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Soccer Coordinates Evaluation

Brief Description of Tech Tool: This tool requires students to type in the correct coordinates in order to get
the soccer ball passed the goalie. The tool requires students to try and score as many goals as they can before
the time runs out. This tool provides practice for students in plotting coordinate points on a graph.

Technical & Cost considerations: This tool is free but does requires flash in order to operate. It can be used on
multiple platforms, including most computers, iPads, Chromebooks and SmartBoards.

EvaluationDescription of Learning ActivityThis tool can be used as practice or remediation for students struggling
with understanding coordinates. It can be used to assist students in their understanding of positive coordinates and
the x and y axis.

1. Learning Activity Types

 LA-Practice - practicing for fluency- This has students practice their understanding and fluency on
graphing coordinate points on a graph.
 LA-Present - (read or attend to) presentation of new content/ideas
o LA-Present-Demo - demonstration
o LA-Present-Explain - explanation
 LA-Explore - exploring/investigating mathematical ideas
 LA-Apply - applying mathematics to problems and situations

2. What mathematics is being learned?StandardsCommon Core:

6.NS.6 Understand a rational number as a point on the number line. Extend number line diagrams and coordinates
axes familiar from previous grades to represent points on the line and in the plane with negative number coordinates.

Proficiency Strands

 conceptual understanding- Students must have a basic understanding of the x and y axis and the
construction of coordinate points.
 procedural fluency- Students need to have an understand on the relationship between coordinates and
graphs and how to plot them.
 strategic competence
 adaptive reasoning
 productive disposition

Additional comments on what is being learned3. How is the mathematics represented?The tech tool uses numerical
and graphical representation. Students must interpret numerical forms of coordinate points and place it appropriately
on the graphical representation.

4. What role does technology play?The advantages is that the tool just a brief description of the axes and
coordinates prior to beginning the game. In addition, it provides the upcoming coordinates which allow students to
think and plan ahead.
A disadvantage is that the tool does not provide any support or explanation when students get the answers wrong.

Affordances of Technology for Supporting Learning.

 Computing & Automating -
 Representing Ideas & Thinking - Students visually plot coordinate points to represent their thinking and
understanding of the mathematical concepts.
 Accessing Information -
 Communicating & Collaborating -
 Capturing & Creating -
5. How does the technology fit or interact with the social context of learning?This is an individual online game,
however, students can submit their scores which allows students to keep track of their progress in understanding and
compete against other students in their class.