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Issue 03

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Vol. 3: Vultures Gather, Spring 605 AR

by Douglas Seacat; “Roll with the Punches” by Matt Goetz

“The Fire & the Forge” is a feature that examines pivotal moments in the recent history of
western Immoren and its groups battling for supremacy or survival. It is intended to allow
newer readers to become familiar with what has come before and to serve as an engaging
reminder to older readers.

E scalation to War, the first series in "The Fire & the Forge,"
will be told in six parts and goes back to the era of
WARMACHINE: Escalation, covering a pivotal turning point
The High Kommand and Kommandant Gurvaldt Irusk
demonstrated they did not consider victory a foregone
conclusion. Cygnar’s commitment to its ally, proven by
starting at the end of 604 AR and going through 605 AR. how quickly that nation mustered its armies, represented a
These conflicts kicked off six brutal years of turmoil and substantial threat. That the western region had been swiftly
war that reshaped the region and saw the rise of powerful seized did not guarantee successes east of the formidable Black
competing factions. River nor assure the fall of Merywyn, the heavily fortified
capital. It was here Llael’s fate would be decided.
THE MORTAL WOUND The Khadoran military was willing to go to any lengths to
achieve its objectives. The Khadorans’ ruthless strategies
In retrospect, it may seem the outcome of the Llaelese War was
led to the most infamous events of the war. On the 25th of
inevitable, but this was not the perspective of those fighting
Casteus, one day before Merywyn was besieged, Kommander
to preserve that small kingdom. At several points, it seemed
Aleksandra Zerkova led a terrifying covert incursion into
possible the Khadoran invasion might stall. The swiftness
the capital. This became known as the Night of the Howling
with which the Khadorans advanced into the Llaelese interior
Wolves. Without warning and under the cover of darkness, the
left them exposed to retaliation and vulnerable to counter-
regional headquarters for Llael’s Fraternal Order of Wizardry
maneuvers, preventing them from solidifying their hold on
was annihilated. While not formally affiliated with the military,
conquered territories before they rushed to the next battlefield.
this organization’s magi included many of the kingdom’s most
skilled arcanists, many of whom were versed in powerful

4 No Quarter PRIME
battlefield magics. They had already contributed to Llael’s inside and slowly wither their resolve by a war of attrition and
defense, managing to inflict significant damage to the forces harassment as riflemen and snipers on both sides eliminated
encircling the capital. targets of opportunity.

The destruction of those forces was a great blow to the morale of Regiments of the Llaelese Army outside Merywyn did what they
every soldier and citizen in the capital. It was a chilling mystery could to relieve the siege. Together with their Cygnaran allies,
how the Khadorans had pulled off this feat in a single night the Llaelese fought a number of battles against the encircling
without detection. People living in surrounding neighborhoods Khadorans. One beacon of hope for the defenders was the remote
described terrifying sounds coming from the Fraternal Order northeastern city of Leryn, a fortress city considered to be
complex in the hours before dawn. Investigators sent the virtually impregnable. Home to the Order of the Golden Crucible
next morning into the blasted and warped halls discovered and its Thunderhead Fortress, birthplace of modern alchemy and
gruesome, inexplicable carnage—bodies torn apart and singed the firearm, Leryn had been one of the great free cities during
by unfathomable energies. This was a sort of occult horror not the Orgoth Rebellion, among the first to shake off the shackles of
seen since the Orgoth invasion. It demonstrated how vulnerable the tyrants. From Leryn, the Crucible Guard initiated multiple
the city was to the covert actions of its attackers and set the tone missions to support the Llaelese and Cygnaran armies, becoming
for the Siege of Merywyn to follow. a thorn in the side of the Khadoran kommandants.

The need to shatter the morale of the resisting Llaelese was After assessing the situation in Leryn, Kommandant Irusk set
nowhere better demonstrated than in Riversmet two months in motion a devious plan, one as insightful as it was callous
later. A small Cygnaran force had held the town’s bridges for and inhumane. A force was sent to utterly raze Riversmet on
a month since the Second Battle of Riversmet, choking off easy the 23rd of Tempen. Irusk also dispatched Koldun Lord Volkh
resupply to the Khadoran Army east of the river. The Khadorans Lazar and three battalions to Leryn—this small army was
were stoic, however, and survived by raiding and plundering, insufficient to seize Leryn by force, but Irusk did not intend a
yet they began to feel the impact of their unreliable supply lines. traditional siege. The destruction of Riversmet was planned and
Merywyn meanwhile endured its siege, aided by the fact that orchestrated—including allowing harried survivors to flee—
the invaders had prioritized taking the city intact if possible. with the goal of breaking the will of the Order of the Golden
For a time, Irusk seemed content to simply bottle its defenders Crucible and any other defiant defenders east of the Black River.

No Quarter PRIME 5

FUTILITY OF DEBATE medical treatments. Still, most of their wealth had come from
blasting powder—the simple but essential substance that
Leryn, northeastern Llael, Cinten 1st, 605 AR served as war’s fuel.
The mood was dour as the senior officers of the Order of the Feeling the heavy burden of his office on this day, Aurum
Golden Crucible and its Crucible Guard gathered in the main Magnus Niels Wys scanned the gathered faces and pondered
assembly hall at the heart of the Thunderhead Fortress in Leryn. the order’s long history and how it had changed since its
It was a large and sumptuous space, one worthy of kings. The founding. He had reasons to feel proud of many of his peers and
long, broad table they gathered around had been sculpted from the mettle they had shown in the last few months. In this room,
a single slab of granite with embedded quartz quarried from they had agreed to use every tool at their disposal to fight the
nearby Mount Borgio. The walls were adorned with frescos Khadoran invasion, to defend Llael with the same dedication
and paintings depicting the history of the order, prominently and ingenuity that had once been directed at the Orgoth. Yet he
featuring its role in the invention of the firearm and the worried that their enthusiasm may have reached its limit.
unleashing of the Army of Thunder during the Rebellion. The
Those gathered at the table reacted to the latest news with
walls and the ledges along them were set with portraits and
numerous murmured conversations. Wys finally hammered his
sculpted busts of past masters.
gavel several times to gather their attention, finding this more
Most of the people attending were older men and women, each difficult than usual. He stood and glared around him until the
wearing their ceremonial robes of station. Many had spent others were silent.
a lifetime in the order’s alchemical laboratories before being
“There is a Khadoran army outside the city walls,” he said
elevated to its leadership. It was by their tireless work—and
bluntly. They already knew this; everyone in Leryn knew.
greed, in some cases—that the order had become one of the
wealthiest arcane organizations and craft guilds in the Iron “It is a small army at least,” said Master Lukas di Morray with
Kingdoms. Within these halls, tremendous innovations had a slight smile. “We should count our blessings most of them are
been discovered and disseminated, some affecting every preoccupied besieging Merywyn.”
aspect of Immorese life and industry, from metallurgy to

Thunderhead Fortress

6 No Quarter PRIME
Lukas was younger than many of the masters present, though and sent dozens of doom reavers to rampage unchecked
he had done well for himself, noted for his bold and ambitious through the streets. All of the remaining citizenry were
experiments in transformative serums. He had also been one of slaughtered to the last man, woman, and child. Then, to
the individuals at the forefront of organizing the fight against ensure they had gotten everyone, he brought in his warjacks
the invaders, working closely with the Crucible Guard. to demolish any significant buildings that were not already in
ruins, including the churches and temples. One witness saw
Wys inclined his head and said, “It would be best to consider
people escaping from a collapsing church, where they had
this a vanguard force, here to safeguard their envoy. I have no
tried to hide. They were trampled by a Mad Dog.” His voice
doubt the Khadorans could send a larger army to our doorstep.
faltered at this. He swallowed.
But they do not intend to besiege Leryn if it can be avoided.”
Wys saw more fear than anger on the faces around him. He said,
“So they demand our surrender, then? To hell with them!” This
“I must say I find this threat implausible. They seek to shock
angry outburst came from Captain of the Guard Jean Resson
us, to undermine our resolve. But I do not believe they would
Dagget, who stood at the foot of the table. He was a grizzled
follow through.”
man with short-cropped brown hair and a square build, his
bearing that of a veteran officer. He wore the armor of station as “Shock us?” Master Thryton, one of their eldest members, a
the head of the Crucible Guard at the Thunderhead. As senior man who retained a dignified air though his sight was failing
captain, he was also in charge of coordinating their contribution him and his hands shook, barely contained his outrage. He
to the city’s outer defenses. was a peerless researcher, though he required several enlisted
assistants to perform any of his laboratory work. “I’ll say this is
Wys could not help but smile at the man’s defiance. He felt
shocking! How can you insist this is a bluff when two weeks ago
similarly but knew many of those gathered did not. The faces
the streets of Riversmet ran red with Llaelese blood?”
around him were wan, concerned, even afraid.
Wys stood his ground. “With due respect, Leryn is not
“Yes, they want our surrender. I have spoken to the envoy.” Wys
Riversmet. What happened there is terrible, make no mistake.
could not keep the venom from his tone. “I am obliged to repeat
But many of that town’s citizens had fled after the earlier battles.
his proposal, though I would sooner have turned him out on his
The toll in life was not so great as they want us to believe.
ear—or thrown from the nearest wall.”
This was calculated theater. Attempting such a feat in Leryn
He paused to gather his thoughts and then said, “What the is unfeasible, what with our defenses and our numbers. If we
Khadorans offer is a threat in the guise of mercy. We are to choose to defy them, we can hold them off for months. Years.
open the gates of Leryn. If we do not—if we resist and they Riversmet was a small town; Leryn is a fortress city.”
must use force—they will repeat with Leryn what was done to
Thryton’s voice quavered. “Do you mean to tell me Karchev the
Riversmet. They promise to raze this city to the ground and take
Terrible is putting on a farce? That the Butcher of Khardov is
no prisoners.”
bluffing? You heard what happened to Redwall. I’m sure they
“Is what we heard true, Niels? About Riversmet?” This was thought their fortress similarly impregnable.”
from Aurum Lucanum Gyrel Mayten, who had been in charge
A number of voices were raised in agreement, but Wys did not
of Special Munitions Development. She was one of the few elder
balk at their trepidation. He spoke over them. “They desire us
masters who did not bother with the formality of his title. From
to see them as monsters. To force us to beg on our knees. They
another, he might have resented it, but Gyrel was an old friend.
would have us surrender our pride, our courage. To give them
Her wrinkled face seemed particularly pale, her expression
everything our ancestors worked across multiple generations
lacking its usual haughty conviction.
to build. They know our walls will keep them out. They cannot
“I do not know what rumors you have heard,” he answered. take this city unless we give it to them.”
“But the worst of what has been said about Riversmet is sadly
Master di Morray stood again, nodding to Wys and looking
true. That town is lost. Captain Dagget, could you summarize?”
similarly resolute. He said, “Listen to the aurum magnus. He
The captain nodded and stood straighter, delivering his next speaks truth. This city can hold against Khador’s might. They
words with what coldly factual dispassion he could muster. gather a paltry few thousand outside the gates and expect us to
“When the Khadorans regained the city, they were particularly surrender. I will not! Even the Orgoth could not break our gates.
brutal. But several members of the local Crucible Guard A thousand years ago, they had to starve us out. Merywyn is
managed to escape. From what they told me, Karchev the besieged but is not fallen. Our allies still muster their forces and
Terrible led the final assault. The swans holding the bridges require only time sufficient to relieve us. We can give them that
were quickly eliminated. After that, it was an exercise in cold- time if we hold.”
blooded extermination.”
Gyrel Mayten had been listening with a frown. Now she said,
Master Mayten said, “Do not spare us the details, Jean. We need “And this is what you want for the people of this city? To be
to know.” starved and trapped, to huddle in their homes while artillery
shells fly over the walls? The armies of today are not the armies
He nodded and after a pause continued. “Karchev blocked
of a thousand years ago. If Khador is willing, they can break
all routes out of the town with his warjacks. Once the armed
this city. The number of our defenders is limited. In any war of
defenders were neutralized, he withdrew his Winter Guard

No Quarter PRIME 7

Despite being of advanced years, he was no master. He had

failed every attempt to earn that honor. The leadership had
found him lacking, a fact that fostered gnawing resentment
in him. Aurum Magnus Wys in particular had disrespected
Culpen and dismissed his many accomplishments.
Through diligent work and perseverance, he had been able to
secure a degree of administrative control over an area most
considered beneath them: organizing the membership archives
deep below the fortress. He was but one cog of many in an
extensive bureaucratic machine. But his keys gave him access to
areas that few members of the order had ever seen.
Culpen had decided nearly two years earlier that he’d had
enough. So, when the Khadorans had made tentative contact
with him, he had listened. They had treated him with respect
and had compensated him for the risks asked of him. They had
made him aware of certain unavoidable realities.
Leryn was a city with formidable defenses, and at its heart,
the Thunderhead was a fortress in fact as well as in name. Yet
after starvation had forced Leryn to surrender to the Orgoth,
measures had been taken to ensure this would be more difficult
in the future. Even the most sealed of cities needed secret means
of ingress and egress, ways to smuggle food and even people.
The Thunderhead Fortress had reason to safeguard its private
tunnels; they were used periodically as an avenue to ship goods
without inspection as well as to allow agents and esteemed
guests to come and go without scrutiny.
The route Culpen took was circuitous. It would have been all but
impassable to a large armed force. If the fortress were roused to
alarm, a number of mechanisms existed to inflict quick death on
anyone trying to force their way through these tunnels. Further,
the passages could be sealed and defended by a small handful
of the Guard.

attrition, they will win. And then, after we have defied them for The last pair of bored Crucible Guard nodded as he passed,
however long, they will delight in punishing us. Each day we not bothering to draw themselves into an alert posture. They
keep them out will only magnify their ire.” glanced down in surprise at the clanking sound of the small
metal canister Culpen let fall at their feet. One opened his
There were intense reactions on both sides, and the arguments
mouth, perhaps to tell the alchemist he had dropped something,
flared up again. The aurum magnus was disheartened to see
but Culpen had moved on and closed the door behind him.
those siding with Mayten and Thryton outnumbered those
Greasy smoke poured from the grenade. The two had gas masks
who wanted to fight. His lips compressed, but he let them
but were not wearing them. By the time they tried to don them,
bicker. He would let them vent. But in the end, the order was
it would be too late.
not a democratic institution. He could overrule the governing
body in times of crisis. He had no intention of surrendering Culpen's hands were trembling as he used his keys to open
Leryn to Khador. the access panel and pulled the levers alongside the vault-like
door at the end of the next hall. The door swung open quietly
Unfortunately for Niels Wys, the decision had already been
and as though of its own accord. Awaiting him was the stately
made by someone who had briefly been in the chamber but
form of Koldun Lord Volkh Lazar, regally attired in his robes
whose sudden absence went unnoticed.
of station as a high-ranking leader of the Greylords Covenant.
He was flanked by two female peers, each equally formidable
and intimidating. Behind them were several dozen soldiers,
Alchemist Tyrwen Culpen had a furtive air about him as he including Winter Guard, Widowmakers, and a white-haired
went through the cold halls of the Thunderhead Fortress. He man in warcaster armor whose stare Culpen felt compelled to
moved quickly but sought to maintain his dignity, refusing look away from.
to break into a full run. He passed several aloof pairs of the The koldun lord gave Culpen a warm smile and extended a
Crucible Guard manning their posts, none of whom gave him a hand in greeting. “Master Culpen, I am pleased to see my faith
second look. in you was not misplaced.”

8 No Quarter PRIME
As Culpen inclined his head and took the hand, the Wys blinked several times but then drew himself up
Greylord indicated those with him, the other two- and shook his head. “No. You go. See what you can
F&F Intel: Mastery
thirds of his formidable ternion. His accent was mild. do to rouse the others. I will not leave this place, not
in the Order of the
“Let me introduce you to my esteemed colleagues, if it can be defended.”
Magzievs Akina Kazanovo and Kasia Zavchenzo.”
Golden Crucible
“It is too late to defend it,” Alyce said, her voice Being recognized as an “Aurum
Akina had raven-black hair and dark eyes, while angry and bitter. “Most of the armed guards inside Ominus Alchemist,” or full
member of the Order of the
Kasia’s hair was white and her eyes a frozen blue. the fortress are already dead.” Golden Crucible, required
The pair gave the smallest of smiles, and Culpen passing a number of tests as
“Still, I must stay,” Wys said, swallowing against
inclined his head to them as well. He stammered a well as committing to oaths of
his own fear. “There’s a chance I can negotiate for loyalty. All veteran members
greeting while his heart hammered in his chest.
the lives of our people. Go while you can. Take aspired to be recognized as
masters. Demonstrating mastery
It had occurred to him that they had no obligation whomever you think might be willing to fight.” required understanding of myriad
to heed their promises now. His life might be forfeit. subordinate fields of study, each
He shared a look with both of them, nodding and
He had considered arranging an elaborate failsafe, with individual attestation exams;
clasping their hands one after the other. As he only those with more than a
but his imagination had abandoned him. The fact
watched them depart, he realized he might never see dozen general and specialized
that Lazar had addressed him with the title “master” attestations earned the revered
them again.
gave him some small hope that they might still need title of master.
his cooperation. —●— From these masters, a select
inner circle earned the title
He said more formally, “Allow me to welcome you “Aurum Lucanum Alchemist” as
to the Thunderhead Fortress. I recognize and accept They were gathered again in the same large meeting well as considerable authority,

your authority here. I hope I can facilitate a smooth chamber, though now they were greatly subdued. such as the task of running
other OGC city branches. Above
transition.” Even cowed. Several significant individuals were these was the singular “Master
missing, Culpen noticed, though that was to be Alchemist Aurum Magnus,” a
Lazar nodded indulgently and said, “But first, I must expected. He did not blame any of them for fleeing, lifetime position chosen by the
greet your former superiors.” and he decided he could potentially use that
Assembly of Masters. Niels Wys
was the last recognized aurum
information to further ingratiate himself with his magnus of the Llaelese Order of
new masters. the Golden Crucible.

The aurum magnus had retired to his chambers after Aurum Magnus Niels Wys seemed as arrogant and
the heated debate ended with the promise that they aloof as usual as he faced the Khadorans. He said to
would resume their discussion the next day. Some them, “While you have succeeded in securing this
matters would not be decided quickly, he knew, chamber and holding us hostage, you should not
though he felt confident he was starting to bring the take this as victory. The few men your accomplice
others around. He had barely gotten settled when helped smuggle inside will not be enough to seize
he heard shouting and rushing footsteps beyond his Leryn.”
chamber. He rose at the muffled sounds of gunfire,
He looked to Culpen, his hatred palpable.
then there was a strident knocking on his door.
Koldun Lord Lazar said, “That is a matter I intended F&F Intel:
He opened it to find a breathless Master Lukas di
to address with you. I require your assistance, and
Morray, no longer in formal attire but dressed as Lukas di Morray
that of the other members in this room, to facilitate
though for an expedition abroad. He wore a long After the end of the Llaelese
Leryn’s peaceful takeover. To minimize the loss of War, Lukas di Morray continued
cloak, had a travel pack flung over his shoulder,
lives.” to struggle against the Khadoran
and had festooned his dark leathers with numerous occupation, lending his assistance
secured flasks. Behind him stood his wife, Alyce, Wys made a sound in the back of his throat. His fists to the Llaelese Resistance. Named
armed and ready. clenched, and his was face mottled. Culpen found Aurum Legate di Morray, as head
of the Llaelese arm of the new
himself enjoying the man’s discomfort. Crucible Guard created after
Lukas said, “Grandmaster, you must come with me.
the relocation of the Order’s
Greylords are inside the fortress rounding up the Lazar continued. “I realize this is a bitter pill to headquarters to Ord, he worked to
masters. We must flee.” swallow. But consider the lives you will be saving. develop unconventional weapons.
Not only in the city itself, but here in these very Through a series of radical
“What?” Wys felt almost dizzy. “How is that alchemical experiments, he sought
halls. We will not tolerate sedition, but we are to artificially induce the warcaster
possible? Greylords, here?”
generous. Those who surrender today will be offered gift. He subjected himself and his
“We are betrayed. I know not the details. They must amnesty for past crimes against Khador. You will wife Alyce to dangerous serums
and was eventually successful
have gotten into the Thunderhead covertly, which be able to continue to do your work, to practice your in replicating warcaster power
suggests a collaborator. The Crucible Guard in the arts, now in service to Queen Ayn Vanar. What do in himself, although at a great
outer walls need to be alerted. First, though, we need you say, Master Wys? Do you surrender to Queen cost to his health. These efforts
eventually resulted in his capture
to get you to safety.” Vanar? Do you accept the leadership of my chosen and imprisonment.
representative, your worthy peer, Aurum Magnus
Tyrwen Culpen?”

No Quarter PRIME 9

Culpen wondered if the lord koldun had chosen to be

deliberately provocative. The last sentence ignited a defiant
rage in the eyes of the grandmaster. He had entered the room Many factors were at play in the extended siege of Llael’s capital,
looking almost resigned. Now his face was livid. including the undeniable fact that Khador’s High Kommand
wanted to take the city as intact as possible. The kingdom’s most
Wys said, “I do not recognize him, no. Let us negotiate. You will
significant and potentially useful industrial capacity was centered
find the defenders of this city are ready to stand against—”
in Laedry and Merywyn, and it is no surprise that the capture
He did not complete his sentence. Lazar gave the barest look of these cities was handled carefully. Any degree to which the
to Magziev Akina and the black-haired Greylord raised a Khadorans could offload military production to Llael from its
hand as her eyes flared with glowing energy. Runes flashed own distant cities would facilitate their strategic flexibility and
into existence in a ring around her wrist. The air around Wys resilience to endure losses during armed conflicts in the future.
erupted in a flurry of snow, and there was a sound like cracking Many of the factories and foundries suitable to Khadoran needs
ice as the Llaelese man was frozen solid, together with two were located along the western and northern peripheries of the
of the masters closest to him. Others nearby shrieked and city, areas vulnerable to collateral damage from artillery.
stumbled away. All three of the Greylords stepped forward,
Aside from the caution with which the Khadorans attempted to
spreading slightly apart, and runes began to manifest around
seize this city, Merywyn had defensive advantages that served
each of them.
to extend the siege. Shelling to breach the walls might have been
“Enough!” Aurum Lucanum Gyrel Mayten said, her face pale. effective but would have required a sustained effort. And while
“We surrender and will cooperate fully. I will speak to the outer not as impressive as the walls of Caspia, Merywyn’s were well
guard, and the gates will be opened.” protected. Its outer battlements had been subjected to extensive
alchemical treatments to enhance the stone’s durability, making
The look she gave Culpen was filled with loathing. Still, he
it resistant to explosive damage. Furthermore, its battlements
endured her scorn, his mind going to the ways he could make
were equipped with powerful and far-reaching cannons, ones
her suffer in the days ahead.
capable of returning fire against any artillery Khador might
have mustered against them.
Merywyn’s biggest advantage was geographical, involving the
Aftermath: large and impressive Black River. It was situated on the eastern
The OGC and Thunderhead Fortress shore of the river at a location where its waters ran deep and
Most of those outside the Thunderhead Fortress did not know the wide. The river hugged its western side and only connected to
details of how Leryn was so swiftly and bloodlessly captured. The the western shore by a single imposing bridge, one that was
Greylords Covenant seized control of all assets of the Thunderhead
Fortress, including a sizable stockpile of high-quality ammunition
quite defensible as it featured at its center a fortified tower
and other alchemical reagents and gear. Despite the offer of amnesty, and garrison capable of supporting its own powerful cannon
many of the senior leaders of the order were executed, along with batteries. A successful assault would, by necessity, need to come
their families, to discourage organized sedition from those who
survived. These were watched closely and immediately put to
from multiple directions at once.
work on projects aiding the Khadoran Army. This included a project
initiated by Kommander Oleg Strakhov to outfit a newly formed unit
Encircling the city, the Khadorans set up multiple encampments
with special gear that would serve them well in countering Cygnar’s north and east of its walls. Numerous battles took place on
trenchers: these were the first assault kommandos. the crater-pocked fields southeast of the city, where Khadoran
Leryn would later come under the control of the Northern Crusade and Cygnaran armies clashed. While Khador was able to limit
of the Protectorate of Menoth, and for a time, Thunderhead
Cygnaran resupplying, they were never able to choke it off
became the headquarters of Hierarch Severius, during which it was
converted into a Menite temple. By this point, the Khadorans had entirely. Despite early successes such as the Battle of Throat
plundered most of its alchemical assets. Cutter, Khador was only able to delay, never stop, the flow of
Many Llaelese members who escaped Leryn joined the Llaelese troops from Northguard and Corvis.
Resistance. The order’s facilities in Cygnar and Llael fractured
and became temporarily independent. Soon enough, its diverse Had this situation continued, it’s possible Merywyn might
leaders accepted the invitation of King Baird II of Ord to relocate have held out longer, especially if the Khadorans had failed to
their headquarters to Midfast. The Crucible Guard was entirely
restructured into a larger, more cohesive, better armed, and largely
secure the surrender of Leryn. Cygnar came near to stationing
self-sufficient mercenary force. sufficient soldiers in Merywyn to defend it. Ultimately, the most
effective strategy by the Khadorans to end the siege took place
far from Merywyn’s walls.
Coordinating efforts with warcasters like Vladimir Tzepesci
and Sorscha Kratikoff, Irusk sent armies against the Cygnaran
borders. Attacks against Fellig, Deepwood Tower, and the outer
battlements of Northguard alarmed Cygnaran generals. While
the Llaelese might have been content to hole up in Merywyn,
the Cygnarans had other concerns, and given the choice
between protecting Llael’s capital or its own borders, Cygnar’s
self-interest won out, just as Irusk had anticipated.

10 No Quarter PRIME
Final Assault of the Siege of Merywyn
Rowan 12th, 605 AR

Khadoran Army
I 1st Army Legions
(“The Anvil”)
A mix of infantry, heavy
infantry, and armor led
by Kommandant Mikhail
Ivdanovich and Kommander
Sorscha Kratikoff in an
assault on the western bridge
ChaNorth and gatehouse.
in G

II 2nd Army Legions
(“The Hammer”)
Heavy infantry, armor,
and heavy cavalry led by
Kommandant Boris Makarov
Gr with the assistance of
Drawbridge an Kommander Izak Harkevich
assaulting the northern wall
and towers.

III 2nd Army &

Reinforcing Legions
Infantry, heavy infantry,
armor, and cavalry led
directly by Kommandant
Harbor Gurvaldt Irusk assaulting
the eastern gate. Includes
uth e reinforcing infantry drawn
So n Gat Harb
ai Chain Gor
from the First Border Legion.
Ch ate


Black River Infantry
(Winter Guard)

Heavy Infantry
(Iron Fangs)

(Man-O-War & Warjacks)

Heavy Cavalry
(Iron Fang Uhlans & Drakhun)

(Mortars, Field Guns, Cannons)

No Quarter PRIME 11
THE FUTILITY to underestimate the foe before her, as among those
in regular uniforms were some wearing the white
OF EXCELLENCE of the Unbreakable 111th of the First Border Legion.
Though rarely deployed anywhere but Ravensgard,
East of Merywyn, Rowan 6th these handpicked troops must have been sent as late
They nearly managed to get within firing distance reinforcements to ensure the success of the siege.
before a spotter saw them and sounded the alert,
She felt pressure to finish this as quickly as possible.
jolting the nearest Winter Guard into frantic motion.
Her own reinforcements from Rhydden should
The sky was dark and angry with roiling clouds, and
be here any moment. If not for Ashlynn’s attack,
the falling rain had helped obscure their approach,
those soldiers would have been ambushed and
as had a gently rolling hill topped by a copse of
slaughtered. The area was thick with reds, and more
trees. They had also been aided by the noise of the
could come from any direction at any time.
ceaseless artillery barrage fired toward the distant
walls. Ashlynn d’Elyse savored the look of fear in Ashlynn fired her hand cannon into the nearest
the eyes of the nearest reds when they saw the elite heavyset sergeant, the bullet slamming into his
infantry of the Silver Lance of Llael charging them, chest and sending him staggering back in the mud.
pistols blazing. Her warjacks let loose howls of steam Her mind was divided, paying close attention F&F Intel:
as they thundered from the trees. to the warjacks she guided into the fray. On her The Vanguard
left, just ahead of her father, was the Nomad she The reputation of Llael’s warjacks
“Stay near to me on the left!” she shouted over the was generally poor, a problem
called Gladiator, her favored melee heavy. Though
noise of battle to her father, who was keeping pace rooted in an unwillingness to
originally built by Cygnar, it had been a Llaelese allocate the budget needed to
with her advance, the estoc he favored in hand.
warjack for a century and seemed to take pride in create competitive designs.
Benefitting from the largess of
“You expect me to take orders from you?” Lord wearing the purple and gold. Cygnar, its wealthier and more
Benoir d’Elyse shouted back, though the corners of technologically advanced ally,
Her other heavy was a more problematic Marksman
his eyes crinkled with humor. The master duelist’s the Llaelese Army was sent older
she had yet to dignify with a nickname, a machine decommissioned military hardware
age was evident in his white hair and beard, though
that unfortunately demonstrated all too well the like the Mule, Nomad, and Talon.
he looked regal in his full-plated armor, and he still Very often the Llaelese Army’s
corners that had been cut in its design by the Llaelese
moved with the grace of a cat. She felt a swell of warcasters had to rely on these
Army. The Marksman had been intended to serve machines over those built by their
pride and no small concern fighting at his side. Few
a role similar to that of the Khadoran Destroyer own kingdom. The main exception
were as skilled with the blade as he—though his to this was the Vanguard, along
or Cygnaran Defender, but it had fallen short. She
duelist’s acumen would not save him from bullets. with the Duelist and other variants
would rather have had a Mule or two; at least the old based on that chassis.
She only hoped his armor was sufficient for that task.
Cygnaran hand-me-downs had been well built in Originally the brainchild of Duke
The speed of her soldiers was bolstered by her magic, their day. The Marksman was equipped with a short Bastian di Maxinault, the Vanguard
was an attempt to deliver a
letting them close the gap even as the guardsmen but wide-barreled cannon that had proven to be properly sophisticated weapon
raised their rifles and blunderbusses to fire. They wildly inaccurate, despite the optimistic name of the of war to the Llaelese arsenal. Di
were met with a rattling sequence of pistols chassis. She directed it to lob an explosive shell into Maxinault hoped to modernize the
army, a dream largely unrealized,
unloading, and a number of those shots glowed a cannon crew hauling its ordnance to face them, but though the Vanguard was a
with sorcerous power as they emerged from rune- the shot went wide, annihilating nothing more than noteworthy success. With a lack
engraved barrels. Those few members of the Order of scattered scrubs beyond the encampment. of support from the king and
other nobles, the duke funded
the Amethyst Rose gun mages who accompanied her
She would have to rely on the more expensive the Vanguard’s development from
savored this opportunity for vengeance. his family fortunes, retaining the
and eminently reliable Vanguard and Duelist, her services of the Order of the Golden
Despite the collapse of the Winter Guard front two light warjacks. She kept the Vanguard close Crucible for its design.
line under a hail of accurate fire, those Khadorans to Captain Kynier, the already injured officer who The first Vanguards emerged
behind them showed their discipline and resolve, had decided to join her in this attack despite his from the Thunderhead Fortress
raising rifles to retaliate. The air was filled with the concerns about their disobeying his superiors. His in 566 AR. Its advanced cortexes
were expensive to manufacture,
haze of powder smoke; deadly projectiles whizzed left arm was in a sling, but that didn’t stop him from and so Vanguards were not
through the air, a number of them impacting solidly wielding his sword in the other and directing his produced in large numbers. It
into the approaching Llaelese infantry. The power men, all volunteers from the 2nd Armored Brigade of eventually became a premier
mercenary warjack, one also
field emitted by her warcaster armor crackled into the Western Division. preferred by warcasters of the
visibility around Ashlynn as several bullets passed Llaelese Resistance. Other
She had become increasingly irritated by the decisions
close by with the sound of angry bees. derivations of this warjack fight
made by the officers in charge of Merywyn’s defenses. with the new Crucible Guard.
Thanks in part to the magic accelerating her soldiers' The final straw was when they had ordered her
reactions, many bullets intended for them missed to remain inside the besieged city, even knowing
their mark as well. Their second volley took down reinforcements from Rhydden were on the way. Her
additional guardsmen, opening a widening hole. At attempt to persuade anyone to ensure their arrival
this point, every shot counted; Ashlynn’s force was had failed, so she took this up herself.
substantially outnumbered. She knew better than

No Quarter PRIME 13

The Duelist she sent ahead aggressively on their right flank, “And you’re not used to wielding a mechanikal blade,” she shot
its dual cannon firing before closing with the short scalloped back without rancor. He couldn’t help himself. Since the Royal
blade it wielded in its right hand. Gladiator trampled through High Guard had disbanded, he’d spent many years teaching
an entire squad of Winter Guard on the left side, sending them others to fight. She had learned more than a few tricks from him.
scattering. Its long and heavy blade was built to batter through
It was at that moment they received the charge of a tightly
warjack armor, so its impact on flesh and blood soldiers was
packed formation of the First Border Legion with axes in hand,
sickeningly effective.
driving father and daughter apart as each scrambled to defend
From the corner of her eye, Ashlynn saw Benoir sweeping into themselves from multiple attackers.
motion with his long, two-handed blade, skewering Winter
Ashlynn sent her Duelist to protect her father and was swept
Guard in what almost seemed a dance. By the time she had
up in the chaos of evasion and retaliation, only gaining a
personally closed with the enemy, they were recovering from
moment of pause as she saw a powerfully built Khadoran officer
their initial shock and were repositioning to counter.
stepping her way. She recognized him as the legendary Kovnik
A squad of Iron Fangs broke forth from the parting Winter Josef Grigorovich. She saluted him with Nemesis and saw his
Guard to charge her Marksman. It was wielding a long glaive eyes flare at her malicious smile. They closed blade to blade.
in its right hand, and it managed to use this to carve through
It was a duel she might have enjoyed, if so many of the Winter
several of the pikemen, but then it was assailed. A sequence
Guard around her weren’t worked up to a frenzy at the sight of
of deeper explosive reports rang out as their blasting charges
their officer engaging with a warcaster.
impacted along its armored chassis. Its legs buckled, and it
tipped over, lashing around it with its glaive until the weapon’s “For the Motherland! For Josef!” they shouted as they pressed in.
head broke from its shaft. Ashlynn gritted her teeth and went in
She recalled the battered corpses of Llaelese soldiers outside
that direction, summoning her Duelist.
Fort Llernas and the bodies of innocent civilians fallen to stray
She was amid the heavily armored Iron Fangs, shooting one in fire in the streets of Merywyn, and she savored every thrust and
the face with her hand cannon and piercing another through lunge that sent a Khadoran bleeding to the earth.
the breastplate with Nemesis in the next breath. Their officer
whirled to face her, swinging his pike low like a quarterstaff —●—
at her legs. She leapt up to let it sweep through the empty air
where she had been. Her sword found the gap below his helmet Kovnik Dorek Markov and the other Iron Fang uhlans of the
and pierced his neck. 29th Assault Battalion with him in his patrol closed rapidly on
the hillside where his countrymen were embattled. He had been
Even as she yanked it free with a spurt of blood, a Winter dispatched for just such a possibility—knowing the Cygnarans
Guard officer with a saber charged her from the left. He came and the Llaelese beyond Merywyn would seek any opportunity
to an abrupt halt as a length of steel driven through his chest to strike against the besieging army. To his practiced ear, it
intercepted him. Benoir had returned to her side and said, had been easy to discern, even from a distance, the turmoil of
“Watch your periphery, my dear. And you’re not properly a pitched battle, in contrast to the even cadence of ongoing fire
putting your full weight into your thrusts. Lean into it.” against the capital’s walls.
She shook her head at him but was already on to the next foe. This was not somewhere Markov would have thought his
She advanced alongside her father and let him cover behind her. enemies would strike. He was doubly startled by the source
of the turmoil—he recognized the infamous young warcaster
and her machines as they plunged into the encamped forces
that outnumbered them. There had to be some greater purpose
to her being here. Regardless of what that was, it was clear his
countrymen were in peril.

Ashlynn d'Elyse's mechanikal blade is named Nemesis, a finely balanced and superlative
duelist's weapon well suited for a warcaster who is also an expert swordsman. The hand
cannon she carries was crafted to match the style of her blade. During the Llaelese War
and the years after, these weapons ended an untold number of Khadoran lives.

14 No Quarter PRIME
“To me!” he shouted, rallying the others to his side. down. Whatever that uhlan had been packing in his
“Line up and make ready!” lance was far more than the normal blasting charge.

Motivated as he was by concern for those under Ashlynn struggled to get back up, her ears ringing.
attack by Ashlynn d’Elyse, he felt his blood stir at the She felt a throbbing pain along her side, but
thought of eliminating this particular thorn. Reports she put it out of her mind for now. She did not
of her actions throughout the invasion had given think her injuries were severe, thanks largely to
the impression she was everywhere at once. He was having strengthened her power field. She had an
being offered a rare opportunity: to put a swift end enchantment that would have prevented their fall, F&F Intel:
to a devoted enemy of the Motherland. but regrettably she hadn’t expended the energy on it, Llaelese Warcasters
too intent on her aggressive attack. At least her father Unlike the circumstances in
“Set lances and charge!” Markov shouted when the rest of the Iron Kingdoms,
hadn’t been fighting near her.
they were formed up as he required. They lowered in Llael warcasters were not
recruited directly into the army.
their weapons, pulling the levers to deliver fresh Despite the smoke and haze around her, she saw The kingdom’s Ministries of the
explosive charges to their tips. Heels dug into the several of the nearest Winter Guard had been slain in Treasury and War had determined
sides of their eager steeds, they galloped across the the blast, suggesting the uhlan officer’s disregard for that they could not afford a
dedicated warcaster training
intervening ground. their lives. Though to kill an enemy warcaster, such a program or the ongoing expense
price was strategically sound. of warcasters on the payroll
—●— as career soldiers. Instead,
She was in the mind of the Nomad and urged it to warcasters were encouraged to

Grigorovich was no duelist, but he was skilled with stand even as she struggled to regain her balance. make themselves available as
needed for the voluntary defense
the saber and had weight and strength combined This didn’t save the warjack from a renewed impact of the kingdom. By law they could
with a reach advantage. Still, Ashlynn would have as one of the uhlans came about for another charge be required to serve, but their

made short work of him if not for the distraction of on the machine, exploding a gaping hole through the position in the chain of command
remained intentionally vague.
those around him. He left an opening on his left side armor of its chest. It wasn’t out of the fight yet—its
Most often a warcaster would be
as he overextended, but another Winter Guard leapt sword intercepted that swordsman and nearly cut
given provisional command over
in the way of her thrust, getting run through for his him in two, and she impelled it to strike another off soldiers on a task-by-task basis,
trouble. Given the reputation of the kovnik, she had his horse as it made its move to run down several of though some, like Ashlynn d’Elyse,
established ties with specific units:
no doubt the soldier died happy to do his service. In her nearest soldiers. Then the machine toppled over,
in her case, the 2nd Armored
their own way, soldiers like the Unbreakable 111th its hip assembly grinding with sparks and a tortured Brigade of the Western Division,
were as bad as fanatics of the Protectorate, their sound of metal on metal. It crawled with its free aka “The Silver Spear of Llael.”
At other times, these warcasters
mindless patriotism as intense as any religious zeal. hand, trying to right itself, but it seemed critically
served akin to mercenaries,
compromised. Her Vanguard was still standing, offering their services for hire as
She heard pounding hooves over the gunfire around though its shield was badly buckled and it had other bodyguards to nobles and honing
her just a few moments before she felt the mental damage besides. Her Duelist was still active but also their talents as they saw fit.
sensation of alarm from Gladiator. The Nomad was damaged, its cannon arm dangling.
already in motion, legs churning as it crossed the
space between them. A group of incoming Iron Fang The man tumbled off his steed by her Nomad took
uhlans thundered down toward them in an inverted the fall well and came to his feet with an impressive
wedge, crashing through several hapless Llaelese alacrity. It was the leader who had come at her—a
soldiers before the first lances impacted her Duelist kovnik by his insignia. He had reversed his lance,
and Vanguard with tremendous crashes, followed by now missing a length of its front end where the
the detonating explosive charges in their tips. They blasting charge had been set. Each uhlan’s lance
were clearing the way. The officer as the point of the could be reversed and wielded as a short spear.
wedge came straight at her. Grigorovich had also regained his feet and came at
her as well, ignoring his bleeding forehead.
She narrowly knocked aside an incoming swipe
from Grigorovich and stepped to evade a downward The dance was on in earnest, and despite the peril
swing of a Winter Guard’s axe. She had no time or and her ringing ears, Ashlynn moved between the
space to get out of the path of the onrushing uhlan. two Khadorans, her sword striking like a serpent.
All she could do was reserve her mystical energy Despite the awkward nature of his lance-spear, the
and pour it into her power field, bracing for impact. officer was extremely skilled. Twice he would have
landed a successful thrust if not for Ashlynn’s ability
Gladiator had been in motion and managed to get to see them coming a moment before they happened,
between her and the horseman, turning to face her reflexes attuned by the magic she invoked.
him and pulling back its massive length of steel.
The uhlan’s lance struck its armored frame, and the With two adversaries of such skill, she could not
resulting explosion was beyond anything Ashlynn keep this up for long, so she took a risk, closing
had expected. She was momentarily deafened by a suddenly inside the uhlan’s reach and kicking him
roar—the ground went out from under her feet as in the chest even as she parried the saber coming at
the warjack and everything around it was knocked her from behind.

No Quarter PRIME 15

She reversed, thrusting to strike a join in Grigorovich’s shoulder

armor. He staggered back, clutching the bleeding wound, while
several Winter Guard pulled him away and moved to stand Aftermath: The Fall of Merywyn
in her path, though their eyes looked fearful. She turned and Though most Llaelese officers and soldiers were determined to
fight on, the withdrawal of the majority of Cygnaran forces from
readied herself to defend against the dismounted uhlan kovnik, the besieged city marked the beginning of the end of the Llaelese
but she found he had also become wary, now that she was no War. This seemed a bitter betrayal to Llael’s courageous defenders,
longer beset on all sides. He was brave but not foolish. especially as many lower-ranking Cygnaran soldiers had developed
strong bonds with their allied counterparts. Just the same, the
The nature of the gunfire around her had changed. The Llaelese Cygnus looked to its safety, leaving the Crown and Stars flapping
tattered and torn in the wind.
soldiers had gotten the upper hand on their adversaries. The
Winter Guard seemed to be pulling back, firing as they did so. On the 12th of Cinten, only six days after the Cygnaran Army began
its march south, the Khadorans made their final assault on the
Glancing over her shoulder, she saw additional men and women capital, striking from north, east, and west to breach the walls and
overwhelm the defenders. Llaelese morale was quite low by this
in Llaelese uniforms coming down the hillside from the east. point, and these fights went decisively in favor of the Khadorans.
The reinforcements from Rhydden! The Khadoran officers Despite some bloody street-to-street fighting, the Khadorans swiftly
shouted to withdraw. The uhlan kovnik’s steed had rejoined advanced on government centers and the personal estates of the
privileged nobles who once ruled this kingdom. Prime Minister
him, and he quickly mounted again. He gave her a look but then Deyar Glabryn and many of his peers immediately surrendered.
spurred his horse away, rejoining the surviving uhlans, who Those who did not and were captured were swiftly executed. Others
moved to cover the Winter Guard withdrawal. who remained defiant and resolute fled Merywyn for Rhydden,
which would become the headquarters of the Llaelese Resistance.
“You’re hurt,” Benoir said as he reached her side. His once
gleaming plate was covered in blood, though he had wiped his
blade clean. She saw he was limping, and it seemed likely that
some of the blood on him was his own.
Given how rarely he offered praise, it was a statement that
“Nothing serious,” she said. Seeing her soldiers readying to touched her profoundly.
pursue and fire on the withdrawing Khadorans, she shouted for
Their discussion was interrupted by a peculiar sight as they
them to stand down. There was no need to tempt fate, and there
neared the wide road leading from the eastern gate of the
were still more Khadorans than Llaelese nearby. They also had
capital. It was strangely quiet, and she realized the Khadorans
many wounded plus the dead.
had taken a break from their periodic firing on the walls. This
She saw a flare above the trees in the distance and frowned at it, was not unprecedented, but the disposition of the Khadorans
wondering what it portended. looked odd. There had been forces keeping a close watch on this
road and prepared to move on the gate, but those forces were no
—●— longer in position.

They did not have far to travel to get back to the embattled She began to understand when the eastern gates opened and a
capital, though her mind had quickly turned to considering the column of soldiers marched out. This was no small and nimble
best way to get the new arrivals inside the walls. She talked to armed force intending to perform a rapid foray against the
her officers and was both surprised and heartened to find they besiegers. There were too many of them, and all of their banners
seemed little concerned about the possible consequences of displayed the golden Cygnus on its blue field. Further, she saw
following her on this mission. They insisted the generals would familiar figures at the fore of the column—the shock of red hair
never dare do anything to formally reprimand Ashlynn, to that had to be Coleman Stryker and beside him in voltaic armor
which Lord d’Elyse agreed. someone who could only be Sebastian Nemo.

“It’s one of the advantages of our not being formally members “What are they doing?” she asked in a hushed voice, though a
of the military,” Benoir said. “Their discipline doesn’t entirely part of her already knew. She had a sick feeling in her stomach.
apply to the likes of us.” Benoir gritted his teeth. “Leaving. They’re abandoning us.” He
“They still frown on outright disobedience,” Ashlynn said looked to his left, to where on the horizon they could see one
quietly. “I am supposed to obey the generals, after all. And of the many Khadoran encampments surrounding Merywyn.
while our name might offer some protection, the same is not “And the Khadorans are moving aside to let them go.”
true for most of my men.”
She inclined her head toward her captains and lieutenants. Her
father nodded.
“Your concern for them is admirable. But trust me when I say
they are proud to be here with you. As am I. Never have I felt
so strongly that my daughter has eclipsed me in every respect.”
She opened her mouth to protest, but Benoir smiled and opened
a hand to forestall her. “I would have it no other way.”

16 No Quarter PRIME
During this period and the increasingly brutal wars that
followed, Cygnar’s armies rarely fought battles of their own
choosing. Khador, meanwhile, managed to largely dictate the
terms of its conflicts, an achievement credited to Gurvaldt Irusk.
So it was that in the spring of 605 AR he launched an extended
campaign against the northern Thornwood, despite being
already enmeshed in the Siege of Merywyn.
These efforts were not separate but were instead inextricably
linked. Given the geographical position of Merywyn and its
proximity to northern Cygnar, Irusk anticipated how difficult it
would be to isolate the Llaelese capital. A brute force assault on
Merywyn might have resulted in high casualties and left that
city in rubble, a pyrrhic victory in which the Motherland would
win nothing but ashes. To break the defenders of Llael without
burning that kingdom to the ground required forcing Llael’s
allies to withdraw.
The Cygnaran Reconnaissance Service had its attention focused
firmly on its enemy’s troop movements, with countless agents
and contacts working covertly behind enemy lines. They were
keenly aware of the forces mustering against their northern
border. The scout general’s orders suggest he was extremely
concerned about the vulnerability of their supply lines to the
armies allocated to Llael. Were the Khadorans to sever that line
and choke the deeply embattled soldiers there, it would imperil Not every trencher who dies
a significant number of Cygnar’s battle-tested warcasters. in battle has the luxury of a
proper funeral, and at times a

This explains several proactive attacks initiated by Cygnar during fallen soldier's brothers- and
sisters-in-arms are forced to
Cinten, the fifth month of the year, starting with an assault on the improvise, marking a gravesite

outer defenses of Ravensgard. Launched under the cover of night by the simple expedient of a
rifle or helmet.
by battalions out of Northguard, this was an attempt to disrupt
Khador’s mustering forces. While Cygnar initiated this fight, they
had been expertly provoked by the Khadorans.
General Hagan Cathmoor of Cygnar’s 1st Division had high
hopes that his assault on Ravensgard on the 5th of Cinten
might draw Khadorans from Merywyn. In this, he badly
miscalculated, and the attack was an unmitigated failure. The
soldiers at Ravensgard were not surprised nor were they in
disarray, and Cygnar suffered a crippling defeat.
A second attempt to interfere with Khador’s preparations
eleven days later was marginally more successful, thwarting one-sided, aided by impeccable timing on the part of Tzepesci.
a mustering point several miles southwest of Ravensgard. He struck as a sizable portion of Deepwood’s garrison marched
While the Khadorans were driven back and their firebase to Northguard but before reinforcements from Point Bourne
was destroyed, this still resulted in few enemy casualties. arrived to replace them. The defenders were routed, and
In the aggregate, the Cygnarans were losing attrition battles Deepwood was seized by Khador.
along the border. Khadoran forces managed to destroy several
This was a tremendous symbolic victory, one that sent ripples
watchtowers along the edge of the Thornwood and to intercept
through the Cygnaran command structure. This act allowed
multiple patrols.
Warmaster General Turpin to convince King Leto to order the
The most telling Cygnaran defeat occurred on the 28th of withdrawal from Merywyn, sealing the fate of Llael. It was a
Cinten, when Great Prince Tzepesci launched a full assault sobering moment for the strongest southern kingdom as its
on the most significant fortification between Fellig and leaders realized their ability to fight their northern rival on
Northguard. The Battle of Deepwood Tower was extremely foreign soil instead of their own had ended.

No Quarter PRIME 17

ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES traditional defenders were still committed to Llael.
Just the same, he was uneasy having to rely on so
Northguard, Cygnar, Rowan 10th many visitors from the coast. Northguard’s trenches
were a confusing maze of tunnels, saps, trenches,
Colonel Anson Hitch rammed his sword through the
and fire bays that even baffled some members of the
Khadoran’s guts, letting the momentum of his charge
95th, his own Gravediggers.
slam him into the Winter Guard’s body and carry him
across the cramped blockhouse. He and his opponent Brookes instructed the troops while Hitch moved
crashed into the far wall, the blade of Hitch’s weapon to a boxy stairwell at the north side of the room. It
scraping on the stones behind his enemy. The led up to the trench works on the surface and had a
Khadoran threw a final punch at Hitch, clipping him heavy iron door that was barred on the inside. Hitch
on the jaw. Hitch responded with a downward yank moved to the top of the stairs and waited for the
of his sword that opened up the other man and bled trenchers to stack up below him. As they formed two
him out in moments. rows on either side of the stairs, he drew his pistol.
Hitch let the body fall as he turned to assess his “Sir, I really don’t think you should be up there,”
F&F Intel: surroundings. The Third Army trenchers with Brookes said from below. “Let me or one of the other
Cygnar’s First him were finishing the last bits of their bloody men take point.”
& Third Armies work, killing Winter Guard with bayonet thrusts
“I appreciate your motherly instincts, but I’ve been
Cygnar’s armed forces are divided and hacks of their entrenching spades. The colonel
fighting in these trenches longer than you’ve had a
into four armies, each positioned allowed himself a moment to lean against the wall
to defend a different corner of military career,” Hitch said. He hated that he’d been
to try to regain his breath.
the realm. Many soldiers will promoted high enough that people like Brookes
remain in a specific army, division,
brigade, regiment, battalion, and Even this deep in the tunnels, he could feel the actively tried to prevent him from fighting. With a
company for their entire careers. booming of the reds’ artillery. It sounded like scowl, he unbarred the thick metal door and edged it
However, these divisions are all three positions were still firing, so the other open. He was met with a hail of gunfire that rang off
not static, and soldiers can be
reallocated as required, either companies had not yet reached their objectives. its surface like a dull bell.
temporarily or permanently. Ever since the Khadorans had taken three forward
Hitch yanked the door closed. Drawing his saber,
Traditionally, the First Army positions in Northguard’s trenches, they had
defends Cygnar’s northern border he cracked it open again and held the blade
unleashed an unending barrage of mortar fire deep
versus Khador, and it played the perpendicular to the floor up against the opening.
largest role in the Llaelese War into the Cygnaran lines.
and the subsequent fighting in the The polished blade acted like a mirror, showing
Thornwood. The Third Army out “Status,” Hitch said. He had rushed the blockhouse him three Winter Guard taking shelter in the trench
of Highgate traditionally defends and did not know the situation back in the tunnels beyond the door.
the western coast and fights
leading to it.
most often against the Nightmare He let them fire a full volley, watching until one
Empire of Cryx.
“Three wounded, two dead,” Lieutenant Brookes of the three dropped behind cover to reload his
replied after looking back down the tunnel. The weapon. Hitch then rammed his shoulder into the
lieutenant was a thin Thurian man with a touch of door, flinging it open. He rushed forward and fired
the accent. His left eyebrow was split open where a a shot from his heavy pistol into the skull of the
Khadoran axe had managed to break through the furthest Khadoran, bringing his saber down on the
rim of his helmet. closer one with a brutal overhand chop. Behind him,
the Third Army trenchers roared a battle cry and
Hitch blew sweat out of his moustache. He had
rushed into the trench.
expected worse. “Leave the dead. Tell the wounded
to hold this blockhouse. We can use it as mustering
point once we clear out Martha’s Redoubt.”
Brookes gave him a quizzical look. “Sir, I’m not sure The rain had all the urgency of spring but none of
I know—” its warmth. It leeched the body of energy and heat,
turned the road into a thick glue of water and mud,
“Martha is where the reds are keeping some of and transformed every mile marched into a dozen.
those goddamn big guns, Lieutenant. I know you
Third Army boys came all the way from the coast to The rain pinged off Markus “Siege” Brisbane’s armor
reinforce us. You’re new to Northguard, but try to and shrieked softly as it vaporized off the hot boiler
use your brain. The army bought you a helmet for a on his back. The warmth radiating off it made him
reason.” more comfortable than most of the other soldiers
marching in his column, but even he felt a damp
Lieutenant Brookes touched the rough gash in his ache that reached his bones.
helmet but kept silent. The man didn’t look insulted,
just reprimanded. He was still a trencher, after all. The major walked in the center of a massive column
In truth, Hitch was grateful for the supplementary of First Army soldiers, flanked by his battered
forces from the Third Army. Many of Northguard’s warjacks. Triumph wore a long streak of scorched

18 No Quarter PRIME
paint where a Khadoran rocket had ricocheted off its hull. A “Major Brisbane. Lord General Duggan sent me. I understand
Defender named Eagle dutifully marched behind him, favoring you’ve been ordered to escort these soldiers back to Northguard?”
its damaged left leg.
“I was,” Siege said. Something about the way the ranger shifted
Siege had been marching for the better part of four days. The in the saddle made him wary. “Why, soldier?”
weather had slowed the column considerably. The weather and
“You’ll have to leave them. You have to hurry, sir. There’s been
the wounded. There were hundreds of casualties, maybe more,
a development in the outer defenses. Khadorans took some of
coming along behind him. Those who couldn’t walk rode in the
the redoubts and are holding the northern trenches. It’s bad, sir.
beds of open-topped wagons that skidded through the mud.
Worse than usual.”
Early this morning, one of the draft horses had broken its leg
trying to pull free from a thick patch of mud, and they’d had to —●—
put it out of its misery on the side of the road. Siege instructed
one of his warjacks, a Cyclone named Reverend, to take over Thick banks of cannon smoke rolled over the trenches like a fog
for the missing horse. Since then, it had been one heavy, muddy over Blindwater Lake, stinging Hitch’s eyes. The occasional flare
step after the other with only short rests in between. shot up from somewhere among the trenches to explode in the
The sound of approaching hooves signified a ranger coming air, painting everything in flickering hues of alchemical red.
down the road, his hood pulled up against the rain. His uniform A steady rattle of gunfire echoed in the distance, broken up by
marked him as a swift sergeant. The white foam on the horse’s staccato grenade explosions and the whistle and blast of falling
flanks let Siege know the man had been riding for some time. artillery shells. In that smoky chaos, hordes of soldiers fought
one another, rushing from one fire bay to claim the next.

No Quarter PRIME 19
Hitch and the Third Army reinforcements fought their way —●—
through the trenches, stopping only long enough to cut down
pockets of Khadorans who stood in their way. Early on, Hitch For Siege, after weeks spent fighting in a city, the battlefield
learned that the other soldiers were lost among the various between the fortresses of Northguard and Ravensgard looked
switchbacks, dead ends, and tunnels they needed to traverse to like an alien place. Before he even reached the fringes of it, he
reach Martha’s Redoubt. could smell lingering blasting powder and feel the familiar
thump in his stomach from ordnance falling on the soil.
As he led the Third Army soldiers to reclaim the trenches,
runners intercepted him, bearing messages from the other Siege marched alone now except for a pair of warjacks at his
officers in his command. Under normal circumstances, he would side. As the rest of the returning soldiers made their way to
have been back in the command trenches, directing a much the main fortress of Northguard with instructions to aid in
larger force of thousands, but he had insisted on leading this reinforcing the fortress as best they could, he cut west to enter
group himself. Hitch trusted his subordinate officers to pursue the battlefield that stretched between the Cygnaran fortress
the mission objectives in his absence. Before undertaking the and Ravensgard to the north. Siege had sent Reverend off with
assault, however, he had tried to embed a few Gravediggers the wounded under the command of a ’jack marshal, both to
familiar with Northguard among each platoon, but such soldiers help protect the troops and to keep hauling his wounded cargo.
were stretched thin amid the Third Army reinforcements. The big Cyclone had required a mental shove before it would
abandon the warcaster.
The fight against the Khadorans was not going well. Several
of the platoons had been caught in ambushes or were pinned Without the massive group of soldiers to watch over, Siege was
down in prolonged firefights. The reds lost many soldiers able to move at his own pace. By feeding more power into his
claiming a portion of the northernmost trenches and were not warcaster armor, he compensated for some of the sticking mud,
ready to surrender them. Skirmish after skirmish had steadily and his remaining warjacks hastened to keep pace with him. He
whittled down his own forces, leaving him in direct command arrived well in advance of the rest of the column.
of only two platoons. He could follow the wounded they
He entered the trenches like a man returning home. He had a
had left behind all the way back to Northguard like a trail of
mental map of which permanent trenches were deep and wide
enough to allow his heavy warjacks to pass safely and which
In a wide dugout his forces were using to weather another ones they would become stuck inside. Triumph led the way
creeping barrage of artillery, Hitch turned to Lieutenant as they pushed closer to the front lines. He kept Eagle behind
Brookes. As he spoke, he used the tip of his saber to sketch a him, where the damaged warjack’s reduced pace would not
crude map on the wooden floor. “This line is Shepherd’s Cross, slow him.
the trench just north of us. It runs parallel to the front, more
As Siege navigated the trenches, he gathered volunteers from
or less. Three communication trenches run from the Cross to
the foxholes and blockhouses. He was careful to accept only
Tincap Hollow, Shrapnel Point, and Martha’s Redoubt. We’re
a soldier or two at a time, never enough to deplete a defensive
going to take out the guns in Martha.”
position. Before they reached the active combat, he’d built a
“Understood, sir. We should have enough men to reclaim the small cohort of trenchers. They didn’t need to ask where he was
fire bay and destroy their artillery before we retreat.” leading them. They knew.

“We’re not going to retreat, Lieutenant. Captains Chandler and —●—

Moore should have reached Tincap and Shrapnel Point by now,
even considering red blockades. We have to assume they were “Clear!” shouted a grenadier, twisting the priming cap of a
not successful in their mission.” demolition charge. Holding his helmet on with one hand, the
Brookes lost his composure for a moment as he grasped what soldier sprinted away from the Khadoran artillery piece and
Hitch was implying. “Sir, we don’t have enough men to even hold slid into cover. A few seconds later, the charge detonated with a
Martha, much less assault two other positions.” roar, hurling dirt and machinery.

“I am aware. But the reds’ guns are hammering us. They are As bits of debris rained down, Hitch tallied the soldiers still
reaching too deep into our trench works. If they keep this up, with him. Of the sixty soldiers he had led into Martha, only
we could be facing an all-out attack on Northguard.” twenty remained. Many of the surviving trenchers bore injuries,
some severe enough to take a soldier off the front lines for
“Our losses will be . . . high.” Brookes looked back at the months. He had nowhere near enough combat-ready troops
remaining soldiers with their group. They were huddled in to attempt another attack, and judging by the sounds of battle
small groups lining the narrow trench or were stacked five deep he could hear, the other troops in the trenches were already
in narrow dugouts along the trench walls. committed to their own fights.
Hitch said, “They will be. Just be ready to accept those losses. Once the rumble of the explosion passed, those twenty looked
For the time being, prepare the men for an attack on Martha. to him with expectant faces—awaiting orders to retreat to
I will inform them of our next course of action once we have Northguard, no doubt.

No Quarter PRIME 21

“Trenchers! You grabbed the reds by the guts today and didn’t A Widowmaker’s rifle cracked, and the shot sparked off his
stop yanking. You should be proud. Every one of you deserves armor. Siege snarled and fired a buzzing swarm of rockets in
to have a hot drink by a nice fire back in Northguard. But we the direction of the attack, obliterating a patch of the trenches
are not going back.” Hitch didn’t let the grim expressions of in a fiery blast. His presence had drawn the attention of the
the soldiers slow him down. “East of here are two additional Khadorans; they began hammering him with everything they
positions with more of these guns. Until we clear them out, our had as he moved through the trenches.
brothers and sisters will keep dying, and the reds get to say they
The fighting ignited something in him. After the first few
owned a piece of Northguard. I will not let that happen. We will
minutes, he rushed ahead of his gathered force, Havoc in hand.
keep going. We will keep fighting. If we silence even one more
He bashed open blockhouse doors and pulverized all within
gun, that’s more Cygnaran lives saved. We will sell our lives at
with a shockwave of arcane force. Siege let out all the anger and
a high price. If we die, we will die with our hands around some
frustration of the last months in a fierce battle cry as he went
red bastard’s throat. We will fight until we kick their asses out of
forward, sweeping through everyone in his way. He vented
Cygnaran land. Understood?”
his rage about the crumbling Llaelese nation and about the
The trenchers answered as one with an eager shout. memories of his own undoing at Keeper’s Dig when he had been
trapped during a winter storm while Cygnaran soldiers died at
“For Northguard, sir,” said Brookes at his shoulder.
Merywyn. Here, at least, was an enemy he could face head on.
Hitch was surprised to see the young lieutenant still alive. He
Siege let loose a raw, angry shout as he brought Havoc down on
grinned. “For Northguard. Son, I have to say, for a bunch of
another Khadoran. Behind him, Triumph and Eagle echoed his
Third Army dog-paddlers, I’m impressed. You’ve earned the
cry with those of their own, their shrill blasts of steam sounding
right to call yourselves Gravediggers today.”
like the whistles of an oncoming train.
The Khadorans were not prepared for him.
Someone shot Hitch in the stomach as he led the charge through
Siege cut through their soldiers without slowing down. Field the smoke grenade clouds. It wasn’t a blunderbuss ball, he knew,
gun shells boomed off of Triumph’s shield and Eagle’s hull, and because most of his guts were still in his body.
sniper fire streaked off Siege's power field with arcs of light.
He pressed forward, emerging into Tincap Hollow. Dozens
As he advanced, he picked up speed like a locomotive moving of Winter Guard were in the fortified fire bay, though most
from a cold stop. At first, he was methodical, calculating spells huddled around the enormous artillery cannons to defend
in his head to transform each shot of Triumph’s heavy barrel them. Standing nearby was a kapitan in a fur-lined coat,
into an arcane explosion, stopping to fire salvos of swarming wielding an ornate saber and pistol.
rockets into Khadoran-held positions. The two warjacks kept
“Destroy that gun!” Hitch shouted, snapping off a shot with his
pace with him, firing in steady unison, blasting down barricades
pistol in that direction. The trenchers swarmed the Khadoran
and trampling through pockets of resistance.
defenders, who fired a volley that claimed a few lives. But the
furious charge of the rest swept over them. When the trenchers
reached the Khadorans’ position, the battle turned into
something like a bloody tavern brawl.
As the soldiers slammed into each other and went down
fighting, Hitch moved to engage the officer. It was probably
the same bastard who had shot him. Caught mid-reload, the
Khadoran cast his pistol aside and swung his saber in a wide arc
at Hitch’s neck. If he expected to cross blades, though, Hitch was
quick to disappoint him.
He ducked beneath the swing and tackled the officer, lifting him
off the ground with a roar and slamming his body back down.
Something inside Hitch’s gut felt like it tore, and pain washed
over him. Still, he had enough adrenaline buzzing through his
body that he could ignore it as he climbed on top of the kapitan.
Sitting astride the Khadoran, Hitch backhanded the other man
with the brass hilt of his sword. The Khadoran flailed at Hitch
with a clumsy swing of his own blade. Hitch responded with a
blow to the man’s chest then pounded the pommel of his saber
into the Khadoran’s face until the officer’s skull split with a
loud crack.

22 No Quarter PRIME
Hitch stumbled up from the body, turning to the fight with the “Don’t let anyone up the chain hear you say that, Major. If they
artillery crew. Trenchers and Winter Guard grappled with each knew I got my hands bloody, they might bust me back down to
other, struggling over weapons or rolling in the mud and trying major. Captain, even.”
to choke the life out of each other. He grabbed the nearest red by
“You aren’t that lucky, Colonel. Knowing your luck, they’ll
the collar, hauling him off Lieutenant Brookes. Brookes used the
promote you just so you have to stay in an officer’s tent,” Siege
opportunity to ram his bayonet into the Khadoran’s heart.
said. For the first time in a long time, a small smile tugged at the
When the fighting was done, the trenchers prepared to destroy corner of his mouth. Hitch’s crestfallen expression at the idea
the second gun. Hitch pulled Brookes aside. “I count five more of promotion ran counter to most career-soldiers’ responses,
dead,” Hitch said. but Siege had often felt the same. Several times, in fact, he’d
deliberately evaded promotion.
“We got lucky, sir. But short of a miracle, I don’t know how we’re
going to overrun the final position.” “The bastards probably would.” Hitch’s expression grew
skeptical. “I saw some First Army troops coming through. Not
“Then start praying, Lieutenant. While you do, I’ll try to come
from the forward divisions. And the Khadoran assault was
up with a plan.”
aggressive. Has something changed?”
Brookes seemed to notice the gunshot wound in Hitch’s
“Yes. Our orders came in a few days ago: all Cygnaran assets in
abdomen for the first time. “Sir, you’re bleeding.”
Llael have been sent back to the border.” Siege looked grim.
“We all are,” Hitch replied. He didn’t tell the lieutenant that his
“So, they’re through,” Hitch said. Siege knew the colonel had
legs felt cold and watery or that he was becoming lightheaded.
fought at Merywyn before being recalled. Judging by the man’s
He only allowed the junior officer to offer him support so he
expression, he was as unhappy about it as Siege was.
could stay on his feet.
Siege sighed. “They would have cut off our supply lines. I knew
Before Brookes could say anything more in response, a
Merywyn couldn’t hold indefinitely, but we would have made
massive explosion bloomed from Shrapnel Point. The sounds
a go of it, had they let us. Some people stayed behind and are
of whistles followed it shortly after, and along the front line
still fighting, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Now we have to roll
of Cygnar’s trenches, Khadorans began to evacuate their
with the punches and look after our own.”
positions. Emerging from the fiery explosion, a tall, broad man
in warcaster armor stood at the rim of the redoubt, followed a
moment later by a triumphant warjack. It slammed the ridge of
its shield onto the ground as if to challenge all takers. The man Aftermath: Thornwood Wars
stood, breathing heavily, looking like an avatar of war in mud-
It might have been reasonable for Cygnar’s defenders to expect
spattered Cygnaran blue. that the bloody clashes along its northern border might cease after
Merywyn surrendered and Khador absorbed its considerable gains.
There was a moment of confused silence as the reds fled to There were lulls and intervals of relative calm, but the Thornwood
Ravensgard. It was broken by the sound of a sniper’s rifle, which would not see peace for some time to come. These battles turned
set off the cacophony of battle again as chain gunners, trenchers, out to be the opening salvos of what would be referred to as the
Second Thornwood Wars, a protracted echo of the First Thornwood
and long gunners tried to pick off the Khadorans before they War, which left deep scars in the region a hundred years before.
could return to their own defenses. Indeed, the next few months would reveal a host of new troubles for
Cygnar, ones that would quickly eclipse any disappointments over
Hitch only stared. “What the hell was that?” the course of the Llaelese War. The full might and unyielding resolve
of the Protectorate of Menoth was about to reveal itself, as was the
“A miracle,” Brookes said, then added, “sir.” festering threat represented by the Nightmare Empire of Cryx.


“Anson Hitch, I never thought I’d see you on your back,”

Siege said.
After driving the Khadorans out of Northguard’s trenches, Siege
returned to the fortress to check on soldiers in the infirmaries.
The troops he had led south from Merywyn were also receiving
medical attention, but he had been surprised by the number of
wounded already in the cramped rooms.
Hitch propped himself up on an elbow, wincing as something in
his stomach pained him. “Major Brisbane. I thought it was you
we have to thank for scaring off the Khadorans.”
“Just a little clean up. Captain Finn informs me you led a sortie
out yourself to do some heavy lifting.”

No Quarter PRIME 23

by William “Oz” Schoonover

In this issue of No Quarter Prime, we continue our ongoing support for Company of Iron
with a group of scenarios that is different from anything we’ve published so far. In addition
to scenarios, we’re including rules for adding even more models to what is available when
building an army.

I nstead of a series of new scenarios that follows a particular

story, the scenarios in this issue represent slightly larger
battlefields where more than two armies are struggling for
Each player rolls a die at the beginning of the game, rerolling any
ties. Players choose deployment zones and deploy their armies
in order of the die rolls from highest to lowest. Players make
victory. As with all scenarios we publish, you can use these a priority roll at the beginning of each round. The player who
as inspiration when coming up with your own. Creating your rolled highest starts the game with priority, and priority rotates
own stories and playing them out on the tabletop is immensely clockwise around the table.
rewarding, and adding more players to a game can often add
A player can pass priority if that player has fewer unactivated
to the fun.
models on the table than any other player’s number of
unactivated models.
NEW CORE RULES FOR When determining the model count adjustment for hand size
at the beginning of the game, a player gains the increased hand
MULTIPLAYER GAMES size benefit if any other player has double or triple the models
that player has. When drawing cards at the beginning of a round,
Multiplayer games are played on a 48˝ × 48˝ table with three or
every player whose army started the game with the lowest
four players. Each player deploys completely within 12˝ of a table
amount of points draws an extra card and then discards a card.
corner unless otherwise specified by the scenario. Place 16 to 18
pieces of terrain, with no terrain set up within 12˝ of a table corner. Ambushing models can be placed on any table edge but not
within 12˝ of a corner.

24 No Quarter PRIME
CHASING TALES A moment later a wiry, rough-hewn man stepped in, giving her
office a skeptical look. “I thought a professor would have a nicer
by Matt Goetz office,” John Kinkaid said. He flicked the rim of a gas lantern to
produce a faint chime. “This is barely bigger than a prison cell.
Abigail Thorpe pushed the hair out of her eyes and reached Hunchbacked rats would say this place is small.”
for another paper from the stack threatening to spill all over
her desk. The broadsheet hit her desktop with a weighty thud, “John, what are you doing here?” Abigail asked as she slipped
causing Artis to turn and regard her with the bored disdain only out from behind her desk, stepping carefully over several
well-fed housecats can manage. The pet swished her tail across stacks of books to give her companion a brief embrace. Reginald
the desk, yawned, and rolled over to show Abigail her back. stepped in just far enough to bring them some brandy and
glasses on a platter before sprinting to safety.
Abigail scanned through the front page of the broadsheet,
a volume out of Fellig called the Intelligencer Gazette. It was “Bailey needed me to pick up some parts from a manufacturer
a cheap rag that published unlikely stories and letters from here in town. I thought I’d swing by the university, maybe
every bumpkin in Northforest, but she studied each line check in with my investigator, get drunk in some back-alley
carefully. Between articles like “Daughter of an Orgoth Corvis dive.” Kinkaid looked past her and seemed to notice
Warlord” and “Dregg Took My Baby,” she found kernels the mountains of broadsheets on her desk, her floor, and the
of other, more plausible stories. She read those pieces and wooden chair she used for student conferences. “You’ve been
scribbled notes in the worn ledger on her knee. To date, away on this visiting lecturer position so long, Grimes, Elliot,
she’d filled the left page with notes on reports confirmed and I thought maybe you pulled up roots and were going to
by scattered chapters of the Strangelight Workshop, sorted request a transfer to Corvis University on a permanent basis.
by dates. On the right page, she copied lines from the Fellig But it looks like you’ve been busy with something else.”
paper that corresponded with the reports, writing lines like “I have. Would you like to know what it is?” she asked.
“pumpkin-headed men abduct farmer from home,” and “three
found dead in taphouse, all kegs sealed but empty.” “Only if you weren’t going to tell me anyway,” he said. She took
it as an invitation.
Abigail kept scribbling away for hours, going through one
broadsheet before tossing it to the floor and grabbing another. “It’s amazing. Ever since the lunar conjunction a few months
There was a snowdrift of news from Khador creeping several ago,” she began, “there has been an incredible surge in reports
inches thick before afternoon tea, and she had barely started of grymkin all over the place. Not just the sort we encountered
on her Ordic report when the clock in the hall chimed seven. this last year, either. It’s all manner of creatures. Look at this.”
The work had lulled her into a serene, mindless rhythm when She turned her ledger toward Kinkaid, disturbing a few piles of
a timid tapping at the doorway broke her reverie. She snatched paper and one spoiled cat. Artis plopped down from the desk
her glasses from her forehead and fumbled them into place. and rubbed against Kinkaid’s leg before leaping onto a nearby
A thin student stood in Abigail’s doorway, awkwardly trying to bookshelf to curl up again.
figure out what to do with his arms. Shoving his hands in his Kinkaid took the book and squinted at the page. “Hell, Abigail.
pockets, he managed to stammer out his reason for interrupting Don’t they teach penmanship in this school?”
her. “Professor Thorpe? Um, there’s someone here to see you. He
says he’s a coworker at your other job?” “You can’t read that? I thought that literacy was mandatory for
all mechaniks in the Strangelight Workshop,” she said.
Abigail took note of how he avoided mentioning the name of the
Strangelight Workshop. “Thank you, Reginald. Please see him “Nope. I got a pass on account of my good looks and
in. Get us something to drink, would you? Some tea or brandy immeasurable brilliance. What am I looking at?”
would be fine.” Abigail sighed and pointed at the book. “The left page contains
Reginald wheezed out a quiet “yes, ma’am” and vanished, reports from all of our chapterhouses outside Ceryl. I asked
likely relieved to be free from the pressure of social interaction. Chief Librarian Halebran to send me copies while I finished out
Students often had a similar reaction to her, no doubt due to the semester. I’m sure Commander Keller would lose his mind
the work she performed outside the university. It was always if he knew, but I had my reasons. There are over five-hundred
obvious when stories of her spirit-hunting exploits had reached percent more related to recorded types of grymkin, or creatures
a new batch of students during the spring lecture circuit. Thrill- similar in description to them, than any previous year.”
seeking students audited her classes in droves while those with Kinkaid nodded. “I believe it. Especially after our encounter in
greater survival instincts, like Reginald, did everything possible Llael. Is this a case you were assigned?”
to stay out of her way.
“No, this is me being proactive about a problem. The right
A few moments later she heard Reginald instructing someone page,” Abigail continued, “are unconfirmed reports from
in the hall. If he had sounded timid speaking with her, he was citizens. I’ve been reading broadsheets, trade correspondences,
positively stammering with this new arrival. personal letters, and military reports, and then verifying them
against our own information.”
“Military reports?”

No Quarter PRIME 25

“I have friends all over, John,” Abigail said. “Regardless, there “You know that’s not good enough, Kinkaid. We’ve faced these
are more than double the number of unconfirmed reports, even things before. Morrow’s sake, we even sent one of the big ones
when you discard the obvious fabrications, like stories about back to—well, wherever we sent it. But most people out there
underdressed women luring men into apple orchards to do are completely blind. To them, grymkin are old wives’ tales, not
unspeakable things to them.” something you actually need to worry about.”

“That sounds pretty specific,” Kinkaid said. “So, what are you suggesting we do?” Kinkaid asked.

Abigail rolled her eyes. “There is a whole field of study “The Workshop might not have enough resources to stop the
dedicated to unraveling that kind of fantasy.” grymkin. I’m not sure Keller would approve of me doing this on
my own. But I think there is something we can do to help.”
Kinkaid rubbed his jaw while he thought aloud. “Keller needs
to know about this. Our encounters with grymkin were. . . Kincaid swallowed most of his drink in one toss and wiped his
well, they were nasty. We are lucky we made it out with as few mouth with the back of his hand. “Hire someone to build us a
injuries as we did. If what you have here is correct . . . ” really big bunker and lock ourselves in it until someone more
qualified takes care of the situation?”
“Yes. Everyone is potentially in danger. It’s worse than you
realize, though.” Abigail led Kinkaid to a framed map of the “No,” she said and shot back her own brandy, wincing at the
Iron Kingdoms on the wall and grabbed a grease pencil from mix of sweetness and low-quality alcohol. “We study them. We
atop the frame. As she spoke she began making marks on learn what it is they’re after, and what it takes to get rid of them.
the glass. “This is the hospital where you and I encountered We’re scientists, not soldiers.”
grymkin first, in Ramarck. This is Glynam in Llael, where we
“Technically, I’m neither,” Kinkaid said.
encountered them next. The mass sighting event at Boarsgate
happened shortly after. My initial observations reported that “No, but you are a member of the Strangelight Workshop.
the level of grymkin activity was higher than normal in the area Learning about the supernatural, and how to deal with weird
within these three points.” things when they come out of the darkness, is the whole point
of the job.”
As she sketched lines between the three cities, Kinkaid whistled
in surprise. “That area covers most of Cygnar.” She hoped he didn’t confront her on this. She’d accepted the
opportunity to speak at Corvis University so she could be
“I’m not done. These,” she said, jabbing several more locations
closer to the man who wrote the book—literally—on most of
with the pencil, “are only the most verifiable reports from the
Immoren’s natural phenomenon, Professor Viktor Pendrake.
ones I’ve received. I’m talking with ten or more witnesses.”
After learning about her encounters with the grymkin, he had
Kinkaid touched the map. She had dotted it all over, leaving helped to set her on her current course. The man had been
blemishes across most of western Immoren. instrumental not only in helping her form her own hypothesis
but in convincing her she could not sit idly by until the
“What does this mean?” he asked.
Strangelight Workshop decided it was time for action. He had
“Something’s changed and in a big way. I’m worried that not offered to approach her employer about taking on the team as
enough people know what the grymkin even are, much less special consultants on the matter.
what to do about them once they encounter them.”
Kinkaid put up his hands, a gesture he often performed when
“They’ll learn soon enough,” Kinkaid said. he surrendered an argument. “Okay, fine. So we learn about
them. We can take a boat down the Dragon’s Tongue and be
“Either that, or they’ll die.” Abigail crossed the room and
back in Ceryl in what, a week? Then what?”
picked up the brandy. She poured a drink for herself, another
for Kinkaid, and sat back down behind her desk. He carefully “We get the team together, gear up, and go chasing down
shifted a tower of books and paper to perch on the edge of her grymkin-tales,” she said.
desk. She raised her glass to him. “The grymkin are acting
Kinkaid looked back at the map, swirling the last drops of
much more violent than ever before. We’re used to them
brandy around his glass. “So, where do you want to start?”
kidnapping and mutilating, yes, but now they’re acting like
some kind of army.” “Let me tell you about what happened at a place called Gal
Ghorath,” she began.
“Well, we might tell someone in the army about them, then.
Make it their problem.”

26 No Quarter PRIME
by Matt Goetz
Their bodies jittered and lurched between the trees as they moved
forward. The canopy of the forest blocked out the glow of the moons and
the stars, but they did not need light to see. Their hollow eyes looked on
the world in sharp black and white. Two lines of ghostly figures formed
a path that the empty soldiers walked, pointing as one into the distance.
The silent sentinels were hazy echoes of the companions they allowed to
die, keeping them moving in the direction of their destination. Only the
hollowmen could see them. They stood waiting everywhere the grymkin
soldiers would go, blocking the path behind them as they passed and
guiding them forever toward battle.

The thing that once was Holden saw more than the others. He still had
one human eye—a fragment of who he used to be—while the others had
only empty black pits where their eyes had once been. Holden’s vision
was doubled as one eye showed him the stark, ghost-filled world of the
hollowmen, the other the dark, shadowy world of real sight. It made his
living eye stream endlessly, a welling up of moisture that left a slick line
Research chancellery were pleased to have the old man out of their
down his withered face.
way—in fact, they had rewarded Sokolov with his station. Fortunately,
He didn’t feel pain—not the hot, vibrant, alive way he used to—but no ambitious young rastoviks had joined them on the mission this night.
there was still a sensation of harm at his back. The tittering gremlin
riding his pack must have jabbed him with his old bayonet again, trying —●—
to goad him on. He lurched forward again, his way marked out by a
company of dead trenchers on either side watching him as he went. Holden began to see the man they had been sent to stop, and he knew
the others could, too. As they drew closer, spectral images of their prey
—●— appeared on the ghost-lined path ahead of them. He was tall and slender
with thick black hair and a groomed beard. He wore ostentatious clothing
Magziev Fydor Sokolov made his Winter Guard escort uncomfortable, that gave him the appearance of a battle wizard.
and that pleased him. Most of the soldiers had the look of idiot peasants,
Khadoran, a small, distant voice in Holden thought. Greylord.
probably born in the mud of some farm. He even heard one of them, a
young boy with a crooked nose, whisper the word witch under his breath The translucent echo of the man played out scenes from a life spent full
when Sokolov used his powers, though the boy’s rural dialect had turned of ambition and greed. The hollowmen marched through the shadow of
the term into almost-incomprehensible mush. the Greylord as he barred a door, as he let an undead figure slaughter his
companion. Farther down the path, they passed through another image
But Sokolov had far better things to concern himself with than peasant
of the Greylord. Playing out an echo of some distant battlefield, the
superstition. He stood next to the first of the ancient, black waystones
Khadoran used a wall of fellow soldiers to soak up bullets from Cygnaran
marking the perimeter of Gal Ghorath, and Sokolov caressed the stone,
guns to preserve his own life. More and more images from the Greylord’s
tracing with one finger the screaming faces carved into its face.
past played as the hollowmen marched on. Each vignette showed some
“We’re not far now,” he said, looking south. “This marked the start of sin from the man’s life.
Slaver’s Way from the fortress. If we continue this direction, we should
The gremlin on Holden’s back laughed more now. Its laughter had a shrill
find another one soon.”
and manic quality. When the gremlin got excited, Holden had learned, it
“What happens when we get there?” asked the sergeant of his escort. meant the hollowmen were getting close.
“Kovnik Davdanovich said we would need to be ready to fight. What
could we be facing? Trollkin? Tharn?” —●—

Sokolov flicked his finger off the timeworn nose on one of the stone faces. Sokolov could not contain himself. When he first glimpsed the mangrove-
“Perhaps. Or worse. My mentor met his end in a ruin similar to Gal choked black stone structure looming out of the forest, he let out a shout
Ghorath at the blades of an undying creation of the Orgoth.” of raw delight.
The magziev tried to suppress a smile as he thought of the old fool feebly The Winter Guard spread out into the outer ruins, sweeping the corners
throwing cold magic at the blade-limbed thing and how it had felt to bar with their blunderbusses to check for inhabitants. Sokolov and his
the door against his feeble pounding. The kolduns of the Archeological sergeant walked at the rear. The sergeant was wary while Sokolov felt
like a Khardic emperor returning home.

No Quarter PRIME 27

“They say the Orgoth sorcerer Ghorath the Archlord of the Tattooed Heavy bullets whickered through the air as the Khadorans blindly
Legion claimed this place from the Morridanes,” Sokolov said. He knew returned fire, but Holden and the others had moved. They shifted in the
the sergeant wouldn’t understand the significance of his comment, but smoke clouds and emerged several yards from their original positions to
he couldn’t contain himself. “The invaders executed five thousand men fire another volley that sent puffs of dust and shrapnel flying from the
and women here just before the Scourge. I have always believed that they stones.
were trying to unlock the natural essence of this place. Not five years ago,
Holden sidestepped through the smoke of the second volley, aiming at
a whole company of southern soldiers died just east of the ruins, wiped
the Greylord, who had not yet stirred. Holden had a moment to see at
out by Tharn who I suspect were trying to protect it.”
last what the man was doing. He was on his knees and bent forward as
“What happened to the Tharn?” the sergeant asked, nudging at a pile of if he were praying, but both of his hands were extended toward the dark
leaf-covered bones with the tip of his boot. tower in front of him. Sweat sheened on the Greylord’s face. Then, with
one hand trembling like it was trying to hold up a heavy weight, the man
“Vanished utterly. The Cygnarans swept through and found no trace of
pointed back at the shrouded hollowmen.
them, though they put acres of the wood to the torch.”
A howling blast of arctic wind erupted from the Greylord’s outstretched
The sergeant grunted, his normal noncommittal reply, and pressed on.
hand. It washed over a hollowman to Holden’s left and caught the
In a few moments Sokolov and the sergeant met up with the rest of the
lantern man as well, causing the glass of the lantern to frost over and the
squad in a circular courtyard surrounding the central tower of Gal
light within to go out. The bewitched Winter Guard stopped short of the
hollowmen and shook his head to clear it before a rifle shot through the
“What now, my lord?” the sergeant asked, gazing up at the howling skull dropped him to the ground.
faces carved into the tower’s structure.
The gremlin jabbed Holden three times to goad him to fire. His aim was
“I begin my work. Keep alert. Connecting with Gal Ghorath will require good, but the arcane wind caused the bullet to deviate. Instead of taking
my full concentration. I cannot be disturbed.” the Greylord in the heart, it punched a hole through his right arm. Red
blood smoked into the air and sprayed the wall behind him. Shouting in
The sergeant saluted and turned to the Winter Guard. “Two sentries at
pain, the Greylord thrust up his good arm and summoned a vortex of
each entry to the courtyard. The rest of you, find cover here and check
freezing mist, thinking it would obscure him from Holden’s sight.
your weapons.”
It did not, but before Holden could fire again, the Khadorans
—●— counterattacked. A few sentries emerged from their hiding places and
fired. The closest hollowman took a blunderbuss ball in the throat, which
The hollowmen took erratic steps out of the tree line. A low creeping ripped off its head. The head and body began to crumble and scatter on
mist advanced with them, pouring down into the shadowy valley and the wind like an empty shell made of dried leaves.
ruins below the trees. Holden saw, in his half-real, half-unnatural way,
the man they had come for. The scattered soldiers in the ruins below The gremlin shrieked and kicked Holden’s back. He pressed on through
were drab and dim, but the Greylord’s body radiated with such color that a hail of gunshots and clouds of blasting-powder smoke toward the man
he looked like a stained-glass painting lit by the morning sun. He was he had been sent to claim.
painted in glowing red, blinding white, and gold so bright it looked like
the dawn. To Holden’s living eye, he was just a patch of shadow within
the darkness of the ruins, faint starlight breaking through the trees to
Namu Wurmspeaker hung from the trunk of a creaking cedar as he
glint off of his medals and the axe at his hip.
watched the battle unfold below, his talons biting deep into the fragrant
Before the Khadoran sentries noticed the hollowmen, the lantern bark of the tree. Behind him, several other Tharn warriors did the same.
man raised his light. It glowed with an unnatural, violet hue that The moonlight that filtered through the cedar boughs reflected off their
shimmered in the air like heat haze from a blazing boiler. Everything transformed eyes with a foxfire glow.
the light touched solidified and came into sharper focus to Holden’s
Wurmspeaker’s muzzle was not suited for giving orders, but the Tharn
missing eye. The others would also better see everything the lantern
already knew what they must do. Their blackclad master wanted no men
illuminated. Down in the ruins, one of the sentries looked up into the
who found the ancient site to escape with their lives. Namu smiled and
lantern man’s swinging lamplight. His eyes went wide and glassy,
took up his axe, dropping down from his perch like a great cat. One by
and he took stumbling steps toward them, his weapon forgotten. There
one his warriors followed suit, licking their fangs in anticipation of a
must have been cowardice in his heart.
great feast. No, his muzzle was not suited for giving orders, but it was
The dazed Winter Guard drew the attention of his companion. This was ideal for the work ahead.
the cue for the hollowmen to attack. It rose like instinct, and without a
word among them, all the hollowmen raised their rifles. They fired in a
ripping fusillade that filled the air with thick white clouds, providing a
wall of smoke to conceal them from the Khadorans’ eyes. But with their
otherworldly sight, the clouds may as well not have been there.

28 No Quarter PRIME

WELLS OF POWER by William “Oz” Schoonover

Gameplay Overview Special Rules

Magic is very important to the battles fought on Caen. This area The objective markers represent fonts of magical energy. If one
is a confluence of ley lines that have created fonts of limitless player has a model in contact with an objective marker at the
magical power. The army that secures the source of this power beginning of a round, and no enemy models are within 3˝ of the
will have the upper hand in any future conflicts. marker, that player can draw one extra card.

Setup Scoring
Before placing terrain, place a flag marker in the center of the The player with the most models within 6˝ of the flag marker at
table. No obstruction should be placed within 6˝ of the flag. the end of a round scores 1 point. Models in contact with the flag
marker count as two models. Standard Bearer models in contact
After players have deployed, place an objective marker between
with the flag marker count as three models.
each player’s corner and the flag objective. Each objective should
be 6˝ from the flag and centered on a line between the flag and
the corner. Any terrain that interferes with objective placement Victory Conditions
should be moved the minimum distance that will allow for the The game ends at the end of the sixth round or when only one
marker’s placement. player has models in play.
If the game ends because only one player has models in play, that
ALL PLAYERS player scores 1 point. 
Advance Deployment Limit 1 The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Ambush Limit 1

No Quarter PRIME 29

SOMETHING WICKED At her hushed order, Klusky and Hader took up positions next to her.
With her hands she indicated that there was one body below and that
by Matt Goetz their prey was near. Both men nodded silently and eased back the pins of
their forgelock rifles. The sharp clicks of the weapons priming made her
The Jabberjack was somewhere out there. The whole forest echoed with the
wince and glance back at the camp.
pained moans and senseless babble of the faces that covered the thing’s
body. The sounds echoed through the trees and traveled with the wind. Like If the monster had heard them, it gave no sign. Gritting her teeth, she
a ventriloquist’s trick, the murmurs could sound like they were just over a primed her own rifle and made her way down the ridge into the camp.
ridge one moment and right behind you the next. Eleanor gripped her rifle Klusky and Hader followed, taking their own serpentine routes down to
for comfort until her knuckles popped from the strain as she crept forward. the clearing.

She and a few other Steelheads armed with rifles were on guard while Eleanor walked as quietly as possible to the Iron Fang’s body. She needed
more worked nearby. Each one looked pale and sickly in the moonlight to know how recently it had died. When she reached its side, she saw a
that dappled through the trees. The work crew moved as quickly as thin haze of steam rising off the bloody scalp.
possible, focusing on setting up their esoteric equipment around a large
The Iron Fang’s head lifted. The creature had ripped the skin off its
rocky outcropping covered in ancient carvings. Every time a night bird
face, leaving a raw and sinewy ruin. The Iron Fang let out a whimper
screeched or the gentle wind caused a shifting tree to creak, they all froze
of pain and tried to say something, but without lips Eleanor couldn’t
in place, scanning the darkness for signs of the foe.
understand what.
Our foe, Eleanor thought bitterly. She and her fellow Steelheads were
“Jab jab jab. Jack jack jack.”
used to taking challenging contracts that covered a variety of threats, but
the thing in these woods was a nightmare like nothing they had ever seen Eleanor saw a hulking shadow move in the ’jack shed and fell back from
before. The thought of Sergeant Jorhan’s twitching face on that thing’s the body, pressing herself into a clapboard barracks building. Through
body made her stomach flip. gaps in the slats of wood, she had a clear view of the open gate of the shed.

She moved behind the trunk of a knotty oak that stood on the crest of a The Jabberjack stretched its gangly limbs and began to move. Strips of
small ridge. Her position looked over a small clearing next to a brook. The skin stretched between its thighs gave it an awkward, stumping gait as
clearing contained the remains of a military encampment, probably left it ducked beneath the top sill of the door. A patchwork blanket of faces
over from someone else’s recent attempt to study the stone. covered most of its body, skin in all different hues bound together by
thick, clumsy stitches. In one hand it held a long, hooked skinning knife,
“Jab jab jab. Jack jack jack,” said the monster. Its insensible words were
while the other had a fat needle and thread that it absentmindedly jabbed
accompanied by a chorus of voices, all repeating the same nonsense
into one shoulder. As the creature shifted to prod the wounded Iron Fang,
syllables. “Jab jab jab. Jack jack jack.”
it turned. Eleanor saw a fresh, bloody skin dangling from the Jabberjack’s
There was a body in the camp, lying face down outside a large ’jack shed. left shoulder on a few loose stitches.
A black pool of blood spread out around the figure’s head, staining the
She wasn’t certain her rifle would do much to the creature. It was taller
baroque heavy armor it wore. Another one of Jabberjack’s victims. It
than a softwood sapling after three years of growth. The flesh she could
looked Khadoran, Eleanor thought. Like one of the Iron Fangs.
see through gaps in its garment was thick, knotty muscle. But this
thing would kill the rest of her detachment like it had the sergeant, the
Khadoran, and countless others. Images of her friends’ faces being added
to the creature’s garment enraged her. She had to kill it. She had to try.

She whispered a silent prayer to Ascendant Katrena for aid then another
quick prayer to her squad mates to be brave. She found a gap large enough
to serve as a loophole and braced the crown of her barrel on it, lining up
a shot for the monster’s right lung. She took a breath, let half of it out,
and squeezed the trigger.

As she fired, something crashed out of the brush and splashed through
the brook to the north. The Jabberjack lurched to face the noise, and her
shot punched a hole in the wall behind it. Several more rifles cracked,
throwing up splinters from the wooden wall and clods of dirt from the
ground. A few punched into the meat of its back but to little avail.

Rushing through the water with a defiant battle cry, a group of Iron
Fangs charged the Jabberjack with their blasting pikes. The monster
turned to face them, violet eyes gleaming.

Eleanor thought that sending a group of Iron Fangs in search of their

missing companion was an odd way to offer aid, but she wasn’t about
to question the Ascendant’s logic. She reloaded and prepared to fight the
30 No Quarter PRIME

SOMETHING WICKED by William “Oz” Schoonover

Gameplay Overview If the Monster is in play, after every player has activated a model
or passed, roll a die. If a six is rolled, activate the Monster. Every
Legends tell of a fabulous treasure that can be found in an time the die roll does not result in the Monster activating, add a
isolated, murky forest. But unfortunately for would-be treasure cumulative +1 to the die rolls until the Monster activates.
seekers, it is mystically linked to a powerful guardian. The
treasure only appears once the guardian is summoned, and the Use the following rules when the Monster activates. At the start
creature is hell-bent on destroying anything that gets close to its of its activation, it automatically shakes all effects that can be
lair. Multiple bands of looters are attempting to find the treasure, shaken and ignores all effects that would cause it to forfeit its
unbeknownst to each other, and they must face the creature— Normal Movement or Combat Action. If the Monster is not in
and their rivals—in order to claim the bounty as their own. melee, it turns in place to find a foe. Use the deviation template to
determine the Monster’s new facing. Direction 1 on the template
should point at the flag marker.
After changing its facing, the Monster immediately charges
Place a flag marker in the center of the table with the dark side
directly toward the closest model in its LOS. If the charge fails,
face up and six forests completely within 12˝ of the center of the
instead of ending its activation immediately, the Monster makes
table. No forest should be more than 5˝ from any other forest.
initial ranged attacks with all its ranged weapons, targeting the
Using mission markers 1–6, place one marker in each of the
closest model in its LOS, then its activation ends. The Monster
central forests with its number visible. Place 10 to 12 other pieces
cannot voluntarily stop its movement before contacting its
of terrain at least 12˝ from the center of the table.
charge target. If the charge is successful, after the charge attack
The Monster in this scenario does not begin in play. It can be is resolved, the Monster makes the rest of its initial melee attacks
represented by any heavy warbeast, warjack, or monstrosity. targeting models chosen by the player who last damaged it. If the
Monster has not yet taken damage, randomly determine which
ALL PLAYERS models it targets.
If there are no eligible models to charge, the Monster advances
Advance Deployment Limit 1
directly toward the closest battle-ready model in its LOS then
Ambush Limit 1
makes all its initial melee attacks using the targeting rules above.
If there are no models in its LOS, the Monster advances directly
toward the flag marker. If the Monster has no models in its melee
Special Rules range after these movements, it makes all its initial ranged attacks
using the targeting rules above.
The Monster is not controlled by any player. If the Monster is
not in play whenever a model enters or begins an activation in When the Monster is destroyed, the model that destroyed it gains
a numbered forest, roll a die. If the number rolled matches the mission marker 7. If the model carrying this mission marker is
number of a forest that contains any player’s model, place the injured or destroyed, replace it with the marker. An activating
monster completely in that forest and engaging as many models model that contacts mission marker 7 gains it.
as possible and flip the flag marker to the light side. The flag marker stays light side up after the Monster is
The Monster is not affected by continuous effects, cannot be permanently destroyed.
targeted by free strikes, and cannot be removed from play. It
gains Pathfinder and can draw LOS through forests. If the Scoring
Monster ever has to make an action that is not covered by the
While the light side of the flag marker is face up, the player with
rules below and there are multiple ways to resolve the action,
the most models within 6˝ of it at the end of a round scores 1
the players should resolve the action in the way that is most
point. Models in contact with the flag marker count as two
detrimental to them.
models. Standard Bearer models in contact with the flag marker
When the Monster takes damage, always apply all damage to count as three models.
column one. If using a model with field damage boxes, mark
The player whose model is carrying the Monster mission marker
them first. Do not use the normal rules for crippled systems or
at the end of a round gains 2 points.
aspects. Instead, when the Monster has suffered 6 damage, it
gains an additional die on all attack rolls for the rest of the game;
when it has suffered 12 damage, it gains an additional die on all Victory Conditions
damage rolls for the rest of the game; and when it has suffered The game ends if no player has models in play, if the Monster is
18 damage, it gains +1 SPD for the rest of the game. The first time dead and only one player has models in play, or at the end of the
the Monster would become disabled, all damage is removed from sixth round.
it regardless of any effect that would prevent this, it is removed
from the table, and the flag marker is flipped to the dark side. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

No Quarter PRIME 31

SINS OF THE PAST Tinsmith Maggie told us about this place. If we can hock half of this stuff,
we’ll be set till next spring.”
by Matt Goetz “Yeah, about that. I was asking around after Maggie clued us in. John
“Pleased to meet you, milord,” Grub said, yanking the wedding ring off the Blacktooth told me that we ain’t the first people she dropped the hint
the rotting finger. The force caused the last few joints of the finger to pop to. Said Maggie told the Bucket Street Boys, Gravedigger Holmes, and
free from the hand and the corpse’s jaw to fall open. A small black spider the Fishgut brothers first. Nobody’s heard nothin’ from the Fishguts for
scampered out of its open mouth. a while. Holmes neither.”

“Oi, Grub. Stop playin’ with the rotters and get your pockets full. This “Fishguts are gobbers. They’re probably snuck away somewhere nice
place gives me the willies.” and warm, picking people’s pockets under the table. And Gravedigger
is a lousy drunk. He probably fell in a grave again and is sleeping off a
Normally, Gutter lacked for imagination. If he couldn’t kill it, eat it, or
hangover there,” Grub said.
steal it, he didn’t have much time for a thing. Now he stood over a trio
of young women all jumbled together like a heap of sticks in mildewy “Maybe he is, but maybe he ain’t,” Gutter said. “Maybe I heard some
satins, and he jumped at every noise. other folks talking about how this place is cursed. Haunted-like, by the
ghosts of the people who died here. By something worse, maybe.”
“Just havin’ a bit of sport, Gutter. We can’t all be such serious, business-
minded men,” Grub said. He relieved the corpse of its pocket watch and “Stop spinning grymkin tales and get back to work. I plan on having a hot
held the device to his ear. It didn’t tick, but he thought of a gobber tinker meal and a bed with,” Grub paused as he pictured the most ostentatious
back home would give him a few shields for it. things he could imagine, “with sheets and pillows, and a bed warmer to
keep my feet nice and toasted.”
Gutter ignored his jab and studied one of the dead women. “I know this
one. I think. Death’s made her face all . . . sloppy. But she’s the daughter “But Grub,” Gutter said, sounding for all the world like a whining child,
of Baron Bunnbottle. Bunwhittle? Ban—” “there’s something wrong about this place.”

“Banndettle. Morrow’s beard, read a broadsheet, Gutter.” Grub rolled his eyes. As he did, though, he noticed something out the
unwashed window in the hall. There was a tall, slender figure in the
“Why do you think someone shot ’er?” Gutter asked. He stuffed a string
untended gardens, standing stock still on top of a gaslight lamppost.
of pearls into a waistcoat pocket and fiddled with the matching earrings.
A fluttering black cape hung on its reedy body, and an elaborate and
“I reckon so she’d be dead,” Grub said. He looked down at the face of the unpleasant-looking mask covered its face. It was dressed a bit like an
corpse he was looting. He had picked four other bodies clean so far. Like alchemist, but the hooked mask it wore gave it the appearance of a great,
the dead man before him, all had a neat round hole punched through their ugly bird.
skulls between the eyebrows, just wide enough for him to stick a pinky
Grub backed away in alarm. Several more of the figures were out there,
in, if he were so inclined.
crouching on the limbs of a leafless oak, lined up atop the garden wall.
“Whoever it was must have wanted a whole lot of folk dead,” Gutter said. Gutter saw his face and came over, jewelry spilling from his pockets.

Grub yanked a boot off the corpse and held the sole up to his own foot. “Gutter,” Grub said, “get your knife.”
He grunted unhappily and tossed it over his shoulder. “Just be happy

32 No Quarter PRIME

SINS OF THE PAST by William “Oz” Schoonover

Gameplay Overview for moving and attacking with it but do not roll a die. If the
Trapperkin is in play at the end of a round and is not engaged,
At some point during the previous winter, a horrible tragedy replace it with the trap door marker. The player who controls a
overwhelmed the rural estate of a local noble. Now that spring model that destroys or removes from play the Trapperkin scores
has arrived, the melting snow has revealed a scene of devastation. 2 points. When making casualty rolls for the Trapperkin, it is
Numerous bands of scavengers have descended on the ruins of incapacitated on a roll of 1–3 and knocked down on a roll of 4–6.
the manor house, heedless of the warnings of the townsfolk that
the place is cursed. 2. Aftershock: Do you feel that rumbling? This mission marker
remains in play but cannot be gained by a model. Roll a die.
If you roll a 1–3, push every model within 6˝ of this piece of
Setup terrain d6 inches directly toward it, starting with the closest
Place eight pieces of terrain completely within 12˝ of the center of model. If you roll a 4–6, push every model within 6˝ of this
the table. This terrain should be obstacles, obstructions, and rubble piece of terrain d6 inches directly away from it, starting with
to represent the ruins of a large structure. No terrain representing the farthest model. After being moved by this result, models
the ruined structure should be more than 5˝ from any other. Using are knocked down. At the end of each round, roll a die. If you
mission markers 1–8, randomly place one marker on each piece of roll a 6, resolve this mission marker again.
the ruins with the number face down. Place 8 to 10 other pieces of
3. Unholy Fire: What’s that green flickering? Remove this mission
terrain at least 12˝ from the center of the table.
marker from the table. This terrain piece and d3 of the nearest
pieces of the ruins are affected by the burning earth rule. If an
PLAYERS obstruction is affected by this rule, a model moving within 2˝
of it suffers the Fire continuous effect.
Advance Deployment Limit 1
4. Creeping Fog: I can barely see in this stuff, and I feel a bit weak.
Ambush Limit 1 Models gain concealment while within 6˝ of this terrain piece.
Models suffer –1 to casualty rolls and cannot make Tough
rerolls while within 6˝ of this terrain piece.
Special Rules
5. Body Bag: I don’t know what this bag used to have in it, but it smells
Models can forfeit either their Normal Movement or Combat terrible. The model that triggers this result gains this mission
Action to perform a mission action. When a model performs marker. Track how many models a model with this marker
a mission action while within 0.5˝ of a piece of terrain with a destroys during the rest of the game. At the end of the game,
mission marker, flip the marker over.  the player who controls the model with this marker gains 1
Note: A model that is placed as a result of Ambush or Burrow point for each model destroyed by a model with this marker.
cannot perform a mission action during its activation the round 6. Cask of Gold Coins: This thing is full of gold, but it's so heavy!
it was placed.  The model that triggers this result gains this mission marker.
The mission markers represent mysterious things hidden in the A model with this marker suffers –1 SPD and –1 to attack and
ruins of the manor house. When a mission marker is flipped damage rolls. The player who controls the model holding this
over, resolve the matching number below. If a battle-ready model marker at the end of the game scores 5 points.
contacts a mission marker that has been resolved, it gains the 7. Family Jewels: So Sparkly! The model that triggers this result
marker. If a model with a mission marker is knocked down or gains this mission marker. A model with this marker loses
injured, place the mission marker in contact with the model’s Stealth and cannot gain concealment. The player who
base. If a model with a mission marker is destroyed or removed controls the model holding this marker at the end of the game
from play, replace the model with the mission marker.  scores 5 points.
1. Lurking Danger: This strange little door seems to be locked from 8. Mysterious Treasure: This is interesting… The player who controls
the inside . . . Remove this mission marker from the table and the model holding this marker rolls a d6 at the end of the game.
place a Trapperkin trap door marker B2B with the model that This marker is worth a number of points equal to the roll.
triggered this result. Anytime a model ends an activation within
6˝ of the trapdoor, roll a die. If you roll a 4 or more, the moving
model has awakened the Trapperkin. Replace the trap door with
Victory Conditions
a Trapperkin facing directly toward the triggering model. The The game ends at the end of the sixth round or when only one
Trapperkin charges the closest model in its LOS. If it cannot player has models in play.
successfully charge a model, it makes a full advance toward the
If the game ends because only one player has models in play, that
closest model. If it is engaging a model at the end of its move, it
player gains 1 point. 
attacks. If the Trapperkin is not engaging a model at the end of
its move, replace it with the trap door marker. If a model ends The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.
an activation within 6˝ of the Trapperkin, follow the rules above

No Quarter PRIME 33

The beings known as lantern men are said to appear where cowards abandon their posts,
drawing in these unfortunate soldiers with their spectral light. The mind of a soldier who
succumbs to a lantern man dies, but his body and some scraps of his soul survive, withered
and shriveled.

“Some men think they’re safest

“People swear they smell fear.” “Only the dead see them.”
in their dreams. Damn fools.”

The Beaten Blues The Funeral Guard The Wraith Walkers

As any cowardly soldier could end up in Said to only march on moonless nights, The Wraith Walkers are the color of
the ranks of the hollowmen, the tattered the hollowmen known as the funeral foxfire and lightning bugs, a translucent
uniforms of these soldiers vary greatly. guard wear uniforms of the darkest legion of hollowmen. These ghostly
In recent days, however, the lantern black speckled by tarnished buttons and figures rise with the cold mists of the
men have appeared in greater numbers corroded medals. Some claim they were Olgunholt and Almere Woods to claim
around Cygnaran battlefields, drawn soldiers tasked to escort to his home the old soldiers from their beds or to join
to the shattered nerves of entrenched body of a fallen general but abandoned with a grymkin force marching on some
soldiers locked in an almost constant his coffin and deserted. Perhaps so, for unlucky hamlet to reap all who dwell
state of combat. Thus, hollowmen are every shot from their rifles sounds like within.
commonly seen in Cygnaran blue, faded, the banging of a coffin lid.
dusty, and mildewed by the elements.

34 No Quarter PRIME
“Green fire. Sounds terrifying. “One way or another,
“Not so lucky, were they?”
But they say it calls to you.” you serve your time.”

The Ambercoats The Ember Rifles The Frozen Brigade

Wearing tattered uniforms and worn The emergence of the Defiers has Stories of the Frozen Brigade are most
buckskin jackets, the hollowmen known introduced new horrors to the Iron common among the mountain folk
as Ambercoats are thought to be all Kingdoms, but few are as well known of eastern Khador. They are said to
that remains of “Lucky” Luckar’s Long as the Ember Host. Garbed in green fire, be soldiers who attempted to cross
Gunners mercenary regiment. Luckar’s the Host fights for the horrifying Heretic the mountains into Rhul to escape
regiment went missing during the First when he desires to eradicate his enemies imprisonment in the khardstadt prison
Thornwood War, dooming the Cygnaran with a corrupted form of fire. The Ember camps along the border. Every winter,
soldiers who relied on them for support. Rifles are the hollowmen who march when the snows blow down from the
The jackets of the Ambercoats match with the Host, their empty eyes bleeding mountains, a number of border guards
those worn by Luckar’s lost regiment, the Heretic’s despoiled fire and bodies go missing. The companions who
and the rifles they carry are of an older, blazing with its foul light. survive them often tell stories that the
baroque design, giving credence to the missing soldiers have “gone off to join
belief that Luckar’s troops march for new the Frozen Brigade.”
masters now.

No Quarter PRIME 35

Assault Kommandos are shock troopers dedicated to one of the most harrowing battlefield
duties: breaking entrenched enemy lines. Such engagements harden warriors and forge
unbreakable bonds, birthing many revered kompanies.

“For the Motherland” “Strike at Night, Win the Day” “We Are the North”

BREAKERS Wolfhounds White Bears

18TH ASSAULT KOMMANDO KOMPANY 11th Assault Kommando Kompany 13th Assault Kommando Kompany
The Breakers are a fighting force famous Known for launching high-risk night Nominally garrisoned at Tverkutsk,
for ending a long stalemate along the operations against secure enemy the 13th “White Bears” are a cadre of
Cygnaran front. So entrenched were positions, the Wolfhounds are both Assault Kommandos drawn heavily
both armies that only inches of territory assassins and soldiers. They specialize from the local population. They count
were gained over months of combat. in raiding military compounds in many sturdy Kossites among their ranks
Several units of these Breakers overran the dead of night to sabotage key and are known for performing far-
the Cygnaran pillboxes and earthworks equipment or eliminate military and reaching sorties into the frozen north
that set the enemy’s forward line. Though political leaders. This is often followed to deal with threats to the Empire that
few kommandos emerged from the by a dawn raid with the rest of the come down from the mountains or out
haze of strangling gas that hung in the Khadoran Army, seizing the advantage of the untamed forests. Each one would
air, the enemy line was broken, and the that the Wolfhounds won in the night. make a skilled woodsman, but they
Khadoran Army seized vital territory. Wolfhounds often paint their gasmasks now combine those skills with their
with frightening visages and are rarely kommando training.
seen without them.

36 No Quarter PRIME
“The Fire Still Burns” “Distance Does Not Diminish Duty” “The Motherland Protects”

Goners Sabotage Korps 5th Border Legion

9th Assault Kommando Kompany 3rd Assault Kommando Kompany The Assault Kommandos attached to
the 5th Border Legion are dedicated
Operating far afield from conventional In an effort to loosen Cygnar’s hold
warriors who have a strong bond to the
military structures, the Iron Hammers on the southern continent of Zu, these
mysterious figure Zevanna Agha. It is
were left to fend for themselves during troops were trained in prolonged jungle
said the elements themselves fight at their
the temporary peace treaty between operations using what knowledge the
side, with wind and ice howling through
Cygnar and Khador in 609 AR. Trapped High Kommand had available. Their long-
defensive works before the kommandos
in an enemy nation and with no clear term mission is to undermine Cygnaran
attack. Whether the stories are true or
line of communication back to the High merchants in Zu and to stand ready
superstition, the kommandos of the 5th
Kommand, the Iron Hammers continued for larger operations against Cygnaran
Border Legion embrace their notoriety
to wage a secret war against the military soldiers stationed near Konesta. They
by adorning their combat shields with
of Cygnar. During their time in isolation, drill and plan for missions including the
symbols connected to the Old Witch.
they started referring to themselves as destruction of Mercarian ships, positions,
“goners,” a badge that stuck and replaced and holdings in Konesta and beyond.
their original kompany name.

No Quarter PRIME 37


A Company of Iron Rules Expansion

T he greatest commanders surround themselves with

advisors and specialists who give the commander added
tools for overcoming whatever obstacles stand between an
References to Warcasters,
Warlocks, and Control
army and victory.
The fighting forces of the Iron Kingdoms use a variety of tactics
and weapons to wage war. Many armies have snatched victory All rules that affect warcasters and warlocks in WARMACHINE
from the jaws of defeat thanks to the right advice at the right time and HORDES affect commanders in Company of Iron. Rules that
or a loyal bodyguard saving a commander from a sniper’s bullet. relate to control range use command range instead; however,
rules that do not affect warcasters and warlocks still affect
The following rules and chart allow you to play games of commanders normally.
Company of Iron with models that normally attach to warcasters
and warlocks. These models begin the game attached to your
commander instead.

38 No Quarter PRIME
If an ability allows a model to upkeep a spell without spending
focus or fury, that ability instead allows you to save the asset on model name faction Requisition
a Command card. Instead of discarding a Command card played Aptimus Marketh Skorne 0
for its battle plan when it would normally be discarded, the card
is set aside. During the round after the card was played, it can Corollary Convergence 0
be discarded to use its asset. If the card has not been used for its Druid Wilder Circle 0
asset by the end of the round, it is discarded.
Fane Knight Guardian Retribution 0

Model specific rules Gatorman Soul Slave Minions 0

The following special rules on models are modified as described. Hierophant Protectorate 0

Madelyn Corbeau, Ordic Courtesan Mercenaries -1

Herding Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator Mercenaries 0
Use the following text for the Herding special rule instead of the
Skarlock Thrall Cryx 0
text on the model’s card:
Squire Cygnar 0
This model is a Beast Warden.
Succubus Legion 0
Parlay (★Action) Sylys Wyshnalyrr Mercenaries 0
Use the following text for the Parlay special rule instead of the Targ Minions 0
text on the model’s card:
The Withershadow Combine Cryx 0
While in this model’s command range, enemy models gain
an additional die on attack rolls that target this model or its Trollkin Runebearer Trollbloods 0
commander with attacks. Discard the highest die of each roll.
War Dog Khador 0
Parlay lasts until the end of this model’s next activation.

Reserve Accumulator
Use the following text for the Reserve
Accumulator special rule instead of the text
on the model’s card:
Once per round, if this model is within 5˝ of
its controlling commander, you can mark one
unmarked accumulator circle on this model’s card
to draw one Command card.

Spell Barrier
Use the following text for the Spell Barrier special rule instead of
the text on the model’s card:
While this model is B2B with its controller, its controller cannot
be targeted by enemy spells.

Spell Slave (★Action or ★Attack) Druid Wilder

Use the following text for the Spell Slave special rule instead of
the text on the model’s card:
This model must be in its commander’s command range to make
the Spell Slave special action. When it does, it casts one of the
spells on its commander’s card. When casting an offensive spell,
Spell Slave is a magic attack. Use this model’s Magic Ability score
when making magic attack rolls.

No Quarter PRIME 39

by Matt Goetz & Douglas Seacat

T he Iron Kingdoms is filled with places of dark power,

dangerous and mysterious locations steeped in the energies
of death and blood. Some, often the foolish or the arrogant,
The origin of the place now called Nine Stone is lost to
believe they are capable of leashing this power to their own prehistory, but various theories have been offered regarding its
wills. The only true masters of such ancient and primal energies construction. Blackclads of the Circle Orboros acknowledge
are the blackclads of the Circle Orboros, whose greatest ritual the stones predate the founding of their order but insist it was
sites serve as convergence points for the ley line energies their efforts that allowed its power to be fully realized. It is
crisscrossing the continent. thought these pillars may, in fact, have inspired the order’s
Nine Stone is among the most storied of such places. Lying other standing stones that dot the wild places of Immoren.
along the western coast of Cygnar, sheltered by Helmsreach to The best guess as to their origins is that feral men who loved
the north and the rest of the Wyrmwall to the east, Nine Stone the Wurm brought the stones from deep in the Helmsreach
may look to the uninformed to be a collection of abandoned Mountains. This place became a central site of worship for many
monoliths from a primitive time. A simple arrangement of nine ancient tribes of the region. In legend, the stones were literally
hewn and sharpened pillars surrounded by scattered ruins, the the broken teeth of the Devourer Wurm, remnants of its battles
truth of this location is darker and more primeval. with Menoth at the dawn of creation.

The druids have claimed this place for thousands of years, The stones’ antiquity is irrefutable. Accounts of Thamar,
but it predates even their ancient order, hearkening back to the Dark Twin, visiting Nine Stone are in the pages of the
a time before history when the first worshipers of the Wurm Enkheiridion, and Menite texts describe an unclean place west
offered sacrifices to their patron. It even served the vile Orgoth of Calacia matching its description. During the Thousand
conquerors in their day, though it was seized at a great cost. In Cities Era, the men of the Marck wrote of black rites performed
the modern day, it may seem a simple ruin from a forgotten between the stones under the light of the Wurm’s Eye. Nine
age, but it remains redolent with energies both natural and Stone was described as a primeval place, putting its origin long
unnatural. Thousands have been sacrificed here, thousands before the Time of the Burning Sky and before the first writings.
more have fought and died to possess it.

42 No Quarter PRIME
Surrounding Nine Stone, the Circle Orboros has erected
formidable defenses to protect it from intruders who

The Circle Orboros swiftly reclaimed Nine Stone after the Orgoth
would seek to either claim or destroy it.

abandoned it. A special conclave of blackclads toiled for months

to erect new defenses as well as to mystically link the site back
into their ley line network. Except for a few brief interruptions,
When the priest-kings fought back the Molgur hordes, noble it has remained in their hands ever since. Battles waged here or
Menite champions intended to tear down this monument to the nearby include those against Cygnaran patrols, Cryxian liches
Creator of Man’s greatest foe. Such men and women thought the and wraiths, expeditions sent by the Convergence of Cyriss,
stones beckoned to darkness and the Wurm. And though battles and a few foolhardy Thamarite necromancers.
were fought here, the stones remained.
Those who revered this place were not idle in its defense, and
the surrounding ruins suggest numerous attempts through
the ages to fortify and protect it. There are old tales of the The ancient rites of blood sacrifice performed at the location
crusaders coming to uproot its evil only to see their wild certainly paved the way for the Orgoth to enact their even less
adversaries emerging as if born from the soil around them, savory rituals at Nine Stone. Centuries spent as a fulcrum for
suggesting armies lairing in tunnels beneath and emerging such magic has shaped the site into one of the most significant—
when called. A lucky champion might bring down a wall made and dangerous—places under the druids’ control.
of stone or execute a Devourer shaman who drew power from
Nine Stone is in several respects distinct from most major
the ancient site, but the worn stone pillars seemed immune to
sites harnessed by the Circle Orboros. The latent power that
any harm, shattering blessed hammers and steel chisels alike.
accumulated here from countless sacrifices created a deep
When the Orgoth came to western Immoren, sites like Nine reservoir of dark energies, which act like a magnet to ley line
Stone drew them as carrion draws vultures. Not content with energy. This has drawn numerous lesser ley lines to converge
building their own sites of ritual massacre, the invaders swept here. The sheer number of these flows is remarkable and
across the land seeking sites already laden with dark power. has made it a potent hub, albeit one that is not suited for all
They were drawn to the ruins of Morrdh, to ancient places purposes. Certain rituals are magnified here while others become
cursed by the Menites, and to several of the oldest holdings of dangerous and unpredictable. Only the highest-ranking members
the Circle Orboros as well. of the Circle Orboros can risk invoking their power here, while
lesser druids face annihilation when trying to do the same.
The Orgoth did not take Nine Stone easily, and a war was
fought here that is unmarked and unmentioned in the civilized All rituals drawing on this reservoir’s power are tinged with the
historical records. When they sought to drive the blackclads forces of death. Wolds constructed at the site are imbued with
from this place of power, the Circle responded with a show of greater might and keen predatory instincts, and some of the
great force. An army of enlisted trollkin warriors, savage men, order’s first rites here involved the coating of wold frames and
and Tharn mustered at the behest of the druids, supported binding ropes with sacrificial blood. Additionally, this site has
by the order’s potents and nearly a hundred warders. Five been preferred for the fabrication of certain potent weapons of
woldwraths joined this army, a collection of the largest and the order, particularly those reliant on spilled blood.
most powerful weapons in the Circle’s arsenal. Though the
Nine Stone is responsive to other cyclical patterns, including
Circle was not able to drive the Orgoth entirely from the
the mystical energies that occur during specific celestial and
site, and in time all five of their towering woldwraths fell, the
seasonal conjunctions, especially those marking an end or
Circle’s combined assault set back the Orgoth conquest of
a new beginning. At conjunctions of multiple endings and
western Immoren for decades.
involving celestial bodies strongly associated with the Devourer
Once the site was secured, Orgoth warwitches became Wurm, this power is amplified exponentially.
fascinated with Nine Stone and worked to tear down many of
The aura of this power extends beyond the central nine pillars.
the primitive structures surrounding the columns, returning
Shattered pieces of forgotten sentry stones and the fragments
the location closer to its original form. The tyrants preferred to
of the five woldwraths that fell in battle with the Orgoth
focus construction efforts on the vast fortress at Henge Hold,
here possess latent arcane energies. Over centuries, such
but they did occupy the tunnels as well. While above they
fragments have absorbed power from the constant battles and
sacrificed enslaved Immorese by the thousands, their slaves
sacrifices on the site, and the blackclads have positioned these
toiled away in darkness to expand the catacombs below. A
to augment their usefulness. Additionally, certain deposits
number of warwitches and Orgoth warlords were eventually
of stone surrounding the site are coveted by stoneshapers for
sealed in deep crypts.
the manufacture of their own wolds, such as the bodies of
The invaders kept control of Nine Stone for centuries. When woldstalkers and the hearts of disposable wold wights.
the Rebellion began to defeat the Orgoth and the occupiers
Blackclads comfortable with the more destructive aspects
instituted the Scourge, care was taken to remove much of what
of Orboros may petition to perform rites at Nine Stone.
they had done at Nine Stone. Only some of their deepest
Lortus the Watcher, Omnipotent of the Southern Dominion,
crypts remained by the time Rebellion warriors chased the
ostensibly has authority over access to the site, though some
invaders from Immoren.
potents are willing to risk his wrath by visiting the location

No Quarter PRIME 43

without going through proper channels. The omnipotent perspective as both a former Cyrissist and an iron lich. As
leaves the site’s protection and regulation to his most powerful inheritors of Orgoth methods, Cryxians covet whatever may
subordinates, who are sometimes willing to allow entry to have been left behind in the tunnels below the site, which could
those who do them favors. include new weapons and artifacts to aid the Nightmare Empire
in its endless war. Bane Lord Tartarus has also contributed to
Travel to or from Nine Stone is particularly unreliable,
the legends of the site, adding victims to the long procession
with those attempting it often being thrown far off course,
of Nine Stone’s dead. Cryx has periodically launched attacks
sometimes appearing hundreds of miles from their intended
against this site, raids sufficient to gain temporary access,
destinations. On occasion, wayfarers who travel to or from Nine
though the Circle Orboros has always followed with swift and
Stone do not appear at all, vanishing as if the site has consumed
powerful retaliation. The place acts as a lodestone for massacres,
them utterly. Given its black reputation, Nine Stone is used for
and each death adds to its mystical reservoir.
travel only rarely and never without dire need.
The Circle Orboros is not the only group with a continued
interest in the stones, however. The cultists of the Convergence CURRENT AFFAIRS
of Cyriss covet the geomantic flows converging here and have
In the early years of 610 AR, the Convergence of Cyriss
made sorties from the nearby Temple of Harmonic Resonance,
launched its most successful attack on the Circle defenders
trying to take control of the site. Circle defenders have resisted
of Nine Stone. Other endeavors abroad compelled the Circle
many smaller probing attempts in the past, but one recent effort
to reallocate its warriors, leaving the site vulnerable. A
proves the Convergence has the might necessary to challenge
concentrated force of Convergence clockwork soldiers rolled
the Circle’s dominance here.
over these defenders, and the wayfarer who attempted to carry
Cryx has also shown great interest in Nine Stone. Several of the word of this assault disappeared into the flow of ley lines, never
lich lords are well aware of the potency of this site, and Master to reemerge, delaying the Circle’s response.
Necrotech Mortenebra has investigated it, bringing her unique
The Convergence wasted no time in manipulating the stones
toward their Great Work. Machinery overseen by Eminent
Configurator Orion bent and realigned the multitude of ley
lines radiating from Nine Stone. By the time the Circle forces
were able to return to the stones, they found the web of their
local network had been reconfigured almost beyond repair.
This was exacerbated by the fact that the ley line network in
other areas was strained and had been taxed nearly to the
point of catastrophe.
A sizable force of druidic minions, Wolf Sworn, and wolds
commanded by Potent Donavus the Wornrock eventually
drove out the interlopers. Despite many months patching the
ley line network, the Circle has found it necessary to adapt to
the changes made by the Convergence rather than reversing
them. The web of such energies is now different than it once
was but has been restored to a state where its power can again
be harnessed. Senior wayfarers are concerned the current
accommodation might leave the site vulnerable to future
efforts by the Convergence, but it was the best outcome that
could be managed.
In addition to greatly increasing the defensive structures
such as sentry stones and woldwardens built up at Nine
Stone, Donavus commanded his underlings to manufacture
a number of the fragile but effective wold wights. Now the
land surrounding Nine Stone is home to a potent force of
these totemic wolds, illuminated by the green glow of vigilant
woldwyrds floating among them.
While Nine Stone is once again in the Circle’s hands, its future is
not certain. Blackclads across western Immoren are in a period
of reconstruction and regrouping following the dire events of
the past several years, and enemies who covet Nine Stone may
strike again at any time. Donavus the Wornrock and others of
his order in this region work to harness what resources they can
and to prepare for the next inevitable assault.

44 No Quarter PRIME

ANCIENT RITES by Will Hungerford

Clockwork bodies advanced on Nine Stone in unnatural, clacking Special Rules

lockstep. The rising dawn reflected off their silver forms as they descended
from the Wyrmwall Mountains. This scenario uses the Nine Stone terrain feature. This terrain
feature is a 12˝-diameter circle with nine stones of power
Boyal the Oldbrook clenched his right fist around his voulge and placed arranged in a ring. The entire template counts as rubble, and each
his other hand flat against the nearest column of black stone. It felt like of the nine stones is an obstacle.
immersing his arm in the water of a freezing mountain stream. The
When a model begins its activation within 3˝ of Nine Stone, that
ancient power of the stones welled up through him, flowing across his
model can choose to draw upon the power of the ritual circle
heart and through his outstretched weapon.
at the beginning of its activation. When it does so, the active
Arcane might erupted from him, lashing out at the disgusting clockwork player chooses an effect from the table below, which is resolved
soldiers. Where it touched, the world exploded in great gouts of magical immediately, and then rolls a d6. Subtract 1 from the roll for each
fire. It was the blood of Orboros, which drowned the parasitic metal model that has chosen to draw upon Nine Stone’s power this
men. Their bodies crackled with lightning; packed ranks of them fell in turn. If the roll is less than the Power Number listed next to the
sparking electrical storms. chosen effect, the model suffers d3 + 3 points of magical damage,
which cannot be transferred or reduced.
Boyal howled in victory. Nine Stone’s power made his cry into rolling
thunder. He moved to redirect the stream of power to his next hated target.
He could not.
Place the model anywhere completely within 12˝ of its
The energy surged through him like a wild torrent. He could not harness current location, then its activation immediately ends.
it. His heart hammered, his skin prickled, and pain burned from his
fingertips to his heart, his eyes, his mind, and his spirit. The Oldbrook’s Place the model anywhere completely within 3˝ of its
cry of victory became a howl of pain that screeched and echoed through current location.
the valley. Then he was gone, consumed by the stones.
3 The model gains Incorporeal for one turn.

Gameplay Overview 4 The model gains Incorporeal for one round.

Ancient Rites is a multiplayer free-for-all scenario. Up to four
players will go to battle as they struggle for control of the The model gains Range Amplifier for one turn. (When
powerful Nine Stone ritual circle. Nine Stone offers incredible 5 a model with Range Amplifier casts a spell and is the
power to those willing to utilize it during the course of this point of origin for the spell, the spell gains +5 RNG.)
skirmish, but such benefits often come at a terrible price.
The model gains Range Amplifier (see above) and

Setup 6 boosted magic attack and magic attack damage rolls

for one turn.
This scenario can be played with up to four players. Each player
creates a 50-point army.
Place the Nine Stone terrain feature (see Special Rules below) A player controls Nine Stone if they control a warcaster or
centered in the middle of the table. Next, beginning with the first warlock completely within it and their opponent controls no
player, each player takes turns placing a single piece of terrain models completely within it.
anywhere on the table until there are eight additional pieces of
terrain on the table. No terrain feature can be placed within 3˝ of Victory Conditions
another terrain feature with the exception of trench templates. Starting on the third game round, a player wins if they control
No terrain feature can be placed within any player's deployment Nine Stone for two consecutive turns.
Additionally, a player wins if they have the only warcaster or
Players do not choose a table edge to deploy from but instead warlock remaining in play.
choose a table corner to deploy from. Each player’s deployment
zone is 10˝ from their chosen table corner. Models using the
Ambush special rule cannot be placed within any player’s
deployment zone when they are put into play.

No Quarter PRIME 45


by Danny Samuels

Nine Stone is one of the most potent and mysterious sites on Caen. It’s also the perfect place
for a game of WARMACHINE or HORDES. Here’s my take on the iconic setting. Follow this
simple guide to build your own or use it as the basis of your own take on Nine Stone.

1a 1b 1c
Black foam board
Black gesso
Blister foam
Formula P3 Hobby Knife
Formula P3 Super Glue
Hot glue gun
MDF or Hardboard 1d 1e 1f
1˝ Pink Insulation Foam
Sand or ballast
Sheet polystyrene
(.040 mm)
Spray adhesive
Textured rock
Wood filler or spackle
Wood glue 1g 1h 1i

1j 1k 2a

2b 2c 3a

3b 3c

46 No Quarter PRIME
4a 4a
1a) Cut a 12˝ circle out of MDF or hardboard to use as your base.
1b) Bevel the edge of your base with your hobby knife and
1c) Cut an 11˝ circle out of foam board.
1d) Peel the backing paper from one side of the foam board to
reveal the soft foam beneath.
1e) Cut nine evenly spaced .25˝ channels radiating from the center 4b 4c
of the foam board circle. Be creative in the design; you want to
avoid it looking like a bicycle wheel.
1f) Use spray adhesive to glue your foam board circle to the base.
1g) Use a rock to create texture on the foam. Press the rock into
the foam, rolling it back and forth until you have achieved the
desired texture. Use your hobby knife and sandpaper to bevel the
edges of the channels.
1h) Mix wood filler, black gesso, and water together to create a
paintable paste. Apply the paste onto the foam board to help seal it
and add further texture. You will also use this technique to texture
the pillars later.
1i) Using your finger, apply wood filler into the channels to help
round them out.
1j) Take a piece of blister foam and stipple it over the wet surface
to add a further level of texture and detail.
1k) Paint a layer of wood glue around the base and sprinkle sand
over top of it.


2a) Use a sharp hobby knife to carefully cut out a 3˝ circle from
sheet polystyrene.
Less Than Ten,
2b) Cut another 3˝ circle from cardstock. Cut an ornate Circle It's Nine Stone!
Orboros pattern into it using your hobby knife. You can use the
template I created (download it at or
create your own design. If you use this template, adhere it to your
cardstock with spray adhesive before cutting it out.
2c) Glue this cardstock pattern layer onto the styrene circle with
spray adhesive and then add a cardstock ring on top.


3a) Use a sharp hobby knife to carefully cut out nine talon
shapes from your insulation foam. These should measure
around 6˝ tall.
3b) Add facets and texture to your foam pillars by
carving them with your hobby knife.
3c) Using a ballpoint pen, lightly draw runes near
the base of each of the stones. This will create an
impression that will look like glowing carved runes
when painted.


4a) We recommend painting the terrain elements
separately before starting this step. When
you’re done painting, add the stone center
to the middle of the base using super glue.
4b) Glue the pillars onto the base at the
ends of the channels using hot glue.
4c) Using a mixture of sand, wood filler,
and gesso, hide the seam where the
stones connect to the base.
Touch up the paint and add the basing
materials of your choice.
Now you’re ready to fight for control of Nine Stone!

No Quarter PRIME 47

by Will Pagani

From the swamp they come! The Blindwater Congregation marches to war in this After
Action Report. I will go over each of the models, give a brief description of our concept
of it, and touch on some of the changes that occurred during the Community Integrated
Development (CID) cycle to get these models to where they are now.

LEGACY MODELS Maelok the Dreadbound

Maelok was probably the second largest revision to a legacy
CROAK RAIDERS model. Changing Death Pact to affect all warrior models in
Maelok’s control area instead of a single unit pushed the
Croak Raiders were a unit we were careful with during this warlock into an exciting place. Adding Soul Harvester to his
CID. At the end of Mk II, they were a unit that was out of sync spell list allows him to utilize Cull Soul consistently. This
with the rest of the game, replacing the majority of Faction additional fury increases Maelok's ability to support his army
infantry. While we want to see Minion options in other by debuffing enemies, reviving friendly models, or safely
Factions, we don’t want to invalidate Faction choices with holding objectives with multiple transfers.
Minion options. During the cycle, we reduced their point cost
to 10/16 and gave the unit Pathfinder to help differentiate it Jaga-Jaga, the Death Charmer
from comparable choices. We also discussed a myriad of other
options for the unit including increases to their range, further Jaga-Jaga gained one of the game's most powerful spells: Signs
point reductions, or restructuring some of their abilities, but & Portents. It allows Jaga-Jaga to play a diverse set of lists. Her
during our internal testing we decided the simplest thing to do feat has been reworked and, with the community's help, refined
was increase the POW of the Flaming Dart by 1, up to POW 11. into what you see today. Many players found her previous
This slight increase to their damage potential makes them much feat complicated and confusing; her new feat is now more
more attractive and keeps their card simple and clean. straightforward and still quite powerful: sacrificing her own
warrior models to damage opponents and removing any model
killed from play gives her a niche but powerful feat.
48 No Quarter PRIME
& - use this aMPersand FOr CirCLe

BarnaBas, Lord of BLood 2017 v1 BarnaBas, Lord of BLood

Minion Warlock Unit
Minions – This unit will work for Circle, Legion, Skorne, and
sPd str Mat rat deF arM CMd
5 9 8 3 13 18 10 BARNABAS 2
Bone Pile – When a model in this unit destroys a living or undead
enemy model with a melee attack, this model gains the destroyed
model’s corpse token and the destroyed model is removed from play.
BoNe CleAveR This model can have up to three corpse tokens at any time.
rnG POW P+s
GatorMan – This model is a gatorman.
2 6 15
GatorMan Warlock – This model can have only Minion Gatorman
warbeasts in its battlegroup.
Meat-Fueled – This model gains +1 STR for each corpse token on it.
sacriFicial PaWn [Bone shaker] – When this model is directly hit by
rnG POW P+s
an enemy ranged attack, you can have one friendly, non-incorporeal
0.5 5 14 Bone Shaker within 3˝ of it directly hit instead. That model is
automatically hit and suffers all damage and effects.
steady – This model cannot become knocked down.
tide oF skulls – During your Control Phase, this model can spend
FurY one or more corpse tokens to add Bone Shaker models to this unit.

For each corpse token spent, add one Bone Shaker model. Place each
7 added model in formation within 3˝ of another model in its unit.
Added models must forfeit their Combat Action the turn they are put

Lord of Blood
into play. This unit cannot have more than three Bone Shaker models
in play at any time.
Warlock unit – This unit is made up of Barnabas and three Bone
Bite Barnabas has ascended to
Grievous Wounds – A model hit by this weapon loses Tough and
cannot have damage removed from it for one round. demi-god status. We envisioned
daMaGe Barnabas 2 as a front-line bruiser
WB Fa Illus. by Néstor Ossandón © Privateer Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
who supports his army by
leading from the front with spells
+23 C All faction names, logos, warjack®, warcaster® & warbeast are TM of Privateer Press, Inc.

like Execration of Blackest Night,

BarnaBas, Lord of BLood 2017 v1 BarnaBas, Lord of BLood Hunter’s Mark, and Onslaught.
During the CID, Execration was
Blood Rain 3 8 3 12 – Yes
Feat: Death Ritual refined to only affect Barnabas’
Blood Rain causes corrosion damage
Corrosion continuous effect .
. Models hit suffer the
The Lord of Blood’s faithful congregants are the perfect command range but also to affect
execRation of 2 self * – Rnd no
fodder for his rituals of death. As he snuffs out their lives
with his divine will, Barnabas harnesses their flesh and all model types, no longer just
living or undead. He also picked
Blackest night spirits to twist reality to his advantage, nullifying battlefield
While in the spellcaster’s command range, enemy models suffer –2 to injuries or magnifying his own killing power.
up Steady to help him survive on
their attack rolls. Execration of Blackest Night lasts for one round.
hunteR’s MaRk 2 10 – – tuRn Yes
Immediately remove from play one or more friendly
Friendly models can charge or make a slam power attack against living or undead models currently in Barnabas’ control
range. For each model removed, Barnabas can gain
the front lines of battle!
target enemy model hit by Hunter’s Mark without being forced or
spending focus. A friendly model charging an enemy model hit by one corpse token or one fury point or can remove
Hunter’s Mark gains +2˝ of movement. Hunter’s Mark lasts for one d3 damage points from a model in his battlegroup.
turn. Barnabas cannot exceed his FURY in fury points as a
onslaught 2 self ctRl – uP no result of Death Ritual.
The spellcaster and friendly Faction models beginning their
activations in its control range gain Relentless Charge for one turn.
(While advancing as part of a charge, a model with Relentless Charge
gains Pathfinder .)
ReBuke 2 10 – – uP Yes
Target model/unit cannot give orders, receive orders, or make power
attacks or special attacks.

& - use this aMPersand FOr CirCLe Illus. by Néstor Ossandón © Privateer Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
All faction names, logos, warjack®, warcaster® & warbeast are TM of Privateer Press, Inc.

Boil Master & spirit Cauldron 2017 v1 Boil Master & spirit Cauldron
Minion Unit
Minions – This unit will work for Circle, Legion, Skorne, and Trollbloods.
sPd str Mat rat deF arM CMd SPIRIT CAULDRON
0 0 0 0 5 18 10 Assisted – This model is not a warrior model. It can advance only
during its unit’s Normal Movement. When it advances, it can move
up to 5˝ if the Boil Master is within 2˝ of it at the beginning of this
unit’s activation. This model is automatically hit by melee attacks.
It cannot become stationary or knocked down and never suffers Blind.
Bring out Your deAd! – When an enemy living or undead model is
destroyed while in this model’s command range, this model gains
the destroyed model’s corpse token. When a friendly living model
is destroyed by a continuous effect, an enemy attack, or collateral
damage from an enemy attack while in this model’s command range,
this model gains the destroyed model’s corpse token. This model can
have up to five corpse tokens at any time.
the Feeding – During its activation, this model can spend corpse
tokens to boost one attack or damage roll for each token spent.
sPd str Mat rat deF arM CMd • PuPPet Master (HAction or AttAck) – Puppet Master is a RNG 10
5 7 5 3 12 16 5 spell. When it targets an enemy model/unit, it is a magic attack. You
can have one affected model reroll one attack or damage roll, then
Puppet Master expires. Puppet Master lasts for one round.
• seasoning the sauce (HAction) – This model gains d3 corpse tokens.
• sPectral lash (HAttAck) – Spectral Lash is a RNG 10, POW 12
rnG POW P+s
magic attack. When an enemy model is hit by this attack, it can be
1 5 12
pushed d6˝ directly toward Spectral Lash’s point of origin.
sPecial Delivery – Once per turn at any time during its activation,
this model can remove any number of corpse tokens and place them
sPirit CauLdrOn’s daMaGe on a friendly model that can gain corpse tokens within 5˝ of it.
BOiL Master’s daMaGe gAtorMAn – This model is a gatorman.

Fa Illus. by Néstor Ossandón © Privateer Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

PC Boil Master & spirit Cauldron 5
2 All faction names, logos, warjack®, warcaster® & warbeast are TM of Privateer Press, Inc.

No Quarter PRIME 49
Minion GatorMan GarGantuan Warbeast DracoDile

DraCoDiLe animus COsT RnG aOE POW DuR OFF

SPD STR MAT RAT DEF ARM CMD FloodwaTerS 2 SelF – – rnd no
5 14 6 5 10 20 3 While within 5˝ of the spellcaster, models treat open terrain as
shallow water. Floodwaters lasts for one round.
aCiD breath Snacking – When this model boxes a living model with a melee
attack, it can choose to remove the boxed model from play. When it
SP 10 1 — 14 does, this model can remove d3 damage points.
— TerriTorial – This model can charge large- or huge-based models
without being forced.
bite ACID BREAth
Blind – When a model is hit by an attack with this weapon, it suffers
2 5 19
Blind for one round. (A model suffering Blind cannot make ranged or
— magic attacks, suffers –4 MAT and DEF, and cannot run, charge, or
make slam or trample power attacks. It must forfeit either its Normal

FURY taiL Movement or Combat Action during its next activation. Blind can
ESHOL RNG POW P+S be shaken.)

2 3 17
8 tAIL

Many of you have already seen

— criTical SmiTe – On a critical hit, the model hit can be slammed d6˝
directly away from this model. If the model hit has a larger base than

the final rules of the Dracodile

the attacking model, it is moved only half the distance rolled. The
POW of collateral damage is equal to the STR of this model.

(thanks to Black Anchor Heavy

Industries). But some notable

changes during CID included a RNG POW P+S RNG POW P+S
2 3 17 2 3 17
few slight stat adjustments, like L R
+1 to its ARM score, -1 to its point & - use this aMPersand FOr CirCLe
Illus. by Néstor Ossandón © Privateer Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
All faction names, logos, warjack®, warcaster® & warbeast are TM of Privateer Press, Inc.
cost, and a brand new rule called
Territorial, which was submitted
by a player during one of our live DracoDile
Minion GatorMan GarGantuan Warbeast
2017 v1 DracoDile
gargantuan power attacks
Any gargantuan can make head-butt, slam, and trample power
attacks. A gargantuan with at least one melee weapon with a location
of L or R can make sweep power attacks. A gargantuan with at least
one weapon with the Open Fist weapon quality can make power
strike and throw power attacks.
Head-Butt and Slam ReviSited – Head-butt and slam power attacks
made by a gargantuan have a 2˝ melee range. Smaller-based models
hit by a slam power attack made by a gargantuan are moved an
additional 2˝.
PoweR StRike – A gargantuan must have at least one weapon with
the Open Fist weapon quality to make a power strike power
attack. The power strike power attack has a melee range equal to that
weapon’s melee range. Its target must be in the Open Fist’s field of fire
and have a smaller base than the gargantuan.
The gargantuan makes a melee attack against the target. If the attack
hits, the target is slammed d6 + 2˝ directly away from the gargantuan
1 2 and suffers a power attack damage roll.
SweeP – A gargantuan chooses a melee weapon with a location of L
or R to make a sweep power attack. It makes one melee attack with
the weapon against each model in the weapon’s field of fire that is
within the weapon’s melee range, ignoring intervening models when

BOd determining LOS. This power attack does not require a target, but
y each separate attack does. These attacks are simultaneous. Models hit
suffer a power attack damage roll.

sP 4
& - use5this aMPersand FOr CirCLe Illus. by Néstor Ossandón © Privateer Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
All faction names, logos, warjack®, warcaster® & warbeast are TM of Privateer Press, Inc.

Bone Shrine Bone Shrine 2017 v1 Bone Shrine

Minion Solo
The only major change that Minion – This model will work for Circle, Legion, Skorne, and
occurred to the Bone Shrine sPd str Mat rat deF arM CMd
— 1 0 0 5 18 0 BONE SHRINE
was increasing its damage Channeler [friendly faCtion warloCk] – While this model is in
a friendly Faction warlock’s control range, the warlock can channel
boxes to 8. With a solid fury spells through it.

mechanic and the ability to CirCular Vision – Models never gain a back strike bonus against
this model.
channel, the Bone Shrine distant deployMent – This model can be placed at the same time as
your models with Advance Deployment , up to 12˝ beyond your
made it into many lists. deployment zone.
iMMobile – This model has no Normal Movement or Combat Action,
cannot become knocked down or be moved, and is automatically hit
by melee attacks.
spirit nexus – This model begins the game with 1 fury point. During
your Control Phase, this model receives 1 fury point if it does not
have any. This model cannot have more than 1 fury point at any
time. During a friendly Faction warlock’s activation, it can remove
1 fury point from this model in its control range and gain that fury
point. Each warlock can do this only once per turn. When a warlock
removes a fury point from this model, roll a d6. On a roll of 1 or 2,
the spirits become angry and curse the warlock. A cursed warlock
suffers –1 DEF and ARM for one round.

MOdeL a’s daMage

MOdeL B’s daMage

PC Fa Illus. by Andrea Uderzo © Privateer Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

2 2 All faction names, logos, warjack®, warcaster® & warbeast are TM of Privateer Press, Inc.

50 No Quarter PRIME
& - use this aMPersand FOr CirCLe

Croak Trappers 2017 v1 Croak Trappers

Minion Unit
Minions – This unit will work for Circle, Legion, Skorne, and Trolllbloods.
sPd str Mat rat deF arM CMd LEADER & GRUNT
6 5 5 5 13 13 5 Prowl – While this model has concealment, it gains Stealth .
rePosition [3˝] – At the end of an activation in which it did not run or
fail a charge, this model can advance up to 3˝, then its activation ends.
rnG rOF aOe POW Quake – On a direct hit against an enemy model, all models hit
4 1 3 — become knocked down.

rnG POW P+s
0.5 3 8

& - use this aMPersand FOr CirCLe

PC Leader & Grunt 3 Fa
Illus. by Néstor Ossandón © Privateer Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
All faction names, logos, warjack®, warcaster® & warbeast are TM of Privateer Press, Inc.

Gatorman Husk 2017 v1 Gatorman Husk

Minion Solo
Minion – This model will work for Circle, Legion, Skorne, and Trollbloods.
sPd str Mat rat deF arM CMd HUSK
5 8 5 6 12 16 1 AMbush – You can choose not to deploy this model at the start of the The Husk had some of the
game. If it is not deployed normally, you can put it into play at the
end of any of your Control Phases after your first turn. When you do, most hilarious battle reports
choose any table edge except the back of your opponent’s deployment
rnG POW P+s
zone. Place this model completely within 3˝ of the chosen table edge. we’ve seen. Shambling into the
opposing army from a table edge
CArnivorous swArM – When this model is disabled, center a 5˝ AOE
0.5 5 13
on it, then remove this model from play. Models in the AOE suffer
a POW 12 corrosion damage roll . The AOE is a cloud effect and
hazard that remains in play for one round. An enemy model entering or (thanks to Ambush), it exploded
ending its activation in the AOE suffer 1 point of corrosion damage .
Eruption of fliEs – When this model suffers damage as a result of on support models or sprayed
them down with gouts of angry
an enemy attack at any time except while it is advancing, after the
attack is resolved this model can target the attacking model with

flies when it was attacked,

a SP 8, POW 14 ranged attack that causes corrosion damage .
Models hit suffer the Corrosion continuous effect . This model can

leading to some very entertaining

make this ranged attack even while in melee.
hypEr-AggrEssivE – When this model suffers damage from an enemy
attack at any time except while it is advancing, after the attack is
resolved it can immediately make a full advance directly toward the gameplay. At its low point cost,
attacking model.
I expect the Gatorman Husk to
make it into many non-Minion
lists as a scenario piece or a back-
MOdeL a’s daMaGe

MOdeL b’s daMaGe line harassing model.

MOdeL C’s daMaGe

& - use this aMPersand FOr CirCLe

Illus. by Néstor Ossandón © Privateer Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
All faction names, logos, warjack®, warcaster® & warbeast are TM of Privateer Press, Inc.

Gatorman Soul Slave 2017 v1 Gatorman Soul Slave

Minion Solo
Minion – This model will work for Circle, Legion, Skorne, and
sPd str Mat rat deF arM CMd
AttAched – Before the start of the game, attach this model to a
5 8 5 2 10 17 5
friendly Minion warlock for the rest of the game. Each Minion
warlock can have only one model/unit attached to it.


rnG POW P+s ArcAne Assist – If its warlock is in this model’s command range
0.5 4 12 during your Control Phase, the warlock can upkeep one spell without
spending fury.
MAgic Ability [4]
• Bone Shaker (Hattack) – Bone Shaker is a RNG 8, POW 12 magic
attack. When this spell boxes a living or undead non-warcaster, non-
warlock enemy warrior model, you can immediately take control of
the model and make a full advance with it followed by a basic melee
attack, then the boxed model is removed from play. The boxed model
cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement.
• Spell Slave (Haction or attack) – This model must be in its
warlock’s control range to make the Spell Slave special action.
When it does, it casts one of the spells on its warlock’s card with a
COST of 3 or less. This model cannot cast upkeep spells or spells
with a RNG of SELF or CTRL. When casting an offensive spell,
Spell Slave is a magic attack. Use this model’s Magic Ability score
when making magic attack rolls.
MentAl Force – This model can use Mental Force at the beginning
of each attack. If it does, all attack and damage rolls resulting from
the attack are boosted. After the attack is resolved, this model suffers
d3 damage points.


PC Fa Illus. by Néstor Ossandón © Privateer Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

5 1 All faction names, logos, warjack®, warcaster® & warbeast are TM of Privateer Press, Inc.

No Quarter PRIME 51
& - use this aMPersand FOr CirCLe

AFTER ACTION REPORT KwaaK SlicKSpine & Gub, croaK SorcererS 2017 v1
Minion Solo KwaaK SlicKSpine & Gub, croaK SorcererS
Minion – This model will work for Circle, Legion, Skorne, and
sPd str Mat rat deF arM CMd
5 5 5 4 12 15 7 KWAAK & GUB 1
Magic ability [7]
• EnlivEn (Haction) – RNG CMD. Target friendly Faction warbeast.
If the warbeast is in range, the next time it suffers damage from an
enemy attack while it is not advancing, immediately after the attack
is resolved the warbeast can make a full advance, then Enliven
expires. Enliven lasts for one round.
• HEal [d3] (Haction) – RNG B2B. Target friendly living Faction
model. If the model is in range, remove d3 damage points from it.
• Mud Foot (Hattack) – Mud Foot is a RNG 6 magic attack. A
model/unit hit loses Pathfinder and treats open terrain as rough
terrain. Mud Foot lasts for one round.
• vEnoM (Hattack) – Venom is a RNG SP 8 magic attack. Models
hit suffer a POW 10 corrosion damage roll and the Corrosion
continuous effect .
SHarE tHE load – Once per turn, when this model makes a Magic
Ability special attack or special action, immediately after the attack
or action is resolved it can make one additional Magic Ability special
attack or special action.


& - use this aMPersand FOr CirCLe

Illus. by Néstor Ossandón © Privateer Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
All faction names, logos, warjack®, warcaster® & warbeast are TM of Privateer Press, Inc.

Longchops Longchops 2017 v1 Longchops

Minion GatorMan Solo
A gatorman with a gun, Minion – This model will work for Circle, Legion, Skorne, and Trollbloods.
Longchops showcases a new sPd str Mat rat deF arM CMd LONGCHOPS 1
5 7 6 7 12 16 6
rule: Head Shot. It’s one of the
Cover TraCks – Immediately after resolving a ranged attack during
this model’s activation that destroyed or removed from play one or
more enemy models, this model can perform the Trapper [4˝] special
few models in the game that Heavy RifLe action.

can now remove enemy models rnG rOF aOe POW

12 1 — 14
Head sHoT – Models disabled by a ranged attack made by this model
cannot make a Tough roll. Models boxed by a ranged attack made by
from play with a rifle, so we feel
this model are removed from play.
reposiTion [3˝] – At the end of an activation in which it did not run

confident Longchops will be able Bite

or fail a charge, this model can advance up to 3˝, then its activation
to strongly impact the battlefield rnG
Trapper [4˝] (HaCTion) – Place a 4˝ AOE in base contact with this
model. The AOE remains in place for one round. Living and undead
with his ranged attacks models entering or ending their activations in the AOE suffer a
POW 10 damage roll. Models damaged by Trapper become knocked
and his trap. down. Models with Flight are not affected.


& - use this aMPersand FOr CirCLe

Illus. by Néstor Ossandón © Privateer Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
All faction names, logos, warjack®, warcaster® & warbeast are TM of Privateer Press, Inc.

Void Leech 2017 v1 Void Leech

Minion Bog Trog Weapon aTTachMenT
AttAchment [minion unit with Amphibious] – This attachment can
sPd str Mat rat deF arM CMd
be added to a Minion unit with Amphibious .
5 6 5 0 10 13 4 VOID LEECH
AttAchment Deployment – If this model is attached to a unit with
Advance Deployment , it gains Advance Deployment. If it is
attached to a unit with Ambush, it gains Ambush.
rnG POW P+s mAge stAtic – While this model is in formation, enemy magic attacks
0.5 2 8 targeting a model in its unit suffer –5 RNG.
wAsting power – This model can choose to use Wasting Power at
any time during its unit’s activation. When it does, enemy animi and
upkeep spells on models in this unit immediately expire, then this
model is removed from play.

PC Fa Illus. by Andrea Uderzo © Privateer Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

1 u All faction names, logos, warjack®, warcaster® & warbeast are TM of Privateer Press, Inc.

52 No Quarter PRIME
Kwaak Slickspine & Gub
Receiving no changes during the cycle, Kwaak & Gub are a jaga-jaga, the death charmer
strong support spellcaster with some incredible utility spells.
Mud Foot is one of the most powerful non-warlock/warcaster
abilities in the game, and we received a huge amount of Gained
feedback on it. Many players lamented the fact that using it Signs & Portents
usually resulted in the death of these Croak twins, but we’re
fine with that. Removing Pathfinder from models and having
all open terrain be considered rough is an incredibly powerful
ability. Being able to do it reliably turn by turn would simply be
too much power for a single 4-point model.

Boil Master &

Spirit Cauldron Melee Range
Increased to 2˝
New Feat:
Vengeful Spirits

The Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron did not change very much
during the CID cycle. The main change was allowing it to affect
other Factions’ models, which really opened the door for Circle
and Legion, both of which have a few ways to use an infinite
supply of corpses.

Croak Trappers
During the CID, we modified a few things on the Trappers.
Playing around with their points and swapping around the croak raiders
rules of Quake and Knockdown on their thrown nets, we
decided to go a slightly different direction. We dropped them Decreased
from 5 to 3 points, swapped Knockdown to put Quake back, Point Cost
then gave them Combined Ranged Attack, creating a neat little
Increased POW
support unit that can consistently knock down large targets. to 11
Reposition, Prowl, and Pathfinder keep the unit quite safe for
their low cost.

Gatorman Soul Slave

The Soul Slave starting the CID at Magic Ability [5] made some
people question its usefulness. When we dropped it to Magic
Ability [4] and added Mental Force, allowing it to trade some of Gained
its damage boxes for a way to boost its attack and damage rolls, Pathfinder
the Soul Slave really started to sing. Becoming a powerful spell
slinger with a high variance helped get the Soul Slave to where
we wanted it to be.

Void Leech
A low-point-cost weapon attachment for minion units, the Void
Leech did not see any changes during the CID (except picking
up the Bog Trog model type; turns out, it’s a bog trog). Players
found the ability Mage Static, giving –5 range to spells targeting
the unit along with the option of sacrificing the Leech to remove
enemy upkeep spells, a compelling choice.

No Quarter PRIME 53
Techniques & Textures


by Lauren Fahey

Techniques & Textures is a series on painting miniatures that focuses on different painting
techniques and how to apply them for specific texture applications. In this edition, we’ll be
exploring the glazing technique with a focus on using it for smooth skin tones and sheer
fabrics. The model we’ll be showcasing this technique on is the Dreamer.

formula p3 PAINTS USED I n painting, a glaze is a thin, transparent layer of paint

applied over a previous layer, allowing the layer beneath to
show through. Among miniature painters, there is sometimes
Arcane Blue Meredius Blue
confusion about the difference between a wash and a glaze. A
Bloodstone Midlund Flesh wash is applied much more heavily, so that the paint pools in
Coal Black Pig Iron the crevices to create a shading effect as it dries and pulls away
Cold Steel Quick Silver from the upper surfaces, whereas glaze is applied in a much
Cygnar Blue Base Ryn Flesh more controlled fashion and can be used for both shadows
Ember Orange Sanguine Base and highlights. You can use glazes to subtly change colors,
Frostbite Sanguine Highlight adjust tones, and ease the transition of imperfect blends on
your models. Mastering the technique of glazing can help you
Greatcoat Grey Thornwood Green
achieve some amazing effects that can take your mini painting
Khador Red Base Trollblood Highlight
to the next level.
Khador Red Highlight Umbral Umber
Menoth White Highlight We’re going to dive right into painting the Dreamer, one of the
new warlocks from Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest. It’s a great
model to show two applications for using glazes: seriously
smooth skin and sheer, gauzy fabric.

56 No Quarter PRIME
1 2a

Step 1: Assemble & Prime

The Dreamer is mainly one piece of resin with the only parts
requiring assembly being her left leg, her forearms, and the three
moons. After taking care of the mold lines with files (remember,
resin dust is hazardous, so please take precautions) and a hobby
knife, always wash your models with warm water and a tiny drop of
dish soap to clean away any remaining mold release agent. She’s
a fairly lightweight model, so I mounted her on a small piece of
2˝ dowel with double-sided foam tape to make handling easier,
then primed her using P3 white primer. I like using white primer
when a model has a significant amount of skin, as it helps make
the colors more vibrant.

Step 2: Skin Tones
2a) Make a 50/50 mixture of Midlund Flesh and Ryn Flesh and
basecoat the model in a couple of thin layers for smooth, opaque
coverage. Make sure you have plenty of the mixture, as you will use
it in several of the following steps.
2b) This is the point where I like to stop and make a little chart that
helps me keep my glazes consistent. On an index card (or any white
piece of paper), use a waterproof pen to make a table with columns
numbered 1 through 4 and write an “X” under each column. Then,
starting with your basecoat consistency, progressively thin a bit of
paint at a time with water and paint over the X to test the opacity.
Column 1 is the basecoat, the most opaque, but the X can still be
seen and would require another coat to get complete coverage.
Column 2 is about where I like my consistency to be for two-brush
blending, my other go-to technique for good blending. Column 3 is
a heavy glaze that can provide more color, and Column 4 is a lighter
glaze that is better for transitions and small adjustments. You can
add even more water to get less and less tint, but I generally stop
2c at the consistency of #4 for most applications. Use your chart to
test it as much as you need. Note that after thinning the paint,
there will still be a lot of water in the brush. Before you put brush
to mini, it is vital to give it a couple of quick dabs on a paper towel
so the glaze will go only where you want it to and not pool and run.
The keys to glazing are consistency and control.
2c) Start shading the skin by adding a small bit of Sanguine Base
to the skin base color—just enough to make it rosy. With any skin
tone, it is important to have a warm shadow color to make our eyes
believe there is blood flowing under the skin. Without it, our hard-
wired brains will never think the skin looks real. Thin the paint to a
#3 consistency and apply it liberally in the shadows and wherever
blood vessels are close to the surface, such as the cheeks, ears,
and temples. This is also where I painted in her eyelash line using
Umbral Umber lightened with a small bit of the base skin color.
2d) Go back to the pure base color and add a tiny dab of Coal
Black for the second shadow to make a very slightly blue tone. This
cooler shadow will help give the miniature more defined volume.
Thin again to a #3 glaze and apply in the deeper shadows—under
the jaw and into the neck, in the hollows of the cheeks, just under
2d the shoulder blades, in the lower back. Be sure to leave enough
of the warm shadows showing from the previous step to keep
her looking lifelike.

No Quarter PRIME 57
2e 2f

Step 2: Skin Tones Continued

2e) Make a final glaze by adding a touch of Thornwood Green
to the cool shadow color and thinning it to a #3. Add this only
to the deepest recesses of the model. Further glazing steps will
mute some of the intensity of these shadows while also easing the
transitions. It is important to make sure there is a good level of
contrast, and that makes this third shadow necessary.
2f) Next, use a very thin (#4 consistency) glaze of the midtone
over all the skin to tie the shadows together. Use as many layers
as needed to get a smooth transition without losing the shadows.
When that glaze is dry, start the first highlight using Ryn Flesh at a
#3 consistency. Focus on the upper forms of the face and body—
cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, shoulders, chest, collarbones,
and so on.
2g) Mix a second highlight using 50/50 Ryn Flesh and Menoth
White Highlight and apply as a couple of layers of a #4 glaze to 2g 2h
build a smooth blend. This highlight should take up a little less
than half of your previous highlight and should make the skin really
start to pop.
2h) As a final highlight, use a thin glaze of Menoth White Highlight
on the very high points of the model, adding just a tiny bit to the
upper forehead, the right cheekbone, the points of the collarbones,
and the tops of the breasts and shoulders. Once finished, add in
the eyebrows with Bloodstone lightened a bit with some of the skin
base color. Add a thin line of Sanguine Base to the underside of the
upper lip, and paint the full form of the lower lip with Sanguine
Highlight lightened just a little with the base skin color. Mix in a
little more skin color and carefully highlight the upper surface of
the lower lip.

Step 3: Hair 3a 3b
3a) Mix Bloodstone and Sanguine Base with a little Khador Red
Base to get a nice auburn color, and use this to basecoat the
hair. Then, take a thin glaze of Ryn Flesh and extend it into the
hairline to soften the transition, making her hair look more like it’s
naturally attached to her head.
3b) Shade the hair with a mix of Sanguine Base and Umbral Umber.
Start highlighting some of the strands with Khador Red Base. A
good way to pick out the highlights is to hold the side of your brush
perpendicular to the strands so it just hits the high points.
3c) Add more highlights with Khador Red Highlight, followed by a
final highlight of Ember Orange on the spots where the hair would
really shine in the sun.


58 No Quarter PRIME

Step 4: Dress
4a) Basecoat the lower half of the dress and the bunched-up fabric
on the wrists with Meredius Blue. To make the fabric appear to be a
little bit sheer, mix the base skin tone with Meredius Blue and apply
to the part of the dress that covers the torso. The parts of the fabric
that are thinner and closer to the skin will have this mixture as the
foundation for the optical illusion of translucent fabric.
4b) Since I was working with glazes again at this point, I paused
and added the Meredius Blue to my glaze chart on the index card.
After getting to Column 4, it saw that it might be necessary to go
even another step lighter, so I just added another X with a very
thin tint. Getting the right consistency regularly can be tough, so
practice with index cards or paper and don’t worry if it takes some
time to get the hang of it. I still test out a lot of my glazes on index
cards before I put my brush to the model.

4b 4c) Shade the folds in the bottom of the dress and the wrist wraps
with a 50/50 mixture of Meredius Blue and Cygnar Blue Base using
two-brush blending. Use glazes of Meredius Blue and the blue/
flesh mixture to smooth out the color transition between the upper
and lower parts of the dress. Now, this is where painting sheer
fabric gets a little bit weird. Add more of the base skin tone to the
base torso color and apply as a #3 glaze where the shadows in the
fabric on the torso would be. The inside of the folds are closer to
the skin and therefore should show more of the flesh color while
still being tinted by the fabric.
4d) Shade into the deepest folds of the lower dress and wrist wraps
using two-brush blending with Cygnar Blue Base mixed with a little
bit of Coal Black. Add some Ryn Flesh to the first “shade” color of
the torso and apply as a thin glaze where the dress stretches or
clings most tightly to the body, such as the ridge of the ribcage
and over the chest.
4e) Highlight the lower dress and wrists with a 50/50 mixture of
Meredius Blue and Arcane Blue using two-brush blending. Take a
very thin glaze of Meredius Blue—a #4 or even #5 on the chart—
4c 4d and start to carefully tint the ridges of fabric on the upper half of
the dress. It should be closer to the blue color wherever the fabric
bunches up or is further from the surface of the skin.
4f) Finally, add a bit more Arcane Blue to the first highlight color
along with a little bit of Frostbite, and use this mixture to hit the
highest highlights in the fabric using two-brush blending. This
color is also used as a glaze for the highlights on the torso of the
dress where the ridges stand out furthest from the body.

4e 4f

No Quarter PRIME 59
5a 5b

Step 5: Metals
5a) Basecoat the medallions and leg armor with Pig Iron. If you
have trouble getting decent coverage over the white primer, you
can paint the metal parts with Thamar Black or Coal Black first,
then use the Pig Iron over that.
5b) Make a 50/50 mix of Coal Black and Umbral Umber to shade
the Pig Iron using two-brush blending. Emphasize the shadows
on the armor by holding the figure up and observing what an
overhead light does to the metals, and remember to pick out the
lines of the details.
5c) Highlight the metals with Cold Steel using two-brush blending.
Add the very brightest reflective spots with Quick Silver. Once
everything else on the model is complete and I have applied a
matte sealant spray, I will go back to re-establish that final Quick
Silver highlight so that it really shines.

Step 6: Moons
6a) Basecoat the three moons with Trollblood Highlight.
6b) Mix a bit of Greatcoat Grey into some Trollblood Highlight and
use two-brush blending to apply this to the shadows under the
cheeks, brows, and wrinkles.
6c) Make a 50/50 mixture of Trollblood Highlight and Menoth
White Highlight and two-brush blend it onto the upper surfaces
of the moons. Focus in particular on the brow ridges, cheekbones,
and nose and the creases and dimples around the mouth.
6d) Give the moons a very small final highlight of pure Menoth
White Highlight, just picking out the most dramatic parts
of the expression.

6a 6b
Once the model is sealed and based, the Dreamer
is ready to float her way onto the battlefield in her
diaphanous gown! Try out glazing on your next
project—the possible applications of this technique
are almost limitless: Make a tattoo look like it’s
really in the skin by glazing over it with the flesh
tone. Add texture to a beat-up leather coat by glazing
over painted marks and scratches. Try out fancy
glow effects and object-source lighting from fires or
turbines. With practice and patience, mastering the
technique of glazing can help make your models into
something you used to only dream about!

6c 6d

60 No Quarter PRIME
The Dreamer
by Lauren Fahey
No Quarter Games

by Will Hungerford

62 No Quarter PRIME
Iron Sights is a new game that immerses players in a tense sniper duel requiring quick wits,
subtle deception, and excellent aim. Using only a few models from your WARMACHINE or
HORDES collection, you will need to rely on equal parts misdirection and marksmanship
to take down your opponent. Iron Sights does not use any of the normal rules for

Game Overview Example: Jimmy and Bimmy are preparing for a game
of Iron Sights. Jimmy feels like creating a more combat-

I ron Sights is played by two players, each using three small- oriented Sniper that will shoot and dodge its way through
based models from the WARMACHINE and HORDES games the game. He spends two points on Accuracy and two on
to represent their Sniper and two Echoes. Games are played on a Agility, for a final attribute score of Perception 1, Accuracy
30˝ × 30˝ table representing the battlefield. 3, Stealth 1, and Agility 3. Bimmy, on the other hand, really
hates being shot in the face and wants to dodge bullets at
The game is played across several game rounds, ending when one all costs. He spends all four of his points to raise his Agility
player successfully snipes their opponent. Players alternate taking to its maximum value, giving him a final attribute score of
actions each round until both players have taken five actions. Perception 1, Accuracy 1, Stealth 1, and Agility 4.
Players use six-sided dice to resolve all the action, as well as
tape measures to determine model movement and ranges. When Sniper Gear
moving a model or determining if a model is in range of an
effect, measure from the model’s base. A model can move across After determining attributes, players each choose a single piece
another model’s base but cannot end its movement on top of of gear for their Sniper from from the list below. Each piece of
another model. gear has a permanent effect throughout the game as described
in its rules.
Before beginning the game, players first customize their Sniper’s
attributes and gear. Then, each player secretly notes which of Arcantrik Scope – When you take the Peek action, your target
their models is the real Sniper and which are merely Echoes. Iron number is 5+ instead of 6+.
Sights is a game of deception, and players have to be careful not
to reveal which model is their Sniper unless they absolutely must.
Players then alternate taking actions with any of their models as
they position, maneuver, and attempt to distract their opponent
before taking their shot. There are six possible actions, some of
which can be taken multiple times in the same round.

The game ends when one player successfully snipes their

opponent’s real Sniper.


Before the game, each player determines their Sniper’s attributes
and gear.
Arcantrik Silencer – When you take the Fire action, your
Sniper Attributes opponent’s passive Perception target number is always 5+ and is
not reduced by the number of models in their Sniper’s LOS.
A Sniper has four attributes: Perception, Accuracy, Stealth, and
Agility. Each attribute is represented by a number ranging from 1 Camouflage Coat – When you take the Distract action while your
to 4, which determines how many dice a player rolls when they Sniper is completely within area terrain, your Stealth action test
make an action test (see “Action Tests” below) associated with automatically succeeds.
that attribute. An attribute can never have a value higher than 4. Hand Cannon – Once per game, you can take two Fire actions in
Your Sniper begins with a value of 1 for each attribute, and each the same round, but you must reveal your Sniper when you take
player has 4 points to spend on modifying their attributes. You the second Fire action that round.
can increase the value of an attribute by 1 for each point you Rifle Bipod – When you take the Fire action following an Aim
spend. However, to increase a single attribute to its maximum action, you ignore Cover in addition to gaining the benefit from
value of 4, you must spend all 4 points instead of just 3. aiming.
Well-worn Boots – When you perform the Move action, you can
move your model up to 8˝ instead of 6˝.

No Quarter PRIME 63
No Quarter Games


THE GAME Taking Actions &
Each player begins the game by choosing three small-based
models from their WARMACHINE and HORDES miniatures
Round Length
collection. Each of your models should have a distinctive sculpt. The six actions a player can take are Move, Run, Peek, Aim, Fire,
Players then secretly note which of their three models is their real and Distract. See “Actions” below for descriptions of these
Sniper; the other two are Echoes. actions.
Once players have chosen their models and determined their In addition to the actions a player actively takes, a player can also
Sniper, they each roll a d6. The player who rolls highest is the choose to perform a passive Perception action test when their
first player each game round. opponent performs specific actions, which can lead to a player
revealing whether a model is an Echo or a real Sniper.
Next, players set up the battlefield using three types of terrain:
area terrain, obstacles, and obstructions. (Rules for each terrain Starting with the first player, players alternate taking exactly five
feature are provided in the "Playing the Game" section below.) actions each round. Once both players have taken five actions, the
Starting with the first player, players take turns placing terrain round ends and a new round begins.
pieces anywhere on the table until they have placed twelve
Some actions can be taken only once per round, as specified in
pieces. In order to create a battlefield of dense terrain, each terrain
their rules. If an action can be taken more than once per round,
piece after the first must be placed within 3˝ of, but not in contact
a player can use that action on the same model multiple times
with, another piece of terrain on the table. We recommend using
in a round.
obstructions for at least half of the terrain pieces.
After terrain is placed, the second player chooses a table edge to
deploy from. The first player’s table edge is the one opposite the
Terrain & Line of Sight
second player. Unlike WARMACHINE and HORDES, Iron Sights does not
use a model’s front or back arc to determine line of sight (LOS).
Starting with the first player, players take turns deploying a
If a player can draw an uninterrupted straight line from their
single model anywhere completely within 10˝ of their table edge
model’s base to another model’s base, their model has LOS to the
until all models are deployed.
other model.
Models, obstacles, and area terrain do not block LOS. Only
obstructions block LOS.

Mechanika Sniper Rifle


Arcantrik Scope
Precision Barrel

Sniper Rifle

Rifle Bipod Rounds

64 No Quarter PRIME
Terrain features can provide Cover. When a model has Cover,
enemy models firing at it increase the target number of their
Action Tests
Accuracy action tests by 1. Many actions in Iron Sights are resolved by performing an action
test. Each action test is associated with a specific attribute and a
Below are descriptions and rules for the three types of terrain
target number. When performing an action test, a player rolls a
features in Iron Sights.
number of dice equal to the value of the associated attribute, as
Area – Area terrain represents features that a Sniper could easily specified in the action rules. If the result on any individual die is
move through while providing some protection from enemy equal to or greater than the target number, the action succeeds.
fire, such as forests, trenches, craters, and ponds. A model Some situations can alter the target number; for example, if a
whose base is completely within the perimeter of a piece of area model has Cover from terrain, the target number increases by 1.
terrain has Cover.
Example: Jimmy is taking the Fire action against one of
Obstacles – Obstacles represent features a Sniper could duck Bimmy’s models. His Sniper’s Accuracy is 3, so he rolls
behind while providing some protection from enemy fire, such as three dice. Normally the target number would be 4+, but the
walls, piles of crates, and fallen logs. If a model is within 2˝ of an model he is firing at is within area terrain and has Cover,
obstacle and at least one uninterrupted straight line can be drawn so the target number is 5+. Jimmy rolls a 2, a 3, and a 6.
between it and an enemy model firing at it that intersects the Because he rolled a 6, Jimmy’s Fire action test succeeds.
obstacle, the model has Cover. A model cannot end its movement Now Bimmy must take an Agility action test to see if his
on top of an obstacle. model dodges the shot.

Obstructions – Obstructions represent large structures a Sniper

could hide behind while providing some protection from enemy Passive Perception
fire, such as buildings, wagons, and massive trees. If a model is Some actions indicate they allow your opponent to make a
within 2˝ of an obstruction and at least one uninterrupted straight passive Perception action test. This test is resolved exactly like the
line can be drawn between it and an enemy model firing at it that Peek action described below except it does not use up one of the
intersects the obstruction, the model has Cover. A model cannot player’s five actions for the round. A player’s passive Perception
move through or end its movement on top of an obstruction. happens in response to their opponent’s action instead of during
Tactical Note: Only the player taking the Fire action their own turn, and the target number for the action test depends
will know if the target has Cover from obstacles and on the action their opponent took.
obstructions in relation to their Sniper’s real position. That A player can choose not to make an available passive Perception
means they must calculate the target number, including all action test, as doing so might give away which of their models is
modifiers, and keep it secret, only informing the opponent their real Sniper.
whether the target model is hit or not based on the dice
roll. The player firing does not have to declare what the
target number is.

No Quarter PRIME 65
No Quarter Games

Actions After a player completes a Fire action that does not kill the enemy
Sniper, their opponent can make a passive Perception action test
with a target number of 5+. Decrease the target number by 1 for
Move Action each enemy model the opponent’s Sniper has LOS to. If this test
A player taking a Move action moves any one of their models succeeds, the player who fired must reveal which model is their
up to 6˝. If the model moved is in the LOS of the enemy Sniper real Sniper.
after it completes its movement, the opponent can make a passive Tactical Note: Unlike passive Perception tests for moving
Perception action test with a target number of 6+. or running, this passive Perception test to locate who took
the shot does not require an enemy Sniper to have any of
Run Action your models in its LOS . The enemy is hearing the shot, not
A player taking a Run action moves any one of their models up necessarily seeing it.
to 16˝. After moving, the model cannot be used in any further A player can take only one Fire action per round.
actions this round except for passive Perception action tests. If the
model moved is in the LOS of the enemy Sniper after it completes Distract Action
its movement, the opponent can make a passive Perception action
test with a target number of 4+. A player taking a Distract action makes a Stealth action test with
a target number of 4+. If it succeeds, the player can choose to
either perform both of the following steps in sequence or perform
Peek Action only step 2:
A player taking a Peek action chooses an enemy model that
1. Return one of your Echoes that was removed from the
their Sniper has LOS to and makes a Perception action test with
table back to play. Place this model within 5˝ of the your
a target number of 6+. If it succeeds, the opponent must reveal
real Sniper.
whether the chosen model is their Sniper or an Echo.
2. Secretly choose one of your models within 5˝ of your
A player can take only one active Peek action per round but can
Sniper (including the Sniper itself) to be your Sniper.
make any number of passive Perception action tests.
Your other two models are Echoes.
Tactical Note: If you perform a Peek action or a passive
Example: One of Bimmy’s Echoes, represented by the Alten
Perception action test and only one of your models has
Ashley model, has been shot and removed from the table.
LOS to the chosen enemy model, you are giving away
Bimmy’s real Sniper is a Widowmaker Marksman model,
which model is your Sniper.
though that hasn’t been discovered by Jimmy yet. In order
to further obfuscate the situation, Bimmy performs the
Aim Action Distract action, rolling a single die because his Sniper has
A player taking an Aim action simply declares that they are doing a Stealth attribute of 1. Bimmy succeeds with a roll of 5,
so but does not have to indicate which of their models is aiming. and he places Alten Ashley within 5˝ of his Widowmaker
If the next action the player takes this round is the Fire action, the Marksman. He then secretly decides which of those models
target number of their Accuracy action test is decreased by 1. If is now his Sniper and which is an Echo. To really confuse
the player takes any other action or if the round ends, they lose Jimmy, he keeps the Widowmaker Marksman as his real
this benefit. Sniper, hoping the fake-out will work.

A player can take only one Aim action per round. Tactical Note: The Distract action allows you to effectively
swap the identity of your Sniper in secret. You will want
to use it often to replenish lost Echoes as well as to keep
Fire Action your opponent guessing as to which model is your Sniper.
A player taking a Fire action chooses an enemy model that
their Sniper has LOS to and makes an Accuracy action test
with a target number of 4+. If it succeeds, the opponent must
immediately perform an Agility action test with a target number
of 6+ to dodge the bullet. If the Agility action test succeeds, the
enemy model is not hit. If it fails, the enemy model is hit and
the opponent must reveal whether the model is an Echo or the
real Sniper.
If an Echo is hit, it is removed from the table.
If a Sniper is hit, it is killed, and the player with the surviving
Sniper immediately wins the game.

66 No Quarter PRIME

Forces of Minions:

The Blindwater
by Matt Goetz & Douglas Seacat

O ut among the wild rivers, swamps, and moors where

others fear to tread lives an ancient cold-blooded people
whose pragmatic and predatory culture remains unfathomable
world as breathing. Joined together in their traditions and
the defense of their territories, they intend to carve their own
destiny by tooth and claw.
to other inhabitants of western Immoren. Now united in
The energies of death pervade the swamps of the Blindwater
purpose under the influence of the warlock Barnabas, Lord
region, where necromancy is seen as an extension of the natural
of Blood, the gatormen and bog trogs of the Blindwater
world. In the Congregation, the strong prey upon and consume
Congregation are cruel, fearless, and cunning beyond measure.
the weak. This is an inviolable law, greater and more unyielding
No strangers to death, they leap into combat with fearless than any written by the “civilized” peoples of Immoren.
abandon, eager to feast upon the fallen. Acts of violence and
The formidable bokors and warlocks of the Blindwater
the never-ending struggle for survival are as intrinsic to their
Congregation heed this primal law by summoning the forces of
death and decay to annihilate their foes. Adorned in the totems

68 No Quarter PRIME
and remains of the slain, they call on swarms of bones to rise subjugated by the gatormen, the fish-like bog trogs would still
and writhe at their command. Congregation warlocks are joined sooner fight alongside their swamp-born masters than seek
by ferocious allies, including bestial gators, armored turtles, any arrangement with humanity.
and tentacled swamp horrors. Driven by a gnawing hunger
Bound by mutual disdain for the warm-blooded and driven by
and filled with cold malice no mammal can understand, these
the desire to see their enemies fall and be consumed, members
hulking beasts view all warm-blooded things as food.
of the Congregation follow Barnabas, their newly arisen blood-
Eminently pragmatic but also deeply spiritual, the various soaked god. He fills them with fear and awe, but fighting at his
races of the Congregation have come together in a tense side they will rise to heights undreamed of amid the murky
but effective alliance. They have no love for one another, no bogs where they first slithered from the egg.
familial kinship, but they know that when working together,
they are stronger than when scattered and at odds. Though

No Quarter PRIME 69

According to the Lord of Blood, the history of the Blindwater He demanded to be acknowledged as their master, and he
Congregation begins with his own hatching more than three swiftly killed those who defied him. By 400 AR, his dominance
centuries ago. As the longest-lived gatorman in western over the tribes of the Bloodsmeath region was complete; no
Immoren, Barnabas enjoyed a near godlike reputation long other gatorman bokor could challenge him.
before his recent apotheosis.
He paid little mind to daily matters affecting those he
By early adulthood Barnabas was already a powerful and subjugated. For him it was enough to be venerated and to know
formidable bokor. Though he had risen quickly to lead his own no other mystics of his race dared elevate themselves higher
tribe, it took time before he distinguished himself from others in the eyes of their people than he. Examples were made, often
of similar standing. Most such chiefs have no great ambition quite suddenly, of those who showed disrespect or defiance.
beyond ruling their tribe and patrolling whatever small region A bokor who spoke disparagingly of Barnabas to his trusted
they have marked off as their territory. Barnabas soon proved he warriors might the next night be found with his throat torn out,
had far loftier goals. his limbs hacked off and missing.
From his earliest days as a leader, Barnabas has chosen to While harsh to those he saw as a potential threat, in other
defy death, having no intention of ever being killed, eaten, respects Barnabas proved to be a benevolent ruler who allowed
and forgotten—the eventual fate of all chiefs, no matter how each tribe to govern itself, and those united under his dominion
mighty. By his first century of life, he had flouted tradition to prospered. While bokors had long been respected and valued
conduct a gradual but inexorable campaign of conquest across in gatorman culture, their position was reinforced in the
the Blindwater region. He did not clash with other tribes over Blindwater, where they served as intermediaries between
territory or raid his neighbors for valued resources. Instead, Barnabas and his ever-growing flock. An unusual theocracy
what he sought, and fought for, was the deference of his rivals. had been born amid the fetid swamps.
Barnabas plundered old Morrdhic and Orgoth ruins for
stones filled with latent dark energies. These he collected
and adorned with carefully stacked piles of bones and black
Many congregants keep candles to create ritual spaces around his ever-growing palace,
a ziggurat serving as both temple and throne. By the turn of
small personal shrines
dedicated to the Lord
of Blood in or near their the next century, the worship of Barnabas had spread across
Blindwater and begun to reach beyond. Adherents fabricated
dwellings and make
offerings to them.
religious totems to pray for his protection and intervention,
and they often went to his palace with offerings. Each tribe
sent a number of young warriors for his use, glad to join
in his battles against his enemies.
The old worship of Kossk persisted within the
Congregation, and these beliefs were tolerated. Among
gatorman bokors and mystics, the world is believed
to be inhabited by a diverse array of spirits, with
the greater feeding upon the lesser. Since Kossk was
seen as simply the greatest of these multiple spirits,
the possibility existed of another spirit challenging or
even exceeding it, and this was said to be the destiny of
Barnabas. Even those who remained committed to Kossk
admitted Barnabas grew stronger each passing decade.
He had become the most fearsome living bokor—one
so ancient, wise, and powerful that he earned the
honorific hok-shisan, a term normally reserved for
addressing venerated spirits such as Kossk itself.
In their faith, while Kossk was the creator of the
gatormen, their lives on Caen belonged to the
Lord of Blood.
Until recently the Blindwater Congregation
remained disorganized—a large and frightening
cult of personality with no clear direction. That would
change with the arrival of other great leaders, particularly
the warlocks known as Calaban, the Grave Walker and Jaga-
Jaga, the Deathcharmer.

70 No Quarter PRIME
Calaban, a cunning and politically minded gatorman, had In truth, not all of the cold-blooded denizens of Blindwater were
already begun to exercise a degree of influence and power eager to join the Lord of Blood’s crusade. It took the arrival of
over the Fenn Marsh tribes. He saw the possibilities of linking the prophetic Jaga-Jaga, come from the Marchfells bordering
the fate of his tribes to Bloody Barnabas. This came to pass the Bloodstone Marches, to reconcile the more spiritually
in 606 AR, when Calaban made a pilgrimage to Blindwater, conservative mystics to Barnabas’ goals. Jaga-Jaga’s visions
attired in his finest mystical regalia and accompanied by his affirmed the imminent divinity of their ancient master. She
most formidable warbeasts, warriors, and bound spirits. Soon described Barnabas as an avatar and embodiment of Kossk,
thereafter their combined might brought most of the region’s and she felt she could join these faiths into one. After a vision
bog trogs under their dominion. in which Kossk itself manifested to affirm Barnabas’ course, the
war drums were sounded and the gatorman army was roused to
Barnabas was already certain that his own deification would
march. They rushed headlong into certain peril—a great clash in
soon be at hand. The visionary bokor had foreseen that the path
the Bloodstone Marches against both trollkin and farrow armies.
to godhood, to eclipsing Kossk, would only come on a tide of
carnage and slaughter. He preached a dark message that would It was in this battle that the proof of Barnabas’ divinity was
require the gatormen to escalate to full warfare and endure made manifest. After a great and bloody clash, Barnabas and
losses beyond anything they had experienced before. the farrow leader Lord Carver confronted one another directly.
Though it seemed Barnabas was struck down, his chest torn
For his part, Calaban was more pragmatist than true believer.
open by Carver’s cleaver, this killing strike only served to
He likely considered the ancient warrior-mystic deranged, yet
trigger his transformation. His body was already filled with the
it was clear the Congregation was a gatorman force such as
energies arisen from the carnage around him. He eluded death
had never been collected under one leader. Together, these two
to emerge stronger than before; he had become the god he had
warlocks began to place some order on their tribal civilization.
long boasted it was his destiny to become. Even the doubting
The younger warlock took control of the day-to-day governance
Calaban was awed by this feat. The Grave Walker remains one
of the tribes and their warriors, matters in which Barnabas had
of the greatest bokors under the banner of the Lord of Blood,
little interest. Calaban and other bokors lent their talents and
as he secretly awaits another chance to seize greater power
mystical powers to the Congregation, harnessing spirits and
for himself while competing with Jaga-Jaga for the hearts and
leading their reptilian armies to victory.
minds of the reverent Congregation.

No Quarter PRIME 71

Blindwater Villages may be an island unto itself; mounds of mud are heaped high
enough to rise above the surrounding water and allowed to dry
In the swamps where gatormen establish their villages, death before huts are constructed. Channels of oozing water separate
and consumption are facts of daily life. These sites are dark these artificial islets, sometimes deepened to allow gatormen
and gloomy, surrounded by high growths of cattails and reeds or warbeasts controlled by a village warlock to swim through.
or built in the shelter of overhanging willow trees. Gatorman Such huts might be illuminated by smoking torches or small
villages are places no human would want to live; loosely clusters of ritualistic candles, though many residents prefer to
thatched huts sit upon muddy foundations, with dampness remain in darkness.
and cold air able to easily seep inside. Most of these villages Other races might mistakenly presume these crude villages
have no walls to defend them, though some gatormen have to be inhabited by less intelligent creatures. The simplicity
erected rough palisades around their perimeters. Each village is of gatorman dwellings has nothing to do with their mental
surrounded by countless predators and other perilous creatures sophistication, but rather the fact that their needs are few.
lurking in the swamp. Most gatorman tribes are content with primitive shelters
Of the many intelligent races of western Immoren, gatormen and desire nothing more. Furthermore, in the event that a
inhabit arguably the least sophisticated dwellings. They employ village is destroyed or must be abandoned, it is fairly trivial
the crudest architecture to build a number of short, wide huts of to rebuild another.
reeds and plants lashed together and partially sealed by daubed All gatormen are fierce and deadly warriors, each quite hardy
plants and mud. Flooring inside the huts usually consists of and all but immune to pain and trivial discomforts. They are
lengths of dried grasses strewn across the dirt. Outside the huts as shrewd and intelligent as humanity, yet their bodies are
are simple racks for drying meat constructed of branches tied suited to the wilderness, unlike softer-skinned races. Indeed,
into a loose lattice, as well as other basic structures such as pens gatormen do not require clothing or shelter to survive. A naked
to contain hatchlings. In especially swampy areas, each hut and unarmed gatorman can sleep unharmed through storm

Ziggurat Features of a
Swamp Gobber Blindwater Village
Lookout Tower
Winnowing Enclosure

Croak Huts

Sacral Vault Wading Pool
Bone Shrines

Pile of Lookout Tower

Looted Scrap

Charnel Pit Charnel Pit

Bokor's Hut

72 No Quarter PRIME
and flood. Their villages are places where the tribe gathers to
see to communal needs, where they store those few items they
keep but do not carry on their persons, and where their young Cold-Blooded Parenting
can hatch and mature. Gatormen appreciate having drier and Gatormen do not bond with mates; instead, males and females
coexist in a loosely communal environment, living six to ten to
warmer private spaces within their huts, but this is a matter of a hut and coming together seasonally for the express purpose of
relative comfort, not survival. A gatorman’s hut is a welcome procreation. Just before these seasonal cycles, it is not uncommon
respite from daily duties of hunting, protecting the village, or for members of neighboring villages to intermingle, thus broadening
the mating pool. The most fierce and respected individuals get first
doing their bokor’s bidding. When necessity forces gatorman choice of mates, with the rest pairing off with whoever remains.
warriors to sleep away from their villages, they tend not to
A pregnant female lays a clutch of six to ten eggs, placing them
create even simple encampments, as they are able to eat their in a large mound of earth and vegetable matter for incubation.
food raw and so have little need for campfires. The mounds require solid ground, which is exceedingly rare in
the marsh, and are jealously guarded. Once the eggs hatch, the
Their capability to erect more lasting structures has been proven hatchlings are placed in a specially prepared enclosure to keep
in places like the great palace temple of the Lord of Blood. In them from wandering too far into the water. One or more tribe
members keep watch over the clutch to protect the young from
the heart of the Blindwater Congregation’s territory, a growing outside danger.
town has been built, with a greater number of gatorman living Despite being entirely self-sufficient within minutes, gatormen
in close quarters than has ever been the case before. Here, hatchlings display none of the intelligence of the adults. It is typical
the gatormen have erected more sophisticated dwellings and for hatchlings to ruthlessly attack one another, and the weakest are
singled out, killed, and eaten by their clutch mates. Generally two
monuments, including sacral vaults that serve as both weapons dozen or so hatchlings are placed in a single winnowing enclosure,
of war and mobile sites of ritualized slaughter in the names of and after six weeks, six to eight of the strongest remain.
Barnabas or Kossk. Even in this capital of the Congregation, At this point, the minds of the hatchlings have begun to develop
most stone structures are used for religious or ceremonial and they are fostered out to lower-ranking adults of both genders,
purposes, not as living spaces. who rear them for one year. They learn the Quor-gar tongue very
quickly, perhaps aided by having been hearing it even before
Since clothing is optional for gatormen, what they choose they could comprehend its meaning. After this time, the young
gatormen are expected to survive on their own. Blood relation
to wear is often a matter of cultural tradition or a means of holds little meaning for gatormen, and they find the familial bonds
expressing either tribal affiliation or individuality through of other races peculiar.
adornment. Bokors are noted for more elaborate garb and Bog trogs share some similarities with gatormen in their approach
weaponry, including masks, hoods, bracelets, or other totems to child-rearing but are slightly more attentive parents. Mating and
reproduction are practical affairs devoid of emotion or sentiment.
in bone, some of which have a ceremonial function and may Mature bog trogs form mating pairs annually during warm weather.
facilitate interacting with spirits. Following a gestation period of several months, females give birth to
groups of anywhere from twelve to forty live young. Births take place
The fabrication of these trappings falls to those few members of underwater within specially constructed, tightly woven birthing pens
a tribe with proven capability at crafting such gear. Gatormen’s similar to bog trog huts. Newborn bog trogs emerge from the womb
still attached to a yolk sac and immediately sink to the bottom. They
hands are not well suited for intricate crafting work, making remain immobile for up to three days as they absorb nutrients from
these efforts time consuming and difficult. Some of this labor their yolk sacs and develop functional swim bladders. During this
is relegated to those who are not required for more vital tasks period they are helpless and can survive only briefly out of the water.
like hunting, including young members of the tribe who have After several more days, newborn bog trogs become fully mobile
yet to physically mature. Tribes that have fostered mutually and are released from the birthing pen in small groups to hunt
under the supervision of mature bog trogs. In a few months they
beneficial relationships with swamp gobbers or croaks may begin to swim freely throughout the surrounding waters, and
appreciate their skills in this capacity and will barter for (or the adults’ vigilance diminishes as the young become capable of
simply demand) garments and other accoutrements that would feeding themselves. As soon as the young bog trogs are more or
less independent, they receive instruction in the Quor-og language
be difficult for them to produce themselves. and the basics of bog trog society from the tribal elders. At
approximately four or five months of age, the swim bladder has
Bog trog villages superficially resemble those of gatormen, fully developed into a pair of functional lungs, and the young spend
though with smaller and more closely packed reed huts. Within greater periods of time on land.
each hut, the bog trogs dig a small, cozy burrow for sleeping.
It is more common for bog trogs to spend a substantial portion
of their waking time in the water, and their villages are built
with even more access to water than those of gatormen, often
integrating streams or small ponds directly. Bog trogs also have
a greater fondness for being underground, and where the soil
will support it they create limited networks of water-logged
or entirely submerged subterranean passages and chambers,
utilizing logs and stone to prevent collapse. Small shrines and
statues to Ashiga are placed in some of these chambers and
visited by mist speakers who commune with them.

No Quarter PRIME 73

Life among
The growing capital of the Congregation can be
found on the northern shore of Blindwater Lake,
where a great ziggurat has been constructed of

the Blindwater
salvaged Orgoth and Morrdhic stone and serves as
both abode and temple for Barnabas and his priests.

Daily life in the Blindwater Congregation is in most regards rituals of appeasement take place within the tribes as offerings
quite similar to the way gatorman tribes have lived across are brought forth, ostensibly for Barnabas but also to satisfy his
western Immoren for untold centuries—a familiar, time-tested intimidating intermediaries.
cycle of hunting, mating, and sleeping broken up by periods
Even among this privileged caste, gatorman culture remains
of worship. That said, the integration of so many tribes into
brutal and unforgiving. Weakness and infirmity are not
a single cause and the imposition of a new faith have caused
tolerated; gatormen who are crippled in battle or fall ill are often
significant ripples. Congregation society is still evolving in the
killed and devoured by their tribe. This pragmatic practice is
wake of the recent apotheosis of Bloody Barnabas. A powerful
not seen as cruel or punitive. Those no longer able to contribute
and formidable new theocracy has emerged from the fetid
in a meaningful way consider it a duty and an honor to make
lakes of Blindwater, one that has just begun to alter the lives of
this final contribution to their tribes, though they don’t make it
its constituents and reshape gatorman culture in ways never
easy on those who come for them, as the will to survive persists
before imagined.
until a gatorman’s last breath. Gatormen place no sacred value
The concentration of the population in Blindwater has allowed on bodies of their dead, seeing them instead as functional
gatormen to divide labor for the first time. Dedicated posses resources. Their meat is repurposed as food for warbeasts or as
of gatormen hunters, for example, make regular expeditions raw material for bokors fabricating arcane totems and fetishes
to gather sufficient prey to provide for other members of their used in warfare and worship.
tribes. These hunting parties can number in the dozens and are
Congregation rituals involve blood sacrifice and the
composed of adult gatormen and some juveniles old enough
consumption of flesh. The sacrifices are meant to appease the
to join in the hunt. They often seek out large beasts like feral
dark spirits that linger in the swamp so that they might bestow
ironbacks or swamp horrors in order to secure adequate meat
upon a bokor strength and magic. Devouring the flesh of an
for the day, but failing that they will fall upon an undefended
enemy or a powerful beast is an important part of gatorman
village and bring back as many corpses as they can carry.
culture, for eating something is the ultimate expression of
Thanks to the gathered races of the Congregation being unified
dominance. When someone is ritually devoured, the spirit of
by the cult of Barnabas, these gatormen are often accompanied
the individual may linger and be captured to serve the bokor
by groups of croak hunters, who serve as scouts, and throngs
leading the ritual. Strong spirits are bolstered by being fed lesser
of bog trogs, who serve equally well as pack mules, front line
ones, just as the living are strengthened by consuming other
fodder, or convenient snacks.
creatures. Powerful bokors can work greater magic because
It is through this daily regimen of hunting that gatormen teach they can draw upon these greater spirits or those of dozens
their young to be strong warriors, though they are callous of defeated enemies. The Blindwater Congregation carries out
instructors. Young gatormen who do not survive the hunt are many such rituals, with dozens of gathered bokors working in
seldom mourned, for they have proven they were too weak or concert to sacrifice the greatest subjects or to summon and bind
stupid to endure the challenges of the predator’s life. Similarly, the strongest spirits.
the other tribes in the Congregation do not prop up those
Having achieved Bloody Barnabas’ goal of transformation,
who are too feeble to acquire their own food. Each tribe sees
members of the Congregation no longer need to sustain the
to its own interests, and those unable to do so are considered
frenzied slaughter they once considered necessary. To many,
undeserving of the proud status of being gatormen and the
this is a relief, as they worried that Barnabas’ quest might result
privilege of worshipping the Lord of Blood.
in the destruction of all. Many Congregation tribes are now in
The ability to field sizable hunting bands has allowed the a period of rebuilding—though this is not to say they are idle.
Congregation to be relatively efficient with food gathering. If not The foremost method of regaining the strength lost during the
distributed to those occupied with important tasks other than previous long and bloody campaign involves subjugating those
hunting, extra meat is sometimes smoked or dried and stored tribes who have not yet converted and forcing them to join.
for later consumption. Bokors in particular are rarely required
Whether by choice or coercion, every gatorman in the
to hunt down their own meat, though they pride themselves on
Congregation is expected to worship Barnabas, the Lord of
being physically formidable enough to do so if necessary.
Blood. Many, particularly those forced to join the cult, still pray
Around Barnabas is a rising priest caste, a privileged group who to the traditional god Kossk. It is common to endeavor to offer
are feared and respected and who have tremendous sway over respect to both, but Barnabas is a jealous god. Traditionalists
the lives of those below them in the Congregation. Countless are wise to continue sacrificing in his name and to keep
their displays of reverence to Kossk modest in comparison.

74 No Quarter PRIME
The “lesser” races of bog trogs and croaks affiliated with the the power of great spirits more than the pathetic souls of measly
Congregation are expected to revere and sacrifice to Barnabas as swamp dwellers. While warriors bring their god living beings
gatormen do, but they are afforded more liberty to practice other to consume, the bokors toil to bring him a feast of spirits.
spiritual traditions they may have. The priesthood of Barnabas receives its portion of the more
mundane repast, but only individuals like Calaban and Jaga-
The oppressed and largely enslaved bog trogs within the
Jaga, who lead efforts to lure and harness potent spirits, are
Congregation fear Barnabas but still primarily worship
given leave to sample some of this latter fare.
the great spirit they call Ashiga, which may or may not be
considered a god. When asked by gatorman bokors, even the Since the Congregation has grown so large, its hunting sorties
most pious mist speakers will admit Barnabas is greater than have begun to extend beyond the traditional boundaries of
Ashiga, though they may speak otherwise in private. Croaks gatorman territory and must target increasingly ambitious prey,
quietly revere the conjoined twins Tagasca and Dagascar, including towns and villages which would formerly have been
whose merged forms are considered the height of perfection. considered too perilous to attack. The gatormen have grown
Tagasca is deemed a goddess of hunting and warfare, while bolder, risking the retaliation of those they prey upon, but they
Dagascar is a prophetic being who taught croaks the use of stand ready to match force with force. Additionally, Barnabas
tools and protects them by bestowing luck. Croaks tend to has decreed that his realm of worship extend to all the gatormen
exist on the periphery of Congregation society and are largely of western Immoren. A portion of his Congregation now
allowed to live as they wish so long as they honor Barnabas journeys to the most far-flung swamps on the continent seeking
and obey gatorman leaders. converts, either voluntary or otherwise.

Gatormen with the ability to harness the spirits of death and

decay have a special role in the daily life of the Blindwater
Congregation. Though Barnabas demands sacrifices, he covets

No Quarter PRIME 75

Warlocks & Warbeasts warlocks do not hesitate to sacrifice their warbeasts to ensure
their own virtual invincibility in battle, diverting any wounds to
afflict the entities they control instead. Some warlocks are more
Swamp Warlocks drawn to the energies of death than others, feeling a stronger
bond with spirits and animated boneswarms. Bodies slain in
Warlocks of the gatormen and bog trogs are rare and powerful battle become their puppets, dancing on the strings of their will.
individuals with a special connection to the deadly creatures Among the Congregation, the ability to see and subjugate spirits
that share their murky environs. The ability to bond with and is a sacred and valued mystical art.
control the beasts of marsh, bog, and fen affords warlocks a
great deal of personal influence that enables them to rise within Warlocks are among the longest-lived of gatormen, which
their tribes. The bokors of the gatormen believe the ability to further augments their ability to seize and maintain power
commune with the amphibious and undead swamp monsters over their tribes. All gatormen have the potential to live long
is a gift from the great spirit Kossk, allowing these warlocks to lives; they suffer little degradation from the passage of years,
subjugate and exploit the beasts of its domain. and death is most often the result of violence. Despite this,
most gatormen die relatively young amid the harsh realities
The cold-blooded swamp warlocks command respect among of their environment. Even surviving a battle is no guarantee
their peoples and inspire fear in others. This trepidation is of continued living—a crippling injury can mark a previously
largely due to the formidable beasts they command, but is useful warrior for death in the eyes of their peers.
also attributable in part to the capabilities of the warlocks
themselves. They tend to be ambitious and calculating, always
looking to gain power at the expense of the weak. Bog trog
warlocks in particular relish the sway they hold over their Bog Trog Warlocks
lesser brethren, exercising tyrannical authority over their tribes Warlocks do occasionally arise from the bog trog tribes, able to
even as they offer cringing obeisance to neighboring gatormen harness similar beasts and eventually seizing power and influence
bokors and their own warlocks. For the otherwise subservient over their kind. A few of these warlocks remain among the bog trogs
enslaved to the Blindwater Congregation, with Rask as the greatest
bog trogs, being a warlock is one of the few ways they can rise of them. A number of others were ruthlessly targeted for destruction
to a higher stature and gain the sometimes reluctant respect of by Calaban and Barnabas during the subjugation of the region, and
gatorman warriors. Rask ensured the downfall of several as part of his arrangements
with his new masters. Should new warlocks emerge from these
While all bokors command the necromantic energies of the tribes, it is likely they would be preserved instead of slain, so
long as they were obedient and proved themselves to be useful
swamp and can unleash them on their foes, warlocks are weapons for the Congregation. Bog trog mystics rely less upon the
particularly adept at these arts. The integration of their minds energies of death, instead tapping into the elemental forces of their
with warbeasts and long experience in regulating the flow of environment and invoking mist, rain, and fetid decay.

vitality between self and beast refines the warlocks’ intrinsic

understanding of the mystical cycles of life and death. Gatormen

76 No Quarter PRIME
Warlocks, however, are nearly immune to these perils as long origins in the swamps and moors of western Immoren, and all
as they have sufficient warbeasts at their side and are careful are cold-blooded, possessing minds that are unfathomable to
not to provoke superior enemies. For many, the only adversary mammals. The most potent of gatorman mystics have expanded
they truly fear are greater and more powerful warlocks in rival their arsenal through necromantic fabrication and ritual. Several
tribes. Those warlocks who quickly recognized the dominance of of their beasts are constructs of bone, sinew, and rotted flesh as
Barnabas and supplicated themselves to him are exceptions, as deliberately crafted as the wolds of the Circle Orboros.
they have been banded together and need not fear such clashes.
The creatures closest in nature to the gatormen themselves
are their less intelligent alligator beasts, most prominently
Swamp Warbeasts the blackhides and bull snappers. Their desires and needs are
simple: feeding is all they focus upon, and Kossk has equipped
When it comes to their beasts of war, the cold-blooded warlocks
them with formidable natural weaponry. The greatest of these
of the swamps do not train—they subjugate. A gatorman or
beasts is the unparalleled dracodile, a hulking monster that can
bog trog warlock crushes the will of their warbeasts and breaks
swallow most other creatures whole and can stand against even
them into their service. Compared to the methods of warlocks
troll kings and colossal warjacks.
among other races, the process is a short and brutal struggle
with its own dangers. The creatures lash back at this mental Other denizens of the swamp that can be made to serve as
intrusion, and the loser often ends up filling the victor’s gut. warbeasts include great turtles like the ironback spitter and
Warlocks who try to overpower the lethal creatures of the the bizarre and terrifying swamp horror. Ironback spitters
swamp but fail to subjugate them are quickly ripped to bloody have competed with alligators and gatormen for prey in their
shreds; creatures that cannot be enslaved are slaughtered when territories, challenging entire posses of warriors. Warlocks value
they try to fight back with teeth and talons. them for their impenetrable hides and corrosive, steel-melting
spittle. Swamp horrors are useful for their multitude of tentacle
Once a creature’s free will has been quashed, it becomes a pawn
attacks and their peculiar mystical essence, which allows a
under the warlock’s control, at least while the warlock maintains
warlock to bring a degree of mutable flexibility to his arsenal.
that control. The warbeast obediently follows its warlock, who
can send it into a murderous rampage with the slightest mental Among the necromantic constructs of the Congregation are
prodding. Swamp warlocks must take care not to become boneswarms and blind walkers. The former are ever-growing
complacent, however, as these beasts are patient and will exploit agglomerations of corpses accumulated in gatorman battles,
any perceived weakness or inattention. given shape and malevolent ferocity by the spirits bokors
control. Blind walkers are in some ways even stranger and more
By Scale, Shell, Tentacle & Bone horrifying than boneswarms—mindless enslaved creatures who
yet live, though their bodies and essences are forever changed
The warlocks of the Blindwater Congregation bring an by powerful necromantic rituals to allow them to serve as
impressive array of beasts to their battles, including creatures conduits for a warlock’s potent spells.
of very different temperaments. All are connected by their

No Quarter PRIME 77

Blindwater Croaks
Congregation Units The croak race is not native to western Immoren, originally
hailing from the islands to the distant southeast. Brought to
the region initially by skorne slavers, many have escaped to
Bog Trogs find a new life in the swamps of the west. Escaped croaks often
ally with their western counterparts, particularly gatormen, to
Clannish and insolent, bog trogs are a race of reptilian protect their families and secure a safe haven. The Blindwater
humanoids skilled in ambush and stealthy assassination. Congregation counts several small tribes of these croaks
They have long been rivals of the gatorman tribes, fighting for among their number, and they seem to view the gatormen with
meager resources in the territories both races inhabit. When fascinated awe. Croaks have found easier acceptance among the
the Blindwater Congregation arose to unite the gatormen of gatormen than bog trogs have, perhaps because they have never
the swamps, this rivalry escalated into a bloody war. When been in a position to compete with the gatormen for territory.
the bog trogs ultimately lost this conflict, their tribes were
able to avoid wholesale destruction by entering into servitude Croak hunters and raiders have proven themselves a useful
under the gatormen and acknowledging their right to rule. All addition to the Blindwater Congregation. Croak hunters coat
bog trogs within the Congregation must bow to the authority their weaponry in poisons secreted from their own skin, an
of gatorman bokors and the bellicose god who walks among advantage that enables them to bring down prey much larger
them. Those tribes who refuse still contribute to the Blindwater than themselves. Skilled croak raiders use primitive flammable
Congregation, in a way, as their flesh nourishes its gatorman oils refined from swamp plants in conjunction with burning
warriors and their discarded bodies are reanimated to fight on javelins hurled by atlatls to set enemies ablaze.
after death.
Cooperative bog trogs make for useful members of the Gatormen
Congregation’s forces. They can alter the coloration of their Gatormen are the dominant race inhabiting the swamps of
flesh to serve as natural camouflage, and the race has a natural western Immoren and make up a significant majority of the
predilection toward waylaying its prey, making them skilled Blindwater Congregation. Tribes around Blindwater Lake
ambushers. The shamans of the bog trogs, called mist speakers, were the first to respond to Bloody Barnabas’ call and begin to
inspire their fellows in battle, commanding magic that draws worship him. After Barnabas subjugated most of the region’s
upon the duplicitous nature of their people and the watery bog trogs, he added to his followers many gatorman tribes
habitat in which they dwell. from more distant regions. While the Congregation suffered
significant casualties in their battles to help Barnabas achieve
godhood, the gatormen remain numerous and strong, having
bolstered their numbers in the years following this event.
Gatormen make up the backbone of Barnabas’ armies. Each
adult gatorman is physically powerful, resilient, and more than
a match for most opponents. Only warriors of the hardiest races,
like trollkin or ogrun, have a chance of matching them one on
one without relying on extreme measures like steam-powered
mechanikal armor. Posses of gatormen are the frontline soldiers
of the Blindwater Congregation and fight with a natural
predatory cunning bolstered by faith in their new god.
Gatorman bokors make up an elite upper class within the
Blindwater Congregation and often lead these posses in battle.
Bokors are able to wield the necromantic magic of the gatormen
as well as control spirits. Their chanted invocations enhance
the already deadly capabilities of their warriors and work them
into savage blood frenzies during battle. Other bokors take
command of legions of mindless swamp shamblers and perform
occult rituals to grant mystical aid, harnessing the death
energies that flow freely during combat.

Gatorman bokors and bog trog mist

speakers often salvage corpses of the
fallen to create mystical fetishes.

78 No Quarter PRIME


1 Barnabas, Lord of Blood

Warlock Unit
PIP 75074
2 Jaga-Jaga, 7 7

the Death Charmer

Gatorman Warlock
PIP 75049
3 Blackhide Wrastler
Gatorman Heavy Warbeast
PIP 75062
4 Blind Walker
Gatorman Heavy Warbeast
PIP 75062
5 Ironback Spitter
Gatorman Heavy Warbeast
PIP 75024
6 Dracodile
PIP 75075
7 Gatormen Posse
PIP 75048
8 Gatormen Husk 1
PIP 75081
9 Totem Hunter
PIP 75001
10 Dahlia Hallyr & Skarath
Solo & Tatzylwurm Heavy
PIP 75016
11 Wrong Eye & Snapjaw
Gatorman Solo &
Gatorman Heavy Warbeast
PIP 75019


80 No Quarter PRIME



No Quarter PRIME 81
82 No Quarter PRIME
The most dominant gatormen are those individuals whom Some of the elaborate and ornate totems
fashioned by bokors are used to capture and
Barnabas has taken on to act as his generals and high priests. harness powerful spirits.
The mightiest are warlocks able to control the warbeasts of the
swamp, and Barnabas leaves the day-to-day management of
his faithful in their hands. These gatormen are ambitious apex
predators and seldom enjoy the company of one another. Each
has their own agenda and works toward fulfilling it, all while
keeping up the appearance that they are content to merely carry
out the Lord of Blood’s wishes.

Swamp Gobbers
Swamp gobbers have always been physically outmatched by the
other races that dwell in the region they call home. Thus they
have come to rely on cleverness, adaptability, and not a little
foul play to survive and even to thrive. Like the small birds that
pick scraps from between a blackhide’s teeth, swamp gobbers
near the Blindwater Congregation have entered into a wary
symbiosis with the worshippers of Barnabas.
Some of the more calculating swamp gobber tribes have openly
affiliated themselves with the Blindwater Congregation. Most
made this choice primarily as a way to avoid destruction by
the large reptilians, but some also saw it as an opportunity
to improve their lot. These swamp gobbers act as craftsmen
and scouts, fabricating useful items for the congregants and
blending in with communities where the gatormen cannot. In
return, the swamp gobbers are given leave to loot the bodies of
the slain before gatormen consume them.
Other Coerced Critters
Due to the habitat they call home, the Blindwater Congregation
has contact with numerous other entities that it can press into
service in times of war. Some are useful beasts, some are spirits
The Totem Hunter that dwell in places of death and decay, and still others are even
One of the most proficient killers that can be found accompanying more unusual and enigmatic.
the Blindwater Congregation is the totem hunter. Very little is known
about this creature’s culture, beliefs, or native language, but its Bokors of the Blindwater capture or enslave a variety of strange
motive is clear: it lives to hunt. The totem hunter values its kills and mystical creatures, such as the magic-eating horrors
above all else and retains grisly totems from its most formidable
known as thrullgs and the incorporeal feralgeists. Thrullgs
adversaries. Its hunts are accompanied by sacred rituals through
which the hunter hopes to capture a portion of each kill’s essence. subsist almost entirely on a diet of alchemy and magic, able to
The totem hunter makes itself known to a chosen battlefield devour the arcane power of a spell or render mechanika and
commander shortly before an engagement, choosing one it steamjacks inert. When the Congregation must fight against
considers worthy by its own inscrutable criteria. After drawing the industrialized forces of the Iron Kingdoms, hunters will
the warlock’s eye, it makes an enigmatic gesture—perhaps some
form of salute—thereby indicating the totem hunter will spare the first seek out a thrullg. These large amphibious beasts must be
soldiers of its chosen leader, and then it vanishes. In the ensuing baited with arcane trinkets or the scent of sorcery and guided
conflict, it preys upon any of the enemy’s dangerous beasts or to the battlefield, where they are unleashed upon the warlocks,
formidable combatants that draw its attention. After the battle it
slips away, seeking no payment or recompense beyond the totems it arcanists, and warjacks of the enemy.
gathered in the course of its bloody work.
Feralgeists are predatory natural spirits drawn to the entropic
energy of death and dying. These spectral beings hunger
to inhabit and control flesh, which they can fuse with and
command as their own. Unable to control living creatures, a
feralgeist can sink into the corpse of a freshly slain beast and
reanimate it as a graceless puppet of the spirit’s own will.
Bokors know rituals that can bind a roaming feralgeist for a
time, and they are often used to sow chaos amid enemy ranks
by reanimating the corpses of freshly slain warbeasts.

Dracodiles are the greatest engines of destruction in the Blindwater

arsenal, but they are sometimes easily distracted by small birds or
other animals that catch their eye. Most congregants, such as the
croaks from eastern Immoren, give these creatures a wide berth
unless certain they are under the control of a warlock.

No Quarter PRIME 83

1 Sacral Vault 8 Swamp Gobber Chef 15 Bull Snapper 22 Bog Trog Ambushers
Gatorman Battle Engine Solo Gatorman Light Warbeast Unit
PIP 75054 PIP 75070 PIP 75025 PIP 75057
2 Gatorman Witch Doctor 9 Swamp Gobber River Raiders 16 Gatorman Soul Slave 23 Bog Trog Mist Speaker
Solo Minion Privateer Sea Dog Solos Solo Solo
PIP 75040 PIP 41127 PIP 75082 PIP 75073
3 Croak Raiders 10 Gobber Tinker 17 Kwaak Slickspine & Gub, 24 Bog Trog Trawler
Unit Minion Solo Croak Sorcerers Solo
PIP 75061 PIP 75045 Solo PIP 75069
4 Croak Trappers 11 Calaban, the Grave Walker PIP 75080 25 Swamp Horror
Unit Warlock 18 Rask Gatorman Heavy Warbeast
PIP 75077 PIP 75021 Bog Trog Warlock PIP 75039
5 Maelok the Dreadbound 12 Bone Shrine PIP 75043 26 Viktor Pendrake
Gatorman Warlock Solo 19 Blackhide Wrastler Solo
PIP 75037 PIP 75083 Gatorman Heavy Warbeast PIP 75014
6 Boil Master & 13 Gatorman Posse PIP 75062 27 Longchops
Spirit Cauldron Unit 20 Void Leech Gatorman Solo
Unit PIP 75048 Bog Trog Weapon Attachment PIP 75079
PIP 75076 14 Gatorman Bokor & PIP 75078
7 Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew Bog Trog Swamp Shamblers 21 Boneswarm
Unit Unit Gatorman Light Warbeast
PIP 75004 PIP 75046 PIP 75038



11 9

7 6

7 8
4 4

3 3


84 No Quarter PRIME







14 16



14 15

22 23






24 22

No Quarter PRIME 85

heroes of the blindwater congregation

barnabas, lord of blood

No other gatorman—indeed, few mortals in history—have accomplished as much as the
Lord of Blood. After his long campaign of gore, death, and consumption, the legendary Intel: barnabas
Bloody Barnabas has achieved his dream of godhood. His ascendance is auspicious for the
~300 AR,
Blindwater Congregation and all gatormen in western Immoren. Those loyal to him stand Birth Year, Place:
positioned to receive their rewards, while all who oppose him are simply meat at the feast. Blindwater Lake
First Bonded
Dwarf Swamp Caiman
Barnabas had long believed that, with enough carnage, he could escape Warbeast:
his own flesh and the limitations of mortality to become a god. He
coerced dozens of gatorman tribes, as well as numerous bog trog and
croak tribes, to pledge allegiance to him before setting out to fulfill his
goal, cutting a swath through western Immoren with a ravenous mob of
cold-blooded warriors for several years.

Staff of Execration

Ritually Spread Ribs

and Exposed Heart

Bone Armor and

Totemic Back Rack
In 609 AR, Barnabas’ belief in his own ascension was proven
correct. On the gore-stained soil of the Bloodstone Marches,
while Barnabas indulged in wholesale slaughter, all of the
elements were brought together to fulfill his ritual. At the
culmination of his necromantic efforts, Barnabas engaged
in a duel with the farrow warlord Carver, who eventually
succeeded in cutting him down. But all Carver
achieved by this was to sever Barnabas’ indomitable
spirit from the tethers of his flesh. Freed from his
former vessel and attended by a maelstrom of
spirits, Bloody Barnabas died, giving birth to
Barnabas, the Lord of Blood.

Bone Cleaver

Bone Shakers

With his godhood secured, Barnabas now sets his cold reptilian stare on
his next objective. Though few of his loyal subjects suspect it, the Lord of
Blood now seeks to eclipse Kossk as the god of all gatormen and, once
that is achieved, to lead the united gatorman race on a campaign of
massacre and feasting that will consume all of Caen.

86 No Quarter PRIME
heroes of the blindwater congregation

calaban, the grave walker

The bokors of the Fenn Marsh speak of Calaban with fear and respect. He
has mastered all the bloody rites that invoke summoning and enslaving the
most powerful spirits of the dead. Having killed and devoured dozens of Intel: Calaban
challengers, he has become one of the uncontested leaders of his people.
Birth Year, Place: ~550 AR, Fenn Marsh
Wooden Bokor's Mask Backed First Bonded
with Woven Hay and Bones Immature Bull Snapper

Calaban was long content to be

the voice of counsel to the greatest
chieftains of his people, linking
his destiny to Bloody Barnabas of
the Blindwater villages. The extended
campaign of violence that propelled
Barnabas to godhood provided Calaban
with many opportunities to accumulate
power and knowledge for himself. Intimately
familiar with death and a master of subjugat
ing the tormented spirits languishing in the
fetid swamps of western Immoren, the bokor
increased his power manyfold as he captured
and subjugated more and greater spirits. His
alliance with Barnabas proved useful in
expanding his own authority as well. With
Barnabas only sporadically interested in
matters of the mortal world, Calaban
wields significant influence over the
unified tribes of the gatormen.

There was a brief moment during

Heart Stopper
Barnabas’ ascension when Calaban
hoped to seize the reins of power for
himself. He had never truly believed
the elder bokor would succeed in his
goal, anticipating instead his inevitable
destruction. Were Barnabas to be toppled,
Calaban was perfectly situated to mount the
highest steps of the great ziggurat and declare
himself supreme. He had readied a fetish to seize
his master’s spirit and bind it to his use, intending to
make of him an even greater dreadbound than Maelok.
Calaban’s treacherous plan failed when Barnabas
accomplished the impossible, and his fetish was
destroyed in the mayhem of the battle.

Animal Hide Skirt

Skull and Tooth
Festooned Loincloth

But Calaban is cunning and ever adaptable. He moved

swiftly to retain his place as the greatest bokor serving the
Lord of Blood, though he frets that his position has been undermined
by rivals like Jaga-Jaga. He still revels in opportunities to slaughter, eagerly
stealing spilled vitality for his own use. Though attending to the desires of the new
god consumes much of his time, he is eager to strike out and bring death and misery
whenever possible. Wading into the bloodiest battles, he becomes an incarnation of
gatorman appetites as he alternates between killing and weaving vile curses and spells. Carcass
For the Grave Walker, each conflict is a welcome harvest of death.

No Quarter PRIME 87

heroes of the blindwater congregation

kwaak slickspine & gub

The croak Kwaak Slickspine and his undergrown conjoined twin Gub
occupy a strange niche in the Blindwater Congregation. Born two While not members of the reptilian cult of Barnabas, Kwaak and Gub are
intertwined souls in one body, the brothers are blessed with the ability afforded greater respect by gatormen than other croaks. The twins are
to wield the magic of their people and summon the elemental dangers of often found consulting with the leaders of the Blindwater Congregation
the fetid islands in the east where they were born, turning the soil into a or at the edge of its encampments, bickering over trivial matters.
sinking morass with but a thought. Kwaak is the larger, stronger, and more intelligent sibling, but the
diminutive Gub can intuitively command greater arcane power. In battle
the brothers work in tandem and with great harmony, drawing on one
another’s willpower to cast a torrent of spells at those who oppose them.
Another spellcaster would fatigue quickly trying to summon and maintain
spells at such a pace, but Kwaak and Gub do so with ease.

intel: Kwaak & Gub

Birth Year, Place: 580 AR, Jolgo Island

590 AR

Croaks keep items like bone

fish hooks, fish bones, or extra
This mastery of arcane power food stores on their persons.
has made the pair a bit arrogant.
Held in high regard by their
fellow croaks, they have little
fear even of the gatormen of
the Congregation. The siblings
command the loyalties of many
hunters and raiding parties who
view them as a physical avatar of
the croak people’s conjoined god. Vocal Sacs

Kwaak and Gub seek to earn a new home for the croaks in western
Immoren. Many escaped from skorne slavery to cohabitate with the bog
trogs and gatormen of western swamps, but the twins desire a place for
the croaks to truly call their own. To that end, Kwaak and Gub offer their
arcane ability to leaders in the Blindwater Congregation, who have in turn
Gub, Being Introspective promised them a region of the northern Thornwood to control.

88 No Quarter PRIME
heroes of the blindwater congregation

jaga-jaga, the death charmer

Twisting her way up from the deep waters of the Marchfells,
Ceremonial Feathered Headdress Jaga-Jaga has risen to prominence as a high priestess of
the Blindwater Congregation and its self-made god. In
her talons writhe the spirits of death and of the swamps,
eager to bend to her designs. Around her the unseen spirits
bubble close to the surface, drawn to her as leeches are
drawn to disturbances in the water.
Undead tatzylwurm used by
Jaga-Jaga to augment her senses
with its multi-ocular vision

Jaga-Jaga's Marchfells


Jaga-Jaga’s bloodline has a long history of

brokering power with such spirits, and she has
maintained many of these pacts. By dark and bloody
rituals, Jaga-Jaga’s line has called upon Kossk as
a wellspring of power, and she has learned to make
contact with the god, invoking its visions to serve as
prophecies that guide her actions.

Now that Barnabas has attained his

exalted status as a god, Jaga-Jaga is in a
position to enact her own desires. As the
high priestess of his faith, she commands
greater power and influence than nearly
any other living gatorman, with the
possible exception of Calaban. She wields
intel: Jaga-Jaga that influence with considerable subtlety
It was through this bond with Kossk that Jaga-Jaga first had visions of and discretion, and other bokors must
Bloody Barnabas as a living shadow of her master, walking the bloody Birth Year, Place: ~562 AR, Marchfells beseech her if they wish to hold council
path as an avatar of the spirit and its hunger for slaughter. Jaga-Jaga with the great Lord of Blood. But her rivals
First Bonded
knew Barnabas’ actions would doubtless lead to the deaths of countless Viper Tatzylwurm see that the Death Charmer still works
gatormen, but she also believed this bloodshed would leave a stronger Warbeast: toward her own ends, shaping the faith of
people tempered by conflict and imbued with spiritual power. Weighing the cult in ways similar to the rituals and
the options set before her, she chose to entwine her fate with Barnabas’, worship her ancestors relied on to draw
becoming one of his favored mystics. power from Kossk.

No Quarter PRIME 89

heroes of the blindwater congregation

With the roar of his rifle or the snap of his jaws, the gatorman hunter
Longchops has ended the lives of countless dangerous beasts. This unusual
Tooth Cleaning Plover intel: longchops
gatorman is one of the first, if not the only, of his kind to become proficient
575 AR,
with a human rifle. Many of his race consider his methods unorthodox, a Birth Year, Place:
few even disdaining him for stooping so low as to use a rifle rather than his Blackmarsh Valley
Ammunition Bandolier
natural gifts. But none can contest the fact that Longchops has consumed Dragon's Tongue
and Steel Pauldron First Major Kill:
the flesh of more beasts than most gatormen ever dream of. Hullgrinder

Originally from the Blackmarsh Valley in the eastern Gnarls, Longchops has
earned acclaim for his skill as a hunter. Along with the heavy hunting rifle Dashing Hunting Hat
he wields, he has developed a strange and acute fondness for the trappings
of humanity, seemingly in contradiction to his attitude that they are a race
of weaklings better suited to be meals than hunters. Whatever their flaws,
Longchops seems fascinated by their cunning
crafts. He has picked his favorite bits of gear
and clothing from the waterlogged corpses
of numerous human monster hunters
seeking quarry in the deep swamps, and he
enjoys how irksome other gatormen seem
to find his chosen adornments.

Modified Heavy Hunting Rifle

with Spyglass Scope

Traps and Utility Knife

Longchops has aspired

to slay the perfect prey,
believing that defeating such
a beast would prove he is the perfect
hunter and, more importantly, would draw the
attention and blessings of Kossk. Failing so far to earn
Kossk’s favor, however, Longchops is content to receive it from
Barnabas, the Lord of Blood. In the hunter’s eyes, a god is a god, and
the one he can see might be more likely to bestow some divine favor.
In pursuit of his ultimate goal, Longchops
frequently fights alongside the Blindwater
Congregation, only breaking off on his own
when stories of a legendary warbeast or
mythic creature reaches him. He stalks
this prey for a time before gunning it
down with his heavy rifle or snaring it in his
traps, then returns to the Congregation one kill
richer but no more content. Some have begun
to whisper that Longchops’ personal
quest can never be satisfied. In his
mind, any beast he kills must have
some undiscoverable flaw, for why
else has he yet to be rewarded?

90 No Quarter PRIME
heroes of the blindwater congregation

maelok, the dreadbound

With his dead eyes and festering hide, Maelok the Dreadbound is both a terrifying monster
to the enemies of the Blindwater Congregation and a fearsome warning to its own intel: Maelok
congregants. The terrible ritual that animated the corpse of this hulking bokor has left him
~540 AR,
a husk, an empty necromantic weapon wielded by Calaban, the Grave Walker. Maelok’s Birth Year, Place:
mind was emptied of his former life, and he takes little notice of the slaughter he Southern Blindwater
wreaks. Hollow though he is, his invocations are terribly effective, and the army he leads First Bonded
embodies the cold death that stirs amid the rotted fens and swamps of Immoren. Blackhide

Giant Yellow Citrine Maelok was once a powerful

and respected bokor among
the gatorman tribes of the
Bloodsmeath Marsh. He was
revered for his wise counsel and
had led his people to victory in
defense of their home on many
occasions. When he heard tales
of Barnabas’ efforts to unite the
gatormen under his rule and lead them
toward carnage, Maelok knew he must
oppose the warmonger’s schemes with all
his formidable power.

Necklace of Bird Skulls,

Vertebrae, and Other Bones

Even as Maelok prepared

to make his move, he was
unexpectedly approached by
Calaban. The two bokors had
long been rivals—Maelok the
superior in necromantic power,
Calaban possessed of broader
influence—although their
tribes had rarely clashed
in open conflict. Calaban
spoke persuasively of
putting aside their
differences to defeat Antler Candelabra
Barnabas, clearly as Part of
the greater threat. Dreadbound Ritual

Wristlet Made of Teeth,

Beads, and Wood Pieces

Maelok endures a tortured existence carrying out Calaban’s

bidding. His few remaining emotions are directed at his
new master, whom he hates beyond words and dreams of
consuming. Though Maelok remains bound to Calaban,
he has been gradually able to act with more and
Underestimating his peer’s treachery, Maelok accepted this truce and more autonomy. The greatest act of secret defiance
began invoking a ritual to summon powerful spirits of the dead to assail Maelok has managed was to destroy the fetish by
their common foe. Calaban struck in the midst of this rite, siphoning which Calaban had intended to seize Barnabas’ soul
its awful power for himself. The two fought viciously with tooth, claw, during his ascension ritual. Despite his former dread of
and black magic. Even channeling the power of the ceremony, Calaban Barnabas, Maelok knew Calaban would be even worse
was only barely able to defeat his opponent, but eventually he stood had he succeeded. Maelok disguised this accomplishment
triumphant over Maelok’s corpse. Calaban then captured Maelok’s soul and as inept bumbling, the shambling of a clumsy animated
bound it to himself, using his power to animate the bokor’s remains as an corpse, and since that time he has found he can more often
undead servant. choose to do what he wishes—a fact he has kept secret.

No Quarter PRIME 91

heroes of the blindwater congregation

Of all bog trogs, only Rask has been able to stand amid the gatormen of
the Blindwater Congregation as anything close to a peer. His treacherous When Bloody Barnabas’ war of
methods would be reviled in any other species, but among his cold- subjugation swept through the Blindwater
blooded kind he has earned respect. Rask is a survivor, a trait highly region, the battles against the bog trogs
prized by bog trogs. He has also shown a willingness to betray his kind were particularly fierce. Dozens of bog
to save himself, since his destruction could come at any time by the jaws trog villages were utterly consumed
of the warlocks who rule his people. by gatormen. Rask, who had risen
to prominence among them, saw
firsthand the scope of destruction
and knew instinctively that his
people could never halt the
advance of the gatormen.

Memory Bracelet

Trident Cannon

intel: Rask
566 AR,
Birth Year, Place:
Western Blindwater
First Bonded
Ironback Spitter

Those who understand the perilous deal he

has made either envy Rask for his freedom,
however limited, or watch and wait for Barnabas
to judge that he has outlived his usefulness.
Meanwhile, he continues to prove himself a skillful
killer on the battlefield. With expert precision, he
wields a mechanikal weapon raided from a human
caravan and adapted to his preferences. While its
empowered bolts give him an edge, his ruthlessness is
by far his greatest weapon.

Toothy Skull Kneepad

Knowing failure might bring his death,

Rask went to Barnabas and Calaban and
made an unexpected offer: in exchange for his Spear Quiver
life and the survival of his tribe, he would assist the
Blindwater Congregation in crushing any resistance. His offer was accepted,
and he quickly made good on this bargain by turning on his own kind, using
his powers to slaughter any who would not surrender. Those who lived
were cowed into submission and enslaved to become the cannon-fodder
troops of the Congregation. Rask feels no shame, knowing that without
Rask keeps a variety of him, no bog trogs would have endured. The bog trogs he leads are aware of
hooked spears, each ideal the blood on his claws, but that concern is outweighed by their fear of his
for different prey. powers and the beasts at his disposal. Many of them, in their cold-blooded
way, admire Rask for achieving a status they could not.

92 No Quarter PRIME
heroes of the blindwater congregation

wrong eye & snapjaw

The bokor known as Wrong Eye emerges from the humid damp like a reptilian oracle.
Those who look him in the eye immediately sense they are facing an entity seething with
unfathomable thoughts and dangerous unpredictability. Though in most cases he presents
himself as amiable and polite, any negotiation with Wrong Eye brings the possibility of
bloodshed and a feeding frenzy. Tales persist of the bokor suddenly erupting into murderous
rage at the slightest perceived insult. Those who have dealt with him successfully say the
easiest way to stay on his more whimsical and friendly side is to lavish him with small baubles.
Wrong Eye is especially fond of the accoutrements of humanity, whose creative impulse holds
morbid fascination for him, as it does for some other gatormen.

Jaunty Top Hat

Swamp Hook

Anyone dealing with Wrong Eye must also endure the

lurking threat of the massive reptile Snapjaw. This
oversized alligator lingers near its master, submerged
below the water’s surface. It can stay in this posture
for hours, never so much as blinking or twitching
its limbs. Yet the moment Wrong Eye compels
it, the beast leaps from the water to consume
foes whole or shatter boats to kindling with its
heavily muscled tail.

Steel Nose Ring

Bottle of Hooch

intel: Wrong Eye Wrong Eye fabricates dolls that he uses to influence others, driving needles
through their limbs to make his chosen victims suffer by proxy. He wears a
Birth Year, Place: ~545 AR vest of bones and other tokens as elements of the elaborate spiritual armor
warding him from danger. One could dismiss these peculiar notions were
First Bonded it not for the actual power he demonstrates. With a single look, Wrong Eye
Warbeast: compels weaker-willed creatures to caper and spasm. Human Effigy Dolls

No Quarter PRIME 93

Tribes of Renown
The Blindwater Congregation is made up of many disparate tribes of gatormen who have
come to accept Barnabas as their new god. The greatest among them are ferocious warriors
who show their allegiance and obeisance through impressive displays of carnage and

“By Tooth, Claw, and Spirit” “Power Dragged Up from Nothing” “Feast on the Blood of the Weak”

Calaban’s Cadre Floodwash Tribes Spinetail Tribes

Among the gatormen of the Blindwater Glossy blue gatormen of the Widower’s The ochre-hued gatormen of the
Congregation, Calaban has assembled Wood, the Floodwash tribes wield dark Spinetail tribes dwell in the oases of
his own elite cadre drawn from those magic considered ominous even by the outer Bloodstone Marches and near
tribal warriors brought with him from some other tribes. Their ancestral lands the northern banks of Scarleforth Lake,
the Fenn Marsh. While these fighters are are home to numerous ruins of both where they often do battle with hordes
sworn to serve the Lord of Blood, their the Morrdhic and Orgoth civilizations, of skorne slavers. These hardy gatormen
deeper loyalty is to the Grave Walker. and the physically smaller Floodwash joined the Blindwater Congregation
They typically seek to learn as much as gatormen compensate for their less shortly before Barnabas’ ascension
possible about their foes before engaging, impressive builds by wielding weapons to godhood, adding their strength to
and they are especially skilled at worked with remnants of relics salvaged the congregants as the gathered tribes
ambush and deceptive tactics, including from these fallen empires. moved into the Bloodstone. Being newly
false retreats to lure the enemy to their converted, they are among the most
destruction. The cadre often conscripts fervent believers in the Lord of Blood.
bog trogs, both living and undead, to
assist in these strikes.

94 No Quarter PRIME
“Beyond Death We Walk Forever” “Death as Certain as the Tide” “In Death All Things Belong to Kossk”

Ghostwalker Tribes Salteater Tribes Stonescale Tribes

While albinism is not uncommon among Notable for their impressive size and Easily distinguished by their pale
gatormen tribes, the Ghostwalkers deep grey-brown hides, the Salteater grey coloration, the Stonescale tribes
residing deep within the Fenn Marsh tribes dwell in the cold waters of the of the Fenn Marsh are a fervent group
stand apart as one of the few tribes North Berck Moors, where sea and fresh of traditionalist Kossk devotees. Their
composed entirely of albino gatormen. waters merge. Subsisting on ocean pike, bokors wear extensive displays of skeletal
This tribe is renowned among gatormen sharks, and their bog trog neighbors, totems taken from wild beasts, humans,
not for their unusual appearance but these gatormen are thought to be a bit and trollkin and guide tribal members
rather for their elaborate funerary rites, in dim but are possessed of incredible in war with ritual dance and chanted
which the bodies of the fallen are ritually strength, even by the standards of their prayers. Few Stonescales are found
prepared and their spirits bound to their species. Salteater warriors enjoy dragging among the Blindwater Congregation, but
preserved corpses, allowing their souls to prey beneath the surface of the water to those who have joined are noted for the
serve their tribe as eternal guardians. watch it struggle as it drowns. skill of their bokors in harnessing natural
spirits such as feralgeists.

No Quarter PRIME 95

The Blindwater Congregation is led by powerful gatorman tribes, but many of the
Congregation’s number comes from other races. These other races are often pressed into
service to bolster the Congregation’s fighting strength, croaks and bog trogs being the
most common. Though many of the croaks and bog trogs found in western Immoren are
incorporated into the Blindwater Congregation, their tribes still retain identities of their own,
preserved by a common heritage and spirit.

“Better Fed than Dead” “The Fisher is Patient” “You Can’t See Me”


Unlike many of the Blindwater The Fishhook Clan were defeated and Unparalleled masters of ambush, even
Congregation’s “allies,” the Trimpfin were captured by the Blindwater Congregation among bog trogs, the Muck Runners
not coerced or subjugated into fighting for wholesale, entirely removing the clan excel at catching their prey unawares.
the gatormen. These bog trogs willingly from its homeland. Pressed into service They lie in wait in the shallowest pools
offered their strength to the Blindwater fighting the Blindwater’s battles far from of mud, sometimes staying motionless
Congregation, going so far as to betray home, the Fishhooks have proven to be for hours until an opportunity to strike
and backstab other bog trog tribes to excellent warriors. They are proud by presents itself. When an unlucky group
gain the favor of their gatorman masters. bog trog standards, though, and while of travelers wanders into their trap, the
Other bog trogs often derogatorily they serve the Blindwater Congregation Muck Runners all spring from their mud
call them the Limpfin, but almost any now, they secretly wait for the day that pools simultaneously, surrounding their
trog will grudgingly acknowledge they can slay their masters and win their prey from all sides in a sudden attack that
that it’s better to be rewarded by the freedom, and homeland, back. typically ends in seconds.
Congregation than punished by it.

96 No Quarter PRIME
“Bent but not Broken” “The Jungle Provides” “Till All are Free”

Greater Choatan Tribes innoit tribe The sandfoot

Originally hailing from the Shattered Perhaps the most elusive and rarely seen The Sandfoot occupy jungles lining the
Spine islands, the anura can be found of the anura, the yellow-skinned Innoit beaches of the Shattered Spine islands.
across western Immoren after having have the most powerful venom found They were among the first to escape the
escaped subjugation by the Skorne among croaks. They are members of a skorne and now seek to free other croaks
Empire. Anura, or “croaks,” as they’re small and isolated tribe, deep within the who have been enslaved. They operate in
commonly called by Immorans, have jungles of one of the smallest Shattered small bands, silently tracking war parties
a wide variety of skin tones. Blue is Spine islands. They avoid contact that have forced other croaks to fight for
among the common hues seen in the Iron whenever possible, but swiftly attack and them. In the dead of night they sneak into
Kingdoms. This is because many of the kill anyone who would threaten their encampments, killing sleeping soldiers
anura that were enslaved by the skorne isolation, diving from the treetops onto with poisoned blades before freeing
are descended from the Greater Choatan unsuspecting trespassers below. Only a their fellow anura and burning down the
tribes, once the most populous alliances of handful have ever been enslaved by the camps with crude incendiary weapons.
tribes in the Shattered Spine islands. skorne, making them exceedingly rare in
western Immoren.

No Quarter PRIME 97

painting blindwater congregation

Fire Mouth
SWATCH KEY B: Ember Orange B: Midlund Flesh
B: Base S: Skorne Red S: Skorne Red
S: Shade H: Cygnus Yellow H: Carnal Pink
h: highlight

Bone Rope
B: ’Jack Bone B: Gun Corps Brown
S: Battlefield Brown S: Umbral Umber
H: Menoth White Highlight H: Rucksack Tan

Belly Scales
B: Cryx Bane Highlight B: Ordic Olive + Gnarls Green
S: Cryx Bane Base S: Cryx Bane Base
H: Sickly Skin H: Thrall Flesh


blindwater skin tone VARIANTS

——— gatorman ——— ——— bog trog ——— ——— croak ———
Oceanic Desert Cold Water Warm water Eastern Islands western islands
B: Meredius Blue B: Sickly Skin B:Iosan Green B: Battledress Green B: Arcane Blue B: Sulfuric Yellow
+ Trollblood Highlight + Meredius Blue
S: Coal Black S: Battlefield Brown S: Arcane Blue S: Meaty Ochre
S: Bastion Grey S: Coal Black + Coal Black
H: Arcane Blue H: ’Jack Bone H: Cygnus Yellow
H: Sickly Skin H: Menoth White H: Arcane Blue
Highlight + Menoth White

Many Blindwater miniatures
have collections of feathers
located on them. For black To get a nice dead flesh on your
feathers, base in Thamar Black. miniatures, add some Thrall
Carefully paint the spine and Flesh or Cryx Bane Highlight to
barbs with Coal Black followed your base color to desaturate it.
by a 50/50 mix of Coal Black This will also add a bit of much-
and Frostbite. White feathers needed green to get the effect
can be painted by basing in just right. Additionally, add a
Trollblood Highlight followed touch of Beaten Purple to your
by a wash of Bastion Grey. Pick shade color to add a dramatic
out the details with Morrow decaying effect to your mini.
White. Feel free to experiment Skorne Red blended over open
with color choices to create a wounds makes a great raw meat
unique look for your army. for your zombie horde.

98 No Quarter PRIME

calaban's cadre Ghostwalker

Skin: Ordic Olive Skin: Trollblood Highlight
+ Sickly Skin
Belly: Ordic Olive + Hammerfall Khaki
Feathers: Cygnus Yellow
Leather: Bootstrap Leather
Warpaint: Bloodtracker Brown
Feathers: Troolblood Highlight
+ Skorne Red

Floodwash Salteater
Skin: Meredious Blue Skin: Ironhull Grey
+ Thamar Black
Belly: Arcane Blue
Feathers: Cygnar Blue Base
Feathers: Iosan Green
Warpaint: Morrow White
Warpaint: Morrow White
Arm ruff: Hammerfall Khaki
Leather: Beast Hide

Spinetail Stonescale
Skin: Bloodstone Skin: Trollblood Highlight

Belly: Bloodstone Belly: Trollblood Highlight

+ Hammerfall Khaki + Morrow White
Warpaint: Coal Black Feathers: Bastion Grey
Feathers: Heartfire Leathers: Battlefield Brown

The trimpfin greater choatan tribes

Skin: Arcane Blue
Skin: Battledress Green
Belly: Cygnar Blue Highlight
Scales: Bloodstone
Rope: Trollblood Highlight
Belly: Hammerfall Khaki
Fingers & toes:
Armor: Cold steel
Khador Red Highlight
Eyes: Cygnus Yellow
Leather: Ironhull Grey
Cloth: Beast Hide
Feathers: Khador Red Base

Fishhook clan innoit tribe

Skin: Iosan Green Skin: Sulfuric Yellow
+ Trollblood Highlight
Belly: Menoth White Highlight
Belly: Iosan Green + Sickly Skin
Rope: Gnarls Green
Fins: Ember Orange
Leather: Beast Hide
Scales: Gnarls Green
Feathers: Moldy Ochre
Armor: Brass Balls

Muck runners The sandfoot

Skin: Ironhull Grey Skin: Ironhull Grey
+ Thamar Black
Belly: Bastion Grey
Spots: Necrotite Green
Scales: Meaty Ochre + Sickly Skin
Fins: Heartfire Rope: Beast Hide
Leather: Battlefield Brown Leather: Bootstrap Leather
Armor: Blighted Gold Feathers: Bog Moss

painting blindwater congregation

B: Base Fins
B: Battledress Green
S: Shade B: Bog Moss
h: highlight S: Thornwood Green + S: Thornwood Green
Thamar Black
H: Menoth White Highlight
H: Menoth White Highlight +
Battledress Green
Shell B: Gun Corps Brown
B: Meaty Ochre S: Umbral Umber
S: Umbral Umber H: Menoth White Base
H: Sulfuric Yellow

B: Moldy Ochre
B: Bootstrap Leather
S: Battledress Green
S: Battlefield Brown
H: Menoth White Highlight
H: Beast Hide

Claws BOG TROG Steel

B: Thamar Black B: Cold Steel

S: Coal Black S: Cryx Bane Base

H: Underbelly Blue H: Quick silver

B: Bootstrap Leather
S: Brown Ink FIRE
H: ’Jack Bone B: Khador Red Highlight
S: Khador Red Base
Skin H: Menoth White Highlight
B: Iosan Green
S: Coal Black

H: Iosan Green + Bone

Cygnus Yellow
B: ’Jack Bone
S: Battlefield Brown
H: Menoth White Base
B: Bootstrap Leather
S: Umbral Umber
H: Rucksack Tan Fingers
B: Khador Red Base
Feathers S: Coal Black
B: Trollblood Highlight CROAK H: Khador Red Highlight
S: Bastion Grey
H: Morrow White

100 No Quarter PRIME


Candles can be challenging but very a rewarding element to
your gator force. Remember to vary the color of your candles
between white, black, and red for a visually appealing look.
Use a blend of Heartfire on the upper surface of each candle to
represent the warm glow of fire. Add Khador Red Highlight and
Skorne Red to the base of the fire, and Menoth White Highlight
on the tip to make fantastic fire. By adding a subtle blend of
Heartfire to the undersides of the dripping wax, you can create
the look of the candle glowing from within.

Glow When painting stone, add
texture with a Formula P3
To achieve a great looking Large Flat Brush by splattering
glow, paint the entire surface the surface with a lighter color
that you want to be the source that you base color. Then, add
of the glow in Menoth White addition spatters with a mix
Highlight. Carefully apply small of Umbral Umber and Thamar
thin lines of Menoth White Black. Isolate eace face of the
Highlight to surrounding edges. stone and apply shading as
Glaze the area with Necrotite needed. Exile Blue mixed with
Green and blend a bit of the Battlefield Brown makes a great
color out to the surrounding shade for grey stone surfaces.
surfaces. Apply a wash of Green
Ink to complete the effect. You
can vary the color by adding
Yellow Ink to the final glaze for
a more sickly look.

No Quarter PRIME 101


Blindwater Congregation
The various tribes and races that make up the Blindwater
Congregation are not as dependent on weapons or technology
Personal Gear
as other groups in the Iron Kingdoms, as they are naturally Members of the Blindwater Congregation carry little in the way
endowed with powerful physical attributes and capabilities. of personal gear beyond a few small bags used to store meat,
Where weaker races must rely on armor, tools, and weapons, the trinkets and fetishes, and other minor affectations acquired
gatormen, bog trogs, croaks, and others serving Barnabas can from the dead bodies of their foes. Blindwater forces have very
depend instead on tooth, claw, and scale. limited need for traditional supplies like rations or cookware;
they simply devour whatever they kill.
This is not to say that the Blindwater Congregation lacks for
potent equipment. Gatormen appreciate anything that makes On the other hand, congregants will often take trophies from
them more effective killers, and they value the utility of durable impressive or otherwise memorable kills. A notable rival’s skull,
steel weapons. Additionally, the bokors of the Congregation teeth, and talons make for intriguing and powerful fetishes
command power over feral swamp spirits and the souls of and thus are worn with great pride. Necklaces of bones are
the deceased, which they can bind into arcane items for many common, as are ornamental skulls. Gatormen in particular have
potent effects or direct to tear apart an opponent like spectral a fondness for such totems made of bone. Some gatormen find
hunting hounds. In a way, their mastery over these spirits is other ways to distinguish themselves from one another, such
more refined than the weapons of the industrialized human as undergoing ritual scarification or smearing painted dyes in
nations: the power of a rifle is crude and insignificant when patterns across their hides. Certain tribes have also adopted
compared with the dark magic bokors wield. specific totemic items to wear, and youths may conduct sacred
hunts to acquire them.
Armor & Battle Dress Important individuals like bokors also wear ceremonial
dress in the form of masks, hoods, hides, and other garments,
Most members of the Congregation rely primarily on their
depending on the traditions of their tribes. Some of these items
natural armor and physical resilience, but some augment their
may themselves be reservoirs of mystical power or serve as
scales with natural materials found in the swamp, such as the
key components of their rituals. Others are purely ceremonial,
shells of juvenile ironback turtles. Bog trogs, being less durable
intended simply to ensure that other gatormen—and their
than gatormen, sometimes scavenge bits of armor from fallen
enemies—understand the prominence and power of the
foes and wear them in haphazard fashion. These patchwork
individual so adorned.
bits of armor seldom fit well, so bog trogs pack them with thick
moss or swamp reeds, which also helps muffle some of the noise Some of the races more loosely affiliated with the Congregation
the armor produces. value or rely on their gear more than either gatormen or bog
trogs. Croaks possess a wide variety of tools and other useful
Gatormen in particular count on their hides to protect them.
items, including gourds used as containers. Swamp gobbers are
Thick scales cover their bodies, and their dorsal surface bears
the most acquisitive of these creatures, quite willing to seize
hard scutes able to turn aside most conventional weapons.
and hoard nearly anything found in the aftermath of battle.
Beneath their scaly hides gatormen are powerfully muscled,
They are also among the only congregants who value material
and this mass of sinew acts as another layer of protection. If an
wealth like coinage, since they sometimes seek out rustic
attack penetrates the hide, the dense muscle tissue can stop the
humans to conduct trade.
strike before it reaches vulnerable organs. A wound that does
not kill a gatorman eventually turns into even more resilient
scar tissue, so those who have endured many such wounds are
better protected than the infantry of most nations.

Bokors have long collected small bones

and may employ them for divinatory
purposes or to be integrated into more
complex fetishes.

102 No Quarter PRIME

Many congregants, gatormen in
particular, possess fearsome natural
weapons. A gatorman bite is powerful
and usually deadly, their talons function
as living daggers, and a slap from a tail
can knock most human opponents off
their feet. Even bog trogs have stout claws
they use to injure an opponent.
Certain races possess other characteristics
that are useful in battle. The skin of
croaks, for example, secretes a potent
toxin that can make superficial injuries
from their weapons turn lethal, and their
digits allow them to scale steep surfaces.
The hide of bog trogs can shift coloration
to blend in with the surroundings as a
form of natural camouflage.

Melee Weapons
The warriors of Barnabas’ forces
predominantly use simple but effective
polearms. Steel is a precious commodity
that must be scavenged, stolen, or traded
for, and many of the cultures in the
Congregation have little knowledge
of metalworking. The blades of their
cleavers and hooks are sometimes as
crude as fragments of a riverboat’s hull,
sharpened by grinding them down on
river rocks.
Swamp gobbers allied with the
Congregation are the chief manufacturers
of its more sophisticated blades. In
exchange for liberty and safety from
being eaten, swamp gobber smiths
manufacture the chopping blades
gatormen prefer. Due to the conditions
in which the gatormen frequently
fight, which tend to be wet, humid, and
otherwise harmful to steel weapons,
swamp gobbers utilize natural alchemical
and metallurgic processes to increase the
material’s resistance to corrosion.

No Quarter PRIME 103


Other Armaments Some swamp gobbers also manufacture grapple pistols from
discarded firearms. Each grapple pistol is a unique device made
While most of the Congregation prefers traditional melee to the owner’s personal specifications. Swamp gobber raiders on
weapons or their own teeth and jaws, some members and the Dragon’s Tongue, Black River, and various tributaries use
certain allied groups make use of more advanced weaponry. these devices to board passing riverboats or to latch onto targets
Chief among these are the swamp gobbers connected to and reel themselves into striking distance.
the Blindwater Congregation. To make up for their humble
One of the most conventional ranged weapons seen among
physique, swamp gobbers scavenge or construct their own
the Congregation is the harpoon gun favored by some larger
array of armaments. They are perhaps best known for use
bog trogs. Salvaged from sunken vessels—or ripped from the
of specialized bellows that produce thick clouds of artificial
gunwale after a boat’s crew is dead—these heavy guns can
fog. Swamp gobbers use these devices to conceal parties of
drag screaming targets into range of ambushing bog trogs, pull
ambushers when launching unexpected raids on opponents
warjacks and larger beasts off their feet, and yank mounted
unable to see through the dense obscuring mists.
soldiers from the saddle.

Swamp Gobber Bellows

Bog Trog Trawler Harpoon Gun

104 No Quarter PRIME

Mystical Hoojums
Of all the weapons in the Blindwater Congregation’s arsenal,
Fetish Necklace
it is the mystical artifacts wielded by the bokors that are the
most potent. Enhancing a bokor’s command over dark
spirits and necromancy, these relics rival the power of
mechanika. Crafted from the bones and sinew of the
dead and resplendent with candles made from
the tallow of a thinking creature’s flesh, these
shrines and fetishes are steeped in the powers
of decay and death. In a skilled bokor’s hands,
such relics can cripple the body and wrest the
spirit free from the flesh.
Small shrines are scattered across gatorman
territories, acting both as places of worship
and as warnings to those who would
trespass on tribal lands. These shrines
attract natural spirits and the spirits of
the disembodied dead, which bokors
can bind into their service or consume to
empower their own magic. The greatest of
these creations are such constructions as the
towering sacral vaults pushed into battle by
trained blackhide gators. Bokors perform ritual
sacrifices atop these massive structures, and
the souls of those killed in their vicinity become
trapped within their rune-inscribed stones.
Gatormen tribes seek out stones from places where
carnage and sacrificial slaughter have occurred and
use these to construct sacral vaults. Many are built
from Orgoth and Morrdhic ruins that dot the swamps
of the Thornwood and Widower’s Wood.

Even the bodies of the Congregation’s members can act as potent

arcane weapons. Through dark rites, the bokors can cause these
bodies to rise again and serve a number of different purposes
even in death. Some are transformed into mindless cannon
fodder as swamp shamblers, while others undergo more drastic
transformations. Void leeches, made from bog trog sacrifices
who are stripped of their minds and thus their ability to resist a
bokor’s will, are adorned with ritualistic prayers to destroy the
magic of a bokor’s rivals. The bloated bodies of gatorman husks
contain colonies of dangerous swamp insects and explode on
contact with an enemy’s blade.
One of the most potent undead creations is the soul slave. An
enslaved undead servant created from the body of a gatorman
skilled in magic, the soul slave is stripped of any independent
will of its own, its soul altered and bound back into its flesh. The
slave’s controller brands its soul as their own, turning the slave
into an undying extension of its creator’s power.

A blackhide being prepared to

become a blind walker.

No Quarter PRIME 105


Company of iron Brendan Roy's Talisman Hunters scour the

swamplands for powerful artifacts.

Requisition Costs New Blindwater Congregation Models

This table gives the requisition costs of the new Blindwater
Congregation models useable in Company of Iron games. Solos Requisition
Gatorman Husk 0
The requisition cost of weapon attachments is not cumulative;
use the cost listed regardless of the number of weapon Kwaak Slickspine & Gub, Croak Sorcerers -1
attachments added to a unit.
Longchops 0
Tables for all Factions are updated as new models are released
Void Leech -1
and can be found at
Model count adjustment: If your opponent starts the game Units Requisition
with at least twice as many models in their army as you have, Croak Trappers 0
increase your hand size by one. If your opponent has at least
three times as many models, increase your hand size by two.

106 No Quarter PRIME

State of War: Marsh Mud
The thick mud of the swamp conceals vast deposits of rotting
Blindwater matter and traps the volatile gases created by decomposition.
Soldiers marching through disturb the mud, causing these gases
The swampy regions the Blindwater Congregation inhabits are
to be released in putrescent clouds. The sickened soldiers become
some of the most treacherous environments in all of western
easy prey as they retch up their rations amid the horrid stench.
Immoren. They are home to all manner of toxic plants and
venomous animals, and even the soil itself conceals sucking Rules: A Marsh Mud terrain feature is shallow water. Living
mud pits, foul sinkholes, and worse. Only a race specifically warrior models without Amphibious  that enter or begin their
adapted to dwell here has any chance of survival. That the activations within Marsh Mud suffer –2 DEF for one round.
gatormen, bog trogs, and croaks of the Blindwater thrive in
these inhospitable lands is a testament to both their innate Sacrificial Altar
hardiness and their adaptability.
The worship of both Kossk and the Lord of Blood demands
The terrain features described below provide a variety of highly sacrifice in great quantity upon suitable altars. These raised
thematic options to use in any narrative game of WARMACHINE plinths of stone are cunningly carved with dark magic runes and
and HORDES. The scenarios on the following pages indicate the channels to collect freshly-spilled blood. Sacrificial altars dot all
exact quantity of thematic terrain to use for each scenario. When gatorman-held territories, where bokors offer the blood of living
not using a scenario, discuss with your opponent how many captives to their predatory gods.
pieces of thematic terrain you wish to use.
Rules: A Sacrificial Altar terrain feature is an obstruction and
should be no larger than 5˝ × 5˝. A Sacrificial Altar can gain soul
Cypress Forest tokens. When a living model is destroyed within 5˝ of a Sacrifical
The gnarled roots of cypress trees rise from the surface of a Altar, the terrain feature gains the destroyed model’s soul token.
swamp. Groves of cypress offer good shelter to anyone hoping to A Sacrifical Altar can have up to five soul tokens at any time.
weather a sudden storm—or seeking to spring a deadly ambush.
At the end of any turn, if a Sacrifical Altar has five soul tokens,
Rules: A Cypress Forest terrain feature is a forest. While all models within 5˝ simultaneously suffer 1 point of magical
completely within a Cypress Forest, models gain Shelter. (A damage  , then remove all soul tokens from this terrain feature.
model with Shelter does not suffer –2 to attack rolls due to the
Torrential Downpour battlefield condition.) Devil Rat Nest
Devil rat nests are among the many natural dangers of western
Immoren’s swamps. These rats are both territorial and extremely
Battlefield Condition: Torrential Downpour aggressive. To protect their nest, hundreds of rats swarm over
Sudden and brutal storms occur in many of western Immoren’s swampiest any living creature as a seething mass of claws and teeth. Worse,
regions. Curtains of heavy rain obscure lines of sight, deepening mud robs their bites carry the deadly contagion known as devil rat fever,
fighters of their footing, and vicious winds can wrench bullets, spears, and
which can kill even stout individuals in short order.
arrows off course.
Rules: A Torrential Downpour is a battlefield condition rather than a terrain Rules: A Devil Rat Nest terrain feature is both a trench and
feature. While a Torrential Downpour is active, models suffer –2 to attack rolls shallow water. Models that become knocked down while within
and their LOS is reduced to 12˝. (This battlefield condition is used in Blindwater
Scenario 3 on page 110.)
a Devil Rat Nest suffer 1 damage point.

Blindwater Scenarios
Effigy of Slaughter Congregants go to war for many different reasons, but none are
The most devout members of the Blindwater Congregation more important to the gatormen than the ritual act of slaughter.
construct great stone effigies to their new god, the Lord of Blood. To kill another not only proves that a gatorman is the better
Built in Barnabas’ likeness using only stones that have been predator, it is also among the highest forms of worshipping the
anointed with the blood of sacrifice, these effigies grow strong Lord of Blood.
with power from the slaughter that occurs in his name. While the gatormen are deadly, their homelands are even more
Rules: An Effigy of Slaughter terrain feature is an obstruction so. The Blindwater region is filled with natural hazards and can
and should be no larger than 3˝ × 3˝. While within 5˝ of an Effigy be prone to unexpected and life-threatening storms. Beyond
of Slaughter, models lose Tough  and cannot have damage these natural dangers, such places are thick with the power of
removed from them. corruption and death.
On the following pages are three narrative scenarios that
allow players to experience the deadly realities of fighting the
Blindwater Congregation on different battlefields across the
wilds of western Immoren.

No Quarter PRIME 107

Blindwater Scenario 1

The Big One by William Hungerford

The trees slashed at the air, bending low in deference to the storm. completely within each quadrant, using only the following
Those too proud to show the proper respect had their leaves stripped terrain types: hill, obstacle (e.g., a fallen tree), Devil Rat Nest, and
bare or were broken like the brittle bones of a bird. Marsh Mud.

Ikunum the Spiriteater let his mouth hang open with joy, his fins The Torrential Downpour battlefield condition is active in this
flaring with excitement. The storm began to roil the waters of scenario.
Blindwater Lake just as the column of human soldiers approached
its shores. The bog trog scouts had kept eyes on the column and had Army Composition
seen great numbers of cannons, rifles, and other such things among
Each player builds a 75-point army following normal rules.
them. The heavy rains would foul their weapons and dampen the
steam of their machines, robbing the humans of their one strength.
Ikunum knew that this would be his chance to prove his worth to
This scenario uses standard deployment zones (7˝ for first player,
the Grave Walker. He would lead his bog trogs into the heart of
10˝ for second player).
the human forces and become drunk on the blood of their leader.
They would return with a great feast of flesh and spirits for the Lord
of Blood and his priests, who would have no choice but to reward
Special Rules
Ikunum and his tribemates. Shadow of Giants: Huge-based models and models within 2˝ of
them gain Shelter. (A model with Shelter does not suffer –2 to
Leaning into the wind to avoid being toppled over, the mist speaker attack rolls due to the Torrential Downpour battlefield condition.)
pointed toward the miserable humans with his totem staff. His
warriors advanced, keeping low in the cypress trees as the rain Storm Break: At the start of each player’s turn, the active player
hammered at their scales. rolls a d6. On a roll of 6, the Torrential Downpour battlefield
condition is not active for one turn.

Gameplay Overview The Mother of All Storms: At the end of the second player’s
fourth turn, the storm surge hits. All small- and medium-based
In this one-on-one scenario, a massive storm is devastating
models not completely within a Cypress Forest are immediately
the swamp surrounding Blindwater Lake. Fighting in these
removed from play. Repeat this effect at the end of the second
conditions is borderline impossible, but by taking shelter from the
player’s seventh turn.
constant deluge, soldiers can gain a moment of reprieve in which
to lay low the enemy. As the storm’s intensity increases, there is
a desperate scramble for sanctuary before every man, beast, and Victory Conditions
’jack is swept away by the shrieking winds and piercing rain. A player wins if they have the only remaining warcaster or
warlock in play.
Setup If no player has won by the end of the eighth game round, the
Divide the table into four equal quadrants. Place a Cypress Forest game is a draw, and everyone is swept away to a wet and windy
completely within each quadrant and a fifth one touching the demise.
centerpoint of the table. Next, place one additional piece of terrain
Blindwater Scenario 2

The Shantytown Rumble by William Hungerford

It’d been a bad season for the folk of Mud’s Hollow. The small means obstructions can be placed within the zone itself.)
community of Fenn Marsh swamp dwellers found itself slap down These obstructions represent the creaky wooden homes of the
between a trio of feudin’ tribes. Raspskin bog trogs, Sevenscale shantytown.
gators, and the Blondal trollkin kriel all wantin’ to vent some Next, place an additional four to six pieces of terrain at least
frustration on each other’s hides, and Mud’s Hollow made for a 6˝ away from of the zone, using only the following terrain
mighty convenient battleground. types: shallow water, forest, Marsh Mud, and Devil Rat Nest.
Jasker Mulroy jammed his side-by-side scattergun out between the These terrain features represent the bayou surrounding the
wooden shutters of his shanty and touched off both barrels. The load shantytown. No terrain feature can be placed within 3˝ of
of mooseshot hit a trollkin with a stinkin’ big sword and knocked him another terrain feature.
off balance, and that let a trio of bog trogs drag him down into the
muck behind Jasker’s house. Army Composition
“Dammit,” Jasker grumbled. He’d been aimin’ for the trogs. A All players build a 50-point army. Armies cannot include
trollkin you could bargain with. Those fishy bastards just wanted structures.
your guts.
“Looks like Lou’s doin’ awright,” said Jasker’s plump wife Eila.
Starting with the first player, each player chooses a table corner to
He turned to respond and saw her workin’ the pinlock on her rifle. deploy from. Players deploy their models completely within 12˝
Eila plugged a gatorman square in the snout before he could get too of their chosen table corner.
close to their home. Didn’t kill her target, but managed to distract it
long enough for a burly trollkin to tackle it to the ground and start Special Rules
punching the teeth out of its muzzle. Before he could say anything,
Jasker heard the deep booming of Lou’s “fishin’ kit,” as his neighbor Get Off My Lawn: At the end of each turn, each model within the
zone suffers a POW 6 ranged attack damage roll.
tossed a blasting powder charge into a posse of gatormen.
Look Ma, I Made a Bomb!: At the end of each turn, the active
“Good ol’ Lou,” Jasker said. “After this, remind me to invite him
player can choose one model within 6˝ of the zone to suffer a
over for some gator stew.”
POW 12 ranged attack damage roll and the Fire continuous
effect  .
Gameplay Overview
Take the Town: A player controls the shantytown if, at the end of
This is a free-for-all scenario for three to four players. The players’ a turn, they control any models within the zone and there are no
armies have converged on a rundown shantytown in the bayou enemy models within the zone.
of the Fenn Marsh. The few rural “citizens” of this settlement
don’t take kindly to strangers, and they’ve taken up their rusty
hunting rifles in an attempt to get the invading soldiers off of
Victory Conditions
their property. A player wins if they control the shantytown for three consecutive
Setup Additionally, a player wins if they have the only remaining
Place a 12˝-diameter circular zone in the center of the table. warcaster or warlock in play.
Place four obstructions within 2˝ of the zone. (Note: This

No Quarter PRIME 109

Blindwater Scenario 3

The Lord of Blood by William Hungerford

The yoke on Braggan’s neck was heavy, and the crude clasps chafed Army Composition
his wrists. The gatormen had not fed him enough for his body to
fully regenerate from his wounds, so the vision from his left eye was Each player builds a 25-point army using only non-warcaster, non-
dim and cloudy. warlock solo models. All models lose and cannot gain Advance
Deployment  , Incorporeal  , the Distant Deployment special
Something pulled the yoke off him. Before he could turn and fight, a rule, and the Ambush special rule. Models that have an option to
chittering bog trog jabbed him in the lower back, goading him out begin the game in play (such as Troll Whelps) must do so.
of the slave pens and out into a wide, muddy field. A crude palisade
surrounded the field, a primitive structure of wood and bones. The sound Deployment
of gatormen eagerly hissing and snapping their jaws filled the air, and
Braggan scanned their faces, hundreds of them, looking down at him. So, Starting with the first player, each player chooses a table corner to
deploy from. Players deploy their models completely within 10˝
this is why they let him live.
of their chosen table corner.
At the far edge of the arena rose a lofty tower of black stone dressed
in creeping vines and lit by flickering candles. Standing proudly atop Special Rules
the tower was the largest gatorman Braggan had ever seen, a hulking
Barnabas’ Decree: Each round, the arena slowly fills with a
primordial beast adorned with tattered leathers and skulls. The
deadly blood mist that arises from the outside edges and forces
gatorman’s chest had been ripped open to reveal a foul but beating heart,
combatants toward the center of the table. When a model ends its
glowing with power. This was the Lord of Blood.
activation completely within the specified number of inches of
Barnabas gestured, and a thrilled silence fell on all the other gatormen. any table edge, as shown in the table below, the model is removed
Around the perimeter of the arena other gates opened, revealing a number from play.
of Braggan’s kin. All of them bore wounds similar to his own.
Distance to
At last the Lord of Blood spoke, his voice sonorous as distant thunder. He Game round
spoke only a few words in the gator tongue, a language Braggan did not
Table Edge
speak. The gathered gatormen made ugly guttural sounds in response, 1 4˝
which he took to be laughter.
2 8˝
At the Lord of Blood’s side, another gatorman rose, managing with a
little difficulty to translate into Molgur-Trul the words his master had 3 12˝
4+ 16˝
“Now you fight, or you all die.”

Gameplay Overview Blood Flow: When a model suffers damage, it gains Bleed Out.
(A model with Bleed Out suffers 1 point of damage at the end of
This arena-style combat scenario can be played as a one-on-one each of its activations.)
battle or a multiplayer free-for-all. The players are controlling
arena combatants who have been captured by the Blindwater Victory Conditions
Congregation. These fighters must battle to the death in Barnabas’
temple as the Lord of Blood himself looks on—and gorges on the A player wins when no enemy models remain in play.
souls of any who fall in combat.

This scenario can be played with two to four players.
Place seven to nine pieces of terrain on the table, using only the
following terrain types: dense fog, obstacle, Effigy of Slaughter,
and Sacrificial Altar. No terrain feature can be placed within 3˝ of
another terrain feature. No terrain feature can be placed within
any player's deployment zone.

110 No Quarter PRIME

Minions Theme Force


The gatormen of Blindwater Lake are the core of a vast reptilian cult dedicated to its self-made deity,
Bloody Barnabas. Once their leader, this ancient warrior and mystic elevated himself to godhood on a tide
of bloodshed. As the pragmatic bokor Calaban guides the congregation from the shadows, gatormen from
across the region assemble alongside the bog trogs and other swamp creatures subjugated into fighting
alongside them in Barnabas’ name.

Army Composition

An army made using this theme force can include only the following Trollblood models:
• Minion warlocks with the • Lynus Wesselbaum & Edrea Lloryrr
Gatorman Warlock special rule • Bone Shrine solos
• Rask • Dahlia Hallyr & Skarath
• Non-character warbeasts with • Feralgeist solos
• Raluk Moorclaw, the Ironmonger
• Warrior models/units with
Amphibious • Totem Hunter solos

• Gobber models/units • Viktor Pendrake

• Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron unit • Wrong Eye & Snapjaw
• Sacral Vault battle engines

Special Rules

• Gatorman Posse units in this army become FA U.

• For every full 20 points of units and battle engines in this army, you can add one Bull Snapper
warbeast, one Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron unit, or one solo without the Lesser Warlock
special rule to the army free of cost.
• Gatorman Posse units in this army gain Snacking. (When a model with Snacking boxes a living
model with a melee attack, it can choose to remove the boxed model from play. When it does,
the model with Snacking can remove d3 damage points.)
• Gatorman Posse trooper models in this army have their damage boxes increased from 5 to 8.
• Your deployment zone is extended 2˝ forward.

No Quarter PRIME 111