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TaditioraI Birth Attendants

in Family Planning
Proceedings of an international seminar held in
Bangkok and Kuaa Lumpur, 19-26 July 1974

ARCHIV Srisomang Keovichit, and

MAHIDOL UNIVERSITY NATIONAL FAMiLY PLANNING BOARD. /Lt IDRC-039e Role of Traditional Birth Attendants in Family Planning Proceedings of an international seminar held in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. SRISOMANG KEOVICHIT. PENG. AND REGINALD MACINTYRE 011524 Cosponsored by the INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH CENTRE FACULTY OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 19-26 July 1974 Editors: J. Y. MALAYSIA .

150 midwives. the their activities until 1967. We had 150 clinics family planning program was financed and (all are complete clinics meaning they have operated by the government. These planning was still not officially accepted by shows are held frequently in the villages. The government further realized Family Planning Clinics that population policy is very important to support its 5-year development plan started The family planning clinics didn't start in 1969. 45 doctors. At that time family introduce family planning messages. one group leader in each subdistrict. In 1971 we introduced Family Planning Institute by establishing a policy allowing midwives to insert IUD5. when monies in Bali (e. The government again reorganized the and 225 fieldworkers. Progress of this since they are related to the traditional cere- program was therefore slow until 1969. We 41 . Bali FAMILY planning activities began in Indonesia the National Family Planning Coordinating in 1957. 150 clerks. MD Chairman. family planning activities were Drama Gong.g. Information Techniques In Bali. three the National Family Planning Institute was months after birth ceremonies. B. National Family Planning Coordinating Board Den pasar. ASTAWA. temple ceremonies. wedding cere- established. the Indonesian government. There are 191 male fieldworkers official support of family planning in August and 34 females who visit the people in their 1967. It was run by a private There is one fieldworker for every 10. ment of Information and the Department of Health). facilities for TUD insertions).Implementation of Family Planning Program in Bali I. as a branch of the IPPF. sian Planned Parenthood Association (IPPA) in Jakarta. Depart. Arja.000 organization and supported by the govern. The government announced its monies). by the establishment of the Indone. shadow puppet show pioneered in 1961 by a group of volunteers are among the traditional media we use to from the IPPA branch. people. Planning Institute. 150 midwives assistants.g. Board in 1970. ment through use of facilities (e. and one supervisor in each regency. To make it more successful. and established the National Family home and talk to both husbands and wives.

857 new been developed yet for the TBA5. The objective of the family planning pro- gram in Bali is part of the national target and the women allow them to insert juns. to motivate population of fertile women. with the acceptors in Bali. male doctors are readily accepted. To the present time (mid family planning.5% of the cooperation of the group leaders. There are 184 male and 101 female registered TUAS. Because the women are used to male TBAS. to recruit 6 million new acceptors in 5 years The TUAS are cooperative and support (to end of 1976). We also have eight mobile clinics. No training program has 1974) we have a total of 127. one in each regency. 42 . which is 32.introduced this policy because of a lack of TBAs in Bali doctors. them toward family planning practices. Bali are men. They go every week Most of the traditional birth attendants in to the very remote villages. Most of them are Targets and Achievements farmers.