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1.  Age of a mother
  a) 18-20 years 
  b) 20-25 years 
  c) >25 years 
2.  Religion
  a) Hindu 
  b) Christian  
  c) Muslim 
  d) Others 
3.  Education of the father
  a) Illiterate 
  b) Primary school
  c) Secondary school
  d) Diploma / graduate
4.  Education of the mother
  a) Illiterate 
  b) Primary school
  c) Secondary school
  d) Diploma / graduate
5.  Occupation of the father
  a) Government job
  b) Coolie 
  c) Private employee
  d) Others
6. Occupation of the father
  a) Government job
  b) Coolie 
  c) Private employee
  d) Others 
7. Residence 
  a) Urban  
  b) Rural 
8. Birth order 
  a) First child 
  b) Second child 
  c) Third child 
  d) Fourth child 
9. Family income 
  a) Above ₹10,000
  b) ₹7,000 – 9,999
  c) ₹3,000 – 6,999 
d) Below ₹2,999 
10.  Family type 
  a) Nuclear family
  b) Joint family 

Questionnaire to assess the knowledge of mothers on feeding

1. What is the right time to teach table manners to your child?

a) after six months from birth
b) soon after starts eating
c) soon after starts eating solid food
d) after one year
2. How would you convince your children not to talk while food in his/her mouth?
a) Not a good manner
b) gagging
c) decrease amount of food intake
d) voice may not clear
3. How can you avoid arguing with your child over food at every meal?
a) serve the meal without comment
b) rewarded with ice cream
c) serve one food according to child like
d) forcing
4. Does your children refused to take food?
a) yes
b) no
5. Which one of the following is not a common source of food allergies?
a) wheat
b) peanuts
c) eggs
d) fruits
6. A toddler may need to be offered new food, how often they accept it?
a) 1 time
b) 3 times
c) 12 times
d) more than 20 times
7. What will be the factor that affects the regular eating of food among toddlers?
a) Eating their favourite foods only
b) Only eats junk food / Fond of new foods
c) Eating in unwanted Time
d) None of the above
8. How often your child has a bowel movement?
a) daily
b) every other day
c) twice a day
d) weekly once
9. Does he/she have issues with: constipation
a) yes
b) no
10. Which one of following food is not a choking hazard?
a) nuts and popcorn
b) peanut
c) banana
d) mashed egg yolk
10. Is your child allergic to or does he/she react to the following? if yes please describe
the reaction?
a) food
b) medicines
c) blood products
d) bandages or tapes
11. What are the habits that induce the child to stop eating properly?
a) Playing
b) Eating at bed time or Bad table manners
c) Improper Cooked Food
d) watching tv
12. When to introduce new foods to your toddler?
a) toddler is hungry
b) every morning
c) during the play
d) before going to bed
13. If your child suddenly refuses to eat a favourite food, what would u do?
a) keep offering rejected food
b) alternate the diet
c) begging to eat
d) leave the food
14.What should you do if your toddler eats only junk foods?
a) make a fuss and giving
b) encourage them to take
c) strictly ordering not to eat
d) beating the child to stop eating
15. Which type of food causing obesity to the toddlers?
a) milk products
b) chips, deep fried snacks
c) Fruits
d) green leafy vegetables