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ALSO FROM ICARUS FILMS ON CINEMA NOVO by RANDAL JOHNSON & ROBERT STAM (Grama Neo ge outo prcescf craarmton ht apni th ety ee] tera repartey peradunng chy ton 1851 196, we se Pes ran press (Cra No afr sha gong fom 186 16, eda a ent up at fen 10641 1988, the dof th scone eoup-wttinsnecop: and Hor 1968 1972, leon ne evel Cera Novo einai otal proctor a proyeseand ote vent Baan soso anor pc ais ard erate tons tert tay ses “Te in ase of Cham Novo extn om 199 to 1864, neue fens corel of rer carpaon wen the mit ovate Joo Gout on Ae 1964, Rin he prod at ea Novo coed a amavis, hat rac sat scour ire aru ela area eas The ra Mest of tm Mstoplan Skaer’ Urin became a one ois the Oa Neves ad ‘Seno Augusto ae fr far he [lade] Poca are [Crs Depie. The rector tre har oppor toconmaril rasan mao Haywoad ard Hotycnd exes, nd to Balen hems corto by Halytcos det hans na dete omsndepndert nn hat is ty ow on wo egn edt tlan Noo Rela, rt a of an acts an stn soa, a he sata Whe emi the patina he Now Wine" wor arg poles rs ‘toy borawed te satay oon but depen reduod fs based en te tart of sscie eur, Mot inpatetace recor: sw fms a polo ‘opel paces comity of tancids, oh she Eucpe essen of a Cun producto te Chana Novo retest he cr coe acne nls ane scrote paos where Bras ce codons operat rate ‘The most reat tins of he rt ase of Cera Now hice Cio Va Fata Feee Fe Tne": he ert Arai So Cab 190 a efor Poo cts Ca (182, by Pao Ctr Saracen Sarma (192 and Ons 9 bo na Tara co So (ack God, Whee Dent” 1960, by Gaber Rach: Ce Cate The unter” 196 and Os Fase (rw Guns” 196), Mozambican tom Ra Gum (ange Zuma (196, by Caos Degues: na Yass Sas aon ve” 185, Neon Pera os Soe Tofino he shazap aught ect, ‘rte prams canting be ut andalpenpoart nae, ves reigeusalraton, ant econrie expiotaon. Te fl shaw a cea pote option curacrete othe dvtprrena yar bt unaware youn te rectors aie oath hat mat shoving ese potlams woke aa tp toward ‘te sous. Baravonto exposed te erating re gon ing are The Guns ar aren Lies eat wth oppreson of peasants by owners, wile Ack Go, Whe Ono amy tn alain lar ese ak Go ‘ef aoa cagacao lacs te wile. argo Zi ried oe severe save epi of Patan ancl, by haloes ag, 8 ‘oot of te oppressed agate eps. Mae fhe peor by an edited mae ca et, th is cecaonay arnt 9 eee oon ot ‘pe aan rasan Baraat a onic Jean Ce Garret pots ote ator cores me cyt ro geet bythe cman Estey te “ato, dept Rn owed a. conmtert fo what ota mane cad “Anat of ge” crbring sow, ele ys wih unconeomin, ten tat, rug 1988, tyr ot cup coup ht hended power en ‘evra re wore ace yarn mila et sok gi ot the pda wor rcs were sna sung fg copertons Hh rls Nery Anan capt owed to Brat Mary Rak. 28 pry, sched acu he sake nin roa ppm an akorpt 9 rae Ines fe sci ase ae angus ot peony. Be chaos ct — ‘sao Th Change 1850, Racha To am Tse (Lan Ang 1957, Castano Dts © ave Guat (The Brave War” 1968, an dos Sern’ Fore 2 Aner Hunger Loe” 868 a sete fares of eet usta Da wtng 2.0 Desa, nanan Argh sna The rove Wr, hare wanders ‘he save sensors pst-bourgins nsec, ald up cots, 8 wee ne He ay be 8 aural, poet, aogatr n ay 8 fats cay poche belt eee bt te et bby _Amuphttee.unpepasitoramedswoghs waspolialandmitaty eats carcng ak othanenory dept te date. Mat boks pratt nhs Dookstes, pe lay crew gears andy nears wert for wt eae dale Ora snes the fre an ay dart th org enartingraiem ban cc ig Th conan case-lanees cf pop ar stron in Roch Land in Ast, whee perp srs rd rove pt, pry ties ae lly herr, sé ot wht We fins ofthe fet phase decayed Rocta bing to chou boralnte stn, rs ofthe cond phase wre poi ban uz So ese’ So Pave SA (1865, wth is puring eS means bom heaped” the urban mice cas: nd Cave Degas A Grande Cite (The Be Cy" 196) Pear Moga Te Pad te Gi 198%, bad on poe by Caras sro le ate; Water Lina Menino de Eagnto (Partin Boy 1909, bacon 9 rove by Job Ln do aga nd Roto Sarees A Hom er de Auto Mabaga (Marna, 186) tase ca hr sy by Gitar urn he second phate of Cara Novo, tims rans hat sch ee cama wae Sopue tat Ratonoteato ete pet oie oe peop" WS re popu the ene naving amass aceon, Anew te pk fae leseerdt recto ered nun nating cals guarantee tn'sbehg sown ‘rama cnt by Noth Arecan cargoes he masse wr in oo the san, te wae rain th uence. The Rear ed 6 Gama Now, ‘erent began oa he mang of ponds sn Gustavo Das wor, “te eee conten ple! con char” ncnama es rk, hy hie, eying aston op ano aaa tg within a stem to heh os not chr, ower mane oat ple scepter rane ces Inter elo to ach he pute, Cara Nove apa a two-pronged sa Frat wih prosicr Le Gis Bares hy funded a toon cooperate: Df ‘Secor hy Bean making ns wn mee popu sepa Laon Mears Guta fra (The Gt fom pane” 1867, eet nara Novo eatrsin okra ert a ataret he nw state expla he mf he strona yt ton panera noo demyaty tat vry myhAneades Macuraina 1969, hows, the at Cram Now tino be ry pop bath cute boxes cfleng deci dumanaran ot how och he ple witout coreg 8 lon otal vant Satan sky. Macnaira gray clase spat of to tid phase of Crea Now. the cerca “cobalt” pha" Toscan n me chema bah curd to tire of the 868 ceupteecop ad! ne promotor of ha FA etna ‘et (nts an exons apes prod of ity ean extends oui the do 197, Brean of ops cers neo ie pad ade 1 wo by pletion, ten doping algo forms an Aedes Macias, oct Aino a Mote (868, dos Sar Ayo Mato Louco (Tho Ani” 1960, ura Os Dates oo Mrioe (The Go en Ne Daa” 1970,Dequee Os erase re” 1960, oe Sart’ Caro Gato Mu Facts How Tat ae My Lite Frrcman” 1879, and Amato Jabrs Prorama (1871) An arise ‘nepores a plea peso, Tope test ne cova deep a coded lange oft osc musa hast ae wa as techn, ones ‘ogc, bad tas sch, and guy clo payed ges wth can eapcaly erat of Bra aoc pracee charactors by cot Conant th th Bt pase of Crora Now, tee srered a acl Soo ensncy—Usga, th raz prance of Underend”As Grama Ns deta each ctor appr auerco, te Undergo tt tat aden in theo, A Cans Now mow ova acne pale and prion ‘ng te Now Cra Now, ait ab ear be cal, demanded arden che eatice thane cna he omartcodesct web made cremsin tort “srr an gubge” ests. 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Chole Bet 1073 was acon wth France Guta Das Uru fn a Poa ob Das (Urs rn Saar of Gos” 1973, wa aco editon wh lan evn Branch ny sie he ese of 171-1972 tao wert on 0 ‘eave a prspar | Tesora er aso mre by ne aoe oa seer rumberotaran andaack kotor Anengt by waren does Marcodos Far Vier rd fr La 197), nouns he Now Yok Wem’ Fim Fetal Tia areas Naot: Cor Repants, Canc Te Msi and Pao oft Norton" 1979 a Tes Tatars Os Hens Que Eu Te (The Mann My Ui" 1874» umly sere in tend, teeny Brak. Mean, Ava Carina Tebora Soar, ater reing dove documertaes tage 01 solic jets, rade be ft Seton nin 197th tyre Meany Mr ce at (Sim of Roses) Ath ics haben fied print a tar, was ony (@araen, Te By Cty. bara Fanos ete Ne Boca co Mundo ne Ws eh 577 ar Wey On, ter ca cid As Avie Arc ut at ha ben guns nd at et es Ca Noa? Ft, 0 sea ledspate ver, rasan chara has wens omni row soem ey ‘pte Baan pear han srr a tena et. Secon hae teed unreederte neo ecicl exosteoe Thi, thas gad a p> ‘vey of sy rd gue, tread enough to rela aaron Fins ie cin deed aan crea ar hu tet Re oe seer phase CreraNova ti. Thar wc morals so rch ccortng ‘Caos Dag nd nae ro morae on uy abr aah cy when extn decor rs hase yw he cbr spe 4 Srratr was gong 1 lace he cana, the Raker wou mes ‘Sa woul putt hee, Godard woud pu he, Losy woud have a ‘eine meer” and ron the fray of garing ery t a cremate patho ich ag wh Ertan and exec fo Goddard StL, ein cna ‘rang tour zoel ard sete voce, “eo Gar Rochas taous gran, una ala acaba eure care nao ABOUT THE tat) FILM CREDITS MORE FROM OUR DIRECTORS SERIES Soeertey Sound eon “A DENSE ARCHIVAL ESSAY ON BRAZIL'S VERY OWN NEW WAVE. [Cinema Novo took] Brallan movies out ofthe studios and int the streets, ‘capturing the vied daly reales of a nation ofcontasts—between rch ‘and oot, and and sea, ty and country, alsin and sarage— Inmovies whose bristng black-and-white cinematography was about as canrast-y as you could got”