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Separator tothe electrical transformer market. The function of the STP separator io line the inside ofthe conservator tank Pin: the world leader in the manufacture of products based upon elestomer-coated fabries offers the “STP” flexible fom any type of contamination or extemal in ransformers, allowing for changes in oll volume, while protecting the corrosive agent, such as at, ozone, nitrogen, humidity, etc. The menufactring process consis of hot-vucanization inthe presence ofa vacuum. h offers a wide range of advantages and permis the offering of a wide range of shapes and sizes tof every need. Designs exsto fit cynical elipical and rctangular conservator tanks, ADVANTAGES ‘© Elimination of the air/oil contact ‘ Vuiconized-in Flange which precludes the possibilty of leakage ‘Elimination of ‘condensati « Elimination of oxidation and hydrolysis that might stem from air contact © EXCELLENT resistance to NITROGEN, OZONE, OXYGEN and HUMIDITY « Interior fabric reinforcement at points of contact wit level indicator, to preclude the possibilty of puncture, EXCELLENT impermeabilty 10 ol/gases and water vapor, through the use of a vulcanized-in barrier material Large range of elastomers to meet specific applications. «© Quick-Response Manufacturing to meet customer designs « Large rango of flanges to moot any requirement ‘e Easy quick assembly ‘© Superb service life in contact with air and oil ‘¢ High mechanical resistance 5B — |