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Pamukkale is one of

the extraordinary
natural wonders of

The great attraction is

the white immensity
of the cliff with
sculptured basins full
of water and
congealed waterfalls;
they seem done of
snow, cloud, cotton.
The scientific explanation is the hot thermal
places that lie under the mount provoke the
calcium carbonate spill, that makes the forms
as solid as travertino marble.
ine can bath there; the Turks call this place
PAMUKKALE, which means "Castle of Cotton".
t is a protecting landscape that fascinates, as
the action of the mineral waters that contains
calcium oxides left fantastic marks in the
The resultant effect is spectacular: the
waters spill on a series of steps, forming
solid cascades and pools.
As much the cascades of calcium carbonate as
the water change color in accordance with
changes of the solar light that illuminates
them, and the effect is surprising.
At times white, others blue, or
green or other colors. The
spectacle is flaring.
The continuous dynamics of the erosion and
the transformation of the natural landscape
result in an unusual environment.
PAMUKKALE is one of the most unique
phenomena in nature.