacks for the Sixth Grade Graduation
after party. Sign Up Here!

Graduation Presentation: We are starting to collect photos for

the Graduation Presentation. We are hoping to have some
pictures of every student showing their journey from K-6th grade.
Please select a few photos of your child, and email them by May

Secret Graduation Posters: Shhh…this is a surprise!

Every year we surprise the students by decorating the classroom
with posters you create for them. You can make the the poster
yourself, include pictures, words, poems, etc... or you can have it
made (I hear Costco and Walgreens photo center do a great
The poster must be NO larger than standard poster size 16x20 in.
Please turn them into the office by Friday, May 26th.

Persuasive Speech
Due: May 2nd
Dear Parents,

Rocklin Academy is preparing for its eleventh annual public speaking contest. This competition
gives intermediate (grades 4 through 6) students the opportunity to practice and compete
giving a persuasive speech.

Teachers are beginning preparations for this process in their classrooms. Your child will be
viewing previous competitions, critiquing them, and brainstorming ideas for their own
speeches. Your child will come home (in the near future) with two handouts: “Tips for Giving
a Great Speech” and a copy of RA’s Public Speaking Contest Judging Sheet. In addition, your
child’s teacher will be using lessons from our writing curriculum: Step Up to Writing. This
curriculum contains handouts that assist your child in choosing a topic that they feel
passionate about; planning and organizing their information; researching to add accurate
facts, details and reasons for their viewpoint; and tips for voice, good eye contact, and
posture. All speeches should be between 2 and 3 minutes long…no longer! Props are NOT
permitted during this speech. Students are judged solely on the content of their speech and
their delivery.

Each teacher will notify you of the details and times of their classroom level competition.
There will be a first, second, and third place winner in each 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classroom
competition. Those students will all receive a ribbon. The first place winners will go on to
compete in the semi-finals school-wide competition to be held on Tuesday, May 8th, at 8:15
A.M., in Turnstone’s Multipurpose Room. Three finalists will be chosen that morning. Those
three finalists will compete in RA’s final competition, along with the three finalists from
Turnstone’s semi-finals, Thursday evening, May 10th, at 5:30 p.m., in Turnstone’s
Multipurpose Room. A first, second, and third place winner will be chosen, from those
finalists, that evening.

Catherine Klein
5th grade teacher, Turnstone campus
Rocklin Academy’s Public Speaking Contest Coordinator
When: May 23rd
How much? $27 each student
Want to be a chaperone? Email Mrs. Main or Mrs. Peters (or mark it
on the permission slip)
Permission Slip is attached in the email. :)

Immigration Day
May 9th

On May 9th, the sixth graders will re-enact Ellis Island for
the second graders. Parents are welcome to come and
observe as long as you are cleared (TB and fingerprint).
My Immigration Story Project
Due: May 9th

Our next Core Knowledge unit is on the history of

Immigration in the United States. In this unit, we like to
celebrate our cultural differences and share our
families` immigration story and cultural backgrounds.
For the next two weeks, the students will be working on
their “My Immigration Story” posters at home. Please help
them find pictures and information about your family. If
you are unsure of when relatives came to the United
States, you can focus on the culture or country instead.

End of the Year Projects and Supplies

Donations: Here are materials you can donate for projects. These

materials will make great gifts during Teacher Appreciation Week! ;) Sign

Up Here!

Materials Every Student Needs:

Human Impacts Project: Students will need to bring in a Tri-fold Poster
for their report Needed by: May 7th

Solar Oven Experiment: Students will need to bring in a pizza box for the
solar oven Needed by: May 25th

Next Units of Study:

ELA- Next week we will begin an argumentative essay on how an author`s purpose
can change a character's perspective. Then we will end the year with writing an
informational newspaper article about the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Social Studies- Our last Social Studies unit is a Core Knowledge topic: Immigration
in the United States. The students will be re-enacting Ellis Island for the second
graders on “Immigration Day,” May 9th.
End of the year Science: Knowing how the ocean drives the earth's climates, at the
end of the year students will need to engineer a practical way for people to help
either the ocean or environment.
Important Dates
May 7th- Minimum Day
May 21st- Minimum Day
May 23rd- Sunsplash
May 24th- Minimum Day for Core Knowledge Night
May 28th- No School, Memorial Day
June 7th- Minimum Day, Sixth Grade Graduation

Have a great weekend!

Go Eagles!

Mrs. Peters