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Teacher Education Lesson Plan Template

Teacher: Tiffany Crisp Date: February 6, 2017


Title of Lesson: Documents- Famous People Cooperating Teacher: Mrs. Megan Gamble

Core Components
Subject, Content Area, or Topic
Virginia Studies- Building a New Nation- Documents- Famous People

Student Population
Morning Class:
• 12 Females
• 14 Males
o 4 African Americans
o 11 Caucasians
o 6 Hispanics
o 5 2+
§ 1 Speech (SPED)
§ 1 ESL
§ 1 504 Plan
Afternoon Class:
• 10 Females
• 15 Males
o 1 Asian
o 11 Caucasians
o 7 African Americans
o 4 Hispanics
o 3 2+
§ 1 ESL
§ 1 504 Plan

Learning Objectives
5.5.2 Identify the political contributions of famous Virginians in the establishment of the
government of the United States. (VS6a)

Virginia Essential Knowledge and Skills (SOL)

VS.6- The student will demonstrate knowledge of the role of Virginia in the establishment of
the new American nation by
a) explaining why George Washington is called the “Father of Our Country” and
James Madison is called the “Father of the Constitution.”

“The Role of Virginia in the Establishment of the New Nation- George Washington and
James Madison” passage and note sheet, “Establishing a New Nation” worksheet, glue
stick, highlighter, pencil, doc cam, Virginia Studies textbook, social studies notebooks, exit

McDonald’s Draft (2010). Modified by Kreassig and Gould (2014) for use with student teachers.
Revised August 2015
High Yield Instructional Strategies Used (Marzano, 2001)

Check if Used Strategy Return

Identifying Similarities & Differences 45%
ü Summarizing & Note Taking 34%
Reinforcing Efforts & Providing Recognition 29%
ü Homework & Practice 28%
Nonlinguistic Representations 27%
ü Cooperative Learning 23%
Setting Goals & Providing Feedback 23%
Generating & Testing Hypothesis 23%
Questions, Cues, & Advanced Organizers 22%

Check if Used Strategy Return
Teach Others/Immediate Use of Learning 95%
ü Practice by Doing 75%
ü Discussion 50%
Demonstration 30%
Audio Visual 20%
ü Reading 10%
Lecture 05%


(min.) Process Components
3 *Anticipatory Set
minutes Review George Mason and Thomas Jefferson (from Monday) and their
contributions to the political aspect of the United States.
Ask: “Someone raise their hand and remind us what the Virginia Declaration of
Rights was and its importance.” “Someone raise their hand and tell me what the
Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom says.”

10 *State the Objectives (grade-level terms)

seconds I can state the importance of George Washington and James Madison’s role in
the establishment of the new America.

15 *Instructional Input or Procedure

minutes 1. Instruct the students to glue in both note sheets to their social studies notebook
and write the heading on top of the page, “Famous People.”
2. Instruct the students to follow along while you read and highlight only the parts of
the passage where pertinent information about George Washington and James
Madison are.
3. Summarize the points in the notes below the passages and emphasize their
specific roles as “Father of our Country” and “Father of the Constitution.”
4. Next, tell the students to work on the, “Establishing a New Nation,” page with
their table groups. They can use their notes to recall the information and refresh
their memories to fill in these blanks.
McDonald’s Draft (2010). Modified by Kreassig and Gould (2014) for use with student teachers.
Revised August 2015
5. When most students are finishing up writing the information, go over the answers
and what the students should have answered. Tell them to correct the areas
where their answers don’t match the examples.

3 *Modeling
minutes I will model highlighting the key parts of the passage on George Washington and
James Madison.

20 *Check for Understanding

seconds Ask students to give you a 1-5 (1-being totally lost and 5-being great) on their
hands of being able to differentiate which key person did what in order to create
a new America. *Check below for remediation strategies if students are at a 1-3.

6 *Guided Practice
minutes Guided practice is done when highlighting and making summarization notes in
the “The Role of Virginia in the Establishment of the New Nation- George
Washington and James Madison” worksheet.

10 *Independent Practice
minutes Students work without my help on the “Establishing a New Nation” worksheet.
They will get to collaborate with their table groups and discuss which answer
should go in each blank.

5 Assessment
minutes Exit Ticket: “What two rights did the Virginia Declaration of Rights give to the
people of Virginia?”

1 *Closure
minute Emphasize to the students that it is crucial they know the differences between
the four famous people that shaped our laws and government systems we see

Differentiation Strategies (enrichment, accommodations, remediation, or by learning style).

When checking for understanding, if the students give a lot of 1-3’s on checking for
understanding, remediation the following day will be needed. For the students that are
struggling, I will match what the famous people did with their picture in an attempt to
increase comprehension for the students. In addition, I will recall their roles and their
importance in the American Revolution war time to give further background on the

Classroom Management Issues

Before giving them time to work in their table groups, tell the students that the voice level
needs to be no higher than a 2 when in groups. If they get above a voice level 2, the
teacher will remind them no more than 3 times to quiet down. If they do not quiet down, it
will switch to silent, independent work time.

McDonald’s Draft (2010). Modified by Kreassig and Gould (2014) for use with student teachers.
Revised August 2015