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Lesson Plan

Lesson : Amides

Aim :

To study the nomenclature and reactions of amides.

Learning Outcomes :

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

give the IUPAC names of amides

classify amides into primary, secondary and tertiary

state the products of the hydrolysis of amides

write equations for the preparation of amides by the ammonolysis of acyl chlorides
and esters.

Assumed prior knowledge :

Students should already be familiar with :

1. the basic rules in IUPAC nomenclature for alkanes, acyl chlorides and esters.

2. the concept of acidic and basic hydrolysis

3. the structure of acyl chlorides and esters.

Underlying Principles

1. Making the invisible, visible.

2. Enabling students to know what to look for.


Questions in the student notes are designed to enable all students to complete the activity.
The pop-up answers are provided for the students to view when they have considered their
responses. Worksheet questions include questions that require recall, understanding and
application of the new concepts learned.

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Development of Lesson :

No. Steps Strategy Resources

1 Set Induction.
(Ascertaining prior • Teacher to get students to recall the
knowledge and nomenclature and structure of acyl
introducing lesson chlorides and esters.
topic for the day). • Teacher to point out lesson objectives for
the day.

2 Student Activity Teacher to go through Activities 1-3 with • Courseware

the students.

Activity 1 : Nomenclature and


Students get to study the nomenclature of

amides and how to classify them as
primary, secondary or tertiary.

Activity 2 : Hydrolysis of amides

Students get to study that amides can

undergo acidic and basic hydrolysis.

Activity 3 : Preparation of amides

Students are shown how amides can be

prepared by the ammonolysis of acyl
chlorides and of esters.

3 Evaluation • Students to answer questions in the • Worksheet

student worksheet on their own.

4 Extension activity • Students to read up reference materials • References

on their own.

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Worksheet Answers

1. Nomenclature and classification

1.1 a. Butanamide

b. N-Ethylbutanamide

c. N-Phenylethanamide

1.2 a. Tertiary

b. Primary

1.3 a. OCH3

CH3C  N  CH3


b. H O



2. Hydrolysis of amides

2.1 O O

a. CH3CH2C  NH2 + KOH CH3CH2C  O−K+ + NH3


b. CH3CH2C  NH2 + HCl + H2O CH3CH2C  OH + NH4Cl


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3. Preparation of amides

3.1 a. CH3CH2COCl + NH3 CH3CH2CONH2 + HCl

b. Primary


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