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Evidence: Blog “Making predictions” / Evidencia: Blog “Haciendo predicciones” 1.

Read the following interview with doctor Claus: / Lea la siguiente entrevista con el doctor Claus: o

Many people are worried about the future and what is coming up for the society; here we have an
interview with Doctor Claus a speocialist in social changes. / Muchas personas están preocupadas
por el futuro y lo que depara para la sociedad; aquí tenemos una entrevista con el doctor Claus,
especialista en cambios sociales.

Interviewer: Hello Doctor Claus, thanks for coming to our Radio program “Who knows it all”?

Doctor Claus: Thank you for having me here

Doctor Claus: Thank you for having me here.

Interviewer: Doctor Claus as we all know, you are an expert on technology, what do you think is
going to happen with transportation in 10 years?

Doctor Claus: Well I think in 10 years there are going to be flying cars everywhere, as the current
cars are not going to be enough for the growing population. Interviewer: What about the airplanes

Doctor Claus: Well probably helicopters are going to be quite cheap; it’s going to be like buying a
new car.

Interviewer: That sounds great, what other advances in technology shall we expect.

Doctor Claus: Well I think that in a few years there are going to be intelligent robots that are going
to do all the house chores, so we’ll just sit around and relax while they clean the house. Also new
technologies will be invented to reduce global warming, such as eco-friendly alternatives for
transportation and for the industry.

Interviewer: Thank you Doctor, it’s been quite interesting for all the audience, we hope to have
you here again in 10 years.

Doctor Claus: Thank you, of course it would be a pleasure. Go to the blog “Making predictions”
and publish your opinion about the predictions

Doctor Claus made in the interview. Remember to support your ideas. / Vaya al blog “Making
predictions” y publique su opinión acerca de las

Example / Ejemplo:

In my opinion, in 10 years there are not going to be flying cars I think this is going to be sooner
because the technology is going so fast, besides, I consider people are not going to have
helicopters that easy because they are so expensive. However, I really think rich people are going
to be able to travel to Mars on vacations. Finally, I think that the rich countries such us United
States are not going to have water because they don’t take care about the naturalo resources.

2. For the second part of this activity you have to read your partners’ posts select one and through
the button “Comentario” write your opinion abou your partner post. / Para la segunda parte de
esta actividad, usted debe leer las participaciones de sus compañeros, seleccionar una y a través
del botón “Comentario”, escribir su opinión sobre el mensaje de su compañero.

Learning activity 1 / Actividad de aprendizaje 1Evidence: Blog “Making predictions” / Evidencia:

Blog “Haciendo predicciones”

Español: En mi opinión, en 10 años la tecnología está avanzada que para las personas va hacer
difícil en realizar trabajos! demás cosas en lo que realizamos a diario, creo que las personas van
estar desempleadas !a que muchas de las industrias nos cambiarían por robots" las persona de
alta poder tendrá el dominio de conquistar otros planetas !a que cuenta con un
suficiente poderío sobre las cosas, creo que no van a ver personas pobres, porque van hacer cierta
s cosas que lo hacen ganar plata" los electrodomésticos! aparatos electrónicos! a van
hacer accesibles de hacerlos a mano

Spanish: In my opinion, in 10 years the technology is advanced that for people it will be
difficult to do jobs! other things in what we do every day, I think people will be unemployed!
Many industries would change us by robots "the person of high power will have the power
to conquer other planets! things, I think they will not see poor people, because they will do
certain things that make money "appliances! electronic devices! to make accessible by