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Site TASK SHEET File: Public/Safety/task sheets 2nd January 03

Operation PPE required or define special Certified Skills reqd within team + name Plant and Equipment: -
Access Scaffolding Hard Hats Y Scaffolding and Fittings
Goggles CISRS ticket required
Safety Glasses
TS No Face Mask
Ear Protection
Section Manager Overalls
Hi Viz Vest Y
Date Task Starts Gloves PVC Environment & Public requirements: - Other docs’ reqd – eg COSHH/permits?
Gloves Rigger
Section Harness
Grid / Level Boots
Validity = 4 weeks / until: Other

Method Statement/Sequence/Do’s and Don’ts/Must or must not do’s SIGNATURES:
1. Method statements must be strictly followed Engineer
2. All scaffolds to conform to BS 5973
3. Only qualified Scaffolders to erect, alter or dismantle Supervisor
4. Design drawings to be produced for non standard or load bearing scaffolds To be issued to:
5. All scaffold to be double hand railed and have toe boards fitted
6. Debris guards/netting or fans should be considered when working adjacent to public areas Approved
7. Scaffolds to be inspected on handover and every 7 days and inspections recorded
First Aider
8. Scaffold to be inspected after adverse weather, alteration or collision from plant
9. Ladders should be boarded/removed and other precautions taken to prevent unauthorised access Who is responsible for........
during silent hours
House Keeping

Liaison with other trades

Copy of signed original to site. Signed original filed and registered. If you draw up a new TS, send a copy to the Safety Dept.
Each gang is responsible for housekeeping and clearing up after themselves. Gangs to write & sign their names on the back page when briefed. Latecomers likewise.
You must update this Task Sheet and re-brief the men if it does not reflect the task in hand.

. > . Pay special attention at the start of a task when the team is getting used to the new works. Name of Sub HAZARD – Problems that may or will arise and need controlling CONTROL – How are you going to stop a hazard becoming an person to Activity accident ensure? Falls From Height Correct PPE to be worn (harnesses) All scaffolds to be double hand railed and toe boards fitted. Harnesses and lanyards to be used 4m and above until 600mm platform and hand rails in place Toe boards must be fitted. briefing. Area below erection point to be identified and cordoned off with warning signs displayed.. Walkways kept clear of debris.. INCLUDING LACK OF PPE. Collapse of Structure All ties to be checked frequently. Before any ties are removed an alternative tie must be positioned and checked by a competent person Include this EMPLOYEES DUTIES: EVERYBODY MUST CO-OPERATE TO KEEP THEMSELVES AND THEIR WORKMATES SAFE BY: section in COMPLYING WITH THESE INSTRUCTIONS and TELLING THEIR BOSS OF ANY UNSAFE CONDITIONS.. Falling Materials Correct manual handling techniques to be adopted.