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(a) COP of the cycle

ET 254 R
(b) Mass of air circulated per minute of 500 kg of
tee is produced per day at 0°C when water is B.Tech. DEGREE EXAMINATION APRfUMAY 2012.
supplied at 20°C and
{c) Refrigerator capacity of the plain in tons
Fifth Semester
Neglect the clearances in compressor and Mechanical Engineering
Take r = 1.4 and Cp1 = 1 kJ/kg for air THERMAL ENGINEERING
Latent heat of ice 335 kJ/kg.
Time : Three hours Maximum: 75 marks
Cp (water) = 4.18 kJ/kg. (11)
PART A- (10 x 2 = 20 marks)
Answer ALL the questions.
Explain summer air conditioning system. (11) 1. What are the factors affecting ignition lag?
Or 2. What is meant by normal combustion?
20. Explain psychrometry processes. (11) 3. What is meant by scavenging?
4. What is meant by carburetor?
5. What is meant by MPFI?
6. What rs meant by three w av converters?
7. What is meant by refrigerating machme?
8. Wh1:1t are the types of compressors?
9. Define humidity ratio.
10. What is meant by wet bulb deprnssion?
4 ET 254 R
f r\l{'J B - (., ,,: 11 = fi5 murks) (c) Brake thermal efficiency if the calorific value
of the fuel is 43000 kJ/kg and
t\ll~ wer ALL questions, ONE from each Unit.
(d) The relative efficiency on a BP basis assuming
'-\ll questions carry equal marks. the engine works on the constant volume,
cycle. r = 1.4 for air. (11)
J1 E:<pli.1111 the stages of combustion in spark ignition
engine'. (11) 15. (a) Explain the reasons for looking alternate fuels
for IC engines.
(b) What is natural gas? What are the advantages
1 '2 Compare the knock in SI and CI engines. (11) and disadvantages using alternate fuel? (11)

rn. With a neat sketch explain the working principle
16. Explain EGR. (11)
of four stroke petrol engine. (11)
17. Explain vapour compression refrigeration system.
14. A six cylinder gasoline engine operates on the four
stroke cycle. The bore of each cylinder is 80 mm
and the stroke 100 mm The clearance volume per Or
cylinder is 70 cc At a speed of 4000 rpm the fuel
consumption is 20 kg/hr and the torque developed 18. An Air refrigerator working on Bell - Coleman
cycle takes air from cold chamber at l bar and
is 150 Nm. Calculate
-5°C arid compresses to a 6 bar following the law
(a) 'l'he brake power pV 1.25 = C. The compressed air is cooled to 37°C
in the cooler before entering in to the expander.
(b) The brake mean effective pressure
The expansion is isentropic. Determine
ET 254 R 3 ET 254 R
I ~0.9