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Apprentice Teaching

Lesson Plan Summary Template

Agendas for the week: 04/30 – Period 4
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Objective(s): Objective(s): Objective(s): Objective(s):

Students will put SWBAT review SWBAT demonstrate SWBAT present their
together fossil evidence concepts from evolution >80% on topics related projects to the class.
to demonstrate concepts unit. to evolution. SWBAT
of gradual and work on their research
Review and introduce
punctuated equilibrium projects.
project, give students
time to work on it in

P Engage: Hypothesize Engage: What was the Engage: Fun, Students present
how a tiger got its most interesting thing motivation video projects
stripes (assume they are you have learned in this
beneficial to its unit?
survival) by gradualism
and punctuated

L Explore: Students are Explore: Introduce Explore: Students work Students present
told that an outcropping Project Guidelines – on projects projects. // End of
A of rock has recently students begin to plan Student Teaching
Explain: Turn and talk
been exposed on Grand out project and Biology Party!
Learning to another group to get
Bahama Island. Their breakdown of work
feedback on topic
Activity job is to examine the over the next couple
fossils, work on various days
rearrangements, and
attempt to show any
patterns, trends, and
rates of change over
Apprentice Teaching Lesson Plan Summary Template

Explain: Discussion of
student work using
guided questions
Leave last 20 min of
class for working on
Review and Reflection
packet, announce quiz

N Evaluate/Summary: Evaluate/Summary: Evaluate/Summary: Evaluate/Summary:

Project grades will
eNding N/a What is your project Quiz
count as a test grade
topic? How do you plan
Peer Feedback collected
to complete it over the
time allotted?

Resource Resource Resource Resource


Requirements Requirements Requirements Requirements

N/a Tablets Tablets Projector

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