Diagno Planning Intervention Dana Alyssa C.

Shammas DR mon – tues section 16 sis Pregnancy,Unruptured Subjective: Group 62 B 2-10 at shift “Masakit ang tiyan ko”, - acute -pmthe end of 2 Independent: pain -monitor for as verbalized by the hours of nursing related care, the increase pain client. to and Pain scale: 6 patient will be distenti able to: abdominal AOG: 6 weeks on of distention and the rigidity Objective: • report pain fallopia - cold clammy relief n tube. - facial mask of pain • report - protective gestures painscale - vital signs as of 6 will be - provide follows: 1 comfort temp: 37.8c measures like rr: 24 back rubs, pr; 85 deep bp: 130/ 90 breathing instruct in Diagnostic relaxation or procedure: visualization exercise. Transvaginal Ultrasound - Provide Findings in Ectopic diversional Pregnancy activities Finding LR* Ectopic > 100 cardiac (diagn activity ostic) Ectopic gestational sac Ectopic mass 23 9.9 - perform an assessmen t of pain that


Evaluation CASE: Ectopic Goal met as evidence by : Client report pain relief and pain scale reduce form 6 to 1.

- increase pain and abdominal detention indicates rupture and possible intra abdominal hemorrhag e - promotes relaxation and may enhance patient’s coping abilities by refocusing attention - diversional activities aids in refocusing attention and enhancing coping with

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