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1 Leading edge of trapezoidal Jump voltage

2 What component of the D’Arsonval meter movement completes HAIRSPRING
the circuit for current flow to the coil?
3 Uses Wheatstone bridge to determine distance from test point to Varley loop
the fault in telephone lines
4 Fastest supercomputer Blue Gene/L
5 Converts AC to DC rectifier
6 Not a component of an AC power supply Rectifier
7 Equivalent circuit with a source current and a parallel resistance Norton’s therem
8 The movement of charge carriers in a semiconductor even Diffusion current
without the
application of electric potential.
9 Current flow in a semiconductor that is due to the applied electric Drift current
10 The process of allocating main memory separate from one Memory management
another is called:
11 Which one of the following uses graphical icons? GUI
12 The memory area for programs with highest priority. Foreground
13 The signal that the computer is awaiting a command from the Prompt
14 Prewritten standard file-handling programs are called __. Utilities
15 An imaging technique used to measure the magnetic fields MAGNETOENCEPHALOGRAPH
produced by electrical activity in the brain.
16 What nonmetallic material is most commonly used to protect Fibrous braid
wires and cables?
17 When a wire is insulated with glass braid or asbestos and requires HOT-BLADE WIRE STRIPPER
stripping, which of the following tools should not be used?
18 When you solder electrical connector splices, and terminal lugs, 60/40 solder
what type of solder should you use?
19 When a Western Union splice is used to connect two wires, why TO PREVENT THE WIRES
should the twisted ends of the wires be pressed down as close as FROM PUNCTURING THE
possible to the straight portion of the wire? TAPE COVERING
20 Types of insulation best suited for use in a high-temperature SILICONE RUBBER
environment are:
1. FEP
3. ___________________
21 What should be done with the removable tip of a soldering gun FILE THE TIP SMOOTH AND
after it becomes pitted? RETIN IT
22 A position servo system exhibits a series of overtravels. This HUNTING
condition is known by which of the following terms?
23 For a servo system to operate smoothly and efficiently, it must AMPLIFICATION AND
have balance between which of the following factors? DAMPING
24 The operating of an accelerometer is based on what physical INERTIA
25 The amount of precession of a rate gyro Rate of gyro case rotation
is proportional to what input factor?
26 In a properly operating servo system, what is the phase In phase only
relationship between the reference voltages to the error detector
and the demodulator?
27 Synchro capacitors are used to provide which of the following IMPROVED ACCURACY
characteristics in a synchro system?
28 Multispeed synchro systems have what of the following GREATER ACCURACY
advantages over singlespeed synchro systems?
29 During synchro alignment, what is the purpose of the coarse TO ENSURE A SETTING OF
30 If you find that a synchro has bad bearings, which of the following REPLACE THE SYNCHRO
actions should you take?
31 Because its resistance changes very little temperature changes, MANGANIN
what conductor is best suited for use in measuring instruments?
32 When is a rattail normally used? WHEN A BRANCH CIRCUIT IS
33 When a large aluminum terminal lug or splice is installed, why is it THE WIRE IS CLEANED BY THE
NOT necessary to clean the aluminum wire? ABRASIVE COMPOUND IN
34 When a wire is soldered to a connector, why should the wire be TO PREVENT BURNING THE
stripped approximately 1/32 inch longer than the depth of the WIRE INSULATION
solder barrel?
35 Why should a small wattage soldering iron NOT be used to solder THE IRON MAINTAIN A
36 A method for checking transistor is cumbersome when more than SUBSTITUTION METHOD
one transistor is bad in a circuit?
37 The most complex to produce and difficult to repair printed LAYER-BUILD UP
circuit boards are those made using which of the following
38 What term is used to describe electronic systems that are made MICROELECTRONICS
up of extremely small parts or elements?
39 In IC production, gold or aluminum bonding wires are used for TO CONNECT THE CHIP TO
which of the following purposes? THE PACKAGE LEADS
40 An assembly of microcircuits or a combination of microcircuits MICROCIRCUIT MODULE
and discrete components is referred to as a
41 The approved methods of conformal coating removal are: CHEMICAL
3. ________
42 When removing solder with a solder wick, where should the wick BETWEEN THE JOINT AND
be placed in relation to the solder joint and the iron? THE IRON
43 What is the maximum output voltage rate of change of an op- SLEW RATE
44 The minimum amount of current needed for an SCR to conduct HOLDING CURRENT
45 A four arm alternating current bridge used to measure self OWEN BRIDGE
inductance in terms of capacitance and resistance; bridge balance
is independent of frequency.
46 The liberation or absorption of heat when an electric current THOMSON EFFECT
flows from a warmer to a cooler part of a conductor is called
48 Passivation is the spontaneous formation of a hard non-reactive oxide or nitride
surface film that inhibits further corrosion. This layer is usually an
__________that is a few molecules thick.
49 This bridge is often used in laboratories to measure both RADIO FREQUENCY BRIDGE
capacitances and inductive circuits at higher frequencies.
50 A certain condition wherein a nucleon can be stimulated to emit a MOSSBAUER EFFECT
very sharply defined beams of gamma rays.
51 In carbon zinc battery, zinc serves as the ___. NEGATIVE CATHODE
52 The electronic the electronic transfer from one stage to another is COUPLING
53 What do you call a semiconductor that is doped with both donor COMPENSATED
and acceptor impurities? SEMICONDUCTOR
54 A filter which allows a narrow band of frequencies to pass BANDPASS FILTER
through the circuit and rejects or attenuates frequencies which
are either higher or lower than the desired frequency.
55 Another term for bandstop filter band suppression or band
56 The depletion mode MOSFET (a) uses what type of bias REVERSE
57 The depletion mode MOSFET has what type of doped channel to HEAVILY
cause a depletion of current carriers in the channel?
58 Which of the following devices can be used as a position sensor in POTENTIOMETER
a servo system?
59 the most valid for checking a diode _____________check with a A DYNAMIC ELECTRICAL
diode test set
60 If you are preparing to single lace conductors, what total length 2 ½ times the length
must the lacing be in a relationship be to the longest conductor
61 In pure silicon the holes and the electrons exist in ____ numbers Equal
62 Intrinsic semiconductor have covalent bonds forming a Tetrahedral
63 When a capacitor is connected to a ac supply, the current LEADS THE VOLTAGE BY 90
64 What type of bias is constant and improves thermal stability COMBINATION BIAS
65 What type of IC where elements penetrate the semiconductor Diffused
66 What type of IC where elements do not penetrate the Epitaxial
semiconductor substrate?
67 Vibrating reed meters and moving disc meters are primarily used Rotational speed
to measure _________ of the synchronous.
68 What type of AC motor uses a combination of inductance and SPLIT-PHASE INDUCTION
capacitance to apply out-of-phase currents to the start windings
69 Engineered materials made from two or more constituent COMPOSITE MATERIAL
materials made with significantly different physical or chemical
properties which remains separate and distinct on a macroscopic
level within the finished structure.
70 The ability of a spectrum analyzer to resolve signals is limited by NARROWEST BANDWIDTH
the _______of the spectrum analyzer
71 The number of pole pairs required to established a rotating THE NUMBER OF PHASES
magnetic field in a multiphase motor stator is determined by
which of the following factors?
72 A neon lamp moved parallel to a two wire parallel transmission MAXIMUM VOLTAGE POINTS
line will glow at its brightest at which of the following points
73 A brushless, synchronous electric motor that can divide a full STEPPER MOTOR
rotation into a large number of steps.
74 What is the angular displacement of a moving joint about an axis YAW
which is perpendicular to the line of motion and the top side of
the body?
75 What device is used to measure temperature consisting of a THERMOPILE
number of thermocouples connected in series?
77 What element property represents the relative tendency of an ELECTRONEGATIVITY
atom to attract shared electron pairs?
78 Difference bet MOSFET and JFET MOSFET has no pn junction
79 What is considered the most common type of crystal defect Line defect
80 A unique and advantageous feature of CMOS logic family Power dissipation is
nanowatt range
81 What oscillator uses tapped capacitor in the tuned circuit Colpitts
82 Fan in determines… Input terminals
83 Noise margin is expressed in Volts
84 Voltage gain is expressed in dB
85 What value of input voltage switches the output of a comparator? Trip point
86 What process is involved in depositing a very thin layer of silicon Epitaxial method
to form a uniformly-doped crystalline region on a substrate?
87 What do you call the act of persuading people to disclose their Social Engineering
88 Sensing element made from a thin-walled tube formed into Bellow
convolutions and sealed; whose displacement can be made a
transduction element
89 What is the typical residential AC voltage defect that refers to Brownout
complete failure that lasts more than 1 cycle?
90 Processing transactions in groups/batch Batch processing
91 ratio of one no. of atoms of one isotope Abundance ratio
92 3phase, 6 elements Gratz rectifier
93 Much like a human arm Anthropomorphic robot
94 Used as insulation resistance Megger
95 Determines unknown inductance in terms of capacitance Maxwell bridge
96 Four arm bridge with arms predominantly resistive Wheatstone bridge
97 Speed is directly proportional to frequency and Number of poles
98 Modified Colpitts oscillator Clapp oscillator
99 For silicon (Z=14),
100 A resistor connected in parallel with the capacitor Bleeder resistor
101 Type of defect that has the absence of an atom Vacancy defect
102 Square wave has a mark-to-space ratio of 1:1
103 The most useful AC Bridge for comparing capacitances of two air De Sauty bridge
104 Measures radiation in the sky Pyranometer
105 Measures temperature higher than mercury thermometer Pyrometer
106 invented the light-controlled valve which allowed lighthouses Nils Gustaf Dalen
(light buoy) to operate automatically
107 Invented IC Jack Kilby
108 The number of independent ways the end effector can move. It is Degrees of freedom
defined by the number of rotational or translational axes through
which motion can be obtained.
109 What device used in changing one frequency of an AC voltage Frequency converter
vice versa?
110 Most sensitive meter D’Arsonval
111 The detection by a robot though contact of touch, force, pattern Tactile sensing
slip and movement. It allows for the determination of local shape,
orientation and feedback forces of a grasped workspace.
112 The ability of ultraviolet radiation to discharge a negatively Hallwach’s effect
charged body in a vacuum.
113 above 450°F joining of two metals Brazing
114 The maximum velocity at which a manipulator joint can move; a Slew rate
rate imposed by saturation in the servoloop controlling the joint.
115 Biometry is Authentication
1. Identification
2. Verification
3. __________
116 What is that device used in biotelemetry for monitoring Radio pill
physiologic activity of an animal, such as pH values of stomach
117 Performance of a computer is directly proportional to square of Grosch’s law
118 measuring inductance with known capacitance and resistance Anderson bridge
119 Which winding in a dc-compound generator that is relatively Shunt field winding
made of fine wires?
120 A robot in which motions are controlled by driving each axis or Pick and place or Bang-bang
degree of freedom against a mechanical limit stop. robot
121 A circuit used for voltage equalization during ON-OFF switching SNUBBER CIRCUIT
action of SCRs in series.
122 Ratio of the thermal conductivity to the electric conductivity is WIEDEMANN-FRANZ LAW
directly proportional to the absolute temp for all metals
123 Most commonly used RF oscillator COLPITTS AND HARTLEY
124 A formula for the overall transmittance of a signal flow graph in Mason’s theorem
terms of transmittances of various paths in the graph.
125 A four arm alternating current bridge used to measure self- OWEN BRIDGE
inductance in terms of capacitance and resistance; bridge balance
is independent of frequency.
126 Amount of magnetizing force to counter balance the residual COERCIVITY
127 Kikuchi lines are Pair of black and white lines
128 “road lines” Kikuchi lines
129 What is operation condition of a circuit when no load is applied to Quiescent
130 A method of introducing impurities in IC fabrication wherein the ion implantation
appropriate ions are carried by an accelerating beam.
131 Development process of a microcrystal molten Crystal growth
132 Instrument that measures the time for a given amount of fluid to Saybolt
flow through an orifice with an accurate bore
133 Oscillator that uses quartz crystal Pierce oscillator
134 Measure of reliability Stability
135 Produces small ripple Multi-section LC filter
136 Applications of operational amplifier are: signal conditioning
1. comparator and voltage level detectors
2. dc and ac amplifier
3. ___________
137 Oscilloscope that uses sampling technique Sampling oscilloscope
138 retain the display for a longer period of analysis Storage oscilloscope
139 Provides a visual representation of signals Cathode ray oscilloscope
140 Instrument used to characterize and locate faults in metallic cable Time domain reflectometer
such as twisted wire pairs and coaxial cables
141 Device used for measuring steepness of a sloping surface Inclinometer / clinometer
142 Also known as notch filter Band reject filter
143 Bridge used for measuring medium Q coils (1<Q<10) Maxwell bridge
144 Arrangement of electrons in its orbital Electron configuration
145 Power sources of robot Electric
1. Pneumatic
2. Hydraulic
3. ________
146 Reactance in the transformer will Destroy the transformer
147 Four-arm device Bridge
148 In a small inductor, Energy is released slowly
149 Restricted envelope in which the robot works Operating envelope
150 spurious pattern or other distortion in a facsimile Kendal effect
151 Image resolution Dot pitch
152 Device used between connection of LAN over the internet IP switch
153 increase in temp, causes an increase in the collector current thermal runaway
burning the transistor
154 Used by CRT to deflect electron beam Magnetic deflection
155 when the supply is always connected to the battery to supply the Float charging
156 This is use to locate the ground fault of a single cable Blavier’s test
157 Audio-taper potentiometer
158 the effect that describes the ablity of an mechanically stressed Wiegand effect
ferromagnetic wire to recognized rapid switching of
magnetization when subjected to a DC magnetic field.
159 a volume control in a stereo compact disc player. Audio taper potentiometer
160 Transistor configuration best for radio frequency Common base
161 Components of a robot system: Power supply
1. Controller
2. Manipulator
3. End-effector
4. __________
162 Computer literacy: Interaction
1. Awareness
2. Knowledge
3. __________
163 Defined as the number of cycles an alternating current makes per Frequency
164 Portion of welding where current is flowing Heat sub-interval
165 Capacitor stores energy in the form of Electric field
166 Robot “hand” Gripper
167 Nickel Iron cell is also known as Edison cell
168 Nominal output voltage of Edison cell 1.2V
169 Robot arm configurations: Articulated
1. Polar
2. Cartesian
3. Cylindrical
4. _________
170 Why class C is not linear? Class C amplifier is always
171 Weakest link in any computer system People in it
172 What is used to increase efficiency of class A amplifier Transformer coupled
173 Amplifier with 70% efficiency Class B push-pull
174 Active region of BJT Reverse biased, Forward
Emitter-base is ___________, collector-emitter is ___________ biased
175 Emits light when struck by electron Phosphor
176 plays an important part in transistor maintenance Transistor lead identification
because before a transistor can be tested or replaced, its leads
must be identified
177 Diode with no depletion layer Schottky diode
178 types of insulation best suited for use in a high-temperature Silicone rubber
1. FEP
2. Extruded polytetrafluoroethylene
3. ___________
179 To toggle a JK flip-flop J=1, K=1
180 Motor with least starting torque DC shunt motor
181 Purpose of connecting resistors in series-parallel Increase power rating
182 Oscilloscope brightness can be adjusted by adjusting the Volume of control grid
183 Difference of NPN and PNP Polarity of supply voltage
184 Acceleration transducer Accelerometer
185 Voltage controlled oscillator
186 Robots that memorizes the path and sequence of motion Playback robot
187 Frequency of a full wave rectifier with respect to a half wave Twice
188 Improvement of point-contact diode spacistor
189 dv/dt effect on SCRs causes False triggering
190 di/dt effect on SCRs causes Local hot spots
191 Time it takes for an electron to pass from emitter to collector Transit time
192 Advantage of toroidal core over the solenoid is Magnetic flux is concentrated
within the core
193 At a frequency of 400 Hz, the most likely form for an inductor TOROIDAL
would be
194 EEG
195 An LASCR acts as a Latch
196 LASCR is similar to SCR except that It can be light-triggered
197 A flip flop is similar in operation with Bistable multivibrator