An Appeal to an Unreasonable Authority is Evil Sophistry By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq., Coif ©Copyright 2010 by Anthony J.

Fejfar As Aristotle tells us, an appeal to an unreasonable authority is a fallacious or false way of arguing, and constitutes, illegal, immoral, unethical, evil, Sophistry. we all know, many “authorities” are not authorities at all, but instead, are false authorities. All authorities are required to be reasonable. An authority must justify his or her actions and decisions with reason. Thus, judicial authorities, or judges, are required to write written opinions which represent sound public policy, good judgment, are logically consistent, and which are in accordance with reason. In America, today, You see, as

there are many false authorities on the judicial bench. Such judges have never had a philosophy course, have never had a logic course, have never even been to college, and have not been to law school either. Law is a logical, and autonomous discipline. Law is

not politics. Legal reasoning involves the judge applying reasonable rules, and engaging in analogical and logical reasoning. Legal reasoning also involves ethics and values. The judge must do a public policy or values analysis as to what is in accord with the Truly Worthwhile or the Individual Good. Law is ordered toward Justice and the Good or Individual Good, not towards evil. Law is not supposed to support the base values of greed, rape, murder, avarice, base selfishness, hypocrisy, etc. The Nazi party in this country, primarily out of South Africa, using dutch, Creole, white niggers, is trying to use psychiatry to force real Americans into saying Sig Heil, to unreasonable, inauthentic, immoral authorities, by labeling good, ordinary people, “mentally ill,” and trying to

brainwash them into “respecting their staff,” and believing in stupid or even evil “authorities” such as atheist materialist, nazi, or communist, psychiatrists and psychologists, are valid authorities, when they are not. We must stop the evil Sophistry of atheist, materialist, modern psychiatry, passing itself off as a reasonable authority, when in fact, critical analysis, shows that such “authorities” are in fact, irrational at best, and evil at worst. The founder of modern psychiatry, Sigmund Freud, was clearly an

atheist, materialist, satanic pig, and you can see this in later psychiatry. We must stop these anti-American, psychiatrists from destroying America.

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